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Unknown Secrets of SEO
Thirteenth SEO Podcast March 27th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, welcome to the Unknown Secrets to SEO E-Webstyle podcast.

Paul: Yes, thanks for joining in, in another fun filled edition of our SEO podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager at E-Webstyle.

Chris: Just a reminder, we should have another podcast. This is our killer web design and development podcast.

Paul: This is our killer web design and development podcast.

Chris: Taking ‘em out, shooting ‘em down, mowing ‘em down. That should be available on iTunes soon. We’re working on giving those out. We have a bunch of episodes already prepared. Go ahead and check that out. Today is our killer Komodo.

Paul: Why are we having a killer Komodo podcast today?

Chris: The Komodo dragon, the really big dragon. Apparently, there was some movie with Marlon Brando…

Paul: Oh yeah, The Freshman … him and Matthew Broderick about that Komodo. It was a good movie.

Chris: I like that pretty much. Maybe we should sell plates.

Paul: $5,000 plates of Komodo dragon coming up.

Chris: And then we just kind of parade the dragon by and serve them Popeye’s. This is kind of spicy.

Paul: Fried Komodo dragon.

Chris: Apparently, a Komodo dragon, a guy in Indonesia was on a forbidden island. It was forbidden because…

Paul: There is probably a good reason.

Chris: It’s full of Komodo dragons, some of the nastiest creatures on the planet and so beautiful.

Paul: And tasty.

Chris: Tasty, yes. It takes like Popeye’s. I don’t know if you know this, but the Komodo dragon, it’s not like an aggressive killer. It doesn’t just take you out.

Paul: That’s what I would think because I think dragon, this sucker is going to spit fire and eat me.

Chris: Immediately. No, they have a much more engaging and long term death approach. Their mouths are filled with like the cesspool of bacteria, all kinds of bacteria. They just kind of nibble on your calf a little bit and then you die a couple days later from bacterial infections. They must have really strong stomachs because then they eat you. Like if I found …

Paul: We won’t go there.

Chris: On our last podcast, we covered, what it is we do. We’re kind of in a little bit of tools phase of SEO. We covered what is it that we look at on Google Analytics, what are the things that we find that are important. We really covered a lot of stuff that I don’t necessarily check every day but the key thing that I do check, maybe not every day but every other day, is pulling up websites on newer clients, clients that we’re working on, getting great placement. I really just do a beeline straight to what are the search terms that have actually generated traffic to that website. I will break it down within the last three days what are the search terms because I’m looking for something new, something that wasn’t there the last time I look and seeing how our progression is going.

We are going to cover a couple of tools today. I think we mentioned what are the most valuable things when you’re doing website.

Paul: Keywords.

Chris: Keywords, that’s right. Then the number two is keywords. Number three is…

Paul: Keywords again.

Chris: Keywords again. Exactly. It’s kind of like real estate location, location, location. Search engine optimization and web in general is keyword, keyword, keyword. We’re going to look at a keyword tool put out by…

Paul: Google.

Chris: Yes. Of course.

Paul: Thanks Google. We appreciate it. It’s free.

Chris: They have the most valuable information. This tool really, we’ll go in, you can put in a couple terms. It will spit out a whole bunch of potential terms for you. With these potential terms, it tells you like the frequency that those are used so you can search what the key things. Because you may have a business and the first and most obvious keyword is the one you go after and then you realize a slight adjustment to that keyword gets you 10 times more traffic.

We have one the other day. We’re talking about copier repair, actually just a copier Houston. This is again a situation where we recommended that they don’t do SEO because when you do copier Houston, there’s 20 searches a month. And so if you make that effort, what’s going to be the return on investment. Then immediately, Paul pointed out, what about copier repair Houston. I actually went back this morning and was looking at that. It looks pretty good. We can probably put a case not for any one term because if all we were to do as an SEO company was to get him on the first page for one term, it’s not worth it but when you start doing copier repair Houston, Canon repair Houston, copier Houston, Canon Houston and we start summing all of those up then all of a sudden we’re probably going to be driving enough traffic to justify the cause back to ROI. That’s really what…

Paul: That’s what it’s all about. I can think of another example where using a keyword selector tool is actually really come in handy for me. Talking with a plumber or plumbing company…

Chris: Was it Joe?

Paul: It was Joe.

Chris: Joe the plumber?

Paul: Yeah. I saw Joe on the news last. You got to look at this but he said something just completely inappropriate out of conference.

Chris: I thought that’s what Obama was doing now, is it? He’s setting a trend.

Paul: It was just as not as inappropriate as what Obama said. The plumbing company, just getting to learn them, I would personally, if I were searching for a plumber type in plumber, plumbing company, plumbing contractor but just playing with the keyword research tool I found that mechanical contractor is something … plumbers could also be known as mechanical contractors. Plumbers and heating, ventilation and air conditioning kind of all go together. So applying with the keyword selector tool, I was able to find similar keywords that kind of go with plumbing, mechanical contractors, HVAC contractors because he did all of this stuff. The Google’s keyword selector tool really opened my eyes to the other synonyms and keywords that were related to that particular industry. That was just one thing that I learned by playing with that keyword selector tool.

Chris: That great because we always talk about here at E-Webstyle, we don’t want to just throw up information that you provide us. We actually want to understand your business. Here’s a tool that you ended up using so that you could better understand this business because he understands that plumbing means HVAC and everything else. Probably everyone in his industry understands that HVAC and plumbing means all of that.

Paul: I had no idea they’re related. I had no idea.

Chris: I can almost guarantee you that the remaining people; people who don’t work in that industry on a regular basis don’t realize that plumbers do HVAC. That’s air conditioning and heating systems.

Paul: I have no idea about that.

Chris: That’s great. That’s exactly what we do here at E-Webstyle. We research, we understand your business and then we take that understanding and turn it into a high quality web product that can help you. Then we follow that up by taking that high quality web product and putting it on the first page of Google. That’s a great example..

What we want to get into first is the Google tool. I have never actually gotten around to making a favorite for this Google tool.

Paul: I type in Google’s keyword selector tool or just keyword selector tool.

Chris: In my case, it’s Google keyword usage. You can just go to your Google browser and pull up Google and type in “Google keyword usage” and the first thing that comes up is Google’s Adwords tool.

Paul: This tool is actually good for SEO and PPC and just about anything. I think they designed it initially to support their PPC clients because they want you to use as many keywords as possible because when you’re using as many keywords as possible you’re spending as much money as possible.

Chris: Of course, and they’re making money.

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