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Fifty-seven SEO Podcast April 23th 2010.Second  page of Transcription

Chris:If you just go in and type “lawyer,” at least in the Houston area, it’ll actually be the equivalent of typing lawyer of Houston and give you local results.

Paul:And it’s expanded.I just probably saw it on five different categories I searched yesterday, the little yellow highlight on Google Local.I was like, “Wow, they’re really selling this stuff.”

Chris:Yeah.So, here’s an example.Say you’re in the Bay Area – I haven’t been to the Bay area, it’s one of those trips I’m looking forward to, and you type in “Bart” right?If you type in “Bart” at least in this office, you’re looking at Bart Simpson.If you type in “Bart” in the Bay Area, apparently you would be looking for the Bay Area Rapid Transit System.

Paul:The train system?

Chris:So if you’re in the Bay Area, that’s what comes up in the results.

Paul:It’s cool.

Chris:If you’re from somewhere else, nothing else.If you’re in the Miami area and you type in “dolphin,” the football team comes up, you know, as one of the results in the search.If you’re anywhere else, up comes you know…

Paul:A dolphin?


Paul:Like a flipper?

Chris:The non-tuna fish.


Chris:I mean everyone’s like, “Save the dolphin.”What about the damn tunas?They’re cool.We can slaughter tens of thousands of tunas, but let’s not kill one dolphin.

Paul:As soon as the dolphin started tasting good then hey…

Chris:So, you’re saying you’ve tasted them and they’re not that good?

Paul:[Laughs].I walked right into that one.[laughs]As soon as they can put a dolphin in a sushi roll then hey it’s done.

Chris:What country do we need to go to, to try that?‘Cause you know…

Paul:Somewhere. Somebody’s eating some dolphins somewhere.

Chris:Game or whatever, just ‘cause it’s a mammal.Hello, we eat cows.

Paul:Thank you.

Chris:Aren’t they mammals?

Paul:Tasty and delicious.

Chris:Oh, so if the cows could swim, then we would want to save them and not eat them?

Paul:No, if they could do tricks like…

Chris:Oh, yeah, that’s true.And that is sad.Let’s be honest, that little squeaky noise that…


Chris:…they make when they’re farting out of their air hole.

Paul:That’s annoying.

Chris:Okay, it’s annoying.

Paul:They’ve got to stop that.

Chris:[Laughs]Dolphins got to die.That’s new.We’ve got the dis website and the dolphins got to die.So, Google also did some spelling enhancements. You know, eventually our society will not be able to spell…

Paul:At all.

Chris:… at all.


Chris:Just like you know I was thinking – I always say the other day and this was actually probably about eight years ago.So, the other day I was thinking about how as you’re typing in on Word, it’s making like automatic adjustments and that is actually going to affect the English language.


Chris:So, if it’s a there or their that Google let’s slide and even though you’re using it wrong, well let’s put it this way.A bug in the grammar checker, fix-her-up software in Microsoft could actually result in a significant change in the English language, in written English…

Paul:That’s true.

Chris:It’s crazy.

Paul:And even browsers do your spell check now.

Chris:Well, so what they’re doing now is they’re taking it to the next level.It does some probability analysis and it says, “Okay, we know you probably misspelled this ‘cause 90% of the people who type this then clicked did you mean this?” So, now that we’re at 90%, screw it, we’re just going to show it to you, you know?

Paul:They’re correcting your grammar for you, like don’t even tell you it’s a problem.

Chris:Yeah, don’t even give you the option.


Chris:There you go.That’s what they’re doing.So, you know that’s probably pretty good.You know, it’s probably not good for society in general. It’s probably great for Google specifically.


Chris:It’s a great way to provide great results.In my searching, I came across – I’d like to give out some good resources.They’re good resources, SEO News, very cool.There’s actually a do’s and don’ts section in SEO News.

Paul:Let’s check that out.

Chris:It’s saw a little article on Link Wheels, which was pretty cool.I saw – I can’t even read my writing, I think that’s why I printed this out – some on-page tips.So if we have time, we may even cover on page tips.And we’re doing pretty good, we might get there.Dude…

Paul:What’s that? Oh…

Chris:These were probably up awhile right?


Chris:Jaya in fact probably last podcast…


Chris:Jaya, Jiya.Probably, last podcast they were already up, but I didn’t realize that iTunes had multiple pages of reviews.See, you actually have to click…

Paul:I didn’t either.

Chris:…to next button to see the next reviews.

Paul:To go to the next page?Okay.

Chris:And look at that.For those of you watching, there are two reviews on there, right?So, we got two new reviews, one on the 14th, one the 20th and you got to love Jaya ‘cause really he’s just…

Paul:To the point.

Chris:He’s just to the point.

Paul:To the point.[Laughs]

Chris:The title is, “Not boring.”


Paul:I love it.You know what?If I’m looking for a podcast I’m like, “Okay it’s not boring.All right, that’s worth it.That’s worth it.All right. Give it a shot.”

Chris:Which you know the rest that he does have, says some good stuff but I mean it looked me to like, “Absolutely no information and not boring.”


Chris:“You should download this podcast.”We are not like that.We are constantly giving great information.Yeah, it’s great.It says, “This podcast is actually fun to listen to.The hosts, Paul and Chris, make SEO a joy to listen to.Keep up the great work.”Thank you very much Jaya.“My only complaint” ‑ and this is in his list of homework stuff – “was the microphone.”I think we have that fixed.If we don’t, let me know…

Paul:And Jaya if this podcast sucks on audio, holler at us again.

Chris:Yeah, please.Let us know.He says, “Even with the bad mic” ‑ now this is saying something – “it is still a five-star podcast.”

Paul:Wow!That’s very cool.Thanks.

Chris:That’s it.What is that?

Paul:Five star.

Chris:That’s what’s up.

Paul:Oh, that is what’s up, Jaya.

Chris:Jaya actually quoted Paul his “that’s what’s up” in an email he sent us so that’s…

Paul:Man, I would use that.I would send that to my grandmother and be like, what’s up grandma?

Chris:What’s up grandma?

Paul:And she’s 90.

Chris:She’s like what?

Paul:Yeah, exactly.

Chris:What’s up?

Paul:Like what?That’s okay grandma.You know you…

Chris:The other one is, “Great information and easy style.This is why I am learning.”That’s cool.I like that.

Paul:That’s very cool.

Chris:“I like the casual format and breadth of information, easy to learn very important things from your podcast.”

Paul:Thanks.That’s very cool.

Chris:You know that is awesome.We really appreciate you guys.You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes that is because you are listening to the most popular…


Chris:That’s circular, right?

Paul:Yeah.Why are you listening this because this is the most popular one.

Chris:Why is it?‘Cause you’re listening to this.This is awesome.All right.What else have you got?You’ve got anything more?

Paul:Some more Google news.

Chris:All right.

Paul:This is kind of news, but it’s also like changes that Google’s making that will affect your SEO, your website, your ranking things like that. A couple of things…

Chris:Oh, wait hold on…


Chris:I’ve got to make sure that Darren – I’m drinking coffee and Coke at the same time.

Paul:[Laughs]Page speed, how quickly your page – we’ll actually he’s drinking both at the same time.Okay.

Chris:Coke really mixes with the coffee.

Paul:Just caffeined up.Page speed, Google is now incorporating into its algorithm your page speed, which is basically how – the actual description is how quickly pages react to each other, how quickly they pull information.Which I translate into being, how quickly your pages load.

Chris:Yup.Yes, absolutely.

Paul:Yeah.The crazy…


Paul:Go ahead.

Chris:You know and that makes perfect sense with one of the kind of mantras that we’ve been saying which is, “Your job as an SEO is to provide a good experience to the Google user.”

Paul:To the user.

Chris:So, even if you’ve got the most amazing information, great pictures, great links and everything, and it takes a minute for your page to load, you’re not providing a good…

Paul:And they’re going to bounce.I mean everybody knows that by now.So if your pages, your images are too big or your files are too large or whatever, your site just sucks maybe, people are going to bounce.So, Google is now taking in your page speed into its algorithm.Now, this is not as important as the relevance of the page. And I’ve read that on an article, actually at the Google Webmaster Central blog and it was at the bottom.It says, this is not as important as the relevance, but it is still important, which kind of goes back to what we keep saying all the time, “Content is still king.”So, you should take this into account; however, I wouldn’t say spend hours and hours and hours on it.You’ve got to spend hours and hours on your content, putting relevant content for the user.It’s the…


Paul:There you go.That provides something for the user experience.

Chris:You know one point about that is there are really only two kind of main things that would typically slow down the loading of your webpage.The first one is just that you’ve got a server that’s really slow and not serving information very quickly, which is what a slow server is, and that would be a problem.The other is if you have images that are coming up or flash components or whatever that are really large in size, memory usage, then those can also take a lot of time.So, you know, those are the things you can cut back.Some of the most effective websites are just really simple text. And, you know, there’s this trend, well not even a trend, everyone’s moving or has moved to Cascade Style Sheets, CS Sheets, well CSS’s and the reason is because you can actually have that information that quickly Google can get to and check out the time of your website.Now, that’s an interesting point ‘cause as Google is looking at it from a text perspective, it doesn’t need to download the images.So, they must have changed their…


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