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Eighty-Eighth Internet Marketing Podcast December 10th 2010. First page of Show Notes

Most popular Internet Marketing Podcast on iTunes

Chris:                          Hi! And welcome to the SEO podcast, the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing podcast.

Paul:                            And SEO, and PPC, and… Yeah!

Chris:                          Dude, I got it. I got it. That was awesome. How are you guys doing this fabulous Friday? It’s 9:15-ish Central Standard Time on a Friday, and we’re doing what we normally do, we’re broadcasting, bringing it to you real live SEO information, live here from the E-webstyle studio conveniently located in the middle of the E-webstyle office.

Paul:                            That’s right everybody. Welcome back and I have a new nickname for the show. Actually, I told Chuck about this.

Chris:                           Uh-oh.

Paul:                            The Greatest Show on Search.

Chris:                           Oh, yeah! I saw that. You posted that on Facebook.

Paul:                            Yeah, I stole that from some football team. Chuck who is that?

Chuck:                         I don’t know.

Paul:                            It was somebody. It was a football team that had a nickname “The Greatest Show on Turf,” like in the early 2000 so I’m going to steal that because no one cares about that team anymore. So, we are now “The Greatest Show on Search.”

Chris:                          The Greatest Show on Search. We are your friendly neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is “Don’t be a douche.”

Paul:                            Yeah. And somebody said “E-webstyle, the A team of SEO” and I stole it and put it on Facebook.

Chris:                          That was good, yeah.

Paul:                            And whoever said that, I was like that’s pretty awesome.

Chris:                          Yeah. We are the A team. I love it when a plan comes together.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Paul:                            He said that on the Facebook page. He goes, “Oh, yeah.”

Chris:                          I love it when an internet marketing plan comes together. That was like so awesome.

Paul:                            It’s hilarious. It’s so narrative but it’s great.


Chris:                          As usual we want to talk a little bit about what we talked on our last podcast. This is podcast number 88. The last podcast, number 87, we talked about a whole lot of things. We have kind of a — what’s the right word for it? A producer, songs existence… I don’t know. That doesn’t work. Darren Booy seems to be our producer. He has given us a great slew of questions that we can ask and answer, and have answered on our podcast, and he provided content last time. He is actually providing a lot of content last time.

Paul:                            Yes, a lot of content.

Chris:                          Darren Booy, thank you!

Paul:                            He had a great question about the canonical — whatever you call it.

Chris:                          Canonical links, yeah. So the tip is “Stay on top of your canonical links,” Google juice good.

Paul:                            Yes, Google juice is good. And he had a couple of questions but go back to podcast 87 and listen to those.

Chris:                          And we also had — that was the one where we presented the review of the guy who was taunting — a dude who gave us the bad review, so you can go check that out. Yes, actually somebody gave us a bad review and not just for our microphone. Hopefully, we have our microphone fixed by now. We are continuing to operate under that assumption. Actually, we may have identified a little hiccup in the process so…

Paul:                            Thanks Dean. And I actually saw Dean’s — I see Dean is podcasting now. I’m going to have to check you out one day but Dean has got like a radio studio setup. So, he has got his million-dollar mic, that’s what it looks like. So, I’m going to check you out one day Dean, but thanks for the help with the audio.

Chris:                          So, there’s one tip from us, as podcaster’s words, “Man, I need to get a good mic.”

Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                          I’ll pay you whatever it takes so I don’t sound like those guys.

Paul:                            Really.

Chris:                          So, we’ve got lots of news. I am excited. There is a nice review that was posted on Facebook. We’ve added a bunch of friends. I printed off a list.

Paul:                            I believe we had 60 friends last week?

Chris:                          No, we got 64.

Paul:                            Cool! That’s what’s up.

Chris:                          Yeah, so it’s pretty exciting. No, I can’t tell you which ones are the new ones.

Paul:                            I was just about to be like —

Chris:                          Maybe you won’t recognize them. We had Eugene PanRudkevich — PanRubkevich and he posted a dauber cartoon, it’s hilarious.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                          It’s like “I’m going to be in charge of social media. Just so you know our company has forbidden Facebook and Twitter. So, go ahead and be in charge of social media.”

Paul:                            Make us successful.


Paul:                            So thanks Eugene — thanks Rudy! Do you mind if I call you Rudy? ‘Cause that’s what I get from your last name.

Chris:                          He also told us that we have a typo on our website and I got that fixed. Thank you very much for that. We love you guys giving us some input.

Paul:                            Hey, thanks for reading.

Chris:                          Yeah, we actually did take some time to write it and it’s good to know that somebody is actually reading it. News, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on. Google Chrome, “Puts your hand in the cloud,” I guess is what their kind of mantra is. What do you think of like an all-cloud computer? Like all-cloud all the time?

Paul:                            I think it is the future. I think it is — you know, I don’t have anything serious on my computer that would be particularly harmful if I gotten someone else’s hands. I would have no problem computing on a cloud. And I think it has been slowed to adapt, but I think in years to come it would be a way that computing gets done. Well, let’s say a long time for now.

Chris:                          Are you really? You’re going to make two predictions in this podcast?

Paul:                            Yeah, I am. Oh, I forgot the first one. Thanks for reminding me.

Chris:                          Yeah.

Paul:                            I dig it. Here’s what I say, I think it will happen a long time from now. In computer years, it’s probably like what? 2012?


Chris:                          Yeah, about a month and a half.

Paul:                            Yeah, but I think it has been — I hear a lot about it and I think people will be slowed to adapt it because it’s foreign and it’s kind of like putting all your information out there on the internet so…

Chris:                          People are little leery about the future.

Paul:                            Yeah, and for that reason I don’t keep my credit card information on my computer. I don’t really keep anything that I could not lose and wouldn’t be upset so…

Chris:                          I think there are a couple of things, bandwidth are still going to be a continuing issue if you want to do like photo manipulation, if you want to do video editing, those kinds of things will kind of prevent you from being in the cloud. And then there are just some general lag times although all sort of internet is getting faster and faster and faster, eventually it’s going to be easier to access something on the internet than it is to get to your hard drive.

Paul:                            I think cloud computing will be much more successful for businesses than personal. I would rather have my own information on my computer. But I could see a lot of businesses going with cloud computing for software, you know, putting your software on the cloud and stuff like that. That’s what I could see.

Chris:                          That’s your prediction?

Paul:                            That’s it.

Chris:                          Then do you want to make another prediction? Is that in there? Is that later or —

Paul:                            Well, yeah, I’ll give it here in a second.

Chris:                          Okay.

Paul:                            I’ll give it here.

Chris:                          So, the kind of next piece of news, WikiLeaks has been like all over the news.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                          I think they arrested the dude who was in charge.

Paul:                            They did arrest the guy but I read why he got arrested [Laughs]. He got arrested on a sex charge.

Chris:                          Oh, wow!

Paul:                            That is completely unrelated to the news that was leaked.

Chris:                          That he was releasing? Well, how did they convict that famous gangster? IRS tax evasion.

Paul:                            Oh, okay. Yes, they got him somehow.

Chris:                          Yeah.

Paul:                            So, he apparently some debaucheries weekends in another country with some women and did, you know —

Chris:                          Under age or something?

Paul:                            No, they were off age but he apparently forced himself on. I don’t know. It sounds really odd to me.

Chris:                          A little suspect.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                          In every regard.

Paul:                            Yeah, so he got arrested. He was in Switzerland I believe which is very — which protects people — protects freedom of speech better than any other country so they got him on a sex-related charge. Now, they extradited him I think to London, and now they’re talking about is there extradition to the US and blah, blah, blah. There’s all kind of suspect but you can Google it. It’s a great story.

Chris:                          It’s interesting that they did some denial service attacks on MasterCard and PayPal.

Paul:                            I did see that.

Chris:                          But when stopped accepting payments for WikiLeaks, I think that’s crazy. Oh, by the way, the dude who they think is the instigator of that is now in jail.

Paul:                            Oh, really?


Chris:                           Surprise! It’s MasterCard and PayPal.

Paul:                            That’s a little crazy.

Chris:                           Yeah. And I thought this was interesting. In ’07 Microsoft made an offer to Facebook. How much do you think that was for?

Paul:                            Well, I don’t know ‘cause — you tell me [Laughs].

Chris:                           Yeah. That’s why. Assume you didn’t know and say —

Paul:                            Here’s what I would say, who offered — and I don’t know, I would say like a billion or something.

Chris:                           Yeah, the details are just coming out. One of the numbers is in there. There’s a “1” and then a “5.”

Paul:                            15 billion dollars.

Chris:                           15 billion dollars!

Paul:                            Wow!

Chris:                           That’s like a — well, we may have some Blank Stare News a little bit later about it.

Paul:                            You know I didn’t know that. That’s a news ‘cause I have no idea that Facebook tried to buy — wait…

Chris:                           Microsoft.

Paul:                            Microsoft tried to Facebook. Wow!

Chris:                           15 billion dollars.

Paul:                            Gosh.

Chris:                           Is that crazy or what?

Paul:                            That is crazy.

Chris:                           Hey, we got a review. This one is from Nathan Bonilla-Warford. It says, “I’m a new fan.” This is right on our Facebook page. And by the way, you can go find our Facebook, You can find our Twitter page, By the way, more people seem to follow us on Twitter than actually they’ve liked us on Facebook.

Paul:                            Really?

Chris:                           I don’t know what that’s about. So, all of you people out there who are listening, just go out and like us on Facebook please. We know there’s about — we get about 2,000 downloads of our podcast per week, so there’s one or two of you out there who has a Facebook account who could actually friend us.


Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           And the way you can do that is just go to, send us an e-mail; there’s so many ways to contact us. I think Darren Booy has literally used every way to contact us but I think he hasn’t called us yet.

Paul:                            Yeah [Laughs].

Chris:                           But that will happen sometime.

Paul:                            We’ll probably get a text message from him in about five.

Chris:                           [Laughs] You can e-mail us at We have a YouTube page with some videos, broken down of our podcasts, I think that is all.

Paul:                            You think that is it?

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            I have — we’re going to answer some listener questions today. Some questions and I —

Chris:                           Wait, wait. I’m not done. I’m not done. So here we go —

Paul:                            Okay, go ahead.

Chris:                           “I’m a new fan. Loving your podcast, making SEO fun is a win in my book.”

Paul:                            That’s what’s up. So, that’s a W. So, E-webstyle 1, everybody else there —

Chris:                           I’m going to call that “five stars.”

Paul:    All right.

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