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PPC Houston Doctors and Attorneys

Chuck: Yeah. What number this was? At 97? So this — and we’re on 130? So that had to be summertime maybe?

Chris: Some of the date’s on there. Yeah. So really Google Boost was this opportunity when you look at your Local Places, you could start marketing your Local Places and what Google actually intelligently did is that let me just take advantage of our AdWords program and I’ll just make an automated system based on the categories that you select. It came up with some — there’s some issues. I remember specifically like I didn’t wanna be displayed for marketing.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: You know, SEO marketing or internet marketing is okay. Marketing in general is not a term that I wanted to pay for.

Chuck: Yeah. And we couldn’t control —

Chris: — the keywords.

Chuck: — the keywords [00:24:43] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yeah, the keywords. Yeah. You can look it up in your AdWords campaign and see it there you just can’t make any changes. I thought that was pretty good. Now, organic search results obviously were weighing and what we tend to recommend is you should do both PPC and organic SEO. In fact, we read an article the other day. A guy just did a test. He shut off his PPC and, you know, a week later with statistics, turn it back on.

Social media, doctors and attorneys. You know, doctors and attorneys tend to have a lot of value. Their pay-per-clicks tend to be more expensive. They tend to have more money to invest in SEO so the competition in those arenas is better. By the way, I just wanna mention this. It’s kind of a bragging point for us. If you Google SEO Houston, Internet Marketing Houston, Website Marketing Houston, Web Marketing Houston —

Chuck: PPC Houston.

Chris: PPC Houston, Pay Per Click Houston, and I may have said this one already, Online Marketing Houston — I think I’ve said that one already. We’re the only company that’s on the first to Google for all those terms. Other companies may be on one or two, not all of them. So that’s just a good example of us going against our competition in the 4th [00:26:02] [Inaudible] in the country in the U.S. So, you know, just as a testimonial, we do know what we’re doing. Doctors and attorneys are competitive —

Chuck: Right. Okay.

Chris: — because they’ve got the money to hire us and, frankly, I believe this is probably true. There are some better SEOers than some of the people on the first page who just don’t spend time on their own site.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: I know for a long time we didn’t because we were just too busy and we’re on the process of some growing pains and so you know — you kind of know you need to work on it. It’s kind of like a mechanic who drives the car that makes all the lab noises.

Chuck: Yeah. Or the barber with the bad haircut.

Chris: Yup. He didn’t get paid to cut his own hair. So, you know, there are probably better SEOers out there that aren’t on the first page and they’re working on doctors and attorneys because they’re making good salaries doing that.

Chuck: We talked about social media, doctors and attorneys.

Chris: [00:26:51] [Inaudible] inspector, yeah.

Chuck: And I think, you know, one of the key things for doctors, attorneys in any of those high, you know, accountants and people in that sort of dry, sort of industry, social media can be a boost. You know, if you’re a doctor, post tips, you know, how to prevent the flu or help with the cold, things like that. If you’re an attorney, give some [00:27:12] [Inaudible] tips that may in return help you gain followers, the likes and things to that nature.

Chris: All right. Here we go, Podcast 98. The title was SEO, BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.

Chuck: Yeah. Make sure your site works on all those browsers. You know, we actually [00:27:33] [Inaudible] with the issue with the client where we were doing a mobile version of the site. Make sure that mobile version shows — you know, and it’s kind of weird now because you have tablets.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And so tablets could end up showing a full version although it’s registered as a mobile browser. And so you have to make sure that your site show the right way across all these browsers.

Chris: Absolutely. Mobile Search Engine Bots and Algorithms.

Chuck: I think mobile search engine bots, they look — they search similar to a regular searching bot but I think they’re also looking for sites that have a mobile version because at the end of the day, they want to show the best — they want to give their user the best value.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: And the last thing they wanna do is show a site that’s huge, graphic heavy, is not optimized especially for like a BlackBerry browser that, you know, gonna remove most of the images anyway.

Chris: Almost text-only. Google Boost and Negative Keywords. I think I almost touched on this already. You don’t have control over keywords in Google Boost so your only way to create negative keywords is to send an e-mail which gives an automated reply. By the way, they did correct it. So after my e-mail, I was no longer paying for marketing as a generic term.

Chuck: PPC MC versus the SEO Rapper. Yeah, this must have been — this was probably the first one.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: When he came to me at first, the guy hits me up on Facebook. I want to batter you.

Chris: No, no, no. This one was first.

Chuck: Oh, we’re going — okay. So this is —

Chris: So this is —

Chick: Yeah.

Chris: This is probably the second reply.

Chuck: Oh yeah. This is round two. On round two, I went in, man. I used Lil Wayne’s —

Chris: — “6 Foot 7 Foot.”

Chuck: “6 Foot 7 Foot” beat. I’m gonna go repost that just for fun.

Chris: That would be — that was awesome. Actually, my wife prefers your version over Lil Wayne’s so that’s kind of cool. The Value of Video to SEO.

Chuck: Tremendous.

Chris: Yeah, tremendous. So add videos. We’re working on it. That’s one of the mechanics in our bad hair — by the way, I actually do have a bad haircut. No, I’m not gonna cut hair just to make sure that out there. Mobile Version SEO. We kind of covered that again which is make sure you’ve got a version of your mobile website. I agree with Chuck. You know, I haven’t read anything specific, certainly nothing directly from Google. It makes sense to be looking for mobile versions and give some weight to that if they’re on a mobile device.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: I mean, that’s a no brainer. SEO a.k.a. provide a good experience to the Google user. This is a mantra that we’ve really coined on this particular podcast. If you’re ever wondering if something is black hat, if you’re ever wondering if something — black hat may not be the best example. If you ever wanna know if Google’s gonna take what you’re doing and rank it well, all you have to ask yourself is “Is this going to provide a good experience to the Google user?” Because if it does, that’s all Google wants and then Google is actually gonna place and rank that well. So that’s good. Our 30-minute timer has gone off. Let’s finish this next — oh, good. Yeah, we can mention Farmer and one more.

Chuck: Okay. Google Farmer Panda and SEO. I love the great title. The Panda Farmer update was a recent Google algorithm update that they made to really clamp down on our list sites that were doing contact forms and all the duplicate content issues and things to that nature — article marketing. And so, yeah, if you’re using [00:31:18] [Inaudible] content or you’re scraping content and trying to repost it or, you know, you post at the same blog, posting several different, you know, blogs, for example. Yeah, that’s not gonna work for you no more.

Chris: In fact, we actually talked about how this — actually, I don’t think it was Farmer, it was Panda, how panda actually affected one of our SEO page.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Because we were using content from our SEO podcast on our SEO page, Google saw that as scraped content and penalized us. Once we took that content off and replaced it, frankly, we replaced it with our bios. That page is on the first page now so that’s good on a national term. All right, last one. I’ll let you take this one.

Chuck: Content is king.

Chris: That is good. Skip the hard one and go to the easy —

Chuck: Keywords are supreme. That goes without saying. You know, content is king, keywords are supreme. We should have said content is king, keywords are coined because —

Chris: — the queen really runs everything.

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: Let’s be honest.

Chuck: I mean, and if you’re talking content, then you must have keywords in your content.

Chris: Yeah. And the real mantra there is, you know, in real estate, it’s location, location, location. In SEO and internet marketing in general, it’s keywords, keywords, keywords. Excellent. Do we have any blank —

Chuck: I got a blank stare.

Chris: We’ve got a blank stare. All right. Good.

Chuck: Yeah. That was pretty blank.

Chris: Yeah. I might have blinked.

Chuck: You might have blinked?

Chris: That was close so.

Chuck: Today’s blank stare, ladies and gentlemen, is at Alec Baldwin. Did you hear what he did?

Chris: I saw him on the news. I didn’t see what —

Chuck: So Alec Baldwin gets kicked off of a plane — American Airlines — because it was time to turn the phones off and he’s in the middle of a Words with Friends game.

Chris: And he decided that’s more important.

Chuck: He doesn’t turn it off. They kicked him off the plane. He has to catch the next flight.

Chris: Wow, wow. That’s competitive, that’s competitive. I know.

Chuck: What were you in the middle of? Like, you know.

Chris: Like, yeah. That’s crazy. So I’ve played soccer on Pick-up Games where I swear the people in the game believe they’re playing the World Cup. And I’m like, you know, I believe you should be passionate about everything you do and you should realize where you’re really at because you are not on a World Cup stage and you don’t have the right to bitch at me. The guy who frankly in this one scenario I’m remembering probably made the best [00:33:47] [Inaudible] to you of the game, right? So your [00:33:48] [Inaudible] was bizarre. It was funny. Anyway, all right. You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes that is because of you.

Chuck: You, you, you over there and you sitting right there watching right now and you who’s probably gonna listen to this tomorrow.

Chris: And we — don’t forget you can contact us at facebook.com/ewebstyle —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Twitter.com/ewebstyle —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Youtube.com/ewebstyle —

Chuck: Come on. You’re supposed to say slash.

Chris: Oh, with the slash.

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Totally coordinated. Podcast@ —

Chuck: — e-webstyle.com

Chris: By the way, that last one was an e-mail address. You guys, feel free to e-mail us. Go on to our website e-webstyle.com. Fill out the form website analysis. We’re actually gonna do a bunch of them today because we’ve fallen behind. Sorry to those who fell behind. This has been issue one of our 2011 SEO Podcast year-end review. Thank you and until next time. Bye-bye.

Chuck: Duces.

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