PPC MC Vs The SEO Rapper

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PPC MC Vs The SEO Rapper
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PPC MC Vs The SEO Rapper

Chris:                           For you guys who have been following PPC MC came out and challenged the SEO Rapper here standing next to us, Chuck, to a live battle, right?


Chuck:                         Right.


Chris:                           And he came out with the — well, we’ll call it a video. And we’ll call it a rap and you put together just a killer response to it. I mean if you go onto YouTube, it’s actually easier to find if you type “PPC MC” ‘cause you have other videos that has so many —


Chuck:                         It’s easier to find, if you go to TheSEOrapper.com


Chris:                           Oh, yeah, TheSEOrapper.com.


Chuck:                         And just click on — just right there, it’s says “SEO Rapper versus PPC MC,” click that and then outline the whole story on how you challenge me, how I declined it, then he kind of got — started filling himself I guess, and decide to put a video which was lame and then I came back.


Paul:                            So it’s fresh new content.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Wow!


Paul:                            What a concept.


Chuck:                         So yeah, the other night though he posted another one.


Chris:                           Another one.


Chuck:                         Round two he calls it.


Chris:                           Ding! Ding! Ding!


Chuck:                         Yeah, he’s going back at me. Pretty much he called me fat and I ain’t that cut.




Chuck:                         But that was funny.


Chris:                           That was funny. I think it was funny.


Chuck:                         But I said I ain’t that cut, so I thought that was funny. He talked about my dance.


Chris:                           And he did this? He was trippin’ on your dance?


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           By the way, before we continue that stride, I want to segue ‘cause in looking up, researching, checking out stuff I ended up on our website that was talking about the page rank and the comments were hilarious.


Paul:                            About the page rank dance?


Chris:                           Yeah. Well, not about the page rank dance but — so, it’s your page rank song and somebody put this nice 2-3 paragraphs about it and how it’s actually good content which we all know. It’s actually well composed rapped. It’s actually nice. The first comment was hilarious. It said, “I’m going to lose my virginity to this song.”


Chuck:                         Yeah, I don’t even know if you could that.




Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           And then it just went off in this whole angle of — it reminds back in the day when I rapped this “html LL Cool J.”


Paul:                            Oh, I love these comments.


Chuck:                         And the “www.”


Chris:                           Yeah. And another one was “DMX ML,” “The Notorious URL.”


Paul:                            Oh, I like that one.


Chris:                           That’s good. “ISP Diddy.”


Paul:                            It took me a minute to get that one but I got it. I was like “Oh!”


Chris:                           “CP MNM.” I do like “Ask EE.”


Paul:                            I like that one, “Ask EE.” That was pretty cool.


Chris:                           “FTPenis.”



Chris:                           It’s just funny ‘cause it’s got the word “penis” in it.


Paul:                            What?


Chuck:                         Yeah, there you go. I’m going to chill on that. You know I’m going to follow and transport my — yeah.


Paul:                            Oh, wow.


Chris:                           “MC Meta Tag.”


Paul:                            I like that one, “MC Meta Tag.”


Chris:                           “Big Boilean.”




Chris:                           “Boolean” is a computer term. And then another comment down — later down, it was like, “Oh-oh. Now, here’s comes the inevitable, East Coast, West Coast, Search Engine Feud. It will ultimately in, in the sad death of the notorious B-I-N-G.”


Paul:                            That’s what’s up. Wow!


Chris:                           And then I just love this one. “I don’t trust raps that teach me stuff. Don’t try to make me a better person with your rhymes.




Chris:                           I love how the — you know, these things just segue. That’s how social media works, right?


Chuck:                         That’s social.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         That’s social. You start off with one topic and more people chat me in and the topic tends to spread which is a good thing. You get interested in unique content like that.


Chris:                           So, you put out the video, the response to him and all the comments are like, “You killed him.” “What’s he doing?” “He’ll never come back.” And what happens?


Chuck:                         He comes back.


Chris:                           He comes back.


Chuck:                         He comes back and so… What’s up dude? I’m not sure if I’m going to respond or not. Both of you all heard it —


Chris:                           Chuck, he was apparently fired up after you installed the video and laid down the track like immediately.


Chuck:                         Freestyle on top of that. But let me clarify this one second, ‘cause Aaron he gets out there and he was like “Chuck, you do this rehearsed and you’re a great producer, and blah, blah, blah.” Freestyle!


Chris:                           And this is by the way all true, great producer. You know we’ll that compliment.


Chuck:                         Yeah, man. This is off the top of the hit just going at you bro. So yeah, fasten your seatbelt, yeah.


Chris:                           But you know I got — one line that really sums it all up. And I’m going to see if I’ll —



Chuck:                         I’m waiting on the —


Paul:                            And I know the number and I was like, “Probably he knows this now.”


Chris:                           It’s lyrical —


Chuck:                         Abusing.


Chris:                           — abusing. Yeah. If you decide to put — you know, honestly I’m — I think eventually you should put it out ‘cause it’s awesome, right? I’m not sure it’s right, he is just — all I see is like — I thought of this. You know the bell goes off and they come out — he comes out flailing, that’s all he did. He was like, he’s arms are all over the place. He’s trying to put together this rap and this video and his arms were flailing, and if you really put that out, it’s going to be just kind of like “Ding! Ding! Ding!” You know so…


Chuck:                         Yeah, those are robot hands.


Paul:                            Rock em’ suck em’.


Chuck:                         Yeah, rock em’ suck em’.


Chris:                           I think you should let your Facebook followers, let them kind of guide you ‘cause my feeling is too much, like you killed it.


Chuck:                         Yeah. Those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook /m0serious holler at me. Give me your opinion. As a matter of fact, go to my boy Darren Booy. Hold on, let me take this time to shoutout to Mona, Darren’s cat had passed this morning.


Paul:                            Oohh.


Chuck:                         His cat’s name is Mona.


Paul:                            Oohh, that sucks.


Chuck:                         And so — yeah, Darren created a page, Ultimateseopccbattle.com and go to this site, check it out and vote for me, listen to — watch both videos and comment, let there be will no unfortunate respond or not.


Chris:                           Actually, you don’t even need to watch both videos. Watch the one on the left —


Chuck:                         Yeah, watch them live ‘cause he has his own there.


Chris:                           And he put his first and then — so you can see both of them all put together there.


Chuck:                         Yeah, so check that out then holler at me. Let me know what you think.


Chris:                           Now, if that was on Blank Stare enough we’ve got — we actually have some Blank Stare News so…


Chuck:                         Yeah, I got some Blank Stare.


Paul:                            Blank.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah. Empty head. Oh, good job.


Chuck:                         Super blank.


Paul:                            Right. Make sure it’s right in the room because —




Chuck:                         Oh, yeah. Well, we’re talking about AOL, remember that date? Acquired on Huffington Post a few weeks ago right?


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         Blank Stare for AOL though. They fired like over 200 people.


Paul:                            How many people worked there? Those are like —


Chris:                           250.




Chuck:                         No, but they fired over 200 people to bring on Huffington’s 200 people.


Chris:                           Oh, they fired their own 200 people? Oh!


Paul:                            Oh, that’s got the suck.




Chuck:                         Okay, so I imagine the Huffington people come in like, “Go and give me that disc.”


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Yeah.




Chris:                           What’s your name? John? John Smith? Yeah, when you hear them you got to go. In fact they asked me to give you this. I really need that spot right now.


Paul:                            Yeah, that’s suck — that sucks.



Chris:                           It doesn’t happen that way. Usually like the acquired company gets the pink slips.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Yeah, that’s cool.


Chuck:                         It just shows them what they thought about you guys.


Chris:                           Wow! But that’s harsh.


Chuck:                         That is really harsh.


Chris:                           Now, that is Blank Stare News. All right, you guys have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. You can stalk us, follow us on Twitter.com/ewebstyle. Like us on Facebook.com/ewebstyle. We’ve got a YouTube channel, YouTube.com/ewebstyle. Send us an e-mail, Podcast@e-webstyle.com. We also do websites. We really — I mean the company has kind of evolved where we’ll take care of not just SEO but everything internet marketing.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Download videos, social media, or whatever it maybe.


Chuck:                         Internet marketing, banner ads.


Paul:                            Websites.


Chuck:                         SEO, PPC, website custom — you got to put “custom” in there. Custom web designs.


Paul:                            Yeah, custom.


Chris:                           Well, and there’s a real value of having one company that does all of this, so if you were out there looking for somebody to design your website or somebody to do your internet marketing, there’s real value. In fact Goldman in his rap said — “rap” I say in quotes said that it takes weeks to get an engineer to make a change to a website and he can change the ad of PPC instantly. It doesn’t take weeks to make a change.


Chuck:                         Yeah, about 10 minutes.


Chris:                           Yeah. If we decide to pull the trigger it happens. And I think there’s value in having the web design company and the internet company the same. And one of those values is, we look at the performance of a website. If you’re a web designer, makes a website, enhance it off too an internet marketing company and they’re like “Oh, we’re throwing all of these traffic at it.” Great, but what if the traffic is not closing?


Chuck:                         Yeah, what if it’s not converting.


Chris:                           Who is responsible for making sure that the traffic arriving at your website actually turns into something? If it’s just a news letter sign up, if it’s an —


Chuck:                         E-commerce, some purchase, it could be a download, it could be a contact form submission, a phone call, whatever that– you know preferment of a contact is, who becomes responsible and then walking a person or the web design person, right?


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         And depending on how much you pay them, they might — you know, you might fall through the cracks and you end up with a site that looks good, gets traffic and no conversions. That’s one of the benefits of having a company that will do all of it.


Chris:                           Yup. So even if you’re not choosing us, you know makes sure that the company you’re working with has some experience on the whole process ‘cause the whole process collectively is of value, individually there’s actually not as much value in it. The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I’ll tell Aaron Goldman. I do what I do, more than just SEO.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Right, wake up bro.


Chris:                           And then you slammed him on his own PPC tactics.


Chuck:                         Yeah.




Chuck:                         Watch the video, you all check it out.


Chris:                           Thank you guys for listening. Again, we appreciate it if you go out on to iTunes create an account and put a review. Let us know about that review. If you go to our Facebook page, there is a “reviews “– well, it used to be a tab, right? Now, it’s — ‘cause Facebook was changed.


Chuck:                         Yeah, it’s the new — yeah.


Chris:                           On the left there is a reviews link and so that will show you our page where you can write a review. We really appreciate that. Have I covered everything? I think.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I think that’s it.


Paul:                            Ah… Yeah.


Chris:                           Yeah. All right, we’re good. All right, well —


Paul:                            Content forms so that — that was algorithm changes.


Chris:                           Algorithm changes. And we’ll write down our tips as soon as we’re done. Thank you guys for listening. My name is Chris Burres.


Paul:                            Paul Hanson.


Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.


Chris:                           Bye-bye for now.

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