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This is a transcript from our 147th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Use Pay Per Click Results to Guide Your SEO Efforts

Chris Burres:               Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.  [text1]

Charles Lewis:                         It’s right. It’s right —

Chris Burres:               That is right.

Charles Lewis:                         … if you think about.

Chris Burres:               Yeah, the camera looks really close today. Does it mean you’re in to —

Charles Lewis:                         I think we just missed the week.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         So —

Chris Burres:               Just looks a lot closer.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles Lewis:                         And I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris Burres:               You guys are listening to the most popular SEO/internet marketing/all of things web and interesting podcast on iTunes.

Charles Lewis:                         Web and interesting.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] As usual we start with a tip from our previous podcast, by the way this is podcast number 147. The tip from the previous podcast is use PPC and SEO when your budget and time permits.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, yeah. Do both of them if you can because you want to do is first of use PPC in order to gauge how much competition there is, which keywords are working the best, which one you should spend most time optimizing for then once you get that data, starts your SEO plan using that data to make sure your SEO campaign is running as best as it can.

Chris Burres:               Did you just give away all our secrets?

Charles Lewis:                         No, not.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. But —

Charles Lewis:                         But if it win, it win [0:01:19] [Phonetic].

Chris Burres:               So — [Laughter] No. No, that wasn’t all of them. [Laughter] Do remember we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is…

Charles Lewis:                         [Singing] “Don’t be a douche”

Chris Burres:               Dude, that’s good. Congrats. It’s hard to —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, you got to get to harmonize?


Chris Burres:               Oh, yeah. That was good. And if you guys are in sort of in front of any sort of electric device that allows you to tweet, Facebook, G+ or something throw or something out on to the web, go ahead and do that now.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               And they should —

Charles Lewis:                         And you should do — let me take and see this.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             SEO podcast 147, hash tag SEO Podcast 147. Tag us @ewebstyle that way we would know you did it. We’ll give you a couple of punches in the face and appreciate it.

Chris Burres:               Cool. Very good. All right. Let’s jump in to — we do have some reviews. You know what? I’m going to start off with a bad one.

Charles Lewis:             Well, yeah. I knew — I knew that we had reviews because you weren’t tied it up this morning.

Chris Burres:               Yeah, yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         One more then we test.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             But I saw the tech gone [0:02:23] [Phonetic]. So tech gone [0:02:25] [Phonetic] but no new test. They —

Chris Burres:               We can do that with an actual tear right next to the tech gone [0:02:29] [Phonetic] [Laughter]. This first — first review reads, “Poor quality” this by Tyson Downs [0:02:36] [Phonetic]. “A higher quality audio equipment is needed to be able to listen to this. I can’t hardly understand what it said especially from the second guy that introduces himself.” So Charles the —

Charles Lewis:                         The second guy.

Chris Burres:               Hold on. Charles the SEO rapper [Laughter] is now being relegated to the “second guy that introduces himself”. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         The second guy.

Chris Burres:               See? The tear was actually yours. [Laughter] And I do want to go back because we had a review last time. We had a negative review. We went back, we addressed it. And check out the update. This is now great guys, great podcast, still by HJK Banker. I do owe him a sheet of paper with a review. And he says, “These guys are great on the podcast and even better in person. Chris is a magician. He can turn one ninja star into five ninja stars. Thanks, guys.” Wah!

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               I can do that.

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               You like that pose? [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         You almost startle me. This is — [Laughter] Just a little bit. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Oh, my God. He’s got stars. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah. [Laughter] Just a little bit.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] And he’s flailing like they might be flying somewhere.

Charles Lewis:                         Yes, yeah.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, they got with the stars and with yeah [0:03:57] [Phonetic].

Chris Burres:               All right. And the next one is the Chuck Norris of SEO Podcast.

Charles Lewis:                         And I’m also tired of Chuck Norris. Go ahead.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] This is by Frustrated and Fat. This was on May 3rd. [Laughter] “It took three or four podcasts before I realized that the banter really is a benefit to the podcast. Getting SEO right is more about web philosophy than website coding. The coding is just the tool to present that philosophy to people and bots alike. Give these guys a listen and notice how much you’re thinking about the point of your website. Huge punch in the face Chuck Norris style.” Wah! [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, appreciate it. Appreciate it, man. This — that’s five stars too?

Chris Burres:               Yeah, that’s five stars.

Charles Lewis:             See, the reason I hate Chuck Norris because my Twitter name it was @chuck. And so…

Chris Burres:               Everyone just assumed. Yeah, @chuck.

Charles Lewis:             I mean — Chuck Norris junks. I’ve read everyone possible because they all come to me. So yeah, quote this word.

Chris Burres:               Any of them funny worth in mentioning?

Charles Lewis:                         Some of them are and most of them are just stupid but, you know.

Chris Burres:               Stereotypical Chuck Norris jokes.


Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               All right. Here we go. Our last podcast — last review, “I punched myself in the face…” title of the podcast, “… for not finding you guys earlier.” The beginning of the podcast. This is by of the review. I keep saying podcast when I mean review. I just we’re — we’re just one review. That’s all we do. It’s Ginseng [0:05:22] [Phonetic] Geek. And it says, “For not finding you guys earlier, just found you all tonight, yo. Download all year’s worth. Love the live no BS style. Keep it up.”

Charles Lewis:             Cool. They look with that. You downloaded the last stuff. [Laughter] If you do that —

Chris Burres:               That’s a —

Charles Lewis:                         100, this is 147. So —

Chris Burres:               That’s a lot of content.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, that’s a lot of content.

Chris Burres:               And then I’ve got this e-mail and — and actually it’s from I can’t remember his name. I have at the top of my head. Go on to our Facebook. He actually won our contest, our most recent caption —

Charles Lewis:                         Oh, Bill?

Chris Burres:               Bill. There you go. Thank you. Just totally went blank there.

Charles Lewis:                         Matrix White Room.

Chris Burres:               Yeah, that’s it.

Charles Lewis:                         As I call it.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. [Laughter] I know how to get there. I know the path. I know how to take the pill. I’m just not there. And he sent us an e-mail because I sent him an e-mail. Hey, great job on the caption. We’re going to get a —

Charles Lewis:                         A gift card.

Chris Burres:               A gift card over to you. Yeah, just one white room after the next, doesn’t it? [Laughter] It’s at Amazon, okay? And Neil Roback [0:06:23] [Phonetic] has said, “Hey, Chris. Hope you had a great time on vacation?” By the way, I did the Great Northwest. Unseen beautiful views, everything was awesome. “Are you guys on tomorrow?” Here we are. [Laughter] He’s on an early morning part. No [0:06:37] [Phonetic], we’re back in time. “Are you guys going to be talking about Penguin nasty stuff this week?”

Charles Lewis:             Of course.

Chris Burres:               Of course. “Hopefully, you didn’t get hit too hard.”

Charles Lewis:                         Nope.

Chris Burres:               Of course. “I have a WP site I’ve been struggling with limited budget. If you guys can help to be running PPC?” We’ll talk to you about that. Let me know if we can help. And he goes, “Can you do a Starbucks card? Who is the Amazon chic you keep talking about” [Laughter] I don’t know. I just thought.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. I like it – I like it when we get to interact with people who actually watch our podcast. That’s really —

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Chris Burres:               That’s pretty cool.

Charles Lewis:             Starbucks card shouldn’t be a problem and I don’t — I’m not aware of any Amazon chic we talked about.

Chris Burres:               No, no.

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Because — because I would have remember that. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               I forget. I have lots of white room. As soon as you bring up the subject Amazon chic, I’m —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               … home, I’m present. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               And I’m always not there for that. Oh, I’m not done. I have a little bit of news.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, a little bit of news.

Chris Burres:               We’re going to be exceeding the Gino timer so let me blow through this anything really important. Another is interesting Wal-Mart dropped the iPhone price at select stores for — a whole $74, the iPhone price. That’s just the power of Wal-Mart.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Be careful if you’re getting bad with them. Lucky won a government contract for security. It’s a 400 — they said a couple of million dollar contract. It’s not a couple of million. It’s $454 million and it’s for — for internet security and basically, electronic security system, security. Interesting because they were majorly hacked in the news —

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               … about three or four months ago.

Charles Lewis:                         Wow.

Chris Burres:               Interesting. Here’s — I thought it’s interesting. The Google not provided search term, right?

Charles Lewis:                         Uh huh.

Chris Burres:               So when you’re logged in to your Gmail account and you do a search, Google is no longer allowing the search —

Charles Lewis:                         Keyword, keywords.

Chris Burres:               … they were —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               … data to be put on to any Analytics. So it’s not being passed on to your server, your server meaning the server that’s hosting your website. It says it’s affecting more than just SEO sites.

Charles Lewis:                         Yes, there’s a publisher is affecting —

Chris Burres:               So — the quote here is “The conventional wisdom has been that it’s a problem that mostly affects SEO and search-related industries.” And they go on to say those quote unquote — they’re going to say because those are the type of people are logged in to a Google account at a minimum they’re logged in to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools but I never — that was never my conventional wisdom.

Charles Lewis:             Well, I think — I think because I read the same article and I believe what the message he was conveying that it’ll fix — when he says SEOers I think he’s referring to the people who care [Laughter] about those keywords not necessarily the industry itself because —

Chris Burres:               Well, he meant — what he meant was the industry because people in the industry are inherently logged in to a Google account.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               And I kind of see that. I just never thought that that was going to be the only people who would be impacted because I mean when we get new client, some of the time, we’re putting them on to Gmail than Google Apps.

Charles Lewis:                         We put everybody on that. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah, exactly. So — [Laughter] or try to.

Charles Lewis:                         Uh huh, yeah.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] So, if we’re doing that, there’s lots of other people who are doing that, there’s lots of people who are doing it on their own. So now, it’s no longer just SEOers who are inherently logged in to — I think it impacts more people in the SEO industry but I don’t — I don’t in no way that I think — I didn’t think it was conventional wisdom that SEO and the SEO industry was the only one who were going to get affected by this.


Charles Lewis:             Yeah, then — and then I think getting from a – from a mobile perspective, right, with the —

Chris Burres:               Oh yeah.

Charles Lewis:             … with the tremendous growth of Android phones and mobile 13. So it’s not just the fact that you need the Gmail account to had a full effectiveness of your Android device —

Chris Burres:               Android, right.

Charles Lewis:             … but if you’re — if the Gmail account is your primary account on Android phone and you’re searching mobile [0:10:31] [Phonetic] then that count as a doesn’t know —

Chris Burres:               I’m just wondering about that.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, that count as a —

Chris Burres:               Wow.

Charles Lewis:             … logged in search. And so that’s why the original number that cuts put out usually is going to fit like 3% of our searches numbers actually closer to 35 or 40%.

Chris Burres:               Right.

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