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Perfect SEO Anchor Text

Charles: Yeah. What they’re trying to do is stop people from standing links. I’m actually reading another article today about anchor text and so one of the things – for those who do SEO, right, anchor text is when you have or pay the content and you have a link inside the text and the anchor, the text that’s in linkage are anchor text.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so what they were talking about was how having multiple anchor links with different anchor text on the same page that links to the same page is stupid and foolish, so you shouldn’t do it.

Chris: Yeah. Okay. So they have like SEO Houston linking to our homepage and also to PPC Houston and linking to our own page would be…

Charles: Well, the example they gave, we’ll, let’s say, we were on our SEO page.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And within the content on our SEO page, we had texts that link to the same page with…

Chris: Oh.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: So, yeah, linking back to that page.

Charles: To the same page that you already.

Chris: Yeah. I have seen that and thought that if that was getting past Google, I don’t know how and it can’t last long.

Charles: Yeah. So, yeah, don’t do that. They’re taking steps to pushed that bill. We are here in Pinterest.

Chris: Pinterest.

Charles: Yeah, Pinterest is a new social thing. It’s invading right now. They aren’t accepting invites. I’m still waiting on my reply. I actually signed it for last week or some time. And it was transferred, we have a client, Alexis, she brought it up yesterday. But, anyway, Google is considering buying it. It’s pretty cool, over a hundred million bucks. And what they do is a social platform that allows you to pin things on like sort of like a pin board that interest you. And people can pin stuff to your board that they think…

Chris: That you would like?

Charles: Yes. Kind of a like a graphical bookmarking.

Chris: Or like a community cork board, you know, like at Starbucks or whatever.

Charles: Exactly. Something like that.

Chris: Interesting.

Charles: And so, you know – who’s prediction is that that they’ll break into the main stream. So probably they’ve been acting for awhile. So, we’ll see. I signed up. I like to go back to the mainstream, so approve my invite, please.

Chris: That would help.

Charles: Yeah, it would help. Let’s see, overly aggressive search ads will result in mainstream backlash against Google. I don’t quite understand this. Overly aggressive search ads will result in mainstream backlash against Google.

Well, I think what he’s talking about is aggressive ads where people maybe, you know, using multiple domain names and running the same ads and taking people to the same sites, things like that and Google allowing it to happen. I think that’s where the backlash would come in.

I think at the end of the day Google still wants to provide the best experience for the user. And so I don’t think that will become a problem. I think they will cancel that out before…

Chris: Well, I think you also – you’re like what is backlash, right? So there’s one thing for a large or even a vocal group of people to say this is wrong when the rest of the people are voting with their dollars and actually utilizing those benefits.

So what is it mainstream backlash mean. The only backlash that is of importance frankly is going to be to vote with the dollars and say I’m not going to use this particular search and I’m going be vocal about it. I think you’ve got to be careful about social movements to guide Google into what they should be doing and the reality of the pocketbook, which is if the pocketbook is, if that’s selling and doing well and I’m not seeing any financial penalty, then it’s not going to change.

Then there is no mainstream backlash. That’s the only backlash that actually really matters. So, I think for some of it, you really have to get a huge grass roots, organization to create what you’re calling mainstream backlash. It would have to be gigantic in order to have enough people motivated because I’m looking at some of the screenshots she has. I don’t use that search. I don’t know what search she’s doing.

It’s very particular. And so I could join them. Yes, [0:23:08. 1] [Inaudible] I don’t do what I never did before did and that will not affect your goal, right? There would be no like so.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Good. Don’t do what you want doing before. So, yeah…

Charles: And then the fact that Google at this point, I’m going to say, it doesn’t care about the money in the sense because, frankly, they do release their earnings and the earnings we’re lower. They had been projected.

But even with the page layout, they’re moving sites that have ads which usually come from Google display advertising or AdSense, you know, they’re decreasing their rank. And so by default there’s no – they reduce the amount of…

Chris: Their revenue. Yeah.

Charles: The revenue that they receive.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And so I don’t think that it’s more of a – I don’t think it’s a budget issue or money thing. I think it’s just…

Chris: What is the right experience.

Charles: Exactly. What’s the right [0:24:00. 9] [Inaudible].

Chris: And last thing for that. I do that blank stare.

Chris: All right.

Charles: Yeah, that was good, all the way blank, like you could almost see through…

Chris: That was Zen blank.

Charles: Zen blank. So this blank still goes to our federal government who shut down megaupload.

Chris: Wow.

Charles: And, you know, to their defense megaupload is one of the biggest file sharing sites out there and, yes, there is a lot of content on there. But more than half of the users that use megaupload are legitimate.

Chris: And use that for storage.

Charles: Use that for storage.

Chris: Or use it kind of like a Dropbox.

Charles: Use it for storage, use it for transferring files. Well, I can’t email anything over 20 minutes, but I can upload to mega upload that only takes, you know, three minutes.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And saves you a two gig file.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And do that for free.

Chris: Right.

Charles: On top of it.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so there’s a lot of people doing it and what I think they didn’t think about was the effect it’s going to have on the whole internet. And a lot of broken links out there now and people who post directions on how to use megaupload to do this than the other. And now all of these sites will have broken links.

Chris: That you’re blank stare where…

Charles: Oh, wait. So give it together, I should have done a little more researching to figure out a better way to handle it.

Chris: Yeah, you need some better staff. You need to hire from Google employees to let you know what the impact of what you’re doing is actually going to be on the internet. All right, is that it?

Charles: That’s it. That’s all I have.

Chris: You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, that is because of you. You.

Charles: You over there.

Chris: We know that there seems to be some challenge in creating iTunes reviews. At least Paul Shaw had some challenge in getting one to us. He posted one rollback, he hasn’t seen it yet. Keep trying, keep doing it.

Just go to iTunes, create an account, submit a review and hit us up on our email, podcast. e-webstyle. com. Let us know that you’ve submitted a review, we’ll give you a punch on the face kicking lizard. We actually finished [0:26:11. 3] [Inaudible] this week.

Charles: Yeah. They’re very tasty, very tasty. I’m going to be greedy right now. If you have a red one…

Chris: Or maybe two red. You send two green, maybe you can send two red.

Charles: You know, so I’ll do red salsa. In regards to the reviews, I’m going to give you this alternative, but for some reason you do have all these problem, hit us up on Google places.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: You know, and Google have review there.

Chris: The best way to find our Google places ad is just go to e-webstyle. com/seopodcast. So that’s where people often watch our podcast. And in there right when it starts talking about the bios and has links, there’s our link to our Google places page.

So you can click that and be right on our Google place’s page and submit a review there that would be great. And if you’re using G-plus…

Charles: Plus one.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Plus one, me.

Chris: Chris, Chris, [0:27:01. 4] [Inaudible].

Chris: He’s album.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, a couple of people recognized him at the event last night. They’re like, . You look – I’ve seen a video with you. . Oh, I don’t…

Charles: I thought he’ll play low-key, man. I’d see a [0:27:12. 7] [Inaudible] and you know, and no hat and no – didn’t recognize me while people give me that look like. You should be dress different. You need a hat, you know.

Chris: So that was kind of cool. All right, well, thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you for making us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Until next week. Bye-bye for now.

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