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Sixtieth Internet Marketing Podcast May 14th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the Unknown Secrets of SEO.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And I’m Paul Hanson, sales manager of E-Webstyle and we’re raising our hands. And yeah, I hope you can hear that (Laughing).

Chris: Yeah. For those of you watching in the video, we are raising our hands, announcing ourselves. And I will be pointing at him from time to time, and he may or may not be pointing at me from time to time. This is podcast number 60, 6-0. Can you believe that?

Paul: Wow!

Chris: Whew!

Paul: Wow!

Chris: 6-0. We should have like cigars and scotch except that’s because I just had kids.

Paul: (Laughing) Why do we got to wait till you had kids?

Chris: That’s true. Actually, we have ‑ we do have a scotch and that’s been there since we opened in 1999. It’s probably some of the oldest scotch you can find.

Paul: Oh, wow!

Chris: I’m not sure it’s really good but… (Laughing)

Paul: (Laughing).

Chris: Just because it’s older. Yeah, this is podcast number 60. You are listening to the most popular and/or watching the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We really appreciate your listenership and your growing viewership as it’s about to grow. We check every now and then, and apparently not that many people are watching this at 9:15 Central Standard Time on Fridays. I got to tell you though, and now I’m pointing at you, next week, you need to tune in because we’ve got an interview.

Paul: Oh, some ‑ we’re going to spice it up a little bit.

Chris: We’re going to spice it up. We get requests every now and then of “Hey, why don’t you do interviews?” We did ‑ we’ve done two interviews so far. We’ve got another big interview.

Paul: Three.

Chris: This will ‑ three?

Paul: We did Chuck. We did Joe.

Chris: Oh, yeah, Mo Serious. I forgot Mo Serious.

Paul: And Kin.

Chris: We interviewed the SEO Rapper…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: …here on the SEO podcast. So if you’re just kind of tuning in now and you’re like, “SEO Rapper, what are you talking about?” It’s kind of like that Toyota video that we passed around.

Paul: Swagger Wagon (laughing).

Chris: Swagger Wagon. You guys have to Google Swagger Wagon and watch the video. I just had kids so I just, you know.

Paul: That was a great find, man. That was a great find.

Chris: Yeah. We need bigger plasma screens here so we can play that like throughout the day randomly, and everyone has to get out in the…

Paul: Swagger Wagon (laughing).

Chris: Where my kids at. Where my kids at?

Paul: They’re right over there.

Chris: Oh, good. It’s pretty awesome.

Paul: It is very awesome.

Chris: So Mo Serious is on par with the Swagger Wagon and is a great SEO Rapper, and our ‑ the person we’re interviewing on Friday is Terry Wygal. What?

Paul: Wygal.

Chris: Wygal.

Paul: Wygal, Wygal.

Chris: Wygal, W-Y-G-A-L. He is a big marketing guy. He started in real estate. He is a big marketing guy, SEO guy. He teaches SEO in and around the Houston area at least if not throughout the country. We’ll find out those details. I bet you, however, he does not teach in Botswana.

Paul: But we do teach in there.

Chris: We do. We do teach in Botswana. As we mentioned in our last podcast, we are internationally recognized as SEO experts even in every continent except Antarctica.

Paul: Yet.

Chris: And every now and then, you know, we get somebody who is listening in Africa. And the last time, we’d like to shout them out or point them out.

Paul: Mm-hmm. Shout-out is when you actually, you know.

Chris: Anyway, so it’s in Botswana and we have a listener there. So, whoever is in Botswana, we really appreciate your listenership as well as everyone else out there. You can stalk us. You can find us. You can chase us. You can haunt us. We don’t like the haunting as much.

Paul: It’s just being plain weird and just keep coming around all the time.

Chris: Or you can like us (laughing).

Paul: There you go. There you go.

Chris: On Facebook now, apparently you can like us. You can follow us on Twitter. That’s, E-W-E-B-S-T-Y-L-E. Facebook is similar, This is being broadcast live on USTREAM Fridays at 9:15 Central Standard Time and you can find us there. The easiest way to find that is just to go to our website, the letter USTREAM, USTREAM. You can also find us at YouTube and also the similar where you spell out YOU. Oh, this whole internet ‑ whole internet thing. I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere and it’s so confusing

Paul: It’s wow! It’s mad.

Chris: Just like email (laughing).

Paul: Yeah. It worked for a little bit. It’s kind of mad.

Chris: We like to mention every now and then, we have coined a very important phrase and that’s SEVO, search engine visitor optimization, and that’s what a lot our podcasts are about. It’s not just about getting on the first page of Google. It’s what do you do after that. So search engine visitor optimization. After you get a visitor from a search engine, what are you going to do with him? If that sounds remotely interesting to you, make sure you listen to all of our podcasts.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Some of our accolades, some of our testimonials have said, “I’ve gone back and listened to all of your podcasts and learned more than in several books.” And you can find that actually in iTunes. We are on iTunes and we have a number of reviews out there. We are a five-star podcast.

Paul: And that’s what’s up.

Chris: That’s what’s up. Yeah!

Paul: And we are the only one.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: Except for that dude who has a hundred reviews and 99 files.

Chris: Yeah, come on.

Paul: Yeah, I’ve listened to your podcasts.

Chris: Although we’re encore. I mean, if we just stay on air long enough.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We’re well on the wire, didn’t we? Yeah/

Paul: But I listened to this fool’s podcasts and I’m like, “Come on, man.” (Laughing) There’s no way I’m giving five stars. Are you serious?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: No, not happening. Pretty crazy. What? Oh, yeah. Sure. (Laughing). The noise at the office is a sure thing.

Chris: All right. We have not exceeded our Gino time limit, and that’s good because we don’t like Gino angry at us and sending us haunting emails. What did we cover last time?

Paul: Uhm, I don’t know.

Chris: We covered…

Paul: We just talked about this two seconds ago. We covered ‑ oh! I went to a seminar and I came back and brought some tips about what I learned in this seminar. Some ‑ we covered a lot about Google Local ‑ Google Local Business Center which is now…

Chris & Paul: Google Places.

Paul: Or…

Chris: It used to be Google Local Listing.

Paul: Yeah. Go back and listen to that podcast. If you don’t have a Google Places listing, get one today. I filled out two this week and it took me about a half hour, I mean, total.

Chris: Total.

Paul: And I was really doing everything. I did everything. So you want to get a Google Places listing. You want to make sure that your listing is 100% complete. You know, you want to have pictures, videos, hours of operation, you know, basic stuff, address.

Chris: Everything.

Paul: Payment that you set, whatever.

Chris: And ‑ and if ‑ if you’re not familiar with Google Local listings, make sure you go back and listen to podcast number 59 ’cause we covered that in depth.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: We actually covered it kind of in the last ‑ this has been like a five-podcast series where we’ve talked about Google Local listings, sponsored local listings or local places listings, thank you, and also the tag, the yellow tag.

Paul: The little yellow tag. Pay 25 bucks.

Chris: I don’t know. I think it’s still in ‑ it’s at least in Houston and…

Paul: And San Jose or San Diego or one of them.

Chris: San Jose, yes.

Paul: Or one of them.

Chris: And…

Paul: But coming to about five more cities in the country.

Chris: Soon. So, go back and listen to those podcasts.

Paul: Listen to it.

Chris: Frankly, this is a big direction that search is going to go very, you know, very local, local.

Paul: And everyone is going local. If you’ve seen, if you’ve been on Twitter, you’ve been on Facebook, and you see the ads that pop up around you are typically ads that are in your city ‑ or at least on my Facebook page, I always get ads on my right-hand side that are from Houston. So everything is going local. It’s very important. I think ‑ I think the local part of our podcasts is one of the ‑ one of the more important parts that we’ve done recently.

Chris: Absolutely. Well, you know, they’ve been ‑ we’ve been saying, they’ve been saying, whoever they are, that the Yellow Pages is dying out, right? Or Yellow Pages are usually for finding local businesses. So if you went to Google and you type in plumber and you came out with a list of plumbers in Washington State, you know, Google, you know, the Yellow Pages wouldn’t be dying if that’s, you know, would never die if that was the results you were getting, if you had to be so specific. So, Google is just getting really at even better at what they do.

Speaking of Google, this week was Google I/O 2010.

Paul: I saw that but I was like, “What exactly is I/O?”

Chris: I don’t know.

Paul: (Laughing).

Chris: I ‑ it’s their conference, right? It’s where they announce stuff. It’s where they were doing stuff. They announced Google TV.

Paul: Oh, you were telling me about that yesterday.

Chris: Yeah. And I hadn’t had a chance to do much research on that. I just glanced at it this morning and really they’re just ‑ their goal is seamless integration of web and your big ol’ TV set.

Paul: Also know as taking over every part of your life, collecting all of your information. It’s probably going to have a camera in it so it watches what you do.

Chris: Well, speaking of that, they’re actually getting sued (Laughing).

Paul: For putting cameras at people’s homes and watching what they do!

Chris: Well, you know the little trucks that have the cameras on that give you the Google Street View, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Well, they got Wi-Fi receivers on them, and apparently they were collecting personal information from any networks that they could actually that were open for like…

Paul: Unsecured networks?

Chris: Unsecured networks!

Paul: You better secure your network, fool.

Chris: They’re getting sued. Now, my first thought is…

Paul: How do you know?

Chris: How did anyone find out that they had personal information?

Paul: Yeah, seriously.

Chris: Like, it’s crazy!

Paul: Is there some hacker who decided to just monitor just in case and actually was, you know, had his Wi-Fi network monitoring what information somebody else was getting as they were driving by? (Laughing) Somebody is taking information? Oh!

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: And then he happened to maybe put it together and he happened to see Google Street View of his house, and he was up front like running and goes, “That must have been Google. The guy stole my information! That motherfucker stole my information!”

Chris: Motherfucker, that’s good.

Paul: I use that all the time. You got to check out Swagger Wagon.

Chris: Swagger Wagon. Make a hit on that.

Paul: Especially if you got kids.

Chris: Paul is pointing at you.

Paul: I am (Laughing).

Chris: You guys out there.

Paul: I’m pointing on your forehead like your Dad used to do when you got in trouble.

Chris: My Dad used to do that.

Paul: Or before you came out of the womb (Laughing). Have you heard that joke, the doctor joke?

Chris: No (Laughing).

Paul: I’ll tell you that joke later, yeah (Laughing).

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