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Fifty SEO Podcast Mar. 12th 2010. First page of Transcription Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast! Paul: Hi. Welcome back to Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. Thank you for joining us. We have another fun-filled edition and informative at podcast for you today. Chris: You are listening to and potentially watching the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and don’t you forget it. Paul: That’s what’s up. Chris: This is podcast number 50. As with every podcast we’d like to cover a little bit of information about the previous podcast. Last time we talked about CMS SEO. Paul: That would work. Chris: CMS is a Content Management Solution and we’ve talked about different things that you should have in your Content Management Solution — actually system — so that you can actually perform good Search Engine Optimization. And it’s interesting after that I actually had a — I met a gentleman this Tuesday and we were actually talking about the different nuances of different CMS systems and what you can and can’t do in terms of SEO with those so… Paul: Exciting conversation. Chris: Yeah. Paul: CMS? Chris: I can’t say that it was as much fun as the podcast. Speaking of which, I haven’t even showed you this. This is another review on iTunes. Paul: That’s what’s up, man. Chris: Yeah. Paul: Thanks guys. Chris: Man, you guys are just showing up and performing. We really appreciate that. Here it is. It’s from John Brownkey. So it may be John Brown from Kentucky, possibly. I don’t know. John, if you’re listening to this, go ahead and send us your information. We’d love to give you some link love, we’re all about that. And here’s what he says, “I have been listening now for a few months and I really enjoy the podcast. I find – I learn at least one thing.” Only one thing? Per episode? Paul: One thing per episode? Chris: One thing? All right, we’ll take it. We’ll take it. Paul: We can do better than that. Chris: Come on. John, this one learned too. “They are fun and entertaining as well as educational and I don’t know if you put that in a particular order. I look forward to a new episode.” Awesome. Thank you so much John. We really appreciate that. We really actually appreciate those people who do stalk us. Paul: Yes, on Facebook, Twitter… Chris: USTREAM. Paul: USTREAM. Oh, and we have a new USTREAM follower, Nicholas Fabin. Chris: Nicholas Fabin? Paul: I found him a couple of weeks ago. I meant to shout-out to you, Nicholas. Chris: All right. Paul: Go ahead. Chris: Thanks. Paul: He’s one of our followers on… Chris: On USTREAM? Paul: …USTREAM. Chris: Cool. Hey, Nicholas. How are you doing? So if you want to stalk us on Twitter, you just need to go to If you want to stalk us on Facebook, the easiest way to find us is to go to That takes you to our company Facebook page. There’s probably a name. Paul: A group? Chris: But it’s not a group though. But you can become a fan on that page. Paul: Okay. Chris: The best way to find the USTREAM is to go to Well, our goal is to actually start our podcast and our broadcast at 9:15 Central Standard Time. We’ve been running a little late. I just realized my clock on my computer in my office is all… Paul: It was wrong. Chris: So, yeah…We have to call the IT guys on that one. We also have a YouTube account and I think I promised you last time that I was going to give you a link for that. It’s not up yet but it’s going to be and that will take you directly to our YouTube page. And you’ll be able to look up – we cut up this podcast in little pieces. If you don’t really want to sit and watch it on USTREAM, you can do that. Are we approaching the Gino time limit? Paul: No, we never do that. Chris: (laughing) One of the things I was thinking last night I was dressed I was going to bed and really, you know, preparing for this podcast ‘cause we do – well, let’s not lie, we don’t really… Paul: (laughing) Chris: All right. But I was thinking last night… Paul: Well people give us awesome suggestions about what to talk about which is very appreciated. Chris: So keep your e-mails coming in. You can e-mail us at We’ll get those and we’ll include them on the air if we think they’re relevant. We’re getting more and more, you know, we’re just – this is – it’s awesome. You go look at the map of where people at listening to our podcast. It is all around the world. We really appreciate it. We really appreciate all of you. Remember we have somebody write in and they said, “Well, you guys are pretty funny for Americans or something.” Yeah. Paul: For Americans… John, I think in West Australia – Western Australia which apparently is like a … Chris: Province. Paul: … province. Chris: So I was thinking, hey, if we got there a John, send us like a link to what you consider like a classic Australian humor, right. And I’m hoping it’s not like yahoo-serious like Einstein ‘cause I’m not doing my hair like that. That’s just not going to happen. But if you send that, maybe we’ll have like an Australian Humor Day and… Paul: An attempt at an Australian humor… Chris: Well, the Americans won’t understand any of it ‘cause they’re also slow. I mean we’re also slow. Paul: Yeah. Chris: But you know it might be fun so…And plus,
you know, I like to just learn different humors and different music and everything international, it’s very cool. The next thing — you know, I wrote this down and I can’t remember like we came with it. It’s absolutely brilliant — “perception protection.” Paul: Well, I do remember that — “perception protection.” Chris: And it’s a great phrase and when we remember what it means we’ll… Paul: Kind of like brand management? Chris: Well, yeah. I think it was a long the lines of — you know, if somebody has a website out there and they’ve got some bad reviews you need that “perception protection.” And there are companies out there that can help you with that. You know, we’ve got lots of ideas on that if you’re interested in having a conversation about “perception protection.” Paul: Protection, yes. And that’s – the more that – websites like Yelp and Citysearch become popular, the more you’re going to need that. The larger your website grows and people want a SEO, they’re going to want – they want to write reviews about you and that is what affects the perception of your company and your website. So that’s going to become ever increasingly important as the web grows. Chris: And I just want to be clear, we’re not suggesting that if you pay us we can get a review, a bad review of. (laughing) Paul: Or you could pay me. And I’ll write you whatever you want dude, seriously. Chris: And that’s Send checks to – you want them actually made out to you this time? Paul: Made out to me. Made out to me. Chris: That’s funny. You got to listen to our previous podcast. All right. So did you – I know you were researching. Did you find any news or… Paul: I did. No, I didn’t find any news today. There’s nothing happening – don’t worry, nothing ever happened in the news today. Chris: I got news. I actually got news. Paul: Oh, okay. Chris: This is pretty interesting JetBlue used Twitter to give away… Paul: Yeah. Chris: …JetBlue… Paul: Okay. Chris: …the airlines. They used Twitter to give away 1,000 tickets in New York. So they just put the announcement out there and… Paul: That’s what’s up. Chris: … there was a location and everybody showed up there. So if you’re thinking about getting a Twitter account, you know, if JetBlue does it — I don’t even know what that means but you should have one. Paul: Panda Express did that. That actually came from a Twitter… Chris: Oh, I didn’t hear this. Paul: Yeah, that came like from a Twitter feed. I was poking around and I actually found that Panda Express gave some free food away last Wednesday. Chris: So one of the guys in the office sent an e-mail to everyone else in the office saying, “Hey go get free food at Panda Express.” Did we ever figure out where — I actually drove by one yesterday ’cause I was way down south but I didn’t know they closed. Paul: I didn’t – yeah, there’s not one close to here. Well there’s one at I-10. But somebody let me know if they win and try the Honey Walnut Chicken Chris: Hmm, that sounds kind of good. Paul: As if all I care. (laughing) Chris: Something else that’s in the news, Carlos Slim is now the richest man on the planet. Paul: That’s what’s up? Chris: Yeah, Carlos Slim. He’s a media mogul in Mexico and kind of begs the question, is he going to do like what Bill Gates does like give all his money away? Paul: Well, he won by default though ‘cause Bill keeps giving all of his money. Chris: Yo, that’s… (laughing) Paul: That’s messed up. Chris: When you give away your fortune that doesn’t count. Paul: Yeah. Yeah, it doesn’t count, man. That’s true though. I didn’t think by getting some more, he gave some more billion away. Chris: Wow! Paul: Not too long ago. Chris: That is – that’s awesome. Paul: That’s interesting though. Chris: And there was just a quick little note. I thought it was pretty interesting about information exhibitionism. Paul: I have no idea what that is. Chris: It sounds dirty though. So we should talk about it. I was just making a point that and with Google coming out with Buzz and, you know, there are a lot of people making a hoopla about all this information being shared so readily, and their uncomfortable, and all of these things, and that – that hoopla dives so quickly. And people are so in favor of Buzz that now there’s like a movement against the movement. They’re like quit talking to us about, you know, all of these privacy concerns. We’re used to it because we’ve had Facebook accounts for years now. We’re used to having that information just go readily and rapidly everywhere so that would be information exhibitionism. Paul: So if you don’t like it, don’t get on the Internet. Chris: Hey, Marty. How are you doing? Paul: What’s up, Javier? Chris: What’s up? Say hello to the people. Javier: Hello everybody.

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