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Link Sculpting and SEO

Chris Burres:               Pretty straight forward. I’m sure there’s some new ones and so that you know, though going to be better ones and worst ones based on — that’s based on a page link or things like that.

Charles Lewis:             Number two [Audio Glitch] It’s pretty you [Audio Glitch] site met issue, links scoping, you know, [Audio Glitch] algorithm  you put Google would usually in to the site through the home page and then begin the index the pages based on the sculpting how they enter site [Audio Glitch] that your robot [0:11:35] [Phonetic] file is. And so, know the paths. Know the path that Google bought is taking and make sure you — the pages that you need them to take are there, are present, aren’t broken —

Chris Burres:               And it happen quickly–


Charles Lewis:             … to the ones, exactly.

Chris Burres:               Yes.

Charles Lewis:             Know fast so they won’t have an issue. Coding is good so they can index [Audio Glitch]. Number four, Know about every page type and noindex the low value ones. [Audio Glitch] and one of the things he’d mentioned down here was site that have thin content. And so, yeah, page on the site and it’s, you know, a paragraph of text.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             And you try to write for this page. And so that text is already over optimized and the whole page [Audio Glitch] and it’s really no value there. That’s [Audio Glitch]. According to the article and I agree, we should — we should, you know, follow and so that way Google won’t index it and they won’t try to, you know, value your site base on that page —

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             … as going to go overlook it and you direct them to a more your high quality pages. But in the mean time, improve that page [Laughter], you know, get some more content. You know, images, videos and all the stuff you need to make a page has a value. Number five, he put Almost never change your URLs. Sounds this [Audio Glitch] new system. You [Audio Glitch] or something like date due because you [Audio Glitch]. Make sure [Audio Glitch] if you that. But even then, according to the article [Audio Glitch] is a bit. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             It’s better were and so if possible, don’t change. Number six, Setup SEO monitoring. This is great. This is something that we do here. It’s part of our tracking to make sure [Audio Glitch] or not only ranking them. In index, you can set up monitoring and get an alert to say if visits dropped over a certain period of time. And so, if there has to be a Google web [Audio Glitch] topics. So [Audio Glitch] SEO monitoring for your target phrases to figure out what’s working and in that way, you can get an alert. If it drops, that means something [Audio Glitch] down or change or something happened —

Chris Burres:               And this got hacked.

Charles Lewis:             Anything.

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             Exactly. And so at least you will know. If you don’t know, then you can’t fix it. Number seven was Embrace inbound marketing. And I think what not totally concur inbound marketing is really a progression from [Audio Glitch] these changes because a lot of people here inbound [Audio Glitch] to think social.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             Bragging at things like and that is a part of it is also a part of SEO [Audio Glitch] addressing not only the traffic coming to your site but what that traffic is doing when they get to your site, are they purchasing? Are they searching? Are they going to multiple pages? Are they sharing information? So look at that information and make sure you when you optimize that you keep that in and make sure that you can get the best result for the people who’s visiting your site.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             And so those are the seven steps. If you do all those, of course, you can survive a Penguin Update. It’s a great [Audio Glitch]. Most of the stuff, we already do. Some of the other stuff we boom internal changes.

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             That we have to do in order clients up and stay within ourselves. So…

Chris Burres:               Excellent.

Charles Lewis:             I’ll post that on Facebook. We’ll tweet it out. You know, got [Audio Glitch].

Chris Burres:               Just 150.

Charles Lewis:             150.

Chris Burres:               150. Wow, that’s awesome. I was going to bring balloons either to bring or going to 50 —

Charles Lewis:             Oh like three of them. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah, we’re over three times. [Audio Glitch] Yeah, that’s pretty [Audio Glitch]. And that you guys, you got a good listenership. You guys [Audio Glitch]. You know, increase any links you guys, get back to us, we really appreciate. [Audio Glitch] to us to continue doing this to a good job on this podcast and getting you good internet marketing information.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               And we are the most popular [Audio Glitch] and internet marketing podcast. [Audio Glitch] guys out there, if you’re listening, we are pointing at different areas of the camera screen. 60 countries, 60 —


Charles Lewis:             … downloads.

Chris Burres:               Per week. Any blank stare news?

Charles Lewis:             Well, yeah. I [Audio Glitch] stare. Are we doing [Audio Glitch]? It is blank [Audio Glitch].

Chris Burres:               Oh, that is called [Audio Glitch]. Yeah, really cold.

Charles Lewis:             It — it’s Zuckerberg for [Audio Glitch] SEO and acting is my personal logic knowing [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             That is [Audio Glitch] and almost preparing for the drop that happened and everybody else who jump on the bandwagon and did everything who loves money… yeah. Blank stare [Audio Glitch]. Like the guy [Audio Glitch] amongst [Audio Glitch] two of his paychecks and invest it and lost.

Chris Burres:               Wow.

Charles Lewis:             I think it worked and how that happened but —

Chris Burres:               He wouldn’t — he couldn’t have lost it all. He’s —

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               … [0:16:15] [Inaudible] or whatever, unless he was dumb and was like giving out his love selling it [Audio Glitch]. I mean [Laughter] load a couple of times appear pretty quickly. Again, you have been listening to the most popular [Audio Glitch]. I really appreciate you. Until the next podcast. It’s Chris Burres.

Charles Lewis:             And I’m Chris Burres.

Charles Lewis:             Bye-bye for now.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

[0:16:33]                      End of Audio

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