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Seventy-Sixth Internet Marketing Podcast September 17th 2010. Third page of Show Notes

Retargeting and Internet Marketing

Chuck: And so I like how search engine in general put it. They say it pretty much. So next time we get ready to logon to Yelp on your app about a restaurant, you may see an ad from that restaurant.

Chris: From that restaurant.

Paul: Wow! Man, Google get out of my life, please. And why do you know everything about what I’m doing?


Chris: Except, stay in our life with regards to AdWords and Google Places.

Chuck: Yeah.

Paul: And Places.

Chuck: Yeah. We’d like to see more of you in that situation.

Paul: Here’s one other thing that I found. One other — here’s my other cent of my two cents.


Chris: Are we going to have to break it down in like half a cent?

Paul: Yeah, ‘cause that’s all I got here. Google is currently controls 97.5% of all —

Chuck: Mobile search.

Paul: — mobile search on search engines, there you go. So that — Safari is still the number 1 browser, Google is increasing your market share —

Chris: With the usage of Google on Safari.

Chuck: Get on with Google.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: — when they on Google. That is very, very, very important. And I had something else as to why and I just remembered —

Chris: We’re waiting for the last half cent.

Chuck: For the half cent.


Chris: So tune in next week, and that’s all for now [Laughs].We still got like 8 minutes man.

Pau: Okay. But I thought that was very —

Chris: You’re going to squirm.

Paul: I thought it was cool. And there is more to it that we will expand on. And so brought a part of it that’s — I mean, Dean said let’s talk about mobile browsing, but there’s — and I said earlier there’s mobile browsing, there’s ads.

Chris: Mobile ads.

Paul: Mobile ads. You know we’ve never done a mobile ad before. Our chances are, by this time next year, we will be doing mobile ads and mobile —

Chris: As part of our campaign, probably at some point. Well, that’s a great thing. I mean one of the things that I thought really only value good — we could bring is it’s kind of our expertise in search and some ideas about mobile searching. You mentioned that there’s ads in apps. I don’t — I have a hard time imagining — except for the Yelp example, where I will ever click — while I’m playing a game where I will ever click an ad. I mean I may glance at it, I will probably never click on one of those ads.

Chuck: You’re right, when not playing a game. But I gave that some thought after we talked about it, and like I use an app, I use Flickster for example, when I’m looking at movies see what time it shows. If there is an ad for a coupon or something related to that movie I’ll probably click it.

Paul: That’s true.

Chuck: And so, you know, in situations like that I think it’ll work in some cases I’ll probably try to remove it, or stop using that app altogether.

Paul: Yeah, and — but — okay, here’s another — here’s an example why I would use it.

Chris: ‘Cause there’s really not that much in those. I mean we got nice phones, nice screens, there’s not that much. You’re really — that’s probably worth four bucks to get rid of the ads.

Paul: Yeah. ‘Cause I don’t really like ads. But here’s an example where I would use it. Let’s say, I’m no Citysearch or Yelp, you know, and of course not Google Androids. But watching how I’ve been searching and using my phone, so now I’m on a Citysearch and let’s have —


Chris: He’s got some anger.

Paul: I do. I do. Get out of my life people.


Chris: Now we know why he’s violent.

Paul: Yeah. So let’s say I’m only Citysearch and I’m shopping for a web design company and Google —

Chuck: Hip, hip. Yeah.

Paul: There you go. There you go. Damn, we need to get a mobile ad now and one — and —

Chris: I guess we have a Citysearch page now.

Paul: Oh, that’s what’s up. But what if something pops up on the bottom of my phone, you know, half off websites? Now I can — I’m starting to see other bit like just business having — ‘cause typically I see like restaurants, movie theater coupons. But hey, if I’m searching on my phone, I’m on Citysearch, I’m –or this and oh, hey, 50% off a website, okay. I might actually click that.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Or say — here’s an example for you Dean. Let’s say I’m searching for something for environmental health and services or on my — or a banner ad, mobile banner ads.

Chris: Here’s a better example for Dean. So let’s say you’ve got a daughter at college and she’s generally looking up something and she says, “Half off on kegs.”


Chris: A college student is going to click that.

Paul: Oh, man. Dude, I’ll click that you know.

Chris: I don’t care what half I’m on, half off on kegs.

Paul: But yeah, mobile — I’d say ad is just a part of mobile browsing, mobile websites, which are becoming big and I assume — but then I’d say within a few months, we will probably have a mobile site.

Chris: I’ve got some quotes out. They’ve been out for a while actually. We have some clients who are interested in — and actually being able to do really kind of the back off of stuffs, so these are the like the high programming projects that we have, food for kids is the example, where they want to able to — they interact with day care centers. Some day care centers have multiple classrooms, they’d want to be able to just have web pages where they could take attendance for those classrooms, and so that’s going to be a totally different, you know, the current software is attendance for the entire center, this would just be as much smaller app with a smaller list of students who are in that particular classroom. So we’ve got quotes out for those kinds of things already.

Paul: And here’s a way that I think that it’s — mobile browsing and mobile ads will become more relevant for just regular businesses. Now, we all know that Google collects all your information. I’m still a little salty about this. I’m so on my Google salt box today, right?


Paul: So you know how you’re in Facebook, right? And the stuff that you like in Facebook —

Chris: Who? Who isn’t collecting any information?


Chuck: Or sha
ring information.

Paul: Unless we get a pass on this podcast, but wait till the next podcast. Oh, goodness. So the stuff you like and the stuff you searched for shows up in your ads. I wouldn’t be surprised if that starts happening on Google maybe on Google searches. “Oh Paul, you were searching for web design last week. Are you still looking for…” Bang! Here’s an ad all in your face. I could see that starting to happen more, so whether — maybe contextual — it was like called contextual ads.

Chris: Remarketing.

Paul: Remarketing?

Chuck: Uh-hmm.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: You know I could see how that’s going to become big —

Chris: Powerful stuff.

Paul: — ‘cause they will watch. Well, we all know that Google to Google android browser knows how you search. And I would be shocked if they didn’t start using that information to market to you other things.

Chuck: Yeah, ‘cause they already do that in Gmail. Think about it. If we’re all going to Gmail and whatever the subject of that e-mail you just received, usually there is an ad related to that right above you.

Paul: I thought it was kind of freaky the first time I saw it. I was like “What? What is this?” Like how did —

Chris: How do they know what’s in my e-mail? Wait, I got my e-mail from them.


Paul: How do they know I was at the club last night drinking Hennessey? Oh, my gosh, seriously an ad for Hennessey? Oh no.


Paul: That was the inside — the conversation that we had the other day. Oh, it was just random.

Chris: The power of remarketing, I think we may have mentioned this in one of the previous podcast, where I went to just check the availability of a domain. And later in the day, I know noticed a banner like on CNN or something. I may even took a screenshot and sent it. I know I sent it to you and our technical contact. And it said, you know, “Don’t let slip away,” and I was like “Wow!”

Paul: How did you know to send it to me here?

Chris: Yeah, anywhere. You have this image like the page is already set and you’re just dumb to look at it. You don’t really think, you know, the page is dynamically created for you. If you’re interested in that service, remarketing is really big and a powerful tool. Kind of one of the great ways to describe it in a — and people typically really understand what it can do for them is in this kind of unrelated example which is, if one of your competitors were to visit your website, and then for the rest of the day they would be remarketed to maybe like “Wow! My competitors are killing it on advertising. I got to start spinning more and I got to change everything.” Well, the same thing can happen to your client. The client visited or visits your website and for the rest of the day they’re seeing your banner, when they’re on CNN or, or whatever websites they’re on.

Paul: Oh, and you could do it on — just a million, just ESPN and Houston. The is Houston Chronicle here in Houston. I’m starting — I used to always overlook it until we started providing the service, and I was like okay. So now I see it everywhere. I see banner ads all over the place. They’re on every major — any major news site that I go to, sports site, they’re everywhere.

Chuck: Yeah, many blog site.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: It’s really powerful. So if you’re interested in that, you can call us 713-592-6724. We’d be happy to talk with you about that. Again, you can find us — send us n e-mail, You guys, listen to the podcast for other ways to contact us. Did you guys have anything else?

Chuck: Look somebody’s calling you right now.


Paul: I’m really interested in mobile browsing.

Chris: Woohoo! Did you have anything else on mobile, any thoughts?

Chuck: No, my only thoughts with mobile or to, you know, take a conscious effort now. If you’re redesigning the site or you need us to redesign your site, or whatever you’re doing, think mobile.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Because you probably don’t realize it but you search as much on your mobile device as I do, and the rest of the world.

Chris: That’s absolutely true. Excellent podcast. We’ll wait for Paul to get back here so he can end our podcast with us. This is podcast number 76. We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes that is because of you. We really appreciate you listening. I haven’t had an iTunes review in a while. I’m a little disappointed. We might have to stop the podcast just ‘cause no one’s reviewing. So if you get any value out of this go ahead and go on to iTunes create an account, submit a review and then let us know. We’ll give you some link love and we still have our free analysis, so if you’re interested in analysis of your website, you can go to our homepage click SEO, and then you can call us ‘cause our phone number is prominent there, or there’s a little link to a forum that you can fill out and one of us will get back to you with a free analysis of your website.

Paul: And I’m going to put a circle on the spot. You should have a new song, an RnB song, our link love.

Chris: Link love.

Chuck: Yeah, nice. Yeah.

Paul: Link love.


Chris: Slow jam. That would be awesome.

Paul: Something with Hennessey.

Chuck: Look it up.

Paul: And a veneer suit.

Chris: And a punch in the face, that goes with link love.

Chuck: Hennessey, link love and a punch in the face.

Paul: Like you’re laying back on the couch like a smokin’ jacket, like link love baby.


Chuck: Link love, baby.

Paul: That’s right. You can get — you have to notice it in on that video. That would be awesome.

Chris: And I’ll just give you a call.

Paul: Yeah, sure.

Chris: What’s up? What’s up? We’re tight like that.

Chuck: Link love.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You all heard it, link love, coming soon.

Chris: Thank you guys for listening to podcast number 76, Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. Thank you guys for listening again. And thank you one more time.

Paul: That’s right. Thanks for listening, for liking us on Facebook, Terry Crosby, a fan on YouTube, thanks.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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