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Twenty-Third SEO Podcast July 17th 2009. Second page of Transcription

Paul: Bill got cut in half by just saying they were going to cancel. Man, if that’s not a testament to what’s happening in the print, at least in the print Yellow Pages industry, I don’t know what is. If they’re that hungry for business where … if any industry is that hard for business where they’ll cut your bill in half just by you asking for it, just saying ‘hey, I’m going to quit.’ They’re obviously, everyone understands by now, the Yellow Pages is a dying medium. It’s not what it used to be and their doing whatever they can to hold on to what little market share that they have.


Chris: What little money they have.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: So, you worked with Yellow Pages for a while.


Paul: Yes.


Chris: How many times did you see a reduction in the bill from when year to the next?


Paul: Never, ever!


Chris: Oh, never?


Paul: Ever, ever, ever, ever in three and a half plus years. It never ever dropped. If they went out of business it dropped. After they paid out the contract! You know, until it’s in but yeah, that’s tough. That medium you know, is a bad idea to invest in the Yellow Pages.


Chris: We’re running that ad again!


Paul: Now it’s half off! So…


Chris: Yeah!


Paul: …now, yeah! I’d run a Yellow Pages ad and get it half the price. Why not?


Chris: We do still get calls and we did a podcast earlier on call centers and the fact that we do cold calling. We had a conversation with a gentleman about you know, is cold calling something that you should do? You know, you’re an SEO company, you’re on the first page of Google and all of that stuff; why are you doing cold calling? The reality is it’s all about ROI. If cold calling is an effective way to generate customers, then we’re going to do cold calling. If Yellow Pages…


Paul: Is effective…


Chris: Well you know, and then there’s the real balance. The real business decision, the real ROI decision which is you know, Ok, you could have a huge Yellow Page ad and you could pay lots of money. If it only brings you one customer and that customer doesn’t have that much value, then it’s bringing you new customers but it’s not paying for itself.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: In our case, even last year the Yellow Pages ad you know, you or somebody on your team usually ends up fielding those calls.


Paul: We definitely got calls and it paid for itself. I think we got one, maybe two, customers out of it. So it paid for itself. I think so.


Chris: Did it bring a high ROI?


Paul: No, but at least it paid for itself.


Chris: It’s good for you know, again, that kind of goes to branding where if they can look in the Yellow Pages they can do a Google search. On a Google search you’re in organic and pay-per-click. Then you start you know, building a lot of credibility for your company.


So yeah, if you guys are out there running a Yellow Page ad, threaten to cancel it and see what happens.


Paul: See what they say.


Chris: Tell them look you know, you’ve moved to a company called “E-Webstyle” to do online search engine optimization and pay-per-click and you can track the progress – everything that we do is demonstrable – and you are just considering dropping your Yellow Pages ad and see what happens.


Paul: And let us know!


Chris: And, send us 50% of whatever you save for that advice.


Paul: Because it’s free advice but we’ll take a commission!


Chris: Yeah, we gladly take donations.


Paul: Yes!


Chris: Alright well, we got an email this week from a gentleman by the name of Joe Travinio [sp] and he asked – he has a pretty interesting question. It says, “Knowing that I cannot pay for SEO, what are your unbiased feelings regarding SEO and DotNetNuke?”


Paul: I got it. Delete! Can’t pay for SEO! No, we’ll take his question.


Chris: Well again, this is from Joe Trevinio. His website; and I know that he’s actually talking about another website because I asked him, but his own website is


So, DotNetNuke – I had heard of it. You know, we do a lot of different programming. I’m really in charge of the programming on this side of things at the office here and so I had heard of DotNetNuke. I didn’t know exactly what it was so I did a little bit of research. Actually, before I did any research I sent a response back to Joe and really what I said is listen Joe, if you’ve got control on a page by page basis – so really what DotNetNuke is, it’s a content management solution utilizing the dot net technology.


Paul: Ok.


Chris: So we’ve probably talked about content management solutions like Joomla is one. There’s a whole bunch of them out there.


Paul: Mambo, is Mambo one?


Chris: Yeah. There’s a whole bunch of them out there. Those are on the dot php framework or network you know, code system. DotNetNuke is actually on the dot net system. So what I really told him I said look, if this is a content management solution that gives you the ability on a page by page basis to address the following issues: Meta tags, which is descriptions and keywords; the title tag on a page by page basis – and then of course you’ve got full control over the content, over any of the html tags that are on the page – if you have the ability to do that on a page by page basis, then you can do SEO. You can do it really well with any sort of CMS again, that’s content management solution, system. It can become a little prob-… I think what he was really asking was, is this system really designed for SEO and does it make SEO incredibly easy? You know, I don’t really know. I don’t know the answer to that. I just know that you know, SEO is not rocket science, it’s also time consuming. It’s not easy in the sense of ‘I don’t have to do much’. There’s no environment that I know of where you just click a couple buttons and you’ve turned a horrible SEO website in to a great SEO website. It takes effort, it takes logic, it takes time. You’ve got to do the right things. You’ve got to do the right things with the descriptions, the titles, the Meta tags in terms of keywords, the actual header tags that are in your content, the alt tags, all of those things need to be well done. Then your linking, internal to the website, has to be well done and has to be using the right keywords to get you from one page to the next. And then, you start working on outbound/inbound – links coming from the out, in to your website – and making sure that those have the right text links. You know, all of those things are involved in SEO and really you know, when you boil down to it with any sort of system, including your content management solution system, if you’ve got full control of all the components you need control of then it’s an SEO-level system.


Paul: And SEO-friendly. So if I’m hearing you correctly, as long as you can manipulate things like title tags, header tags, description tags, and you can manipulate them on a page by page basis, you would support a content management solution as long as you can do those things.


Chris: Yeah. Well, another way to put that is probably if somebody came to us and they created a system in DotNetNuke and they wanted SEO services, we would say yes.


Paul: Okay.


Chris: So, we believe that we can work within that framework and not jeopardize the framework or the system or the website, and still be able to create good search engine optimization.


Paul: Awesome!


Chris: So I think that addresses that.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Joe, thanks for the email. Joe is actually also the drummer for the music that you hear at the beginning of our podcast and for the end. He’s actually the Latin percussion drummer, so thanks Joe!


Paul: Thank you Joe!


Chris: Appreciate it! I hope things are going well for you out in California.


Alright, so what do we got next, anything on our list?


Paul: Another website. We received a request for an analysis from another website. I don’t want to give it out just yet because we haven’t received their permission, but a ministry group that … it’s a consultant that helps … it is kind of hard to explain.


Chris: Wow, this is easy, yeah! Just spit it out there, yeah!


Paul: She’s a consultant and she’s a Christian-based therapist … relationship therapist … she’s, I don’t know. She does a lot of things, okay?


Chris: Okay.


Paul: But she’s a therapist, she helps people get over their problems and she also has a ministry. Her goal was ‘hey, I am looking to do some marketing for this website. Tell me what I need to do.’


Chris: To market the website.


Paul: To market the website.


Chris: Have you given her any marketing advice yet? I know you’ve given her a lot of advice.


Paul: As of right now, no. No marketing advice because right now what’s so important is getting her website ready to be marketed. I say this so often. I could bring a thousand, two-thousand, ten-thousand people to your website, but if it cannot handle that traffic and funnel it to an end result, I don’t want to do that. If it’s not ready, it’s just all that traffic is just wasted.


Chris: You know, it’s interesting because we work with another company here in [inaudible] and that company’s called “Right on the Money” and they do bulk mail-outs. They do a lot for the political campaigns in a little suburb of Houston called Katy, Texas and they’re very similar. Once step back; they won’t do a bulk mail-out for a company that doesn’t have a website.


Paul: I would actually agree with that. If you don’t have a website, you’re going to get a much lower ROI on those mailings.


Chris: Yup. So you know, that’s just really … we could have easily said ‘oh yeah, we can get you on the first page, pay us’ and I think she was even looking at a contract with Yellow Pages or something.


Paul: With a Yellow Pages publisher, for a contract right at $450 a month.


Chris: And we could have said ‘hey, just give us that money and we’ll get you on the first page’ and we certainly could have done that. But you know, the reality is we really want to create and add value to companies.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: That’s what we’re really about so we don’t even want that $450 until we can get that website to where it needs to be.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: We’ll make those recommendations and we’re happy to do it because we have in-house services that can take care of it. If she’s got a designer that she needs to do, great! I’d rather her take the time, actually we’d rather her take the time, go get your website straightened out. You know, let’s really make this so that once we start driving traffic to your website, you can actually start converting.


Paul: Here’s something that I run in to a lot and I think a lot of people, they spend. You know, you get this website and you spend money on it and you’re very proud of it and you’re happy with it. Then I talk to them and I say, well listen, you’re going to need to change XY and Z and it’s going to cost you. They go back and they get a quote from me and they get a quote from the original designer and they come back well, it’s going to cost just as much as it did to rebuild to make those changes as it did to build the site. Then they’re upset and they you know, they don’t want to do it and I try to … I say listen, this is not a criticism of your website. These are things that I’m going to tell you that will help you convert traffic and that’s just the bottom line. It’s not I like it, I don’t. This is going to help you so try to remember that if someone tells you you might need to redesign your site or do some … make some changes to it. Because that, it’s really it’s all to help you and that’s really what I was doing. Just, I had made some recommendations. This will help you convert traffic which is going to help make your SEO or PPC or whatever you do, successful.


Chris: More valuable to you.


Paul: Yeah.

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