Remarketing, Social Media Vs SEO

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Seventy-Ninth Internet Marketing Podcast October 8th 2010. Second page of Show Notes

Remarketing, Social Media Vs SEO

Chris: Kelly Gillease. Kelly G.

So, this is a good article about retargeting, remarketing, what you’re going to do with those articles. I mean… What is retargeting?

Paul: It’s something that — I’m glad we brought this out ‘cause retargeting and remarketing is — what’s up Javier?

Chris: What’s up Javier?

Javier: Good morning.

Paul: It’s something that we’re starting to — nice jacket by the way.

Javier: Thank you.

Paul: [Laughs]. There we go. [Laughs]. He said he stole it.

Chris: [Laughs]

Javier: I stole it from Chris.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: That is —

Paul: Out of Chris’ closet.

Chris: That is retargeting. [Laughs] He retargeted the jacket. [Laughs]

Paul: Retargeting or remarketing is something we’re trying to get into at E-Webstyle and it’s something I’m starting to notice a lot more. So, let’s say you went to — you know, give your example of the web domain.

Chris: I love that. This example is pretty crazy. So, you know, of course, we’re often searching domains and we actually use the interface. I mean we purchase it from another wholesaler, but we use the interface of — I use the interface Register or sometimes Network Solutions mostly So, I’m looking up this keyword and later in the day, and we had had some conversations in the prior month about remarketing and retargeting. Later in that same day because of those conversations, I was really aware of what’s going on with the banner ads that I’m seeing. I don’t remember what website I was on. I was just on another website and it literally said, don’t lose xyz, which was the domain I have been searching.

Paul: Uh-huh.

Chris: So not only did it remarket to me, it remarketed the specific domain name that I had been looking for. I mean that was actually — I copied that. Actually, I took a screen shot and emailed it to everyone we’ve been having conversations about retargeting or remarketing ‘cause how powerful is that? I mean–

Paul: I think it’s huge. I had a similar example about three days ago. I was on the Texas Renaissance Festival website ‘cause I’m a weirdo like that and I like that kind of stuff. And I went to yesterday —

Chris: You’ve got to get your Renaissance song?

Paul: I do.


The Houston Chronicles’ website is and I go to it, and there was a banner for the Texas Renaissance Festival. I was like wow, okay, I just went there. I’m probably not going to buy a ticket this weekend, but they remarketed to me. And that’s remarket.

And here I’ll read the definition from the article. It says, “On the most basic level, retargeting/remarketing is leveraging the visitor audience a site already receives to market more aggressively to that qualified audience. Additionally, most marketers either exclude or specifically target visitors that have completed transactions versus those who have not. Even more complex targeting regarding what content visitors brows can be implemented with many retargeting solutions.” So, what websites that you’re going to, what things that you’re searching for are all brought back to you at a later date on a website, and it’s a very effective format of marketing. We’ve actually taken it on here at E-Webstyle.


Chris: When we talk to clients we talk about phases. Like, okay, phase 1 is usually maybe stretching your current internet marketing budget a little bit because most people are typically under budget for internet marketing. And then we talk about phase 2, 3, 4, and potentially 5 where hey this is where we’re ramping up. We’re proving effectiveness, your business is growing so we need to increase pay-per-click, we need to increase spend on SEO. And phase 2 is now incorporated banner ads – banner remarketing because it’s so powerful. I mean they came to your website, which is some expression of interest already. We can govern the particular page that they — we can know what particular page they went on.

As a great example, in our blog, I have a lot of technical information. We do IT in and around the city of Houston so I’ve got things about Citrix servers in our blog. I’ve got things about WordPress in our blog. And if somebody were to go, you know, in depth on our website because they searched the term about Citrix, we don’t really want to remarket to those people, because they could be anywhere in the county and Citrix system is something that we focus on. We really only want to remarket to the people who have visited our internet marketing page or our pay-per-click page or, you know, one of our web design pages. We potentially want to remarket to them differently, right? Hey make sure you get the most awesome website — this is great copy guys you can’t —

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: — you can’t steal this. Get the most awesome website, don’t miss out on the most awesome website, if they went to our web design and development page. You know things like that. So, that’s one of the powers of remarketing or retargeting and Kelly calls retargeting. We’re more familiar with the term remarketing ‘cause you’re marketing again to somebody who’s already been marketed to. And retargeting —

Paul: And I think it’s great. It’s proven that it’s effective. It works and now that I am — my eyes have been open to remarketing… My eyes were typically trained to skip advertisements period, all advertisements; PPC, banner ads, everything. And now, just over the past like three to four months, I’ve retrained my brain and now I see banner ads everywhere. Now I notice that I was just on that site two or three days ago or a half hour ago and now they’re remarketing to me.

Now when we got — we would say we’ve thrown out a lot of stuff here lately, PPC and SEO and remarketing and email marketing and social media marketing. I would probably say, just like we said last week, don’t let — social media should not come before search.

Chris: Correct.

Paul: And I think this is definitely true with remarketing.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: Get your search campaign down first. Once you have got that going or your campaign management company is doing a phenomenal job that we do, then, you know, start asking about remarketing.

Chris: Remarketing.

Paul: But I would say don’t kick search out of the window —

Chris: Yup.

Paul: — for remarketing and social marketing. Get your search down first, get your PPC, get your SEO and then do some remarketing.

Chris: And there are some potential situations where, you know, if you’re in a highly unknown business — and I think this is a pretty cool example. This week I went to a dentist and I went to the dentist at — you know, this is exciting, right?

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: Woo-hoo.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: I went at a dental spa. So, you know, they do facials, they do hand massage, whatever. The ambience, the environment was very spa like. They greeted me. They offered me wine and coffee. It’s a unique experience. Different than the, you know, fear-ridden —

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You know, “Shut up. Sit down. I’m not going to knock you out this time ‘cause it’s not that much” —

Paul: [Laughs] Yeah.

Chris: — and, you know, go after it. And so, that kind of business needs to be marketed in a different way. Certainly, if anyone in Houston types in dental spa, they need to come up.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: But they also should be doing some marketing where — you know, some banner ad marketing where they’re saying things, where they’re branding, where they’re educating the consumer about, you know, where you don’t hate your dentist — the dentist you love. You know —

Paul: Yeah. I think —

Chris: — or things like that.

Paul: — that’s a great idea. I never thought about it like that because I would probably — I’ve heard of a dental spa once probably in my life, but it’s not something I would really search for. Or if it’s a product I’ve never heard of, obviously, I’m not going to search for it.

Chris: Exactly.

Paul: ‘Cause I didn’t know. Hey, but it showed when I was at, you know, ESPN Fantasy Football. And that, you know —

Chris: Uh-hum.

Paul: Well, maybe dental spa is not a good example, but–


Chris: Yeah, you have the Fantasy–

Paul: — the point I’m making —

Chris: — Football and now I can go get my facial.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: My nails done.

Paul: And my mani and pedi.


All for 35 bucks.

Chris: Right before I get my Renaissance song.


I’ve got clean teeth.

Paul: Right before I bust this dude in this Fantasy Football.

Chris: Right before I punch my next customer, I have good breath and nice nails. [Laughs]

Paul: I mean branding is a great way to use or remarketing is a great way to do…

Chris: Branding.

Paul: — also to branding ‘cause it’s–– you know, a lot of things I just never heard before. There’s actually a guy that I talked about that — the homebuilder guy.

Chris: Right.

Paul: He’d be a great example for it. I had a conversation with a guy who was a homebuilder, but he has a brand new way of building homes that’s never been done before using aluminum extrusions. And, you know, people don’t search for aluminum extrusion built homes —

Chris: Home, yeah.

Paul: — ‘cause they didn’t know they’d do it. That’s a great example.

One thing to look — you know, one thing to watch out for when you are considering doing some remarketing, you want to do a cost comparison of there’s a lot of different companies out there that do it. We do it. DoubleClick does it, AdBrites, SpecificMedia does it.

Chris: And we really think it should be part of a plan, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You know, if you’re doing this all yourself we understand, okay that’s, you know, part of the reason you’re listening to the podcast. Really, remarketing is part of an entire internet marketing plan that we really come up with kind of on our first conversation, which is there’s phase 1, phase 2 includes some remarketing, phase 3 increases budgets because we’re getting good ROI, a little bit more remarketing, a little branding. Or in the case of the dental spa, the branding — I mean the remarketing and the banner ads are going to come in a lot earlier.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: Because not too — you know, you can’t rely on search for something people don’t have information about. So, I just wanted to throw that in.

Paul: And that’s very true. So, when you’re thinking about doing it, you want to take a few things into consideration. Obviously, the cost model that they’re using; is it a cost per click type of model. You also want to look at the person’s — the marketing company’s reach.

And basically it’s — and here’s a line I’m going to steal from this is, “retargeting solutions often vary in their network reach and partnership, though there are many providers that have a greater 90% reach and have quite a lot of network overlap.” So you want to get someone that has — you know, we actually have, I believe, it’s greater than 90% reach that we can get out to a larger market. Basically, it’s saying, you want to choose someone that can find you anywhere —

Chris: Yeah, there’s no —

Paul: — no matter where you are.

Chris: There’s no reason to remarket if the only place they can remarket is Fantasy Football and you’re, you know, doing dental spa.

Paul: Exactly.

Chris: ‘Cause let’s be honest Fantasy Footballs guys probably never got to the dental spa in the first place.

Paul: That they’re admitting.

Chris: That they’re admitting unless they go to the renaissance.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: And they’re comfortable with that. So, you know, there’s no value in remarketing in that particular case on that website.

Paul: Yeah. So you want to find a company that has a large, large reach that they could basically — you know, I look — they can find me anywhere. I go to the Texas Renaissance Fest website and then I’m on, you know,, and they can find me there. No matter where I am on the internet.

Chris: Is that a porn site?

Paul: It kind of sounds like it.


Your reach — so like — I saw you on that porn site the other day. We’re going to remarket this Texas Renaissance Festival right on top of that

Chris: You will be distracted. You know what, we’ve been pontificating here long enough. We really should get a truly expert opinion on remarketing and banner ads in general so… You know, who I’m talking about. We’ve got —

Paul: What’s up, the Prince of Social Media.

Chris: The Prince?

Paul: [Laughs] I said it to give you a little shock.

Chris: As long as he’s not the —

Paul: Oh, men.

Chris: — satanic king of —

Paul: Yeah. You know, I left my haiku. I was going to be the king of social media.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: So I was going to write a haiku.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: No, I wasn’t. Actually, it’s a terrible idea. [Laughs]

Chris: I was just impressed that you brought in the word haiku.

Paul: Yeah. You know, that’s right.

Chris: So, let’s bring in the social media master himself. He’s also known as the SEO Rapper and he’s helping us here out at E-Webstyle often and in big ways. You can squeeze around the mic… maybe. [Laughs] Come on out here and give us your opinion on remarketing and banner ads. Dude awesome.

Paul: I was a little — just a little ballet dance.


Chris: You love our staging, right?

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: It was elegant for him.

Charles: Well thought out.


Chris: Great utilization of space.

Charles: Uh-hum.

Chris: So what do you think about remarketing? What do you think about — and banner ads in general?

Charles: I think remarketing — well first off, I used to hate banner ads, right?

Paul: Me too.

Charles: You know, I think everybody did. But I think when used right with the right remarketing campaign then it can be effective.


Chris: Yup.

Charles: Because I hate it.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Right? I hate them because they get my attention. I always look at them. I don’t want to look at them. They’re flashy. I’m —

Chris: I might have to buy something–

Charles: — they’re forceful at you.

Chris: — if I look at them.

Charles: I might like it and I don’t want to like it. You know, cheap. And so in that case it may work, especially if you’re remarketing me something that I’m interested in.

Chris: So, I already know he’s going to have clean teeth, clean nails, foot and hand, next week he’s going to — he’s already subject to the marketing we’ve been doing in this podcast.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: We’re going to be the neatest, cleanest SEOers in the planet. ‘Cause we’ve got great Medicare.

Paul: You know, I think it’s funny how — like I don’t like it either, but when it’s like, oh wait it works and I can make money off of it…?

Charles: You do.

Paul: You know maybe —

Charles: It isn’t so bad.


Paul: You know, you hate it until you use it and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I hate it, but it makes me you know x thousand dollars a month so I don’t hate it so much anymore.” [Laughs]

Charles: Yeah, start promoting it.

Paul: [Laughs]

Charles: You that’s a good banner ad.


Paul: I don’t even know why you’re on this organic section.

Charles: Yeah.

Paul: It’s garbage.

Chris: You need to go with that stuff everyone ignores.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Banner ad.

I also wanted Charles to give some input. You know, I mentioned earlier that Darren Booy gave us kind of a critical analysis, not criticism, critical analysis of our website. Boy, do we appreciate it. You know, he hit us up on Facebook and he said hey are you interested? You know, I’m a big proponent of giving somebody’s buy-in before I thrash —

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: — anything they do. You asked for it. No. We really appreciate it and I know Charles hit him back and said something to the effect that a lot of the negatives, excuse me that you came up with were things that we were thinking about. And I wanted Charles to come in and kind of comment on those. ‘Cause I think it’s relevant for our listeners to know, you know what the first time we put up a website — that’s why it’s so important that SEO is a monthly service.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: Internet marketing is a month-to-month process. You know, you put up a website and then you get, you know, appropriate critiques. Although, garish is a bit, you know, I don’t know. It’s a bit over the top.


Charles: A shout-out to Darren. He’s watching right now. I’m Mo Serious, in case you were wondering. I was just chatting with him.

Chris: Oh, okay.

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