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This is a transcript from our 141st Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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Punch in the Face Podcast

Charles: And I felt them because I have been there in the refrigerator late night. And he looked like he wants to say, yes I am [00:07:09] [inaudible].

Chris: Yeah, exactly. I’m gonna eat it anyway.

Did you wanna have another one that you wanna … kicking lizard, that’s one.

Charles: Kicking lizard. Let’s see if I can remember this. “SEO is to kicking lizard…”

Chris: No, monkey or something.

Charles: Yeah, I’m sorry.

Chris: Facebook.com/ewebstyle. Got you. Yes.

Charles: I was thinking about kicking lizard as to talking monkeys, something.

Chris: That’s kicking lizard, yeah.

Charles: It was funny.

Chris: Go to our Facebook page, check that out. And also hit us up on our Facebook page.

Okay. I debated putting a tattoo on because we have this long list that we’re going through for all the international reviews that we received on iTunes so if you set your iTunes to UK, if you set it to Australia, if you set it to New Zealand, and there’s different reviews for our podcast out there and we’re kind of go on through those.

And there was no new podcast in the US. So, come on Americans.

Charles: Let me get the review at.

Chris: Yes.

Charles: It’s pretty quick. It’s not that hard. Three steps: go to iTunes, sign up for an account, and post the review. It’s not hard.

Chris: And if you want to, one more step, send an e-mail to podcast@e-webstyle.com. And let us know that you submitted the review and we’ll read it on air and give you a little bit of link [00:08:24] [inaudible] and a punch in the face, which if you don’t know is a good thing.

So, here is one review of our podcast. Quality info and these guys don’t preach. This is from Firstpagesydney.com. It reads –

“Great podcast for all levels of SEO.”

Charles: That’s pretty cool.

Chris: “These guys know their stuff but don’t preach other than – Don’t be a douche. I like Chris’ Seth Rogen laugh. Sometimes it blows the audio levels and I laugh along like a mental chimp in the car. “

Back to the monkeys, we’re a monkey show today.

“We’d like to get the theme as well but can’t work out the song with [00:09:07] [inaudible]. “

By the way, the song, the theme song, Gold Mine is by [00:09:13] [phonetics] who is a friend of mine and his band is Circle the Cat, and they’ve disbanded. So, hit me up, I can see if I can try — [00:09:22] [inaudible] and I’ve been a little lax about getting back to them. I can see if I can get you, maybe he’s got some cd’s you can buy somewhere.

Charles: We’ll find the mp3 somewhere.

Chris: He says, “Keep it up, guys, with the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.” That’s Murray Stewart in Sydney, Australia.

Charles: A punch in the face to you. Appreciate your listening. Appreciate your—maybe you’re watching. But if you’re on iTunes, you’re probably listening. So, thanks. Appreciate your support and hit us up.

Chris: The next one, title is SEO rap from Texas. I wonder who they’re talking about there.

“What’s up, sport? Always good, entertaining content, easy to listen to, relevant subject matter, interest first with irreverent humor.”


I like it. That’s good.

“Not so sure about the punch in the face references but I guess Texas is full of cowboys and all those steroids and the beef are percolating up through the food train.”

Apparently it’s a steroid infused punch in the face to you.

Charles: Yeah. Punch in the face is good. You know that?

Chris: Yeah. This is – what’s up, sport?

Charles: It’s the equivalent to a shout out for those who don’t know. Instead of screaming at you, I’d rather punch you in the face.

Chris: It seems so more intimate. And it’s even more intimate if you go watch the slow motion pictures of people getting punched in the face. It’s hilarious.

Charles: I might have to go repost it.

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