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Most popular Internet Marketing Podcast

Chris: Hi! And welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing Houston.   Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday. We got some great social media stuff for you today.   Chris: We missed the show last week. We’re going to make up for it this week because this show is going to be amazing.   Paul: Awesome.   [Laughter]   Paul: I’m like, “Wow!”   Chris: Wow!   Paul: It’s going to be amazing.   Chris: Let’s get started. You didn’t get the notes, right? The amazing notes, they’re all for me. I get to present the amazing stuff. As usual, we want to talk about our last podcast. The tip from our last podcast was, “Use 301 redirects instead of canonical whenever you can.” And frankly that’s straight from Matt Cutts’ mouth so…   Paul: That’s what’s up.   Chris: That’s pretty powerful.   Paul: The horse himself.   Chris: The horse. I have so many pieces of paper here. I don’t even know where to get started. How about a review? How about a badass review?   Paul: How about a break?   Chris: Two badass reviews.   Paul: That’s what’s up.   Chris: We’ll get to you in a minute Dean because we’ve got our little letter here. Here we go, “The SEO go to guys.” This is by Aaron Thomas. “I’ve been listening to your podcast” — I’m going to read this fast because it’s pretty long —   Paul: That’s what’s up.   Chris: — and it’s worth it. “I’ve been listening to this podcast for a year now. I have dramatically increased my knowledge about SEO, PPC, SMM, IM and SEVO.” Which is, if you guys haven’t been listening don’t know, it’s Search Engine Visitor Optimization. “When I listen to my first episode of this podcast I almost deleted this podcast from my iTunes account.” We get this a lot don’t we?   Paul: You should delete the first podcast.   Chris: Well, I don’t know I think it’s the first podcast he ever listened — like we need to — it’s the Gino time limit, right?   Paul: Okay.   Chris: “Because I didn’t understand their jokes and I was waiting for them to stop laughing and get to the meat.” There is no meat here by the way. “That would have been a loss because two episodes later I found myself laughing out loud at their jokes, and now I look forward to watching their live podcast. Whenever I’m in the office, I never miss listening to the podcast episode. Sometimes I listen to an episode multiple times during the week.”   Paul: That’s what’s up man.   Chris: You know that’s not in our advertising statistics. If you could actually just send us an e-mail every time you listen to one.   Paul: Yeah, everybody.   Chris: No, no, no. Don’t do that, no. “Chris, Paul and Chuck are the real deal and are experts in what they do. Do yourself a favor and listen to them every week. If you run a business, do yourself a bigger favor and hire them.”   Paul: That is what’s up.   Chris: That is yeah. “Aaron Thomas, Your World Productions.” Thank you Aaron Thomas, you’ll get a big punch in the face whenever we see you. It reminds me of that video that — I think it was Darren Booy posted of the punch —   Paul: The slow mo punch. Oh man, that was great.   Chris: The slow mo punch, the high speed cinematography. All right! Let’s do something else. A little bit of news and then we’ll get to the other review. I just don’t want to keep reading. Did anyone hear Frito-Lay set a world — by the way what did the potato chip say to the battery? “I’m Frito-Lay, if you’re Everready.”   Paul: Ah! That’s what’s up.   Chris: They set a Guinness Book — they set a Guinness record. They’re in the Guinness Book of World Records. They got 1.5 million likes and unfortunately in my little note here it doesn’t say in what timeframe, we’ll say 24 hours.   Paul: When did social media likes become a Guinness — a record in the Guinness Book of World Records?   Chris: Yeah, when I grew up I wasn’t waiting for someone to finally fill that one category.   Paul: Yeah, like when did that become — that was my first thought, I mean that’s awesome. That’s very cool but like I said, I like some certain companies that I purchase their products, but there has to be something after that initial offer for me to like it because then, if you’re just — I like quiz notes and they just start talking about their sandwiches like, “I don’t care.”   Chris: Yeah.   Paul:
You give me a dollar off coupon, hey, I’ll continue to like.   Chris: I might even read some of your crap about your sandwiches.   Paul: Exactly, yeah.   Chris: And go back and listen, we’ve got a really good social podcast about you know how to be social and what things you need to include in your social marketing campaign. We had a question on our Facebook page from Gareth Perkin, “What do we think of HTML 5?” Paul, take it away.   Paul: I think that HTML 5 is going to come before HTML 6 and after HTML 4. But I’m still not like — I’m like 90%.   Chris: It may happen some other way.   Paul: Yeah, yeah. You know kind of sort of, not really.   Chris: Let’s be honest, we’re not doing anything with HTML 5. I do know that HTML 5 is supposed to incorporate video and I know some of that is already available. There have been some video sites that have been on that actually say, “Go ahead and use the HTML 5 version.” So I know that’s coming. I think there are some good advantages to it. I think really at least from what I understand the technologies that are behind HTML 5 are actually going to have impact on Flash because there are more dynamic, you can do videos and so if you can do all of that with HTML 5, who needs Flash?   Paul: Who needs Flash?   Chris: You know what that would do? That would actually make the iPhone useful.   Paul: Aha! That’s what’s up. It really would. So this is like a heaven send for Apple.   Chris: For Mr. Jobs.   Paul: Yeah.   Chris: Guy Nimni says that “We needed a video podcast for our iPhone.” And it’s funny, he sent that a week after we filmed our first video podcast. We’re actually starting a new podcast. It is a video podcast and it is our five point analysis for websites that people have sent in and we’ll do those five point analysis and the video would be available. We did the first one. We’re working out some organizational issues if you will, on our podcast so those are coming soon. I have this note because these are notes from last week, Bid Laden is dead.   Paul: Oh! That’s what’s up. For real?   Chris: Julian Assange with WikiLeaks says that Facebook, Google and Yahoo are tools for US intelligence. I feel like they make me smarter.   Paul: Yeah. Well, you know what? I completely agree because about a year, a year and a half ago there was guy who robbed a bank — he did something and he got caught because of his Facebook posts.   Chris: I don’t remember that.   Paul: Idiot. He was like — the kid was like 16-years old. He stole a plane and flew to the Bahamas and I was like —   Chris: And he boasted like —   Paul: Yeah.   Chris: — flying — exiting X airport, just landed in the Bahamas.   Paul: Checked in at Kingston International you know. But it makes sense. It’s a great way to track people. There are actually two cases where guys did something wrong and then popped up on their social media, they got caught because of social media, so I could definitely believe that.   Chris: He says — and I like this quote, “Facebook is the most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented.” You know what? Don’t participate.   Paul: Second to Google.   Chris: Like don’t participate, that’s what I’m thinking. Like if you think Facebook is a spy machine, don’t participate.   Paul: I know several people that refuse to get on social media, but Google is the biggest spy machine ever. Facebook is —   Chris: Yeah. Oh I didn’t add that video of the Google toilet to our Facebook page which just sounds funny and actually it’s hilarious. A little shoutout — I’m sorry, excuse me, a little punch in the face to a couple of new clients. We’ve actually got A Ops and there’s actually CA Edwards. They’re a security consulting firm and that’s like worldwide security consulting firm. They also do training through their A Ops website and we’re working on another website for them and they’ve got a couple of more. We’re excited to be working with them. We actually just nailed down their seal for their new business yesterday, and that was really exciting.   And then Houston Appliance Repair, it’s another appliance company that we’re taking care of here in Houston and they got an appropriate budget and we’re going to knock it out of the park for them, that’s pretty exciting. I’ve got this question but I want to get back to this review because I think this one is actually better than the last one, even though he did say “hire us.”   Paul: That’s what’s up.   Chris: Believe it or not I love these guys.   Paul: What a great way to start.   [Laughter]   Chris: And it gets better.   Paul: Contrary to popular belief.   Chris: “I am probably the most unlikely listener of these guys. I’m a middle-aged grandmother but I do have over 50 websites and I’m always looking for SEO advice.” By the way, 50 websites?   Paul: Wow!   Chris: Wow! Yeah, I visited one. I visited It’s pretty cool! “These boys kind of grew on my after awhile, like a wart.” Literally, that’s what she said. Then she does say, “Just kidding.” “At first I felt like I was listening to my 20 something son joke around with his pals.” We wish we were 20. “But there were al
so some great nuggets in that chatter, not to mention all the latest SEO news. Now, I look forward to listening to them and I’m disappointed when the episode on my iTunes turns out to be a rerun. Keep up the good work boys and please, no punch in the face for me. It would be like hitting your mom.”   Paul: Oh, we won’t.   Chris: That is cool.   Paul: That is very cool.   Chris: That is really cool.   Paul: But we got to delete the first couple of podcast.

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