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PPC Keyword Broad Match, Exact Match
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PPC Keyword Broad Match, Exact Match

Chuck: Yes, sir. Okay, so we will keep you moving, PPC Houston keyword research. Now here’s some tips, I got this article, it’s an older article posted on the Sabahan.

Chris: Side by hand?

Chuck: Sabahan.

Chris: Sabahan, okay. Sabahan.

Chuck: .com. Anyway, so I put article from here and there was a couple tips that made sense, number one was, you know, misspelling and typos. I do want to say that’s okay if it’s a really calmly misspelling word.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: ‘Cause then you just look stupid and you ways money and that’s really kind of an old trick, you know, most people use spellcheck these days, as matter of fact Google use. So, yeah be careful when you do that.

Chris: That maybe more effective on being in Yahoo.

Chuck: Yeah, most likely. Identifying use common abbreviations and acronyms I think this is a great one. The AC campaign we’re doing…

Chris: Right.

Chuck: I have words that say AC repair and then I have air condition repair.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And so definitely use those acronyms.

Chris: And then air-conditioning repair.

Chuck: And even abbreviations, DEC or December…

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: If you’re running mostly special or something like that. Use various verb which is something I’ve been doing for a while, this is a secret I was keeping to myself. But I’ll share it.

Chris: Apparently it’s out.

Chuck: Yeah. You know for example – the example he gave was lean to type learning to type, learn typing, learning typing. And so just different variations at the same word that that people might search, so you don’t want to, you know, not to use learn to type. You know and you had broad met on, you may get someone searching learning typing.

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: But, if your phrase matching or exactly matching you didn’t want to have all those phrases.

Chris: Include all of them.

Chuck: Number 4, he put a use clue versus a singular.

Chris: And you got to pay for that, right for like making exact match, isn’t there a tour In your case you typically for tour when you’re doing cities, the same thing would apply like you could, learn –learn, learning, learn.

Chuck: No, I use it for those and then I just finish it with cities.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Yeah, I thought learn, learning, learned, you know do those.

Chris: Type, typing, typed, right.

Chuck: And then print those out, copy my cities to this column and redo it.

Chris: You use it, you Yelp with that.

Chuck: It is ranks, ranks.nl

Chris: ranks.nl

Chuck: ranks.nl, you go there, sign up and then all kind of tools, that’s just the keyword, what it’s called, keyword combinations tool, they have another keyword to select the tool. Personally I prefer Google over there, they got some pretty cool tools there. Giving away my secrets, Chris.

Chris: We’ll edit that it. If we edited it, which we don’t, we would edit that out.

Chuck: Oh, use plural versus singular, all right? Computer book, computers book, computer books, same situation, so definitely people, you know, search singular or plural, just depending in their mindset. You definitely want to take advantage of both of them.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: This i a good one here, you separated, hyphenated and merge the keywords. So, for example email.

Chris: Right, or E dash mail.

Chuck: All one word. E dash mail or E space mail.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Definitely include all those in your keywords. You hate to lose the clients who always do the hyphen and you’re on exact match and you didn’t have the hyphen and this person wanted to buy the biggest thing you had, you know…

Chris: The super e-mail package.

Chuck: That’s probably free with Google apps.

Chris: Or it used to be free with the Google apps.

Chuck: I know right, yeah, they lower that to 10 users now.

Chris: Yeah, use to be 20, it used to be 50…

Chuck: 50 and then 25…

Chris: Now it’s 10.

Chuck: Yes, soon it’s going to be 1.


Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: All right, geographic location. You know about this, my think on geographic location is in ad words, you know, this is across the board but specifically in ad words be sure to consider the zip codes ‘cause you can target by zip codes and so for example in Houston, you know, if I’m targeting the actual Houston metro area then yes, I’ll tag the zip code, ‘cause there’s so many zip code in a county.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: But at the same time in Missouri City there’s only two, so just tagging my keyword, you know, AC repair Missouri City is just fine enough, you know, but AC repair Houston opens up a whole new string of people that I don’t even, you know may not be…

Chris: I don’t want to cross down to servers.

Chuck: Exactly. Use adjectives, you got to be careful with these, best, free, cheap, amazing, stuff like that. You know, adjectives take up valuable real estate in your ad takes, you know, you only 35 characters on each line and so…

Chris: And we talked about continuity, so you don’t really want to big in free A advice and not have free AC advice.

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: On the landing page. So, yeah.

Chuck: Well, and then Chris earlier you talked about some of the sites who may not be that aesthetically pleasing. So the lasting you wanted to do is bringing it on, you know beautiful such a search and they click and they go to an ugly site.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You know, you definitely want your target to be consistent across the broad. And this is the one I disagree with, the last one. He put domain names, like in the attic.

Chris: Oh, no, yeah.

Chuck: You know and that’s a keyword. So I’m not going to use ewebstyle.com as a keyword.

Chris: No. No.

Chuck: You know.

Chris: In fact we have a complaint for a Google Boost which is now like Google Fast, AdSense or something. I have to figure out what the terminology for that ‘cause they were, we were actually paying when people typed in ewebstyle and click on our Paperclick ad. It’s like I don’t need, you know, they’re looking for us.

Not only in the first page, we’re on the first page with you know multiple pages identified and there’s no reason to do Paperclick on your own domain name, there’s no reason to do it on your own name in general, business name in general.

Chuck: Yeah, especially if that’s your domain name because there’s a 99% chance that you’ll show up first place anywhere.

Chris: Yeah, you know we also wouldn’t be on Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, right. Because if people who – somebody who types that is looking for us.

Chuck: Looking for us…

Chris: And we’re going, frankly we’re the entire first page in that situation, why I’m going to pay some, why I’m going to ad one extra spot that cost me money, this is damn.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: For those people who don’t, there are some who don’t realize it’s sponsored ads or Paperclick ads at the top, I don’t think what they think, while these guys are earning in the top 3 positions. Oh, but look they have the next 9.

Chuck: The next 9.

Chris: if that’s what they think, that’s fine they’re going to find us.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That’s cool. Is that okay?

Chuck: That’s all we got for PPC Keywords research.

Chris: So that finishes our kind of keyword segment. We’ve done 3 Podcast of keywords, as we always say just like in real estate where it’s location, location, location. In internet marketing its keyword, keyword, keyword. That’s why our tip from our last Podcast was whatever amount of keyword research you think you need do double it and spend more time with it because you got to get the keywords right if you’re optimizing and tweaking and adjusting specifically for a bad keyword you’re wholly wasting time and – and then potentially in terms of Paperclick wasting…

Chuck: Money.

Chris: Wasting as you click dollars. So, make sure you take care of that. I think that’s…

Chuck: You got blank stare on that.

Chris: Oh, blank stare in this, right.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: It feels better with the mic, right.

Chuck: Yeah, that was a good blank.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Blank stare at Facebook. So check this out.

Chris: Facebook, right?

Chuck: Yeah, Facebook. They sent an e-mail, I got it – I got it. They sent in an e-mail, they said, we’re sending you this e-mail because we’re changing our settings so you won’t receive too many more e-mails.

Chris: Yeah, it may actually serve a purpose, it’s just inherently bizarre.

Chuck: Yeah. Yeah. So they’re changing the notification.

Chris: I made them a phone call ‘cause I want to let you know that I won’t be calling you anymore.

Chuck: Yeah. Yeah. They changing the notification settings so, so many e-mails won’t go out as often and instead they’re going to group them about summary. So, like I use to get an e-mail, you know, probably every hour, such as requesting to be a friend. So I guess now I get a group them on. Oh, at least people who wants to be your friend.

Chris: Yeah, in 3 hours, yeah or whatever it is, yeah.

Chuck: So, yeah they said they just post it in.

Chris: They change out their whole layout too, right. What I’ve seen so far like I don’t.

Chuck: It’s okay, you know, I’m mostly Facebook mobile. I’m never on the site…

Chris: Yeah, that’s true.

Chuck: And, so but, I just thought it’s interesting that they would send the e-mail to say that they’re not going to be sending e-mails.

Chris: That’s definitely blank stare worthy. I actually, and GPlus is – is fast picking it up, I’m getting more – more followers on it.

Chuck: I’m getting added into the circle. Circle me.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: GPlus Charles Lewis, look for me.

Chris: Yup. GPlus Chris Burres as well. Don’t forget about me.

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Chuck: Yes.

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Until the next Podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Chuck: Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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