Planning for a Mobile Version of Your Website

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This is a transcript from our 129th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Planning for a Mobile Version of Your Website

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m like, you forgot your name. My name is Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: I have indeed forgot my name from time to time and not this time. Don’t forget we are your friendly local neighborhood top position —

Chuck: — snatchers.

Chris: Where our mantra is —

Chuck: — don’t be a douche.

Chris: Do not be a douche. Remember if you’re sitting at a desk, have some sort of mobile device at any possible way.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Steal the laptop or the iPad of the person next to you and tweet about this.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Tweet — it’s a —

Chuck: Hashtag SEO podcast 129.

Chris: And include @ewebstyle to make sure we see that message. Go check because I’m gonna read a couple of messages where people have addressed this specifically. Is that really what that —

Chuck: Mentioned.

Chris: — mentioned us. There we go.

Chuck: Well, it really depends on which you’re using. Tweet Date calls it a mention.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: It will cause a reply.

Chris: Right. So one or the other.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So it can’t be reply. It’s like — it’s the first time they’re doing it on Twitter so —

Chuck: That’s why we call it a mention.

Chris: There we go, cool. It’s a mention. As always, from our last podcast which was 128, the tip is “Proper research and planning is paramount for a mobile version of your website.” We talked extensively about mobile versions and our impressions and even challenges that we’ve had with our own clients and really us guiding them and then steering us on how to do a mobile site for a particular — for a particular client. So that was Podcast 128. Go and listen to that. We’ve got a review, woohoo.

Chuck: No tattoo tear? iTunes [00:01:50] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yes, even iTunes. This is from — “Good job on improving audio.” This is from Patterson, JD.

Chuck: Oh, okay. Go ahead.

Chris: And the guy says — and he says “Thanks, guys, for improving the audio quality. I heard you read my review on the 11/14 podcast. I want to let you know I submitted it back in September.” So there might be some time lag. I’m gonna paraphrase here. He’s writing this review on 11/14 changing his prior four-star rating to a five because we responded to our listeners opinions.

Chuck: [00:02:22] [Inaudible].

Chris: Punch in the face to you, Patterson. “If you have any tip for WordPress users, please share them.” For example, there is an all-in-one SEO plugin that he uses.

Chuck: Me too.

Chris: Yeah, we use it too and if we’re familiar with it, he’d love our opinion. Our opinion — it’s worth using.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: “Big punch in the face for the audio improvement. Ha, ha, stay cool.” Punch in the face, Patterson. That’s awesome.

Chuck: Punch in the face to you. I mean, I use the all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. Great plugin to use. If I had to find some faults somewhere, it would appear that they give you more control over the texts for the homepage and not necessarily the same control for the remaining pages. And so —

Chris: You know, I think if you scroll down on a post, there’s —

Chuck: There’s conditions you can put.

Chris: And maybe there’s — it’s missing one or two tags that the homepage has. Okay, okay. Yeah, you’ve clearly spent more time — let me not interject it.

Chuck: But other than that, it’s a great plugin. It works well and it even — it doesn’t break when you update WordPress so that’s good.

Chris: That is pretty cool. One of the challenges we have found is when we do e-commerce plugins, you know, does it interact with those and really we’re just finalizing a project now so we’ll have some more information about how that all washes out. A little bit of news. Android 4.0 arrives just in time for Nexus Google to come out. So that’s exciting, a new version of Android. You know, there’s a couple of things that drives me nuts. Often, when I hit message, it goes to the last and I know I have a new message.

Chuck: That’s in phone call?

Chris: Yeah, on the phone. So going to my text messages, often it will go to where I was. Like — so if I was reading a text from you and I got one from my wife and I know I got one from my wife and it says one new one. I pressed that and it goes right to you. It doesn’t really make sense. And when I hit back, it actually goes back to home. I’ve got to go back to it, it’s a little wonky. And then in the market place, you do a search. Say, you do a search for SEO tools and — or just SEO, right? And it’s a general search and you’re like, wait a minute, I need SEO tools. So you go back, you search again, and there’s that SEO option. When you click it, it automatically searches for SEO. It doesn’t allow you to add to that search. I really just want you to populate at the text box.

Chuck: Yeah, then you add tools.

Chris: And then I can add the word tools, exactly. So if anybody on the Android team is out there, get that fixed. I thought this was cool or at least interesting. Most kids who break net house rules — so the rules you set up for your kids.

Chuck: Internet house rules, okay.

Chris: Internet house rules — have bad experiences as opposed to kids who follow the house rules.

Chuck: What that does mean?

Chris: Well, I think they just took a poll and, you know, maybe they’re not following the house rules so they’re going to places where they end up getting bullied or — I mean, how frustrating is it when you’re writing reviews and somebody makes it personal or, you know, whatever. I can easily see how if you don’t really watch yourself, you can have a bad experience on the web. I just —

Chuck: That’s why, you know, I refused to put the computers in my children’s room. Our computers are in my office and my office is often a mess after nine, you know.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so unless you’re doing homework and some —

Chris: A little internet research.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Here’s something else. There’s another patent by IBM that is now owned by Apple and so that they — and it was — this patent is actually related to searches on a mobile device based on location. So it’s a pretty significant patent, right?

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: It interrupts or affects, you know, Foursquare and Facebook, Places, and you know, all of the searching that’s going on. And the interesting point in the article is, once again, just like the GUI interface and the mouse, Apple has control of IBM technology and is actually profiting from it as opposed to IBM. A little activity on our Facebook page. Dean Calhoun and he’s so awesome. I wrote a note to him if he get on our Facebook page, which by the way is —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: And I mentioned tweeting about us, you can follow us on —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Our YouTube page is —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: And our e-mail, podcast@ —

Chuck: —

Chris: Wow. We just nailed that. I post it on our Facebook page that Dean, we both hate and love you because you give us more work and you give us great information. He said he just heard a quote that he thought we would like — and this is from Mike Tyson. “Everyone has a strategy until they get punched in the face.” Which is just brilliant.

Chuck: Yeah. The strategy goes out the window.

Chris: Ah, don’t hit it, don’t hit it. And then Dean, he also —

Chuck: He’s awesome.

Chuck: He had our back. He says, “Boo. Sorry, you guys got that bad review. Don’t change your personality. They’re an integral part of your podcast. The key to social media is to be yourself and be human.” So I think that’s cool.

Chuck: Well, I mean, technically, that was gonna happen anyway.

Chris: Oh, yeah. We will do our ultra-dry podcast, never.

Chuck: Yeah. In the 33rd of [00:07:53] [Inaudible].

Chris: And then our Twitter, some people had included us or mentioned us. “Just found you on iTunes. Listening to the podcast now. Great format and in my wheel house.” I’m assuming that means his car.

Chuck: I’m — yeah.

Chris: I’m going with that and it — by the way, it took from the 25 minutes ago that I printed it red and printed this until now for me to figured that out.

Chuck: Well, that’s what it is.

Chris: I’m just guessing. And that was from Wise Global.

Chuck: At Wise Global.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Hit us up, man.

Chris: @JamesPiper90 says, “Another good SEO podcast, guys.” And he’s actually I think I’ve listened to that. I’ll go check it out. “Definitely worth listening to during your commute fellow SEO-ers.”

Chuck: That’s what it says.

Chris: And then Greg —

Chuck: A punch in the face to JamesPiper90.

Chris: — Greg San Diego.

Chuck: What’s up, Greg?

Chris: “Listen to podcast from 10/24/11 on keywords — a good one.”

Chuck: That’s 25.

Chris: Oh, what do I say?

Chuck: 24.

Chris: Well, 10/25/11 — I’m just a little faster than him. He says — this is a good quote — “Google does funny things.” I think that was the big Charles here who said that. Wow, we’ve blew through that — all of that stuff. Here we go, content.

Chuck: Let’s get to it.

Chris: Apparently, we’ve met the Geno time limit. We’ve — both Charles and I were kind of scouring SEO news sites and figuring out what we wanted to talk about and I can across this one I thought was really interesting. It’s an Eye-Tracking study in Google Maps. So one of my first questions is — oh, by the way, mentioning questions. Go to our Facebook page.

Chuck: Hit the Discussion tab.

Chris: Which we don’t have anymore. Scroll down a little bit.

Chuck: Who wants to just remove it?

Chris: I — yeah. I think our SEO guy did.

Chuck: Okay.


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