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Forty-third Internet Marketing Podcast Dec. 18th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Hi. Welcome back — oh, wait. Sorry. I cut you off. Go ahead.

Chris: No, it’s all right — podcast!

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Is that the cue? We didn’t rehearse this.

Paul: I don’t know. I know. Podcast …

Chris: Thirty — 43.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Forty-three. Clearly, we have not rehearsed this well enough and when you’re watching this video, you’ll be highly entertained. Actually, we’re going to — here we are. We are in cub — I don’t know if we’re in cubicle 8 or 38. I don’t know how the rows are organized here but I’m going to open this guy up here so we can get a little space out here. Welcome back. I’m glad to have everybody back.

Paul: Well, you’re probably not watching until the New Year because we told that we weren’t going to have a podcast but we…

Chris: Yeah, a trip…

Paul: … passed.

Chris: … a trip that I had scheduled, got postponed and so I’m still here. We’re like, hey, we got a clean-cut of podcast. Our people need to hear us…

Paul: They just need more.

Chris: The gospel of SEO. You are listening to the most popular podcast, SEO podcast — excuse me — SEO podcast on iTunes. So, thanks for joining us. You’re here because you want to learn how to get your website on the first page of Google or just in general you want to understand how to get any webpage on the first page of Google.

Paul: Yeah, there you go.

Chris: In fact, we’ve got some examples of people who are interested in doing just that.

Paul: That’s right. That’s — and it’s cool. We got some fan mail.

Chris: Fan mail — ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Paul: That’s right. Fan mail. Man, I feel like we’re just — we’re missing something.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I forgot to do something. We got to talk about what?

Chris: Oh, news. Did you get any news?

Paul: No. (laughing)

Chris: All right. Did you get your phone? Do you have your phone?

Paul: I got it somewhere. Oh, I do know of something which is a couple of days old.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: Many of you have already heard this. I forgot to say this on the news last week. It’s a bit of technology news. AOL and Time Warner, big time — I think the biggest merger in history — corporate history — American corporate history is no longer …

Chris: Now, I can have them?

Paul: Yeah, well, it — they were — it’s done. AOL is now split from Time Warner as about a week and a half ago and AOL …

Chris: Yoohoo!

Paul: Yeah, so AOL — here’s why it might have an effect. AOL is trying to reinvent itself as a search — as a company itself but there are — they’re going to go big into — they’re going to invest a lot of money into their search engine.

Chris: Interesting.

Paul: So, that’s going to — I mean, are they going to take over Google? I don’t think they’re quite — I don’t even think they can actually make that claim yet.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Paul: And so, they made some changes but — so, that is definitely some technology news that’s changing and could possibly have an effect on you and your company.

Chris: Interesting. Interesting. We also like to — that’s one of the things we do, the other thing. We like to also cover a little bit about what we covered the last time. And the last time we talked about Google Intelligence. That’s it. All right. But end of story.

P 1: (laughing)

Chris: And not just Google Intelligence which is a new button as of this podcast, last podcast, and in fact it says Intelligence beta. So, that means it’s a new technology that Google has come out with. It’s pretty sophisticated. It’s pretty amazing. We’re really excited. We covered a lot of details. It really allows you to, what we said was flag the anomalies that occur in your traffic and then you can go and investigate them, further understand them, capitalize on them, or reduce them if there are things that you want to reduce like bounce rates or if you want to reduce — oh, I don’t know — lack of traffic. (laughing)

Paul: They — I was there. Who would want to reduce that? (laughing)

Chris: Or reduce bounce rates or lack of time on traffic ’cause that’s one of the — some of the key things that it keeps track of. Like I said, you’re listening because you’re trying to get your website or know how to get websites on the first page of Google. If you’re doing it yourself, great. Keep listening to our podcast. If you ever need our help, send us an email. You can send us an email at We are broadcasting this video live on USTREAM. We do this almost every Friday at 9:15. In fact, our schedule every Friday as of next year at 9:15 Central Standard Time. I don’t — there’s only one Central Standard like in the world. (laughing)

Paul: That’s right. Our time. Central Standard Time is Houston time.

Chris: H town time.

Paul: That’s right. That’s right.

Chris: So, tune in and catch us live or you can catch these videos actually on our USTREAM site. The quickest way to get to our USTREAM page is, that’s the letter U STREAM. You can also stock us on Twitter. Twitter is e-webstyle — no, excuse me. It’s and the last one is Facebook.

Paul: Facebook.

Chris: We’re — we still haven’t done any promotions on Facebook. We will do some promotional on Facebook. So, get signed up. Follow us as a fan in our Facebook pages best and most easily is to found on That’ll pop you immediately to the Facebook page ’cause the URL for Facebook is just outrageous system.

Paul: Yeah, it is. And you get to see pictures of snow ’cause we — you posted a snow there.

Chris: Yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

Paul: We put some — we have some snowman on our cars. They’re pretty cool. You’ll get to see …

Chris: Honestly, the snowman did not come from our freezer.

Paul: Yeah. (laughing)

Chris: Most snowmen in Houston actually do come from the freezer when it’s time to defrost. It actually — and did you hear? It’s going to — it’s supposed to snow ’cause we have a white Christmas here in Houston.

Paul: Oh, man. That sucks.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Paul: Sorry.

Chris: Remember, it’s not like a Detroit-like snow.

Paul: I know. I used to like snow.

Chris: It’s like a — it’s like a little snow.

Paul: My God. Oh, man. I am not cool.

Chris: Didn’t you get excited when it snowed here the other day?

Paul: No. (laughing)

Chris: Really. Oh, man.

Paul: I was like, this sucks, man.

Chris: You like the one …

Paul: I’m the one person that’s like oh, God. It’s snowing.

Chris: Oh, geez. It’s snowing.

Paul: I know. I’m like, I’m going to have to walk in it. We got like a quarter inch of snow.

Chris: Oh, I got a flake on my nose. Damn this weather in Houston. (laughing)

Paul: So, why curse it. That’s cool I guess. I’m serious I’m going to be Scrooge McDuck if they — if it snowed. Scrooge McDuck — where did that come from? Who is Scrooge McDuck?

Chris: That’s the — that’s the uncle of Huey, Dewey …

Paul: DuckTales. Oh, wow. Was it — man.

Chris: I know that ’cause I played that character on — in impromptu stage. (laughing)

Paul: Scrooge McDuck?

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Actually, I think we played Huey and Dewey.

Paul: Huey and Dewey?

Chris: We were locked in Scrooge McDuck’s safe.

Paul: Oh, okay. Is it the money vault?

Chris: Yeah, it was the money vault.

Paul: ‘Cause I remember on the — and this isn’t completed. He would backstroke through those coins.

Chris: Through the cash.

Paul: Oh, yeah. I always wanted to do that. That’s a tangent.

Chris: Until you realize that it doesn’t really — it’s impossible.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Maybe they are made out of plastic little plastic ball.

Paul: Oh, I like chunky cheese.

Chris: Ditch you jump into. I think they came out of coins and then your fantasy would be true.

Paul: That would be cool. We have a suggestion box?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: For what to have in the office?

Chris: Yeah, it — after you put it in there, you hear this eeeeeee….

Paul: It’s called the paper shredder.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: That’s our suggestion box.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Make sure it’s plugged in. Oh, God.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: All right.

Paul: We will talk about SEO at some point. So, you need to walk in there.

Chris: You are watching to get your website on the first page of Google or listening — and/or listening just like these guys. Darren Bewey, we got an email from him. You had a couple of notes here, Paul. You wanted to give them some shout outs to?

Paul: Yes. To Darren Bewey, he — I set him last time but he gave us a couple of questions and John Reynolds, John Reynolds of …

Chris: That’s probably in your…

Paul: … of They both had a question. You want to go with those now?

Chris: Yeah. I was going to go — I’ll start with — with — here we got — who’s it — Bewey, Darren Bewey. You know, he — he requested — I guess he requested an analysis from you. You sent him a long, nice analysis and it was really good and you may — I wanted to bring out two points that you made in it. He was asking — his simple question was, should I put my URL on lots of places? Is there of any value? And he actually pointed out that, you know, whenever you’re doing a Google search often these — the blogs come up that have, you know, places where their websites are listed in the information there.

And Paul gave this really nice response. But one of the things, Paul wanted to make clear and this is absolutely true, if you are going to be using blogs to — for inbound links, remember a couple of things. First off, yes, it does have value in giving you traffic. If there’s any way you can manipulate the system so that you’re in control of the keywords and remember you asked this morning their target words?

Paul: Anchor text.

Chris: Anchor text. The anchor text that’s used to link back to your website, you know, control that and make sure that, you know, if your website is selling plumbing in Houston, make sure that the text that links back to your website is Houston plumber or plumbing in Houston or whatever. You also want to add value to the form ’cause remember that when you’re doing links, it’s not only about search engine optimization. It’s also about the possibility of getting traffic back to your website.

So, as long as you’re getting traffic back to your website, the only way that’s going to happen is if the information you’re providing is valuable, useful to the form, maybe a little unique pulses, you know, make sure that you add value to the form and submit something relevant to your business. In this case, relevant to plumbing would be, you know, 00:09:32 and then link back to your business. So, that’s what Paul said. Now, this was awesome. Darren comes back and he says, Paul, thanks for the in-depth advice. I now understand what you mean when you guys say you’re world-class at what you do. Dude, that’s — that’s — yeah, that’s awesome.

Paul: Darren, you are now my favorite podcast listener.

Chris: Absolutely. He says — and then he had one other question. I’m going to read this. It’s a little bit lengthy. It goes, I’m a little bit confused by Google Analytics. Should you use your brand new profile for each page you have in your website or is it better to set up goals to URL destinations? I have noticed when you add the same tracking code to another page to an existing domain, when you add that, the data is exactly the same. Know what I mean. And frankly, I’m missing something here, Darren. I don’t — I’m not exactly sure what you mean. It sounds like — maybe you haven’t spent enough time on it and here — what I figured I do is just explain how — how we use it.

Of course, we have access to tons of websites Google Analytics. So, when I sign in to Google Analytics, I’ve got a whole slew of accounts. Those are accounts, the first ones that I see. So, we’ve got our customer Texas Orthopedic, that’s one of our accounts. American Precious Metals, that’s one of our accounts. So, all of these accounts and one of those accounts is actually all of the websites — we’re partnered in a couple of different websites. So, all the websites that we use follow and are partnered with are in one account. So, I click that one account and up comes, in that case, — we’re partners with them — e-webstyle, my wife’s website, —, and …

Paul: Paul. (laughing) I’ve never figured that out. That’s cool.

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