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Thirty-Two E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Sept. 25th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast.

Paul: Hi, welcome back, thanks for listening to our Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. We have another fun-filled edition on its way.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of e-webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, owner of e-webstyle. Is it me or we just not. I don’t know. It feels different today.

Chris: Are you the owner of the website? It does feel–yeah. Just promoted himself.

Paul: Why not?

Chris: I think it feels a little different ‘cause usually we’re doing this in the morning and we’re not–

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Knocking this podcast out until later.

Paul: That’s right. We’re behind schedule. It’s like what? 12:30.

Chris: Yeah. You may even be hungry.

Paul: Yeah, that’s right, I am hungry.

Chris: So we got to finish up now. Did we rename the podcast or did we just do that for Search Engine Optimization purposes?

Paul: You mean the unknown secrets or–

Chris: Yeah. Is it Internet Marketing?

Paul: The title?

Chris: Unknown Secrets of SEO or we’re just still calling ourselves–

Paul: It’s Unknown Secrets of SEO/Internet Marketing/Web Design/PPC/Search Engine–

Chris: Action–

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Calls to Action/

Paul: Search Engine Marketing–

Chris: Good graphics/Improve Your Business/ROI and ROI isn’t the only thing.

Paul: Yeah. Comma, et cetera, et cetera.

Chris: Et cetera and et cetera. All right, so we got that clear. So we’ll have to write that–

Paul: I’m still confused actually.

Chris: Right. And what I’m referring to is on like iTunes, our title, our description of our podcast or yeah, the title is Internet Marketing – Unknown Secrets to SEO. And that was obviously done for a once we figure it out and did some background research, we realized that Internet Marketing is something that people search more often than SEO or Search Engine Marketing so we realize we need that to be in our title so we could get our information to as many people as possible. Speaking of which, we have a favor. If you, a listener out there have received any sort of (02:07) of useful information, we ask that you go iTunes and write a review of us.

Paul: Please write us a review. A few thanks. We did something for you. Do something for us. Give us a review, give us an honest review.

Chris: We’re getting some good feedback. In fact, we got a shout out. A guy by the name of Mike Child.

Paul: Mike Child – mikechild.co.nz, which I just learned is the country code for New Zealand. Didn’t know that we have yet to optimize the site in New Zealand.

Chris: Hopefully, that will be coming soon.

Paul: Hopefully so.

Chris: That will be exciting.

Paul: Mike, thanks for listening. Mike asked for an analysis. I’m going to work on that and give that back to you by Monday, Mike. We really appreciate it. And, hey, write us a review, if it works. If it helps, write us a review. Let us know.

Chris: And it may not just be on iTunes, if you found our podcast some other way. Even if you found it on our blog, go ahead and put a review there. You can write a comment. And so that adds another country to our list.

Paul: That does.

Chris: We got Costa–speak–okay, speaking of Costa Rica.

Paul: I’ve lost track. Oh, yeah, that’s our news! That’s our news there.

Chris: Yeah, one of our news items for today. Apparently and Paul kind of filled me in on this. Apparently, Tom Brady and Gisele (03:19).

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I don’t know her last–we’ll call her Gisele Brady now.

Paul: Gisele Brady. I bet she has a last name.

Chris: I saw in an article I read. It was Bunderchen or something like that. Yeah, Brady. Apparently, they hired some not so well-trained security guards when they were having their–did they get married in Costa Rica?

Paul: Yeah, married in Costa Rica, I believe over this past weekend. And there’s a perfect example how to start a marriage in debt. For any other couples, how to start a marriage in debt.

Chris: ‘Cause they got sued for like $1 million, right?

Paul: Yes. I think they have made it like Saturday, the reception was Saturday. I mean the wedding was Saturday, the reception went Saturday night. I think it kind of went on to the early morning or something. And the bodyguard, they were getting harassed by these–

Chris: Photographers.

Paul: Photographers.

Chris: Paparazzi.

Paul: And bodyguard, they wouldn’t give–they were requesting, “I want your camera and your film stick and your memory card,” they wouldn’t give it to them. So it was like, “Hey, I’m just going to kill this guy.” And so…

Chris: We are paraphrasing there. No, not paraphrasing. We are assuming.

Paul: So he whips out a gun and starts shooting at the guy’s car, tried a couple of times through their SUV.

Chris: Through the back window–

Paul: Through the back window.

Chris: And through the front.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Apparently ricocheted off the front windshield.

Paul: Yes. And I think this happened like late Sunday night or, excuse me, early Sunday morning. First thing Monday morning, there’s a million dollar lawsuit against Tom and–

Chris: Gisele Brady.

Paul: Gisele.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: Wow.

Chris: What a good way to start off.

Paul: Right. Let’s get married, now we owe somebody a million bucks.

Chris: Can you imagine you’re like hiring people for your wedding, you’re hiring your cake decorator, your flower provider, your security guard. And because you don’t know how to hire them, which you probably didn’t even do anyway.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: This is probably a big affair, you get sued for $1 million?

Paul: Yeah and your plan–it’s probably your planner–

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Will hire some security for you. Okay, thanks, lady. Now I’m on the hook for a million.

Chris: What I was thinking is maybe they were Costa Rican security guards and maybe what they did wasn’t illegal in Costa Rica.

Paul: Hence, he was thinking, “Oh, I’m just going to kill this dude. He’s not giving me this memory stick.” So–

Chris: Yes, in Costa Rica, that’s how we roll.

Paul: (05:42) may not laugh ‘cause we have listeners in Costa Rica.

Chris: We do. Actually just get a shout out there it’s a Red Palm Villas.

Paul: Yes, Red Palm Villas over–I got the chance to talk to him about that. He was like, “No, it didn’t happen in my property.” But he has some of their guests over there at Red Palm Villas. I think we couple of pod–probably about 10 podcasts ago–

Chris: We talked about Red Palm Villas.

Paul: We talked about Red Palm’s awesome site.

Chris: Apparently so like somebody in the Brady party stayed at his–

Paul: Yeah, they had–

Chris: Place.

Paul: He said his mom, dad, sister and best man all stayed over at Red Palm Villas. And I’m–I can’t–I’ve got to get down there. He has an awesome set up. So, what’s up, Mike? Mike over at Red Palm Villas?

Chris: All right. Thanks, Mike, for listening. Our other news for today is I’ll probably butcher this name–

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Hossam Maher Hussein Smadi. Yup, and that’s S-M-A-D-I. He’s the guy that they caught in Dallas with a sting–

Paul: Oh, dummy.

Chris: For terrorist.

Paul: Gosh.

Chris: He was–apparently, he was in this chat organization online or something, FBI was turned on to him. And they started–they tried to convince him, “Hey, you don’t have to blow up anything.” He didn’t go for it so they provided him with a fake bomb. He went to the building in his truck and he was supposed to dial from his phone a particular phone number and that was going to blow up the bomb. He dials it and they’re like, “Hello, you’re under arrest.” Or maybe that’s, “Hello, (07:14). You’re under arrest.”

Paul: You’re under arrest, fool. You’re going to jail forever.


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