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Local Phone Number and Local Places Listing

Chuck: Yeah. Local Factors I think for Google — we’re talking about, you know, send up your Google Places page and how to do them right and some of the factors that Google is looking for. One have a local — one, giving instructions on how to set up Google Local. It was more of some of the factors to give rank locally and it’s, you know, have a local address not a P.O. Box. It’s not gonna work. Local phone number, you know, if you’re in Houston then you should have 713, 281, or even 832 and not necessarily the 1-800.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so I think it’s that sort of thing are those factors that Google is looking for to rank you locally.

Chris: Well, and we also made the comment that the local phone number really is about a lot of people are looking for local service. They don’t want — they kind of — we’ve had lots of discussions lately at our office about directories and they kind of don’t want to call this 800 number. That’s a national directory for ARSS or whatever the plumbing service they want to use, you know, Joe the Plumber.

Chuck: Mm-hmm, Joe the Plumber. Web Design in SEO.

Chris: Joe — I wonder why I use that. Houston. Link juice, if I’m smart in that blog post, I’ve actually got links to our homepage and the —

Chuck: To our web design page and to our SEO.

Chris: Exactly and anchor text would be web design Houston and SEO Houston. I’m pretty sure I went in and do that. That’s one of the reasons it takes me a long time to post a podcast is I’m trying to get all those little details.

Chuck: Frankly, you want — we say this time and time again, you really want your web design company to be your SEO company.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Because that way, they can work things and if, you know, you’re creating a landing pages and you’re doing other things to that nature, you need the company who’s handling your marketing to had that flexibility to make changes on the site at will without necessarily dealing with a third party or someone who just may not be up on the latest technology that you need.

Chris: We find that when we’re working on somebody else’s website, there’s just kind of an inherent slowness and that sometimes even when clients give it to us. So we really do like to start from scratch. We will work with somebody else. It just seems to be a little bit slower process because we’re a little leery about, you know, as we should be about changing the design of the website.

Now, I would make this point. How nice is it to pick up the phone and make one phone call to your internet marketing company not one to your web and not to your internet marketing company but one call that says, hey, you made me a website. You’re sending it traffic. I mean, I see your reports, you’re proving it. Now, get me business, right? Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re responsible for because we take care of your website, because we take care of your internet marketing. Yes, swinging it lots of traffic there and we also know what to do to make sure that that traffic closes.

If you want a little confidence that we do know what we’re doing, go to our website. Submit a website analysis form and also check out our Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis Podcast which is a video podcast of us analyzing other websites.

Chuck: When you talked about that phone call, how great would it be to get a phone call that says I wanna make this change to bring you more business and therefore we’re gonna change this in your marketing and make these changes on your site.

Chris: Even though you’ve been performing well and better than when we started, we wanna improve it because we know we can.

Chuck: Google Local Places Optimization, great title. This is where we talked about, you know, how to optimize your Local Places page. Standard stuff, five videos, ten photos, fill out all the categories, payment ties, address, make sure you have —

Chris: Hours.

Chuck: — hours of operation. But all of that is relatively easy. The hardest part to optimize your Google Local Places page is reviews.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: You’ve got to give reviews. The more reviews you have, you need reviews to crack that into G listing.

Chris: The other thing to remember it’s in within the last 12 months that Google has blended their Google Local Places and they’re organic.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So — and it makes sense because there’s only so much you can do with a Google Places page. So how do you rank one over the other? Well, the website that Google Local Places page links to now weighs your Google Local business positions. So that’s just make sense. Best Practices Google Local Places, we really just covered those and make sure —

Chuck: Make sure your information is accurate, make sure it’s up to date, make sure that it’s not false information.

Chris: Right, yeah.

Chuck: Eventually, you’ll, you know, get caught. And frankly, if you have multiple locations — we have a client who does this — then use one account and tag all of your location there rather than, you know, creating the whole mobile —

Chris: Different [00:15:37] [Inaudible] accounts.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And there — I was gonna say in Best Practices, don’t put multiple businesses at one address. You can with a suite number but just be careful about that. Percentage of Users on Facebook.

Chuck: I have no clue right now.

Chris: It’s huge.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Larger.

Chuck: A lot of people.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: As a matter of fact I almost say everybody.

Chris: Yeah, there is that one lady that could make a bad — Google Places and SEVO.

Chuck: Search Visitor Optimization.

Chris: So if you listen to our podcast, if you checked out our other podcast, you know that —

Chuck: Teasing with a [00:16:11] [Inaudible]

Chris: Search Engine Visitor Optim — yeah. Search Engine Visitor Optimization is a phrase wanting to what you do with visitors after they actually get to your website. And this is really talking about a blend of — in Google Local Places, make sure that you’ve got calls to action.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Make sure that you’ve got — you need —

Chuck: — offers.

Chris: — big selling propositions. Those kinds of things. Google Local and other listings, Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing.

Chuck: I think we’ve talked about — remember when Yelp made a big fuss that Google Local reviews were —

Chris: On the — yeah.

Chuck: They were — they felt like it was cranking their reviews?

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so they ended up losing their battle.

Chris: While Google said, yeah, we’ll remove your reviews from our Local Places lists and we’ll remove your entire sitemap index –

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Is that cool? So much power. You’ll be so [00:17:03] [Inaudible]. Google Local Listings Trust Factor.

Chuck: Yeah. We’re now looking for trust. We’re talking about Local Listings, right? So if you search a Houston plumber and you get several kinds of plumbers, which one — Google is gonna rank one that has the most links, the most reviews in which they think that have the most trust — ranking. If you’re — yeah, incoming links and these links have nothing to do with plumbing or, you know, anything to that nature, then they may not trust you with it and so you may not get the ranking that you want.

Chris: So I think we need a Google Local Places page on our website.

Chuck: Definitely.

Chris: Right? And we don’t have it. This is just kind of comment — or comment on how we think about our processes because I’m looking at six podcasts —

Chuck: About Places.

Chris: — that’s titles are Google Local Places and really those transcripts should have links and I’m going to a main page that is Google Local Places and we don’t have that yet. So that’s on our list now.

Chuck: Or that and frankly, people — there are people out there who need help with Local Places.

Chris: Exactly.

Chuck: So we create that page, post these links and correspond to videos for that matter.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So that’s from Podcast what? 94?

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Then, you know, we can provide some assistance to some people.

Chris: Well, and one of the things that — I totally lost that train of thought so we’re gonna go on to the next podcast, 95th. You know, I admit it, you just go on. There are just days when that happens. Google Local Places Off Page Criteria. So this is where we talk about the fact that your social page links to from your — that bad. The page actually links — that you linked to from your Google’s listing is very important. You know, recently —

Chuck: [00:18:43] [Inaudible] should link to from your Places.

Chris: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, recently, both made a change to their [00:18:52] [Inaudible] algorithm giving more importance to better designed and implemented web pages. So if you’re landing from your PaperClick ad, it doesn’t have good SEO on it, then they’re not gonna — they’re gonna charge you more actually.

Chuck: Yeah. Your quality score will go down.

Chris: So the same thing is true for Google Local Pages Off Page. And then we talked about compliant. We’re just talking about this. We had challenges with — frankly, especially if you’re doing well with your Google Local Places, we tend to “it’s not [00:19:21] [Inaudible].” They fall off, we’ll fix them, bring them back. There’s — you know, I think they’re still really doing some tweaking on that algorithm.

We had one client — we’re trying to work with the doctors at the clinic — in the clinic and put them all together and it totally backfired on us. We weren’t doing anything that wasn’t out there already in Google Local Places but Google didn’t like it when we did it. It was okay when their automatic engine did it. So be careful with your Google Local Places first thing and last thing or just have it kicked off permanently.

Chuck: Yeah, compliance. Basically, you know — I mean, small stuff like when you [00:20:00] [Inaudible] it to the right address. You know, the address that they mail the postcard to or the phone that they called. They both need to either be the address for the business or the phone number to the business. Don’t — you know, as an agency, we can’t have your card sent to us. It doesn’t work that way. We’d send it to you when you give us [00:20:18] [Inaudible] we can approve it and then find the ads you’re listing.

Chris: Or even faster, you can approve that phone call.

Chuck: Phone, yeah. Just get the phone call. Testimonials in Google Local Places Listing. It kind of goes back to what we were talking about earlier — testimonials, reviews, you know. One other way that I thought that we’d get better reviews — I’m gonna start on the thank you pages for our clients who have links — who have forms.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I’m gonna put a link to the Places page. And after they fill out a form, fill out a review. Then I told one of our clients when they send a follow-up e-mail after they provide a service, include a link to the Places page and ask for the review.

Chris: Yeah, yup.

Chuck: Because, again, it takes those testimonials, it takes the overviews to move your Google Places Page up.

Chris: Mobile SEO Strategy. So, again, this goes back to what we’ve talked about, more and more people are doing mobile searches. Really, mobile SEO is more relevant to an on-the-street retail company.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it. It doesn’t mean we aren’t doing it. It just means that, you know, it’s more valued there. So make sure, you know, if you’re a bar, you better have a mobile strategy. If you’re a restaurant, you better have a mobile strategy.

Chuck: Yeah. And be listed and submit because, you know, I didn’t realize how often [00:21:40] [Inaudible] frequently. We get home. [00:21:44] [Inaudible] immediately gets on the phone and —

Chris: A local restaurant or what.

Chuck: With Chinese food.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Chuck: That’s the search query. And then, you know, you’re not on a list then sorry.

Chris: You don’t get a shot.

Chuck: Yeah. Out takes SEO and SEVO, tremendous titles.

Chris: I do a pretty good job with our titles. I’ll be honest sometimes they barely have anything to do with that section and, you know, you guys understand.

Chuck: She [00:22:11] [Inaudible]. Okay. Out takes and SEO. I mean, that goes without saying. If you have images, tag it. You know, tag it with the keyword-rich tag that also explains what that image is from a SEVO perspective. Make sure that image and the tag for that matter give the [00:22:31] [Inaudible] action or kind of dictate what’s gonna happen when you click.

Chris: Make a list. How’s it going?

Chuck: Production person just walked in.

Chris: SEO and viral videos. How is that for a great title?

Chuck: Yeah. I think that one almost describes me. SEO and viral videos. Frankly, you know, videos that go viral to get links and links help SEO. I mean, isn’t that —

Chris: Yeah. It’s not rocket science or brains, I mean.

Chuck: Uh-huh.

Chris: Oh, here we go. Epic SEO rap battle, the SEO Rapper and PPC MC. By the way, that title I think came from Darren Booy.

Chuck: Oh, yeah, because he came up with that whole —

Chris: That page and everything.

Chuck: Yeah, a punch to the face to Darren.

Chris: And, yeah, I forgot that happened this year, right?

Chuck: Wow, yeah. I went to Florida [00:23:17] [Inaudible] set out the [00:23:20] [Inaudible]. I went out there and destroyed him. Also, we did a series of web rap battles this year — Rapper versus PPC MC. And just a lot of fun, very entertaining but yeah, [00:23:35] [Inaudible]. So —

Chris: Yeah. That was a lot of fun. That was exciting. When you came to the office like, oh, man. He put a reply and I put some together last night and here it is. It was awesome. Google Boost, Organic Search Results. All right. So these are a little conflictory because Google Boost is actually — it no longer exists.

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