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Second SEO Podcast Dec. 5th 2008. Third page of Transcription

Chris: Now, I think you’re–I think you’re exactly right and I’ve, you know, we will probably do a podcast on what to look for, what to stay away from, where is the beacon of hope if you’re looking for search engine optimization. And that’s a great example where there are a lot of organizations that are really–you give them the list of keywords and they are really, you know, they do a bang up job of getting new good search engine placement. They are really good search engine optimizers. And if they’re optimizing for the wrong terms because they don’t understand your business, they don’t take the time to understand your business then, of course their services have value but their service could be significantly more valuable if that time and expertise were taken to find those right keywords. And, you know, that’s something that, you know, clearly you get here at E-Webstyle and just make sure that you get an incredible comfort about how willing is your SEO provider to spend a lot of time. How willing are they to spend a lot of time and understand your business so that the work they do is the most impactful and can increase your business the most.

Paul: I like how you said understand your business. If you’re going to trust your company, your website with some foreign person that–excuse me, not foreign. I just–not foreign as in where they live (crosstalk)

Chris: Outside the company? [laughter]

Paul: If someone is going to come in to your company, if you’re going to trust your company and your website with them, they need to understand your business so if they’re not asking questions about, you know, tell about your business or how long have you been around or how do you operate, that’s a big sign they should be asking things like this because and it’s our belief. We need to understand your company to be able to help you to bring that qualified traffic. We need to know how people–you know how people come to you now, how do they search for you, what they do when they get here. So, that’s a big–that’s a big flashing light I guess for a lack of a better term. They need to understand your business and that’s something we always try–we do with every single client. We need to understand their business, how they operate and things, you know, just you know maybe even things that go on day to day. It helps us to do our job, it helps us get you that valuable qualified traffic.

Chris: And there’s two things that we really focus on in terms of customer, you know, the term ROI, Return on Investment is thrown out all the time by every consultant on the planet. It doesn’t matter what they consult on by, you know every article you read. The two things we focus on are one, what is the most valuable client to you and the Orthopedic example was a perfect example. The most valuable client actually wasn’t even a client. It was actually somebody who refers and the other one is what you do sell the most. So, obviously this doesn’t necessarily apply to Orthopedic surgery but you know somebody who has–who is selling different products. What you do sell the most of and what’s the most valuable thing because sometimes they are not the same, sometime one sale that gives $1,000 of profit, it doesn’t happen very often and you’d like it to happen a lot more often.

Paul: Of course.

Chris: And then there’s another which sells all the time and on a monthly basis generates more revenue for you, so we need to know both of those things so that we can figure out, you know, where we’re going to spend our effort, what’s going to get the most value because I’d like to get you 10 more of the thousand dollar clients rather than, you know, another 10 percent again depending on volumes of the lesser client because you’re clearly doing pretty well with that kind of client.

Paul: So then, let me ask you this. You said, “What sells the most and what’s the most valuable to your company?” I think those are two great questions and I’m sure there are some people out there that are like, “Wow, I never thought about that” I mean everyone knows what–it’s easy to find that what sells the most, you can just look at your numbers but I think a lot of people out there may not sit and think, “OK, well is this pretty piece of paper or whatever—we’re a paper company all of a sudden and is this piece of paper that we sell a thousand of them a day, is this sale as valuable to me as this box of paper that I may sell, you know, once a week”.

Chris: Right.

Paul: That’s worth, you know a hundred times worth a piece of paper is worth for I mean this is an example.

Chris: Great example. (laughter) It’s a great example, absolutely. I love it.

Paul: But I think it’s a great question, a great –I mean it’s a great way to sit and think about your business, “OK, what sells the most and what’s the most valuable to my company” and they may not be the same thing. That’s a great question.

Chris: Yes, so–so again, keywords so incredibly important and they really, the genesis for the keywords for your company come out of understanding your company. So, you know either you’ve got to understand it and be able to convey it to your SEO guy or your SEO guy/company has got to be able to get in and understand your business and at the point that they understand their business be able to balance ideas off of you. So, if you’re company out there looking for SEO work then you want to–we want to know your business and be willing to work with your SEO company because that’s how you’re going to get the most bang for your buck and that’s you know, let’s be honest that’s what we are all looking for.

If you’re an SEO provider you know keep in mind those two questions, those are great–those are the great questions–almost invariably, it’s a really well organized businessman who is growing his business, who understands what’s the most valuable client and what brings you know what he sells the most of and that’s again dollar amount for one or volume and most clients don’t and they really appreciate when you’re asking that. So, I think we’ve probably covered that enough.

Paul: Keywords? [laughs]

Chris: I think if anybody in here had a shoe. (laughter)

Paul: I could hit in the head with a shoe with a client size 10 shoe [laughs].

Chris: They would have had two targets and we probably would have ducked our heads the same way and we’d be unconscious here, so…

Paul: Does everybody understand keywords now? It’s awesome.

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