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This is a transcript from our 135th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Panda Data Refresh

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Yes.

Charles: You did get it right.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis, Internet Marketing Specialist.

Chris: Thank you guys for tuning in to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you.

Charles: You.

Chris: And you, and you commenting over there. No heckling today. As always, we have a tip from our last podcast. That was a hard one to do because really we just kind of went over RAN, the fish skin’s predictions, so our tip is test and follow RAN’S predictions by following the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. That’s us.

Charles: And we’re supposed to tweeting it. Somebody told us we need to tweet our tips.

Chris: Oh, that’s a good idea. It may have been – may have been Aaron.

Charles: I don’t think AT did it. It was – I forgot.

Chris: Somebody out in Twitter?

Charles: Twitted. Yes.

Chris: Aaron, punched on the face. We had a conversation – this has been a long week, sometime in the last 10 days. It was a good conversation we talked about Teleprompters New York, gave them some ideas kind of shifted over to his production company in New Jersey, New York area, also serving Philadelphia and great conversation. Hopefully we can get you on board.

Charles: Oh, last Friday.

Chris: And punch on the face for you because you are always an avid listener and follower. Hey, do not forget we are your friendly, local neighborhood top-positioned snatchers where our mantra is?

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Do not be a douche. Well that’s a good one too. Neither or is kind of bad.

Charles: I know.

Chris: One smellier than the other. Right now you should tweet if you’re near device. This is for you Aaron, you should be tweeting right now and you should be tweeting hashtag.

Charles: Hashtag SEO Podcast 135.

Chris: Dude, I got that right?

Charles: Good. You got that right.

Chris: And you can actually read my handwriting.

Charles: Man, your handwriting is so bad. And it’s a whole another podcast just as long his hand writes, how his handwriting hurts you, is he? Hashtag SEO Podcast 135, tag us at E-Webstyle and let us know you’re watching it, tell us what you think and, you know, if you got a site or something like that, include that we’ll check it out.

Chris: And there are – there are myriad of ways you can actually follow us, contact us, talk us, e –…

Charles: ……

Chris: … …

Charles: …ewebstyle…

Chris: … …

Charles: …ewebstyle…

Chris: …podcast@…


Charles: …

Chris: That’s – and that is of course our e-mail address. Feel free to send, we got lots of good questions. Did you see the new tear tattoo?

Charles: Oh new tear. Yes, new tear.

Chris: I’ll tell you what, there’s actually something that accommodates that we do have some – we have some reviews that on our Google Places page – Google Places.

And this one is a – these guys provide very knowledgeable and up to date information. Thank you all for the help. This is a force from Robert. The next one is from Aid. These chaps claim to have the most popular SEO podcast on the planet.

With good reasons, these podcast are most informative. I wish I had listened to them as they were broadcast originally. I would have – I would have learned from them then by the time I caught up within SEO had moved on.

Yes, there’s a certain style to this podcast blah, blah, blah, we’re going to go on this. He – he actually has – just like we have blue one on widgets.. He’s got peep – bride people with cake and his website are come up. Listen and talk to them about SEVO, not the summer to the chaps at copy blogger. This is a long one.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: We’re done.

Charles: Punching the face, what was his name?

Chris: That was Aid – it was Robert and Aid. Oh, and then on our Google Places there is one more by Mo and it’s titled “Worst Service Ever, No Comment.”

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Thanks – thanks, Mo. Why don’t you getting contact and we’re going to actually address whatever pseudo concerns you have.

Little notes that I have about news. We’ve – I was re-marketed too on Ustream. So as I was researching our last podcast, listening to our last podcast, trying to figure out what our tip was going to be for our last podcast because normally we do it immediately after a podcast. Last podcast we forgot and I can’t even find my notes. So, that’s just – that just how that goes.

Charles: His handwriting is hide from…

Chris: Don’t make me worst. So – so, I’m looking on Ustream, listening to our last podcast and there we are re-marketed to Goose Creek Candle Valentines Sale.

Charles: Yes, punch on the face the Goose Creek Candle they – plan of ours doing about a re-marketing, not a good thing is going on, destiny candles in the country right now.

Chris: The next thing I noticed just because as I was doing research this morning, flash it’s crashing a lot. I don’t – are you bumping into that or – I have like a hundred windows open all the time.


Charles: There’s question on you in Firefox.

Chris: In Firefox, yes.

Charles: I’ve been, I’ve been Chroming daily.

Chris: Okay. So maybe – maybe it’s a…

Charles: Well I’m still using both but I haven’t – I haven’t been accessing any flash component websites in Firefox.

Chris: You know, Gmail has flash – some flash in it.

Charles: That’s pretty good.

Chris: It does have some flashing it. So – so you have – if – because I know you’re on Gmail all the time. What’s interesting is I was going to make a podcast – a point in the podcast that, you know, “Hey here’s Steve Jobs. This is the reason that he didn’t want to have a flash on his devices. Ironically, I opened iTunes and it crashed. So I won’t be making that comment.

Charles: Wow.

Chris: There was a Panda data refresh today and I read through some of the details. What I found – found was really interesting is Google actually won’t do algorithm updates in the holidays. Like they readily say, “We’re not going to make major changes during the holidays,” right? Because if you’re going to build up into a particular place and then you – they slash you, it kind of admits our algorithm updates aren’t perfect.

Charles: Yes.

Chris: Right? And so we’re not going to do them at a critical time for a business because, you know, it could do way too much damage to a business.

Charles: Well, thank you, Google.

Chris: Yeah. We – we appreciate that. Also Gmail – it has been a little buggy. Gmail has been crashing on me. And like – maybe it’s a Firefox thing, maybe it’s a Gmail thing, maybe – I don’t know. It’s a little frustrating.

Charles: Google has been crashing on me. Well, I won’t say crashing but when we had the storm and we had the outage here…

Chris: Right.

Charles: …when the Internet did come back up, I can’t access every site but Google.

Chris: Oh, that happened before, right?

Charles: Yeah, and then – they did in the mission that came up. So, I don’t know if it’s an issue with my PC or what.

Chris: Well, a router barfed on us too, so we had to switch our router.

Charles: Router barf. We have to muffle it.

Chris: Router barf.

Charles: This is what we did on either router barfed.

Chris: That’s good. Alright, so we actually have content for today.

Charles: Yeah, yeah. This is an article called SEO Short Cheat Sheets. It’s a pretty good cheat sheets. Of course, I’ve, you know, read through all often before we decided to present it to you guys.

Chris: You cheated? You cheated about the cheat sheets?

Charles: Well, you know, make sure it was – make sure I agree or even disagree but at least make sure it wasn’t also, well, ridiculous. And it’s actually pretty good. It has some Cheat Sheets. Basically, some other things basics you should be doing if you’re running an SEO campaign.

Chris: And so this is – this is by [00:07:53] [Phonetic] [Max Manfire].

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: That’s going to be a pin name.

Charles: Probably so, hopefully so.

Chris: His dad opened OfficeMax.

Charles: And his on fire.

Chris: And a gas station.

Charles: Number one was Keyword Basics and they both going to say that the most important thing with keywords for your website is that you begin the process with proper research and that’s definitely true. Like one should make sure that the keywords they’re targeting especially for SEO are the right phrases. The last thing you want to do is optimize the site for the wrong phrases.

Chris: For the wrong phrases.

Charles: Yeah. You know, phrases that bring unqualified traffic or other search that often or frankly just don’t fit.

Chris: We we’re visiting with the – with our client at Delta Auto Glass last night.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And punch on the face to them, their campaign – well, punch on the face to us…

Charles: Yeah.

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