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Eighth SEO Podcast Feb. 13th 2009.  Second page of Transcription

Paul: Really?

Chris: I do want to give, give props coming some of this information out of or we want to make sure that you visit them.

Paul: Yeah, awesome place for information.

Chris: Yeah. So we’re getting some of our information from there as well as some other locations and of course our own expertise, but this is a… Barbara Fischer has put together a great succinct document and we’re using that as a guideline for our discussion today.

Paul: I think that’s Barbara Cullen you’re saying. You better give me props on that.

Chris: [Laughing]. Yeah. Like you said we’re in this podcast to give back to SEO community and certainly this is a great document. So Barbara Fischer good on you,, make sure you guys visit them. They’re a good source. One thing we talked early on and one of our first podcast about the difference between SEM and SEO, search engine marketing and search engine optimization, and just kind of reiterate pay-per-click is definitely an aspect of search engine marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of focusing on organic search placement. And some of the things that we’re going to say as we go through and talk about pay-per-click, SEM is… pay-per-click is part of SEM. We’re really going to be talking about search engine marketing as a whole because all of these, the effectiveness of your pay-per-click, the effectiveness of your search engine marketing, in general, the effectiveness of your search engine optimization depends on your strategy. So it’s fitting that we started off with have an online strategy. And one of the things that you want to always want to identify and in fact, that was kind of the genesis of this discussion… is SE’s also a little slow; have a long term goal, have a short term goal. Maybe your long term goal is to only be going search engine optimization and only organic placement because statistics say that you get significantly more click to organic and there is at least one study. Unfortunately, I can’t quote what that study is. So you’re going to have to trust me on this. There is a study out there that talks about how people actually have more faith, give more credibility to links that they click when they click in the organic section. If I’m confusing you, what’s the difference between organic and pay-per-click, go back and listen to our podcast because we do discuss that.

Paul: Was that the golden triangle study?

Chris: I think, well, no, it wasn’t.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t that one. That’s a great study, a lot of SEO people reference it and that talks about the fact that you actually get more clicks and what’s called the Golden Triangle, which is typically the first three positions on page 1 of Google and that was in contrast to what kind of clicks do you get for pay-per-click. The one I’m talking about I read once. I didn’t bookmark it. I obviously should have because it’s a powerful piece of information if it’s true.

Paul: [Laughing].

Chris: I’m just being honest, guys.

Paul: Good point. Good point.

Chris: I’m just being honest. Hey, I read it on the internet.

Paul: [Laughing].

Chris: It can’t be more true than that.

Paul: So it must be true.

Chris: Unless it was on Wikipedia or Wikipedia or whether however you want to pronounce that. And again, that stat is that people actually give more credence. They have more belief in the organic placements. And you know, it kind of makes sense because you know someone selling something. There is this part of your brain that says, “Oh, they’re trying to sell me something so they maybe lying.”

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So we want to talk about…. So when we talk about short term, long term SEO and pay-per-click are all combined in that. So in that situation again, that’s all part of your search engine marketing not just your pay-per-click. So next thing you want to talk about is set a realistic monthly budget.

Paul: I think a lot of companies go out there and they just had to have that approach. So we’re just going to throw money at the wall and see what’s next. And then you take that same approach with their budget. You know, 100 bucks, 2000 bucks, okay, why? You know, where are these numbers have made? You know, and say your budget real is if you sell blue one-arm widgets for a dollar. A ten-thousand dollar budget, you know, maybe not be a realistic budget for your company and of course that’s an extreme example.

Chris: You think more than 10 thousand?

Paul: You know, if I’m doing it, I’m going to say 20 thousand dollars. [Laughing]. You know, have a realistic budget for it. You know think about your product, your cost in the product, your profit margin on this product, and it’s going to differ company to company, budget to budget, product to product.

Chris: Exactly. And again that comes down to your, you know, search engine marketing company should be working with you to help you kind of define those goals. You know, you don’t want to throw too much money at it and really again, this all comes down to managing the campaign properly because you can stretch 500 dollars a long way if you’re doing the right kind, if you’ve got the skill and you can watch 500 dollars go down to tubes really quickly.

Paul: In a couple of hours.

Chris: Exactly. You know, depending on the key words that you’re working with and depending if you know how to setup the campaign. It’s a manner of expertise. Next we’ve got, “Prepare Your Website.” Why would you want to prepare your website before doing pay-per-click because obviously you throw money at people going to click on you and then that’s a sale, you know that seem so obvious and we really get this where people will come to us and say, “Hey, I’m ready to do search engine optimization or I’m ready to do pay-per-click.” And you pull-up your website and your first thought is, “No, you are not.”

Paul: I’m going to say most of the people that come to us are in that same boat. They have to do some sort of preparation.

Chris: In general, at sales here at E-Webstyle your focus is search engine optimization and so how many of them of the clients that we get for search engine optimization, how many have to do a website first?

Paul: All of them, every single one of them.

Chris: Every single one of them.

Paul: And there site, they may not think that, but they’re site may look pretty and it may look very nice, but in the preparation that we’re talking about is may not be just how it looks or it’s a whole lot more to that.

Chris: Maybe this is a good time to throw in that office supply company we’re talking about the other day.

Paul: Oh, you know I think that’s perfect example.

Chris: So here is an example for “prepare your website”. There is an office supply company in the Houston area that we’ve been talking with and they have a very nice online shopping cart website. When you go there, it’s not done yet. They’re still finishing off the details, but you can see that’s going to look like a very good website and you can purchase products there. And when we started analyzing, “Okay, how we’re going to prepare this website to support their sales process in Houston area. And here is why you want to work with E-Webstyle or want to work with the company that has the entrepreneurial experience that E-Webstyle has because you know the first SEO company you talked to may look at that and say, “Oh, wow! Well, you know we should just mark it optimized for CDs because you sell CDs or you should optimize for paper because you sell lots of paper or you know we do ask two questions, “What do you sell the most of and what makes you the most money?” And people might say, “Oh, we should optimize for what you sell the most of and what makes you the most money”, but here at E-Webstyle, we get a little deeper into this client and we start understading, “Okay, so why would somebody go to this client, we’ll call them, Jo’s Office Supply versus Office Depot or Office Max? And the reason boils down to customer service. Well, really it boils down to customer service. Some of the pitches is that they can have same day delivery, which is customer service. [Chuckles].

Paul: Customer service.

Chris: So they’re sales force when they knock on the door, they’re not selling paper, which they sell the most of or CDs, which makes them the most money. They’re selling a service and currently the website doesn’t support that service at all.

Paul: It supports a shopping cart.

Chris: Yeah. Well, at all is a little rough because if they’re in the door and they’re saying this is our service and we’ve got great website. Yes, it’s great website too. At least, it looks professional, but it doesn’t pitch to the customer

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