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Twenty-Seven SEO Podcast Sept. 4th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the E-Webstyle Unknown Secrets of SEO podcasts.


Paul: Hi, thanks for joining the podca-, you always start. You don’t say ‘Alright are you ready?’


Chris: Oh, like do we need a countdown or something?


Paul: I’m like in mid-text, it’s like whoa! Right, right, right…


Chris: Text you later, in the middle of podcast. My name is Chris Burres. Owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, Sales Manager of E-Webstyle.


Chris: Thank you guys for listening. We’ve got another amazing podcast lined up for you in the next week. Remember what we were talking about earlier?


Paul: Uhh…


Chris: It looks like next week we’re going to be doing an interview.


Paul: Yes, and thanks for the requests; thanks for all the feedback. We’re going to have a great interview of which company?


Chris: Well his name is Joe Orsak and he is the Director of Marketing of a company called Improve My Credit USA.  They do credit repair houston.


Paul: So if you have bad credit, you definitely need to listen to this podcast.


Chris: And we’re going give-, I’ve already glanced at his website. He’s totally open; he’s a high-energy guy; he’s going to have lots of really valuable information, and you’ll actually get to see how we analyze a company and look at a company from day one – because he’s not using our services, he may or may not use our services and that’s okay, but what we’re going to do is just tell him what we would do for his website. So, that’s going to be really exciting.


Paul: Yes, and if you want to be the next interviewee-er, whatever, of our podcast, send us an email and let us know. We love having people on the show.


Chris: Yes.


Paul: The podcast.


Chris: On the podcast, on the show, yes.


Paul: On the podcast, on the show? Okay. Send us an email at info@-, no –


Chris: And since you’re handing out contact information, remember to follow us on Twitter. That’s – there is no dash in that one. So it’s not e-webstyle, it’s We also just added a quick link; we do have a facebook page. If you go to, that’ll automatically re-route you to our facebook page, our page, on facebook so…


Paul: It’s very cool.


Chris: …that’s exciting. You know, this podcast is the indoctrination podcast.


Paul: Oh, because we’re indoctrinating…


Chris: Our youth.


Paul: …our youth today.


Chris: Our youth, yes. Since Obama has decided to go directly to our children…


Paul: Hang on, hang on – you’ve got to start from the beginning because of all the people not in the U.S. might not understand.


Chris: Oh yeah, that’s true. So, the President of the United States – and this isn’t the first time in history, apparently its close second, third time in history…


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: …is going to address directly, the children of the United States. And you know this is, you know – my first thought is, ‘Great, the President should be interested. You know, children should be motivated by the President.’ My next thought is, because of all this right-wing information that I get, ‘Oh, he’s going to turn us into a North Korea and indoctrinate our children to whatever policy he wants – specifically, health care.’


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: And then I come back and it’s like, you know what? The bottom line is it only matters what he has to say. Alright, if he’s out there ‘don’t do drugs’ you know, or ‘if you do, don’t inhale’.


Paul: Like that other President.


Chris: That other Democratic President – or you know, ‘stay in school’; ‘don’t fight’; ‘treat your teachers with respect’, all that stuff which is, I believe, what he’s going to do. I think it’s actually a really good thing because you know, children have respect for the President, of course, as they should, but no matter what his political views are and if he’s got a good, strong powerful message that’s non-partisan – great. Hand it out there, that’s great. Everyone else seems to be going nuts about him indoctrinating our children.


Paul: Yeah, people are making a big stink about it and I’m like, slow down people. I mean, he is our President. Whether you agree with him or not, he is our President. Come on, it’s not a big deal.


Chris: So let him screw up first and then give him a hard time.


Paul: And then you can ream him all you want.


Chris: Because he should not be indoctrinating our children. And I was thinking Paul, if we had this one opportunity to indoctrinate our podcast fans and we wanted them to do certain things, what would those things be?


Paul: I’d say you need to pick up the telephone and you need to dial our telephone number.


Chris: And that phone number is?


Paul: Uh…


Chris: (713)…


Paul: 592-…


Chris: What is this, Beavis and Butthead?


Paul: …6724.


Chris: One more time.


Paul: (713) 592-6724.


Chris: The other thing I think they should do is follow us on Twitter – we already covered that. They should…


Paul: And I think you should grab your wallet and you should mail me a check.


Chris: Made out to Chris Burres. Man, if you don’t include that.


Paul: You’re going to steal my-, going to steal my thunder here?


Chris: No, you get a check – it’s made out to me.


Paul: I get a check and I hand it to you, right?


Chris: That works. So follow us on Twitter or follow us on facebook; send us an email. Remember we still have our free website analysis out there, so you know, find it on our website; you can find it on our search engine optimization page; you can find it on our web design and development page.


Paul: Alright, let me give a special shout out to someone who sent one. Paul Cleverly of Contract Hire. You can see his website at He sent us a request to take a look at his website, so thanks Paul, we really appreciate it. I am working on that, you will have it shortly.


Chris: Hopefully by the time this podcast comes out, I would imagine.


Paul: I’d better have it or I’m going to be in trouble with Paul. And thanks to everyone – and I don’t understand why we get all of these requests, because we got one a couple days ago from every country other than our own.


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: I think out of all the ones we’ve gotten, I’d say 10% of the ones we get are from the U.S.


Chris: From the U.S.


Paul: So, thanks to everybody who listens in Europe and Costa Rica and Canada and Switzerland and Sweden.


Chris: Excellent, yeah. It’s the international podcast [06.10.09]…


Paul: Africa, where are you? We need some from Africa.


Chris: Send something from Africa.


Paul: Yes.


Chris: And by the way, I think they got a new main fiber-optic cable into Africa so we should start getting some major listeners now.


Paul: Pretty soon now. That would be awesome.


Chris: As soon as they plug that in – boom.


Paul: Alright, that’s awesome.


Chris: We’re going to have them coming. Last time on our website we talked about – what did we talk about? We talked about a whole bunch of things. We talked about [06.34.06].


Paul: How to get banned from…


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: …Google.


Chris: Yup, exactly how to get banned from Google. So you want to go back and listen to that previous podcast which we talked about redirects and the importance of redirects and different kinds of redirects. You know, one of the things that’s important and are two fundamentally different redirects, one of the things that’s important is if you’ve got what’s called ‘Google Juice’ on one page and you’re going to change the name of the page, you want to use the right kind of redirect to make sure that Google Juice follows that redirect. So you don’t want to lose all the value that you have on the old page.


Paul: What is the name of that kind of redirect?


Chris: It’s a ‘301’ redirect and you want to know how to implement that. You want to know how to do it. Go back and listen to our previous podcast – that is Podcast 26. This is Podcast 27.


Paul: Twenty-seven; wow, we’ve been at this 27 times since January – awesome.


Chris: That is – that is indeed, awesome. I’m excited. Alright, so…


Paul: What’s on the agenda?


Chris: …have we covered all our basics? Have we got everything?


Paul: Yeah, I think we’re good. What’s on the agenda for today?


Chris: Analyzer tools.


Paul: Ana-, okay so we’re giving out free stuff.


Chris: Free information; free things to help you. What we’re going to do is kind of show you how we use these analyzer tools around here. A while back, and I can’t tell you which podcast it was, we went over Google’s keyword…


Paul: Selector tool.


Chris: …selector tool. So go back and find that and that’s a great podcast. You want to listen to it. It’s awesome. But this time we’re going to talk about two different analyzer tools. One of them is a keyword analyzer tool and the other is a meta tag analyzer tool. Paul?


Paul: I love these tools. These suckers are great and to jump back to the keyword selector tool, you should be using it. Everyone should be using it if you have a website and you’re trying to write content for it, it’ll help you find that and then…because I use it and…


Chris: Well just, it pointed out something really important just this week. You were comparing one of our clients to another one of our clients and we got some kind of counter-intuitive information. Remember that? That was regarding…


Paul: No.


Chris: …APM, one of our new clients.


Paul: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


Chris: And Start Smart…


Paul: Start Smart.


Chris: …and Start Smart is looking to do online counseling which kind of intuitively we’re like, ‘Okay, how many people are really interested in online counseling?’ We didn’t know the…


Paul: Huge size.


Chris: market size for…


Paul: Huge numbers for online coun-, huge searches and queries of online counseling. That was news to me. I didn’t know that.


Chris: And it was more than our other client who we thought was a shoe-in and so…


Paul: Yes, it really was.

Author: eweb-admin