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Fifty-eight SEO Podcast April 30th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another Friday, if you’re watching and whatever day, if you’re listening, another great podcast on the way.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, the sales manager at E-Webstyle.

Chris: You could see we’re right here in front of the SES Research logo.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Maybe it’s over here, yeah. SES Research is the parent company of E-Webstyle. It’s a company that one of my business partners and I started in ’91. So, that’s why the logo is actually here in our office and kind of nostalgia stuff. We are actually carbon nanomaterial manufacturers. You could check out the website at It’s a business that’s still up and running. And now we’re focused on Search Engine Optimisation Houston SEO. I think that’s why they’re here, right?

Paul: I hope so.

Chris: Yeah. It should be why they’re here.

Paul: I hope you’re now here listening to my stupid jokes.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: I’ve heard them, you know.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I’ll just turn it off.

Paul: But we’re not here to be entertained, you know, and I’m about to juggle.

Chris: Wait, wait, wait. Now, you just said entertain and we got a little — another accolade that we’d have to throw out there. But, hey, before we get started we’d like to talk about briefly what we talked about the last time. We did talk about great resources, SEO news, And you know what? Today, I actually brought the sheet of paper. But apparently we worked off of another sheet of paper so I really…

Paul: You know I was just thinking, man, I have short-term memory ‘cause I’m like I have no idea what we did in the podcast.

Chris: Are you telling me seven days is short-term? I thought that’s long-term.

Paul: Oh, okay. Yeah. ‘Cause I’m like, “Wait. What did we talk about? I don’t know.”

Chris: Yeah. We’re sure it was brilliant. Yeah.

Paul: I assume it was something to do with SEO and…

Chris: SEO-ish, yeah.

Paul: And getting on the first page of Google and just go back and listen.

Chris: All right. So go back and listen. That would be podcast number 57. This is podcast number 58. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We actually got another review on iTunes. We’ll cover that here in just a second. We love it when you stalk us, find us, track us, like us…

Paul: E-mail us.

Chris: …just don’t kill us.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: That’s it.

Paul: That will work.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: That will work. I got a lot to live for.

Chris: So you can e-mail us at You can stalk us at Twitter, At the recommendation of one of our listeners, we actually — first off, the audio should be better because I’m remembering to switch to the good microphone instead of the crappy webcam microphone. And also, we have a — what is it called? Like a Facebook easy name or Facebook — there’s something …

Paul: Instead of Facebook URL?

Chris: Yeah. So it’s

Paul: There you go.

Chris: So we got Twitter…

Paul: That’s from Jeya.

Chris: …E-Webstyle — Jeya! That’s right. Facebook — E-Webstyle. You can also listen to this podcast. You can find us on iTunes obviously. You can also find our — where we host is at PodOmatic, so can find that at or you could just go to our website which we don’t really send people to our website, do we?

Paul: I know. We are at You can go to Ewebstyle or It will take you to the same place.

Chris: And when you get there click the SEO button and then on the right you’ll see a little animation that has, you know, that you can click and find our podcast, and subscribe to our podcast although you’re listening so you may…

Paul: So you’ll probably find a way to subscribe.

Chris: Yeah. It’s already happening so…

Paul: No, somebody could have gave it — somebody could have given the tool.

Chris: That’s true. And also you can actually find us, end up on our blog, and then listen directly from our blog.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So, if that happens to be you right now, go ahead and subscribe. And I think on our blog there’s usually — when you’re listening, yeah, right above it or right below it, there’s a place that you can click so that you can actually subscribe to the podcast. So make sure that you do stalk us and find us and refrain from killing us.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: ‘Cause we have a lot to do here. Do you want to do news or do we want to do review?

Paul: Let’s do the review then let’s do the news.

Chris: All right. All right. ‘Cause — yeah, this is awesome. Again, this is a simple process. You go to iTunes, you make an account, you create a review about us, you write it, you submit it, and then it shows up, and then we read it on-air because we…

Paul: Are awesome.

Chris: …quite frankly we’re just — we’re honored that you people are taking the time to…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: …to actually write reviews about us and put — well, to write good — reviews don’t surprise me.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing).

Chris: It’s the good news.

Paul: Good news, yeah.

Chris: And this one is from BsnJedi.

Paul: There you go, BsnJedi.

Chris: I love it. Yeah, the forces are with you, my friend.

Paul: Is strong within you.

Chris: It is strong within you. Within you is strong.

Paul: The force?

Chris: The force. It is. “Information and fun,” excuse me, “Informative and fun. Real edutainment.”

Paul: Oh, wow! Thanks, Jedi.

Chris: That’s what’s up.

Paul: Creative and that is definitely what’s up. A new word “edutainment.”

Chris: Edutainment. Well, that’s our goal, edutainment, having listened to the plethora of internet marketing podcast out there. There are — there’s a whole lot of them.

Paul: There are — there’s a lot of crappy ones too.

Chris: Yeah. We won’t say any names, Rockstar. I can say please.

Paul: ‘Cause I was like, “I will say some names.”

Chris: “I can safely say this podcast is head and shoulders over other SEO shows. The guys are both informative with their expertise in the field and entertaining. This is one of the first podcast I can listen to on my daily drive and not fall asleep at the wheel.”

Paul: Wow! Hey, so we’re keeping you alive man. That’s what’s up.

Chris: We’re the Red Bull of SEO. Yes!

Paul: Giving you wings (laughing).

Chris: We got to add that. Yeah, Red Bull of SEO. The SEO tactics are putting plain English in our easy — we only know plain English.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Some people are complaining that it’s an American English. But you know what? In American humor or you know…

Paul: There you go. That’s my man, John, out in West Australia.

Chris: And we are easy to digest. Bravo! I believe that’s the equivalent of a standing ovation. Bravo! Yeah.

Paul: Right. That a word. Thanks, man. Thanks, BsnJedi. I’m going to call you Jedi.

Chris: Jedi. Jedi, that’s awesome.

Paul: And thanks to everyone who has put up a review, and all the people that e-mailed us. My man Darren, I know you’re out there listening. AJ, I know you’re listening over out in Hawaii because he called me. So, thanks to everybody that takes the time to do that.

Chris: That is really — that’s awesome. We are — the only reason we are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes is because you guys listen. We really appreciate that. Yes, you can go and do an iTunes or if you happen to be, you know, the owner of a blog or something, put a little blog about us. You know, we’d love to get some feedback that way. Let us know about it. We can link back to that review or link to your blog. Darren Booy, when you get onto our Twitter account, or you can just go directly to the GoogleSaveUS.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris:, GoogleSaveUS so…

Paul: Oh, I haven’t followed him yet. I need to follow him.

Chris: Yeah. So Darren has a way that Google could actually save the planet, the entire planet.

Paul: That is what’s up, man.

Chris: That is what’s up.

Paul: If anybody else knows how to save the world man, e-mail us. Let us know.

Chris: We’re looking for options.

Paul: Yeah. (laughing)

Chris: And we’d like to — you know…

Paul: In case we don’t go to Google route. Oh, my God, no.

Chris: Yeah, you know, maybe we can save the planet, yeah.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: All right. We got news. This is huge news. The iPhone G4 or 4G that was stolen. I am doing the air quotes, that was — no, I’m sorry. It wasn’t stolen.

Paul: Lost.

Chris: It was found and lost and found in a bar. Jon Stewart on the Jon Daily Show, I guess it’s on the Daily Show, did this hilarious little spoof. He was like, “This is how it went. There was some tech dude going in to impress a chick with his 4G. He has one shot and starts throwing up all over the place, drops his phone, and leaves.”

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: He’s not a heavy drinker so that guy was typically…

Paul: Oh, wow (laughing). You know, I think that’s a little suspect.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I just felt it because, you know, if I had a multimillion dollar piece of equipment in my hand, ‘cause that’s what it’s worth to that company, I probably wouldn’t — I meant I’d had…

Chris: Drink, throw up, and leave it.

Paul: There — yeah. There you go. There you go. I’d have it tethered, you know, to my ear. You know, I wouldn’t just — it would be on me at all times.

Chris: So if it’s brand new technology, how hard would it be to put in, I don’t know, a GPS — oh, wait. It’s already got GPS in it.

Paul: Oh, yeah. Wait a minute, my phone has that.

Chris: Oh, maybe we could track it ‘cause it’s a new high-tech information technology. And he goes to work on Monday and he says, “I’ve lost my phone.” And then they break down the door of the Gizmodo instead of having the police do it a couple of months later. I don’t know — months, a couple of days later.

Paul: It just — yeah. It just — the whole thing just sounded suspect and, you know, in case you’d kept up with it, iPhone, Apple and the — Apple and AT&T supposedly are going to be parting ways this year after the contract is over. I’ve heard they’re not going to renew it. So, hey, this is going to make Apple a ton of money. All these press.

Chris: And Jon Stewart, he’s like kind of imploring. He’s like, you know, “Apple used to be the underdog.” There was this old commercial of these guys staring at a screen in the old kind of Big Brother concept of indoctrination, and they throw a huge sledge hammer into the screen. I don’t know — if you saw it, you might remember it. This was back when Apple was first coming out with their very first desktop. And Jon was like man, “You used to be like against the man and the rouge, and now you’re just the man.”

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You’re just busting down doors with the police and come on, let it go, you know. It’s a — where is the bad part? Like I mean what…

Paul: Like getting a ton of press?

Chris: …is somebody going to copy the iPhone? I mean isn’t that the freaking goal now anyway?

Paul: Yeah, basically.

Chris: If you are a phone manufacturer and you want to copy and emulate the quality and value that iPhone gives so — now they just got the more value and quality to copy?

Paul: Thank you. I bought a phone. I’m on — Sprint is my carrier. I got – I just got a new phone. The HTC Hero and I got it because it — the interphase works like the iPhone.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I got seven, eight pages I can scroll through my home screen. I can add apps. That’s why I got it. So, hey, you know, kudos to you, Apple.

Chris: And then Jon was finally like, “You know, if you’re going to breakdown anybody’s door, why don’t you breakdown AT&T who makes it so that you can’t even use your iPhone as a phone.”

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Paul: Yeah. Use it for everything else but the cellular service.

Chris: Jon Stewart is pretty good.

Paul: Yeah, I think he’s pretty funny.

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