Match Types Bing and Google

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Match Types Bing and Google

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Chuck: Got it right on the first time. Got it on the first try. Chris: God I love that. We are the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you. Chuck: And you. Chris: And you, and hey Aaron thanks for the sound check this morning and sorry for the delay, we have some challenges, we’re actually trying to upgrade equipment and in the process of upgrading equipment, you know. Chuck: Yeah, we’re running technical difficulties and you know luckily for all you followers, you go through this with us. So, we got the mics right now. We do laptop, so soon be amaze, but you know hit us back let us know what the video looks like, if you see any improvement there. Chris: Should be even better today. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: It’s because the camera is a little closer today. Chuck: Oh, I see. I see that. Chris: What we realize is yes, this camera is HD and the zoom is actually a digital zoom, so you lose, you know resolution as you zoom in… Chuck: As you zoom. Chris: So we would put the camera further back, zoom in a little bit, it was – I think that’s one of the problems. We’re also working on our unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis Podcast and the video is associated with that. So this is all just getting better. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: As usual last time we had a tip, we had a Podcast, last Podcast was 122, the tip was, learn, understand and utilize match types on Google and Bing. They have different names, right? Or they are the same name. Chuck: A different names. Chris: Different names. Chuck: In Google we have, you know, broad match, exact match and phrase match. Chris: Right. Chuck: In Bing they are, wow the blank one. Chris: Something else. Chuck: Yeah. That’s not those three though. Chris: We also like, you know, I’m excited we’ve actually got three reviews to read. Chuck: Advance match is in Bing. Chris: Advance match, yeah. Chuck: Exact match is in Google. Chris: Okay. Chuck: All right, that I see the light every time when will I finish the first time. Chris: We’d love, this is one of the things, you know, we got this ongoing gag, by the way punch in the face to RMH results made here in Houston. There is traditional marketing agency that we do some work with and I was actually over there yesterday and told them tune in and hopefully they have like, I don’t know a getting better at what you do thing every Friday morning. So, they were going to tune in to our Podcast, hopefully our technical glitches didn’t stop you, punch in the face. Speaking of punch in the face, we loved it when people right a review about us and then use kind of our ongoing gags. I mean, literally it’s hard to describe how – how nice that feels. Chuck: It’s a good deal. Chris: The actual title of this one is major punch in the face. This is by Norman 8851, this Podcast has shared entertainment from start to finish without sacrificing quality SEO topics, I have to say Chuck you’re SEO rapper videos make laugh hysterically and I have to admit you have skills, creative and lyrical. Chuck: Wow, appreciate you. Pop up punch, combo. You know, he gets the whole, yeah. Chris: That’s like a super. The only comment I would make is when you hit the SEO content maybe some more advance insight could be brought to the table. Overall you guys are great and hope you keep up doing what you do. All right, Nate Norman is our… Chuck: Nate, appreciate the support and the compliments, flattery works, so thank you. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: But, yeah, appreciate it. Thanks for the review and hit us up Send us a link to your site man, we’ll check it out and I’ll show you some link love.
Chris: Absolutely. Next one, also punch in face, three exclamation marks, [0:03:55][Inaudible]. It’s Chuck: SEO Kid he’s probably watching. Chris: Yeah, listen to a few online marketing and SEO Podcast when I found these guys, they are hilarious and insightful in their industry. I have listened to every Podcast they have on iTunes, you can even watch them live when they record their show. Big punch in the face, guys. Chuck: If that’s the SEO Kid, man I met him last week, you know he logged on for the first time. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: And so hopefully you’re watching this, man. Yeah, punch in the face to you. Keep watching and let us know, you know what you think. Chris: And then this one came in, you know, the last set was a batch 4, only read 2 on the last Podcast. This one came in top notch is the title. Chuck: That’s the other day, okay. Chris: Yes, it’s from JJPreneur, one of the few Podcast I can’t wait. Let me emphasize that, ‘cause he did. Chuck: He input that in all cap. Chris: To listen to. And then he quotes. Chuck: Look mom I got punch in the face. That’s what’s up. Chris: Boom. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: JJPreneur, there is that big punch in the face, awesome. [0:05:00] A little bit of news, so I almost forget, I’m glad I write this down every time. Remember we are you friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is. Chuck: Don’t be a douche. Chris: Don’t be a douche. Again, shout out to our Maytech to have that a note in here, this is interesting. So Amazon came out with their fire. Chuck: Yeah, the tablet. Chris: And it’s an android tablet, where, you know keen on android here at our office and it’s interesting. So how does – how do you match Amazon versus Apple? There was a good article about what’s – what’s the real competition between the two. What is the face-to-face competition between Apple and Amazon? Chuck: Ahh, now see. Chris: Media. Chuck: Media. Chris: It makes sense right? It’s media, where Apple makes a ton of their money from selling, from iTunes from selling actual media. Chuck: Okay, okay, I see that. Chris: Now they’re going… Chuck: That thing with Amazon. Chris: And Amazon does too. I think Amazon is even only interested in the Fire and putting these products out there to up the game for the Amazon tablets ‘cause at the end of the day more tablets out there, more people have the Amazon app, more people are down or the Kindle app, I think it’s what it is. Chuck: More potential purchase dollar. Chris: Yeah and so you know the big thing for Amazon if they’re – it’s 199 product, right? I mean… Chuck: That’s what actually sounds good that kind of makes me really like, I guess 200 bucks. Okay, so. Chris: Everything else is like 4 or between 4 and – or at least 3. Chuck: I haven’t read this pix on it, but like one of the things I noticed would latter to android stuff. Chris: No camera. Chuck: Well, in the next few months, like will it be able to take the next android update. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: They’re not saying will you be stuck with whatever version comes that he brought on that. Chris: Yeah. That’s a great question. I just thought it was interesting ‘cause you know, Amazon doesn’t seem like lively competitor iPad to specifically to Apple. So, you know what are they doing? And really they’re going after the media content. I bet their version of android the Fire has you know…It’s going to be more branded, a little easier to buy books and… Chuck: Probably, sounds like amplified Kindle. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: You know, what I mean. Chris: Exactly. Yeah, and we won’t say a Nook ‘cause that’s the… I didn’t say. I mean to not – we’ll, I guess I said it., that’s seo-news, I pulled up the first article looking at things to cover and what they had and you know, this is one of the things we just finished three podcast series on keywords on how important they are and actually we’re going to address an e-mail that really asked, you know, keywords is one of the things that the e-mailer is asking to address. And the e-mailer is Eddie Runner. That kind of the next thing in line is Anchor Text and we talked about this, the best example that we have for how important Anchor Text is, is if you have a link to home and text in the link is home, Google thinks that there’s information at the end of that link. So at that homepage about home and almost never is that true, you want to have a link home because that’s what people look and expect to see. You also want to have a link that has the keyword reach, information the Anchor Text for that link. Because again Google kind of identifies what exist at the end of this of link by the Anchor Text actually in the link.

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