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This is a transcript from our 111th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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New Zealand, Australian, US and Canadian SEO
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New Zealand, Australian, US and Canadian SEO

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the SEO Podcast The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck:                         That sound about right. I think you got it right.


Chris:                           Yeah, I nailed it this time. Every now and then that happens. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Chuck:                         I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing director.


Chris:                           We are ready to get started. Unfortunately, Paul had another nephew or niece.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Did you notice —


Chuck:                         I think it was a nephew.


Chris:                           A nephew. He had another nephew today so he will not be joining us. But you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Mark our time so we know how long it’s going to last.


Chuck:                         That’s because of you.


Chris:                           That is —


Chuck:                         Keep downloading, keep listening to him, and keeping shouting us out. We really appreciate it.


Chris:                           We’re getting about 3,500 downloads a week.


Chuck:                         Wow! That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         3,500?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Per week?


Chris:                           Yeah. It’s a good — it’s a good count. Our last two podcasts each had 1,200 downloads of the individual podcasts. So it’s — our listenership is going up. Thank you. You are listening to podcast number 111.


Chuck:                         Wow! 1-1-1. Let’s do something special.


Chris:                           Yeah. Whoo! That’s all you get. The tip from our last podcast, know your target market, understand your target market before you start your SEO campaign.


Chuck:                         Yeah, yeah, definitely.


Chris:                           And by the way, if that wasn’t a tip before, it should have been even before because that’s just pivotal.


Chuck:                         You have to understand who you’re marketing to before you start your marketing.


Chris:                           Absolutely. It’s like when you took your kind of first real English class and either like you have to  understand who you’re writing to, understand your market. Do not forget we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is “Do not be a douche.” And we got two reviews. You haven’t even seen these yet.


Chuck:                         Uh-oh.


Chris:                           This is awesome. But first, a little bit of news. The Google Chrome Book debuted.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Yeah. I was going to ask you what you think but I —


Chuck:                         Well, let me tell you, I’m a little caught up because I’m a big Google fan, a big Android user, right? But my problem —


Chris:                           You’re on Chrome too, right? On the browser?


Chuck:                         And I’m on Chrome browser which is part of my problem with Google, right? How come Android doesn’t have Chrome browser?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Question 1.


Chris:                           Yeah, yeah.


Chuck:                         Question 2: They’re really competing against themselves because Android is an OS, Chrome is an OS. And so once Chrome comes out with a tablet what’s it going to —


Chris:                           Yeah, so how is it all going to blend together, yeah.


Chuck:                         And so I’m like, “What’s up, Google?” You know how that’s going to work and my recommendation is my recommendation to Google, who does that, right?


Chris:                           Since they’re asking.


Chuck:                         Since you’re asking, I would make Android just an operating system — period, with a bigger one to use with laptops, desktops, or whatnot. And then let Chrome simply be a browser.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         That’s what I would do.


Chris:                           Yeah, yeah, because I mean it’s hard to imagine that if Chrome — I mean these Chrome devices, the Chrome Book, if it’s just a browser like literally just a browser which is the impression —


Chuck:                         Well, it’s supposed to be an OS as well, but like — yeah.


Chris:                           So how is it different then — well, you know, the galaxy we have, right? We’ve got all the galaxy tablet. It’s got the Android on it and it can do browsing. So how is it different? And then I can actually put a keyboard on it. I mean — and you got the ViewSonic.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I got the G Tablet running Android. So with the Chrome Book — my concern since it is an OS, is it going to require apps? Can I run Microsoft Office on it?


Chris:                           The most important thing, like the most important thing is can we play Angry Birds on it? Because that’s —


Chuck:                         Android app.


Chris:                           Yeah. Are you telling me you just released a device that we can’t play Angry Birds on? This is like forget it.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Forget it. You know, Wii has a new device coming out, right —


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           — called the Wii U? If you’re hoping that you can play DVDs or blu-ray discs on it, don’t.


Chuck:                         Yeah. I saw a brief commercial about it I think and then my kids, of course, are already asking for it.


Chris:                           I wouldn’t — you know, I wouldn’t mind having one in the house. We have a Wii. We just don’t use it very much. I mean every now and then you bust it out and you play 100 games of bowling and then you put it away and it starts collecting dust. Then you pull it out again and you try and find batteries because the batteries have been there rotting the whole time. So last thing, I saw this — it’s as news and it turned out to be probably a little bit of information that we’ll be covering today and that’s Google is testing click counts on page search. So they’ve actually added — remember the old page counter, click counter, or whatever?


Chuck:                         The hit counter.


Chris:                           Hit counter, yeah. So they’ve added that to some of their page search. We’re going to talk about that a little bit later. Before we get into that, we got reviews somewhere in here in all of my notes. Actually, let’s talk about this first. We spoke a little bit about Gareth Perkin’s question and he was talking about, “If wanted to place well in New Zealand or Australia or the US and Canada,” he came back to us and he gave us some — we asked for some kind of background information, and he gave us back information like — I like some of this so we’ll get our little geography lesson.


New Zealand and Australia have a similar relationship as America and Canada. New Zealand is about 4.3 million people. Australia has 23 million people. And he said we made a good point about the spelling differences and more importantly in this case it turns out the empirical versus metric unit. So that’s like the inches and feet versus meters and pounds or meters and kilos, yeah. The site makes men’s big size site. So that would be like a big and tall site in American terms. They’ve been e-commerce site —


Chuck:                         What do you mean by that?


Chris:                           Well, I think they call it — I think they may call it men big — men’s big size site, right?


Chuck:                         Big size site, yeah.


Chris:                           And here we call it big and tall.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           The site has been up for 11 to 12 years. It’s in the New Zealand market. It’s ranking really well. They’ve got one database so it’s going to have to all tie together. He thinks that the product names need to be the same because of the system. We could recode that system or you want to consider recoding that system because I think you may want different names if you’re going to target different areas. You may want the same name but you’re going have to have different content. If we do a good quick search, you guys show up well, they show up well in New Zealand, Australia will be a little bit harder, and their goal is US, to hit the US market, of course. Isn’t that everyone’s goal.


Chuck:                         Yeah. Some in money — money in them hills.


Chris:                           He also says we —


Chuck:                         Gold in them thar hills.


Chris:                           There’s gold in them thar hills — that New Zealand has In Australia it’s So I’m really thinking I’d be seriously considering new sites and those new sites can tie into the same database. That shouldn’t be a problem and apparently the rugby world cup is about to begin there in Auckland. So whoo-hoo! You watch it every Wednesday.


Chuck:                         I watched it on the 33rd of Nevuary.


Chris:                           Nevuary. Is that one click past the star and turn to the right at the moon?


Chuck:                         Uh-hmm.


Chris:                           All right. So we’ve got Marco Ramos. He sent in some feedback and a question. “Hey, guys, keep up the great work. I currently listen to your podcasts and learn most of my SEO skills from you guys. Thank you so much. Just a minor question, I know you guys are big on CMS, but I was wondering if you guys know anything about Prestashop. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.”


Chuck:                         Sorry, Marcos — Marcos, right?


Chris:                           Yep, Marco.


Chuck:                         Marco. We appreciate you listening. I’m hoping that you’re learning something and I don’t know anything Prestashop. My first time ever hearing of it. But tune in next week. I’ll get you some info. I’ll look it up.


Chris:                           I did do a quick search and so there’s a couple of things that I look for. One of them is it’s pretty popular like its Alexa ranking for Prestashop is in the thousands so it is pretty popular. I went directly to the forum and looked at when the most recent posts in the forum were because you want an active community. They were recent, within minutes, within hours for a lot of the subjects that were there.


Chuck:                         Okay.


Chris:                           And what was the other thing? I also — we have kind of a network that we use to find people who are skilled in certain areas and, for instance, we had somebody the other day who’s using a CMS called Concrete5 and I threw —


Chuck:                         Ooh!


Chris:                           Yeah. Bad. I threw Concrete5 into that network and I got zero responses. That means that there’s kind of a zero freelancers at least on that particular network who work with Concrete5. There were a lot for Prestashop. So far we can say that we see no reason not to use it other than WordPress is better.


Chuck:                         Yeah, yeah. That was e-commerce Cart66. We can’t go wrong with those.


Chris:                           We’ve been getting deep into those and they’re working really well for us. All right. We got two reviews on iTunes. So this is what we love. You go out onto iTunes. You create an account and one of them is going to excuse the link of this startup part of our podcast. I love it. So go to iTunes, create an account, submit a review, and then hit us up actually on Facebook,,, We’re doing another podcast which is — do you want to do a shout out?


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Okay. We are doing another podcast which is a video podcast. It’s our website analysis podcast. It’s available on USTREAM right now and all you need to do is go to our website, On every page there’s a form on the right where you can fill it out for a free website analysis. If you’re one of the lucky chosen few, we’ll do a video analysis of your website and you’ll have that and that will go into our podcast and we’re getting a lot of really good feedback from that so…


Chuck:                         Yeah, we’re getting a lot of good feedback. It’s great information. And we would do it screen to screen so you can actually see what we’re talking about very in-depth. We’ll talk about your site. It’s more than just SEO. It’s kind of SEVO as well because we’ll talk about what can help the site convert. And more importantly, you can access it and watch it, show it to your partner, show it your salespeople, or whoever you need to do or more important to contact us and we can implement those changes for you.


Chris:                           Yeah. And we’re finding that we’ll do those website analyses and then the people who requested them will come back to us and ask us more questions and get started with the campaign. So here it is. Title: Awesome in Double Time. So this is from Podcast Brainstormer. This is on June 13th. “Chris, Paul, and sometimes Chuck are hilarious together.” I don’t know if that means you’re sometimes hilarious or — I don’t know. “And make this a great resource for those trying to DIY their SEO,” do it yourself if you guys are playing on.


Chuck:                         That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           “As well as those who have no idea where to begin. Thank you also for not being pompous stuck-up rock stars.” I’m sorry. “Thank you again for not being pompous stuck-up rock stars.” Did I repeat that?


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           That just felt good. “That you want to punch in the face.” So apparently, some people want to — but remember, a punch in the face is cool so you don’t want to punch him in the face.


Chuck:                         Yeah, yeah, that is cool but I — go ahead.


Chris:                           Yeah. Or have commercials for 10 out of 30 minutes. I think that buys you as much goof off time at the beginning of the show as you want. Recently, we’ve had some reviews complaining about how much of our initial time is — I don’t know — fluff or whatever.


Chuck:                         Yeah, BS and, you know.

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