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This is a transcript from our 114th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Pay Per Click PPC Houston

Chris:                          Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck:                         SEO — did you say SEO at that time?

Chris:                          Yeah, SEO Podcast and PPC Houston.

Chuck:                         Okay.

Chris:                          Right there in the beginning.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                          Get it out of the way first. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck:                         I am Charles Lewis, your internet marketing director.

Chris:                          You are watching, listening to, following, a fan of, thrilled by the most

popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. That is us and that is because of you. We appreciate you guys listening, watching, tuning in. As always we wanna      talk a little bit — actually we kind of streamlined our process so we’ve got       one tip from our last podcast. By the way, this is Podcast 114 so I will —

Chuck:             114?


Chris:   114 — so I will not read off of the sheet of Podcast 114. We don’t even       have a tip for Podcast 114.


Chuck:             Oh, we don’t?


Chris:   We make that up. We do have a tip from Podcast 113. Go back and listen             to this. “Figure out your highest percent closing keywords and make sure     that they are ranking extremely well.”


Chuck:             Yeah.



Chris:   Right? So if that doesn’t make perfect sense to you, go back and listen to Podcast 113. Really, all we’re saying is dig in to your Analytics, know what             keywords actually closed. Maybe they got a low click-through rate. They        actually close really well. Make sure those keywords are on the first page,            spend some time on it.


Chuck:             The last thing you wanna do is have the words that don’t close for you       [00:01:26] [Inaudible].


Chris:   Yeah.


Chuck:             All right? And then the words that close or don’t [00:01:30] [Inaudible]      around.

Chris:   Well, and you could focus on getting them on the first page and/or you     could spend more money on Pay per click Houston on those terms. You know, if        you’re willing to bid more, if you know that they close every single time     that come in. Next on our agenda — wait, we don’t have an agenda. We    never had an agenda.

Chuck:             Any surprise, bro, we got an agenda.

Chris:   You didn’t get the memo? All right. Next on our list of things we usually    do and will actually do today is news.

Chuck:             I guess that’s an agenda?

Chris:   All right. Google Plus, did you all hear about it?

Chuck:             It’s the GPlus.

Chris:   Anyone know about it? What’s — yeah.

Chuck:             Yeah, well, you know, we dabbed in here first. You know, first, when we    take this time to give a punch in the face [00:02:17] [Inaudible] send me     an invite. I am a little frustrated, you know, being kind of, you know,   popular in web, in marketing, you know. SEO Rapper is dancing and I was             a little surprise. Nobody is sending me a GPlus invite. I had to actually go         in Twitter and Facebook and request one.

Chris:   You felt like a panhandler, like a GPlus panhandler.

Chuck:             I got a GPlus invite, you know.

Chris:   The next thing you’re gonna — can even make a sign and go on the street             corner.

Chuck:             Yeah.

Chris:   A GPlus — actually, we got a photographer in the studio today or in the      office, also a studio.

Chuck:             Yeah, a studio office.

Chris:   And we may grab him and take him down and make a sign saying,             “Somebody give me a GPlus invite.”

Chuck:             LinkedIn or Facebook, a whole bunch of social sites.

Chris:   Ten million users. Apparently, you’re the ten millionth.

Chuck:             Yeah, you know. Yeah, me.

Chris:   Ten millionth user. You know who the number one followed user on Google          Plus list?

Chuck:             Who?

Chris:   Mark Zuckerberg.

Chuck:             I saw it. And you know who will see this? Mark — I am not sure how many             guys had to ask but, Tom — MySpace Tom.

Chris:   MySpace Tom. I have no idea who that —

Chuck:             You know who — oh, no. You know Tom. The little Tom on MySpace, the    guy who —

Chris:   Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Chuck:             Everybody’s friend on there.

Chris:   Yeah, yeah. The first friend when you joined MySpace, yeah. He was up    there. Larry Page was up there.

Chuck:             Yeah, I saw that.

Chris:   Well, he’s actually with Google so that makes sense.

Chuck:             As well as Zuckerberg.

Chris:   Yeah. Well, and apparently he turned it off.

Chuck:             In the space.

Chris:   Yeah. Well then they turned it off, right? ‘Cause once the publicity of your            CEO being the most popular person on a competing platform so they — what they did is there’s a way to shut if off so people don’t know how        many people are actually following you and they did that.

Chuck:             Yeah, well, here we go.

Chris:   That’s it, yeah. They’re in the lead. Apparently, Google is buying more       land. You didn’t know they were in the real estate business, did you?

Chuck:             Yeah. They’re buying everything.

Chris:   Soon to come to you, Texas, brought to you by Google.

Chuck:             Google, mm-hmm.

Chris:   I don’t know Texas is pretty big so maybe like New Hampshire or   something, Rhode Island. Google did 9 billion in revenue in the last   quarter.

Chuck:             In the last quarter, yeah.

Chris:   Last quarter.

Chuck:             And, well, to make this worth they said they did 9 billion last quarter and sales were down.

Chris:   Yeah.

Chuck:             You know, it was like, well, then I chopped it up to a lot of Android over     the TechCrunch setup and to TechCrunch, new punch in the face for you          all. I like the new layout. It is good. Easy to use, good job with it. Oh, but I      read on TechCrunch what Android — I don’t know. The numbers are in my             head. There has some stupid number like, you know, 10 million, you             know, Android at downloads.

Chris:   Oh, yeah. So they’re making, you know, whatever 10 cents on a dollar       download or whatever. Maybe it’s 50 cents on a dollar download.

Chuck:             Times 10 million, you know.

Chris:   Yeah, yeah. It’s a lot. I’ll take a penny of that. I’ll be happy. Let’s see,         putting more word, you know, I don’t know even know —

Chuck:             Yeah, the handwriting says.

Chris:   Yeah, it’s really bad. Yeah, when I asked you to read my handwriting, you             say like, no, let me just —

Chuck:             Let me just type it.

Chris:   Type it again. This is interesting. Adwords gets a new segmentation. I        don’t know if you heard about this. Do you want your ad to show up on       the top or on the right?

Chuck:             I saw it. You know, my Mo is in the Adwords, you know, we got kinds of     manager. I’m not sure how this is gonna work. I mean, ’cause usually it’s    related to how much will be it.

Chris:   Yeah.

Chuck:             If you top bidding or you automatic bidding then usually you get one of     those top two positions. If you low bid in time, they really manage        budgets you probably end up on the right side.

Chris:   Yeah, let me interject there — manage, budget, properly —

Chuck:             Properly, yeah.

Chris:   — and the most efficiently. Yeah, I think it’s pretty interesting. You know,   does that mean that you’re just not gonna get displayed as much and            they — I don’t even know how you do it. If you’re willing to spend a             certain amount calls per click, the impressions don’t matter, right? So I     don’t know. It’s interesting. But I thought it was cool.

Chuck:             Yeah.

Chris:   I thought it was gonna get you on that like, you know.

Chuck:             Yeah, you know, one more — it’s my job.

Chris:   Hey, last podcast I was not happy. This podcast I’m ecstatic.

Chuck:             Ecstatic, ecstatic.

Chris:   We got a review on iTunes. All you have to do is go on to iTunes, create a             simple account, submit a review about us and then let us know so that we      can actually read your review on air.

Chuck:             Four things, it’ll take you like two minutes to do and I would greatly           appreciate.

Chris:   Yes. And we’ll give you a punch on the face, that’s free, and then we’ll      give you some link love also free. Here it is. These guys — this is the title. I       love this title. “These guys know SEO and make it entertaining and fun.”    The name is —

Chuck:             Barstows.

Chris:   And the actual handle for this person is “Free is more than it’s worth.”

Chuck:             That’s awesome.

Chris:   Wait, no. That’s not good.

Chuck:             Free is what?

Chris:   Less than free? So we should be paying our listeners to listen to our           podcast?

Chuck:             Free is more than what it’s worth. I think that’s good. I like it.

Chris:   I wouldn’t know what the positive side of that. Here it goes. “I couldn’t      recommend this podcast more. I learned so many great SEO tips and tricks from these guys. They’re my secret weapon.” I like that. Hey, don’t let the DOJ —

Chuck:             Secret, man?

Chris:   — the Department of Justice know anything about that. And they have a    blast talking about an otherwise pretty dry subject. SEO is dry?

Chuck:             Yeah.

Chris:   Okay.

Chuck:             Yeah, it’s dry.

Chris:   “It keeps me entertained and always looking forward to the next episode.             Thanks, guys. I love your show. Big punch in the face for you.”

Chuck:             Signed, not a deuce.

Chris:   Not a deuce, signed it, not a deuce. This is somebody who gets the show.

Chuck:             Yeah, I appreciate it, man. Thank you for tuning in. Thanks for the review.            Thanks for following us. Hit us up on Facebook.

Chris:   Did you say “follow us”? Hit us up on Facebook? How do they do that?

Chuck:             Oh, those are the subliminal.

Chris:   Yeah, yeah.

Chuck:              We’ll call them later but you find that out that. Okay. Hit us up on             Facebook, man. Follow us on         Twitter@ewebstyle. Where else? UStream@ewebstyle, e-mail us at             podcast@e-webstyle. You’re supposed to be a little bit closer like I             thought you would —

Chris:   Like on top of it here.

Chuck:             Yeah, podcast@e-webstyle. So you know, follow us — you know, we’ll         follow back.


Chuck:             Yeah.

Chris:   And is there anything else? We don’t have a Google Plus, yeah, right? We             can’t do that, yeah.

Chuck:             Not yet and we’ll talk about it.

Chris:   Yeah, ’cause that’s part of our subject today. Speaking of hitting us up on Facebook, we’ve got a regular contributor to our Facebook page Dean        Calhoun.

Chuck:             Hello, Dean. Woo!

Chris:   He’s probably listening right now. He’s — Bud Light and donuts. Did you     see that?

Chuck:             No, I didn’t see it.

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