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Twenty-first E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast June 26th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast.

Paul: Yes, welcome back and thank you for joining us for another fun-filled edition of our SEO podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, the sales manager of E-Webstyle.

Chris: So this is going to be our “Moonwalk” podcast.

Paul: I will…..EEE-HEE….and moonwalk all over the place. Why are we moonwalking today?

Chris: All right, well you know Paul, I’ve got a really important question for you. You’re a man of color.

Paul: Okay. REALLY? (laughter)

Chris: That’s why you have…..So what is the deal here? And this is totally racist….Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson die on the same day. Do you hear anything about Farrah Fawcett?


Paul: That’s a very good point. No. (laughter)

Chris: Or do you believe my first grown-up moment…if you follow what I’m saying…was with Farrah Fawcett. (laughter) Not with Michael Jackson.


Paul: Yeah, I think Farrah Fawcett is a hell of lot hotter than Michael Jackson. That’s a good point, I didn’t think about that.

Chris: And you know the answer?

Paul: What’s that?

Chris: Cause Michael’s white too.


Paul: Yeah, there you go, good point…..very, very good point. She got no press. I didn’t even know that till Rob said something about it.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: She got no press. Man that sucked.

Chris: Yeah, Rob’s our business partner here in the office, so you know, I have to tell you that when Michael Jackson died, I was sitting around watching MTV last night. And you know….whatever….he was great and everything and then one of the VJs on MTV pointed out that a lot of people grew up and had some experience with Michael….hopefully not in that way…(laughter)…Not in the way that put them in court. And it dawned on me…..I love dancing, I have danced for my entire life, all types of music….and I always remember….you know people ask, how did I become a good dancer because I reasonably good. And I always tell them that my mother was a ballerina and I grew up dancing in our living room and the story I always say is…..You know one time our neighbors called the cops on us because the music was so loud, and there I was, dancing with my brother and my mom in the living room. Well, we were dancing to Michael Jackson.

Paul: Oh, weren’t you teaching your brother how to “Moonwalk”?

Chris: It was my mom. My mom was always interested in learning those kinds of steps and my brother was much better than I and I was reasonable and so we were always trying to teach my mom those steps. But you know, my first dance, which has been a passion through my whole life….you know, my first moments of good dance was with Michael Jackson. I have to be honest, I was a little emotional in the car that day.

Paul: I was kind of bummed, I was really bummed that Michael Jackson died. I actually have a Michael Jackson CD in my car right now, not because he just died but because I just like Michael Jackson.

Chris: Which one?

Paul: “Off The Wall” in the car right now. It’s a great CD. I was kind of bummed. He had a lot of issues, you know, going on. He was actually going through court right now, but I just remember Michael Jackson for the music. For “Thriller” and the making of “Thriller”, which I still have on VHS from when I was a kid watching the making of the awesome video and an awesome movie.

Chris: Yeah, it’s a sad day, and he was an amazing performer. I have a lot of appreciation for his ability. I remember I saw an interview with him….I think it was with Oprah, where she just kind of said….you know….give us a little something. And he was in this…..you know he was always a very quiet guy as we keep hearing…. But he just busted out into a song and it was a little dance…like…right there. And it wasn’t, you know, a song where he was working, you know, an album or anything. He just busted out into a freestyle song, with the rhythm and clicks and dance. You know, he was just an amazing performer. And I feel for….I imagine that he was still in a lot of pain from his childhood.

Paul: You know, I listened to the radio on the way in this morning….no one said anything about….and I always thought it was kind of funny….and maybe it’s not the best thing to say because he did pass, but no one has said anything about that Pepsi commercial.

Chris: Oh, the hair on fire.

Paul: Yeah, I think that’s hilarious.


Paul: I was hoping….no one said anything about that….that’s a big thing I remember Michael Jackson for…his hair caught on fire…. But, oh well.

Chris: We would also like to talk about what we did in the last podcast. And frankly, I have pulled up our notes right there…it was an incredibly good and powerful podcast.

Paul: That wasn’t….Chastity Bono wasn’t the last one….the last page…..

Chris: We gave away….

Paul: That’s it

Chris: Oh, the secret. That’s our teaser. Yeah, we gave away the unknown secret to SEO, so if you’re interested in knowing the unknown secret to SEO, so why are we still doing a podcast?

Paul: I thought that would shut us down. We gave all our secrets away.

Chris: I don’t know. We’ll keep going and if somebody tells us that we’re done then that will be great.

Paul: So what’s on the menu for today?

Chris: Well, I want to do a talk about….well, this is interesting, I thought, okay….believe it or not, there’s actually a tie-in with Michael Jackson and technology and marketing as we move forward. And I thought this….you know they kind of alluded to it on MTV last night without this kind of perspective. I had a good conference call last night with a gentleman in Australia who’s going to start doing some specific marketing for one of our clients, so we’re partnering with him. We’re taking care of the web and SEO and he’s going to be taking care of social media and a lot of copywriting and stuff like that. And come up with some very powerful programs that should generate some significant revenue, which is always exciting. And one of the points he made….he knows….and I don’t know the guys name, I didn’t write it down, I probably should have….one of the guys who is a leader on Twitter. So he’s one of the top, let’s say top ten guys on Twitter….and when I mean top, he’s got like the largest following. And the point was made that this guy has people pursuing him….you know….and offering him hundreds of thousands of dollars…not tens….hundreds of thousands of dollars to start promoting their products, because that’s how valuable being number one…..being top ten on Twitter is. And I started drawing this parallel when Michael Jackson…..you know Michael Jackson…..you mentioned “Thriller” which I don’t know if that was one of the most expensive, but certainly it was one of the most memorable videos.

Paul: Definitely.

Chris: I think “Scream” was one of the most expensive, I think that was a seven million dollar video….you know…..SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

Paul: They were breaking three hundred dollar vases….whatever you call them….for fun.

Chris: Wow! I forgot about that.

Paul: Man, they were three hundred bucks and they were busting fifty or sixty of them just for fun.

Chris: Wow! So there’s seven million dollars, that’s just unheard of, they don’t do that today. And you know, we’re however many years past…prices have gone up and those vases now cost five hundred dollars and no one is willing to do that for a video. Michael Jackson was on the forefront of taking advantage of videos. It was a relatively new technology, just like Twitter and Facebook, and he just took it….understood it…and ran with it like a bat out of hell, and really understood it and made it happen. You know, that’s exciting, that’s a parallel in Twitter and Facebook and whatever the next Facebook is going to be. You know, there’s do many different social media things. There’s Dig, there’s Delicious, there’s Readit, Stumbled Upon. I love Stumbled Upon. There’s Zigs, Plaxos, well Plaxos is kind of boring. (laughter) I am a member. We do have to stay on top of social media here. That’s kind of our job. We don’t market it, we use it to market our business. When we feel that we’re world class experts at that, then we’ll actually start marketing specific categories. So right now our focus is web design development, search engine marketing and we all know that there’s this cross platform of stuff that goes on between social media and search engine marketing. And if we don’t all know that now….all you guys know that….so we’re working our own on a Facebook page for us, on a Twitter page for us. Is it called a Twitter page or just a Twitter account?

Paul: I don’t know, that’s a good one. Profile?

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