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Second SEO Podcast Dec. 5th 2008.  Second page of Transcription

Chris: We were doing a pretty good job of emphasizing the importance of keywords. There is literally nothing more important for either Search Engine Optimization or pay-per-click than determining the right keywords.

Paul: Well, give me an example of a keyword for–in this case, someone just tuned in then, OK what is the keyword, I’ve been under a rock. What’s the keyword?

Chris: Well, we’ll stick with the same example with the Wii, right? So you–you know ideally, somebody who just created a website and is now selling Wii products. Again, whether it’s games, accessories, the console, the first thing that pops to mind, I need to be on the front page of Google when somebody types in the word Wii. And indeed, Wii is a keyword. Another keyword, even though it is multiple words would be Wii console. Wii console combo would be another. Wii console–there’s a fitness game. I don’t know what it is titled. Well say, Wii [inaudible].

Paul: Wii fit.

Chris: Wii Fit, There we go. There we go.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: So Wii fit. Now, Wii fit is obvious because you know the Wii and you’re familiar with that game but somebody like me who doesn’t actually know the name of the game. [laughter]

Paul: That’s completely (unintentional). [laughter]

Chris: I might type in Wii fitness. So that would be something that you might target. Each one of those is a keyword. Even Wii fitness Houston or Wii fitness New York, Wii fitness Oklahoma, those are all separate keywords. And your selection of those keywords is absolutely paramount for search engine optimization and pay-per-click and that’s not always trivial, you know. These examples that were given right now, they’re pretty obvious, right?

Paul: Of course.

Chris: Yes. So, I’ve got a Wii, I sell consoles, I want to target Houston so, I’m going to do Wii console Houston or I’m going to do a different neighborhood around Houston, like a Wii console Baytown which is East of Houston. Or, Wii console Hempstead which is North of Houston. That way, you’re targeting those specific areas. If anybody happens to type in those keywords, boom, you’re there on the top and hopefully, you’re converting that sale. And we can actually help you with that too, laying out your website the right way to be the most impactful for those people when they finally do get to your website.

Paul: Now, you–and I understand that keywords are very important because that’s how most people are going to find you or let me take that back. I search keywords. I think many people also search with keywords and I think for the most part, it could be very easier, simple to determine your keywords because it’s direct, like he said. If I’m looking for a Wii console, I’m going to type in Wii console, but there’s–I know you had an example of a situation where the keywords weren’t–didn’t quite jump out at. You should talk about that–talk about your other example.

Chris: OK. So we’ve got to–there’s a surgery center here in Houston. They’re actually a little bit North of Houston. Orthopedic Surgery Center, those are people who–basically a bone doctor and they’re one of our clients and we sat in–and actually contrary to what Paul said, the keywords for them were actually pretty easy to come up with, right? So we came up with the kind of obvious ones. If I were injured in a sports injury and I broke a bone then, I’m going to maybe look up sports doctor. Or if I just know that my back hurts, I might type in back doctor or spine doctor. You know, broken bone doctor. Those kinds of terms were really the first thing–with our first meeting with that company that we went in and we had this list. We actually had, you know, we typically sell our services and packs of 15 keywords. So, I think we went in there with some 45 keywords that we thought that they really should target. And in the conversation, in our typical conversation with the company, again, it’s not just trying to provide the service. We’re trying to provide the best service possible. And the only real way you can do that is to understand their business as well as you can. And my goal sometimes or as often as possible is to understand their business better than they do. And again, there are ideas in terms of keywords. They saw our list of 45 and then they like, “Oh, these are great keywords. These are exactly what we want.” That’s going to get our clients in here. We’re going to be well known in the Houston area and North of Houston and anybody looking for any one of those particular terms, it’s going to find us. And I started asking them questions about, you know, about how their business works, where most of their profit comes, how do they get referrals, what are the–do they have a referral structure. And it turns out with the–a specialization like, orthopedic surgery, the most valuable thing that we could bring to the table for them as a customer, was actually referring doctors. Now, I know your dad’s a doctor, right?

Paul: Yes. And so–I know for a physician or for a hospital, I’m referring doctors like, go. I mean, if you’re in sales. That’s a hot lead. I’m referring–someone that’s going to refer your business, it’s going to trust to put their clients and customers in your hands, that are like gold. Tell them about that, that referring doctor process.

Chris: So, what we decided was, OK doctors are so busy. And you can attest to this. They’re so busy, they don’t have time. They typically don’t get on the internet. Say they have, you know, it’s a general doctor and they’re doing a general exam of somebody who has some knee ache or whatever. And you know, in our current health care system, we shall make no comments [laughter] about the current health care system.

Paul: Another podcast.

Chris: [laughter] Requires that they have a referring doctor. That they be referred by their standard physician to a specialist. Again, orthopedic is a specialty. And so, this doctor, he may have heard recently of a particular type of surgery or he may be interested in a particularly non-invasive surgery and he’s going to ask his MA, Medical Assistant or his PA, his Physical Assistant–Physician’s Assistant, excuse me, to actually do the research for him. And we decided, OK that’s what we really need to target on. Of course, those first 45 keywords were–we actually should trim those down. Let’s cut out 15 of them and focus 15 of those keywords on those particular terms that an MA or a PA might be searching at the request of the attending physician, to try and find again, a very specific type of surgery or procedure or hip replacement or whatever it may be. And because this Orthopedic Surgery Center offered those, those now became our keywords. And so now, it’s not just a matter–we’re not just getting anonymous news, totally made up numbers here. An individual client may be worth $1,000 but a doctor who’s referring because he knows that this particular orthopedic surgery center provides a particularly non-invasive knee replacement process, surgery. He can be sending customers, repeat customers time and time again. So, one of those has significantly more value than a whole slew of actual customers–of the actual retail customers who could walk through the door. So, did that make sense about that value…

Paul: That makes perfect sense. And also, just to add a side note, it brings up a really good point about the value of your keywords and about–I’m just thinking out – that’s a perfect example of thinking outside of the box…

Chris: Yes.

Paul: …of you know, what are other–you know, people will just type in the obvious keywords but, you know, he went above and beyond and said, “OK. Well, what about referring doctors or how will the PAs or the MAs search for this because they’re going to be the ones that are doing that research.” And that–but to me, that’s just an excellent example of thinking outside the box about keywords that are related to that particular client, their industry, and the ways that people will search there. And this applies to—I’d say, just about any industry. Not just surgery centers or orthopedic centers.

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