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Local SEO and Google Plus

Chris Burres:               So, mixcrate.com/silentwonderada, ADA. And there should be another slash. [Laughter] Which – which is funny that Facebook didn’t edit —

Charles Lewis:                         No, they won’t —

Chris Burres:               … when it came to that one matter. It’s kind of interesting. Excellent question, thank you guys. You can always send us a question. You can find us, you can follow us. Follow us at twitter.com/ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               On Facebook, it’s facebook.com/ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               youtube.com/ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               You can e-mail us at podcast@e-webstyle.com.

Chris Burres:               That is to my — a sign —

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               … not the word dash.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, it’s a hyphen.

Chris Burres:               We appreciate, Adam for typing that out. And a little bit of news.

Charles Lewis:                         Oh yeah, got news?

Chris Burres:               You’re trying to cut me often?

Charles Lewis:                         No, I’m just, you know —

Chris Burres:               What are you, Gino now? [Laughter] We’ll go through this real quick. Rumors of an Apple Mini — Mini Pad. HTC did — according to the U.K. H — a U.K. judge, not the U.K. in general which really represents the U.K. in general, HTC did not infringe on Apple patents most of them. It’s like 3 out of 4. There is a Malware out there called DNS changer. You will lose internet on Monday.


So if you’re listening to this, you may have already lost internet. They say that the guys who created this Malware probably made $14 million. They are in jail and you can see if you have it by going to dns-ok.us. Again, that’s dns-ok.us. By the way, when you go there, it says — it looks like everything is okay and depending on your ISP, you could still be a host. So [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         So, yeah.

Chris Burres:               It’s at least a good sign. If it showed red, then that, you know, then you know for sure you have it. Amazon is actually working on with some Smart Phones —

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, that’s a market to penetrate. I read that article and that’s — that’s kind of the deals where do you really want to get in to that? I think with Amazon, they may have a fighting chance only because of the success of the Candle. And so they’ve already penetrated some sort of mobile market —

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:                         … tablet market and they did fairly well.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         And so I think coming out with the phone, you know, it’ll —

Chris Burres:               I think for the same reason Google did it, they have to do it, right? Because eventually the — the phone device is going to control media including —

Charles Lewis:             Well I think — I think it’s just — it’s more financial when you look at — when you look at Apple’s iPhone, man, we talked about this before. They have the device and the software.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:                         And so they’re ripping all of the benefits of that.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         While I use right Droid right? I’m on a Nexus. You own a —

Chris Burres:               HT – yeah, I mean Samsung?

Charles Lewis:                         Exactly.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         And so while Android is the operating system, the devices are diverse.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             And so Google can’t rip as much of money as they can without owning that device.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:                         And so I think that’s kind of the – the curve of –of what they’re doing.

Chris Burres:               Absolutely. Yeah, so I think — I think at the end of the day, it’s a good move. I think they’re going to end up doing well with it just because they’re, you know, [0:11:58] [Inaudible] size. And I thought this was interesting, Google banned weapons related listings from Google shopping. So —

Charles Lewis:                         Now — okay, go ahead.

Chris Burres:               Yeah, so if you went to type — I don’t know, they said whatever magnum 57 padded handgun, nothing comes up and it used to. And I just think — I don’t know. I wonder what the logic is. Is it a social commentary? Is it —

Charles Lewis:                         Well, no, what’s interested about —

Chris Burres:               Liability?

Charles Lewis:             … that is because I remember when that came out, when that happened, that was recent. And I was – my boy, Sal over at TopSpot, he — he posted it on Facebook the same exact story but he showed an example and I searched the example, he was correct. If you go to Google and use — oh, what’s the search phrase? It was starter pistol or something like that.

Chris Burres:               Right, right.

Charles Lewis:                         And then click on the shopping tab, you had results. But —

Chris Burres:               It’s been shown on the initial surf or —

Charles Lewis:                         It didn’t show on the surf page —

Chris Burres:               Oh, okay.

Charles Lewis:             … which you had to click the shopping tab first. And then there were all sorts of results.

Chris Burres:               Okay.

Charles Lewis:                         And so that is contradictory to the article.

Chris Burres:               Yeah, I think may — my impression because I think there was some examples is about now when you go to shopping, it also says because it literally said none found. And that wouldn’t happen on a surf, right?

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               They would show at least something organically. That would happen at the shopping —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, the shopping.

Chris Burres:               So we’ll go check it out and man, if they’re pulling all — that’s just — this is America. You can buy a gun like I don’t know. Can you buy —

Charles Lewis:                         On the online?

Chris Burres:               Can you buy it online? I don’t know. Let’s just —

Charles Lewis:                         Probably not.

Chris Burres:               Should be able to buy accessories and bullets, I would think. I don’t know. Maybe can’t ship them. And finally we’ve got New Orleans. They’ve got two people in New Orleans who are kind of petitioning Google and said, “Please update our street views. Get down the 2005 Katrina images [Laughter] from our street views.”

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, man, I think that’s — that’s almost a worthy complaint.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         Come on, it’s not — yeah —

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         10 years had passed, you know, yeah. “Update our views.”

Chris Burres:               All right, we have exceeded our Gino time limit by one second today. So we’re going to start getting in to content.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, 3, 2 — okay now, with Gino time limit exceeded. Okay. So today I want to talk about local, local SEO and more importantly local SEO with Google Plus because one of the recent roll outs that they did was they’ve merged Google — Google Local Plus which is a difference between Google Plus page and your Google — Google —

Chris Burres:               Google.

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter] Google Local Plus. You know, they did — they recently allowed businesses to go and create a Google Plus page.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             And then they roll it out Google Local Plus page and now they’ve merged your Google Places Listing with your Google Plus Local page. And so if you already had a Google Places page, if you visited it recently, you should notice that it’s not the same as it was.


Now it’s say Google Plus Local page. And so I want to talk about that and some of the effects it has on SEO and some things you can do to help migrate successfully and don’t get caught up without anything. So I found this article here Search Engine Journal, pretty good article and it didn’t have a list of tips so I had to go through it. But there was some pretty good information and most of it I was kind of aware of we had been working on it with our sales and some other clients and so I figured we shared. So just a couple of basis what they did was they converted all the existing Google Places pages in to Google Plus Local pages. So basically, in the past you had two options. You either had a Google Places page or you had a Google Plus page. And so the Places page and we’ve done thousands of —

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             You know, we don’t have a thousand but thousands of podcast on Google Places. I mean that you want to go. It’s like a direct through a listing that showed up on the maps in the local search and things like that. But that page was not indexed. Number one, it was all based of what information you had already filled in. Number two, you had to upload the images and you know, had to create categories and make sure you had the right addresses and more importantly, use the correct Local —

Chris Burres:               Categories —

Charles Lewis:                         … indicators —

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             … that you were a local business like a local address and not a P.O. box or might — and a phone number with the area code for the — for the area you’re targeting.

Chris Burres:               One — one of our keys to that was make sure that it was a hundred percent complete.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               So, if they gave you the opportunity for five videos, have five videos. They gave you opportunity for ten images, have ten images.

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