Is Bing gaining on Google?

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Sixty-sixth Internet Marketing Podcast June 25th 2010. First page of Transcription

Is bing gaining on google?

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Unknown Secrets of SEO. We got another fun-filled edition ready to go.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager of E-Webstyle.

Chris: We are starting a little bit late today and I stopped because of the World Cup. It’s because, well, partly I’m a little under the weather, partly a little behind schedule. And you may notice the new lighting. We’re thinking we might have to wear sunshades. Screw it.

Paul: Because my hopes are so bright?

Chris: Yeah, I got to wear shades, and that’s what’s up. This is podcast number 66. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. I did confirm it this morning we’re still the most popular —

Paul: In the world. That’s right.

Chris: Yup, ’cause iTunes is the world, as we all know. And for Darren, you may notice that it looks like coffee. This is actually — well, generic Theraflu ’cause I’m a little under the weather so here’s —

Paul: Theraflu to use. [Laughter]

Chris: Yeah. [Laughter] And I still have the diet soda so I think you’ll be happy with that. You can actually watch this video cast on USTREAM. The best way to get there is to go to, that’s the letter “U” and that will take you immediately to our USTREAM page. You can watch us at approximately 9:15 Central Standard Time on Friday mornings. You can also follow us on Twitter. You can follow us on Facebook. I’ve got a new Android phone. It’s got so many apps. I think there’s probably like 20 other ways you could follow us which we haven’t investigated, explored, or entertained yet.

Paul: Or care about. [Laughter]

Chris: Yet. So whichever one becomes the most popular, we’ll be suddenly interested in. [Laughter] As always, we like to talk a little bit about what we spoke about last time. Last time was podcast number 65. Amazing how that works — 66, 65.

Paul: I don’t remember so I guess we’ll be a little bit.

Chris: We finished up talking about the top 10 mistakes that SEOers can make.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So go back and listen to that. Actually, podcast 64 and 65 cover the top 10 mistakes you can make when you’re doing SEO. We also like to cover a little bit of news. First off, I’m very excited almost every show now, right, ’cause something new happens. We get a great review. We would really appreciate it if you went out. In fact, we’ve had a number of people go out, create an iTunes account, submit a review. And especially if it’s really good, make sure you take the time to do that because that really helps us and we appreciate it. You can also contact us at Let us know you submitted a review ’cause I don’t think you can put URL kind of links in there, and we’ll give you some link love.

The reason we’re so excited this time is, you know, when we started this podcast we wanted to get back to the SEO community. We really also wanted to push our own understanding of SEO so we get questions from different listeners and frankly some of them we don’t know. We have to go research. Clearly we have to research for each one of these podcasts and that’s really helping us push our knowledge. So those are the kind of the reasons. We also are in business and we’re hoping to get some business out of it and this week we closed our first business that has actually come from the podcast.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: That is…

Chris and

Paul: …what’s up. [Laughter]

Chris: We’re really excited about that. What does that mean for you guys is there will be no more commercials. Wait, we haven’t had any commercials. So there will be no commercials. [Laughter]

Paul: [Laughter] Unless…

Chris: Unless we don’t get any more business.

Paul: Logo designs to sponsor us. [Laughter]

Chris: Oh.

Paul: And out for both of all day like I don’t already.

Chris: Yeah, exactly. Somehow I don’t think they’re going to sponsor us. That’s not going to be how it works. The way it worked out is we had a listener who had some references. His name is Scott Bonner. We mentioned him last time. He’s with He’s also with I’m getting them a proposal today.

Paul: Spark plug.

Chris: Yeah, plug, there you go. And he is working with a number of moving companies and so we signed up a moving company for SEO and it came directly from the podcast. Actually, the person who signed up is not a listener. So if you are a listener and you know other people who are thinking about doing SEO, you remember that you do actually know people who are really good at it, world-class experts actually, send us that referral. We really appreciate that, and that we’ll certainly make sure there are no commercials even though we’ve had no plan of doing commercials ever. But we certainly, you know, are you sure we threatened them?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah? Okay. If we don’t get another referral in some time —

Paul: We’ll start commercializing this badly.

Chris: Yeah. You’ll be sorry. All of you all. Ooh, that was very Houstonly, all of you all.

Paul: That’s right. And both of you in Africa.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Chris: Oh, we have two now? [Laughter]

Paul: I just made that up. I don’t know. [Laughter]

Chris: All right. A little bit of news. Oh, Google — I mean Apple apps has paid a billion to developers and the article was talking about how — yes, Apple is the leader — you know, it’s only two years old. Doesn’t it feel like forever?

Paul: Applications?

Chris: Yeah, Apple apps like on the iPhone apps.

Paul: Oh, wow!

Chris: It feels like it’s been around like 20 years or something.

Paul: Yeah, I mean it’s just like second nature now so I assume it’s been around forever.

Chris: And one of the points the article made and I think it’s really valid is that there’s no real contender in the cell phone market who’s going to come in to the market and not have an apps store. And if you guys have not yet seen the HTC Evo iPhone for video —

Paul: Video. Oh, man.

Chris: — that’s on YouTube, it’s fn hilarious.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: It’s just unbelievably funny. I don’t care.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughter]

Chris: And as soon as you heard that —

Paul: It’s indestructible.

Chris: — I don’t care. It’ll actually turn into an island, and then when the island is done it will turn into a plane and fly you to the island.

Chris and

Paul: I don’t care.

Chris: So go listen to that. It’s hilarious. In that little video, they say one of the things that the iPhone desire says it has the apps and the point is made my niece’s — I think she said, “Shitty as — this mobile phone has apps.”

Paul: This mobile phone has the apps. [Laughter]

Chris: [Laughter] Anyway, so it’s true. Everything has to have apps and Google and Android, they’re going to come in and start taking a whole lot of market, I think, away from — either they’re going to take a lot of market away or actually going to create more market. My guess is they’re going to create more market.

Paul: I say both, actually.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I definitely believe both is —

Chris: I’ll go with that.

Paul: I wanted an iPhone until I have an Android phone and I’m like — I’d never want an iPhone.

Chris: An i what? I don’t care.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Paul: I don’t care.

Chris: All right. And one thing he didn’t mention in that which would have been also good is if you hold it wrong, it loses connectivity right —

Paul: I don’t care. [Laughter]

Chris: Yeah, right, exactly.

Paul: if you hold it, you get no reception. I don’t care.

Chris: I don’t care. I will duct tape it to my head. You have to duct tape it to your head in order to get reception.

Chris and

Paul: I don’t care. [Laughter]

Chris: NTP sues Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft, and Motorola. Interesting in this, Microsoft is like second to last. Actually, they’ll probably win. This is really interesting.

Paul: Really?

Chris: Yeah. They’re the ones who sued RIM which is the software maker for the Blackberries and one because apparently NTP created intellectual property regarding sending e-mails over cell networks. And RIM who was the preeminent e-mail sender-receiver cell phone, right, in the early days, Blackberry was the only one that was doing it, they sued them. It took them a while. They won so now it was just a matter of time. Kind of everybody in the industry knew that they were going to go after Apple, Google, HTC.

Paul: Oh, I guess if they’ve already won then — yeah.

Chris: You know, they should just settle.

Paul: There’s not much else you can do.

Chris: Just settle. What was funny though is Microsoft is like second to last in this list which is, you know, it’s always funny to see them. Some of the things that they’re saying is that NTP is like a patent troll. And you know, I have a number of patents and I intend to feel like, you know, if you own the intellectual property enforcing your intellectual property is not — like troll-like behavior, it’s the reason we have patents.

Paul: The laws.

Chris: Yes. [Laughter] So that you can go after people so they don’t steal your intellectual property. Amazing how that works. I love this one. The US House voted to block porn on government PCs.

Paul: [Laughter]

Chris: So this is good. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel better that, you know, our trillion dollars stimulus package at least wouldn’t be going to have in a bunch of bureaucrats sitting around watching porn.

Paul: How much money did that really take to them to come to that decision?

Chris: Oh, you know, a lot. Yeah.

Paul: It could have been just like, “Hey, you, how about you block these domains?” End of story.

Chris: “All of you.” Yeah.

Paul: End of story like they talk to the tech guy. Block these domains. End of story. All right, move on next.

Chris: Move on next. We usually don’t talk about sports unless they’re actual worldwide sport.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Although Bing happened to be associated with a sporting event recently. They supported “The Decision.”

Paul: Yes.

Chris: By Lebron James.

Paul: In the United States, you probably really don’t care.

Chris: Well, you know what, it’s just —

Paul: But he’s a world athlete. I’m sure he got some —

Chris: He’s world-class athlete, certainly, yeah.

Paul: I’m sure he got some playoff around the country. Lebron James is moving to the Miami Heat from the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s a big — you know, if you live in the US, that’s a huge decision. This has probably been the biggest — I say, this is the most watched just event in basketball since Michael Jordan came back. Everyone wanted to know where he’s going to go. He’s going to be playing with two other All Stars that played on the Olympic team. So he’s going to change the example a little bit. But Bing decided to be the official decision engine —

Chris: Yeah, yeah. That’s cool.

Paul: — for “The Decision” so I thought that was pretty cool. They sponsored — they donated a bunch of money to the Boys and Girls Club so that was cool.

Chris: Good tie-in and smart marketing.

Paul: Definitely. I thought it was cool.

Chris: Those guys sometimes know what they’re doing.

Paul: And their market share is increasing. I just read an article about that. I think they — Google has decreased 1%. I read — I need to find that article. And Bing’s is increasing a little bit. So I thought that’s interesting.

Chris: It’s amazing. It’s —

Paul: From like 74% to 73%.

Chris: You know what, it’s like one percentage point and you know the number of searches that represents —

Paul: Oh, yeah

Chris: — is like it’s huge. It’s just insane. It’s crazy. So we have a little bit of listener mail. If you listen to our podcast regularly, you probably won’t be surprised that it’s Darren Booy.

Paul: What’s up, Darren?

Chris: What’s up, Darren? We really appreciate him. You got to go to our Facebook page ’cause Darren has done an amazing job. He made a logo for our podcast and he made a short little presentation. There was a commercial — at least, it aired here in the US where it was about — it was Google, actually. I was thinking Google doesn’t have any ads and now I’m about to reference a Google ad.

Paul: It’s an old ad, right?

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