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Sixty-third Internet Marketing Podcast June 4th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the ‑ to a crappy World Cup ref podcast.

Chris: Yeah, just for the record, we got ripped off.

Paul: Yes. That’s why we’re starting the podcast a little late because we were sitting there watching our team get ripped by a ref.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: It sucks!

Chris: Man. The players were livid after the game.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Livid. And they hadn’t even seen the replay yet. I mean, this is two of I don’t know.

Paul: I’m kind of down now, man.

Chris: Yeah. This is ‑ you know what? I got something I got around and I was going to save this for later, but I got how to get you cheered up right away.

Paul: Certainly, yeah.

Chris: Oh, by the way, my name is Chris Burres with SEO ‑ I mean, the owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this Paul Hanson. I’m the sales manager here at

Chris: You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. This is podcast number 63. The last podcast was podcast number 62 for you guys keeping count. I’m just going to start up right away. I got to start with this to kind of lift up the mood.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: We got a review on iTunes.

Paul: Woo-hoo! That’s what’s up.

Chris: And just like every other review on iTunes, it was positive.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: It turns out…

Paul: It was not boring.

Chris: And it was not boring. It was a great ‑ a great interesting review. The review was posted by Web Optimist. Actually, we’ve got this guy’s name here. And here’s what he says. He says, “Listen every week and rate the show five stars for those wanting to learn basic SEO.” He said five stars.

Paul: That’s what’s up man.

Chris: Just so you know, that’s five out of five stars.

Paul: Okay (Laughing).

Chris: So it’s not five out of ten. It’s five out of five. Not five out of six. I wish it was five out of four. That would be kind of nice.

Paul: Thanks Web Optimist.

Chris: That’s awesome. “Even those of us who have been in the business for years can learn a thing or two from these guys.” I mean, that’s awesome.

Paul: That’s cool, Richard.

Chris: Yeah, his name is actually Richard Burckhardt. He ‑ and he continues and he says, “I have to admit that I subscribed out of curiosity.” He grew up in Houston. Go H-Town! Whoo!

Paul: There you go, H-Town representative.

Chris: “And I wanted to see what these folks in my hometown were up to.” Hometown, it sounds like…

Paul: There you go.

Chris: …so ‑ so small.

Paul: ‘Cause country bumpkins know a little about some SEO.

Chris: And he says, “Now, I’m hooked.”

Paul: There you go. That’s what’s up.

Chris: Very cool. Hey, Richard Burckhardt, that’s awesome. He is the VP of Search at

Paul: So we should bring ‑ we should bring Richard in.

Chris: That’s cool. Yeah. Hey, Richard.

Paul: Since he is local, his office here in Houston. I’ve been to it.

Chris: Well, he says since he grew up in Houston. It kind of implies maybe he is outside of Houston.

Paul: Oh, okay, you know, possibly so ’cause I do know they have other offices. They have like a UK website.

Chris: Oh, you got a little story of Frames Direct, right?

Paul: You know what? Richard, this is for you. I actually ‑ I used to ‑ I’m currently obviously in Houston. I used to live in Detroit. And I was coming down ‑ I was coming to visit Houston with a lady friend of mine and she was looking for some glasses.

Chris: Unpaid.

Paul: Yeah, unpaid.

Chris: I just want to make this thing is unpaid (Laughing).

Paul: Well, I’m not going to guarantee that.

Chris: It depends on…

Paul: I’m not guaranteeing anything.

Chris: …how do you define paying?

Paul: (Laughing) So we’re coming down to visit. Well, we had a visit like in two weeks already scheduled, and she was looking for glasses and all across the internet, and she finds a company called Frames Direct on the first page.

Chris: This was like a year ago? Two years?

Paul: It’s probably about three years ago?

Chris: Three years ago, ah.

Paul: In ’07 maybe. And she was like, “Hey, we’re already going to Houston, flying into Houston,” ’cause we were going to Beaumont where I know she was from, “let’s stop by there and go.” And we stopped by there. It was a cool little office. Everything was quick, quick, quick. She loved the whole experience. And it was cool. So when…

Chris: So your lady friend is a customer of Richard’s?

Paul: She is a customer, which is from ‑ and from finding them on the first page. So that’s very cool.

Chris: Awesome. Awesome. The value of SEO.

Paul: It proved it right then and there.

Chris: There is ROI.

Paul: She had never heard of this company. She had no ‑ she was just looking for glasses. It just so happened to be that they were in Houston. So that’s ‑ you guys are doing something right, Rich. That’s what’s up.

Chris: Well done. Hey, so we actually posted your review of us on our Facebook. Where is our Facebook you asked? Paul?

Paul: I’m going to go ahead it’s at

Chris: Or

Paul: Oh, I got it backwards?

Chris: It’s both.

Paul: Oh, it is?

Chris: (Laughing) The will forward you to the Facebook version.

Paul: I keep Googling it. I got to stop doing that.

Chris: And you can find us on Twitter. We love it when you talk us, In both Facebook and Twitter, there is no dash. You can also listen to this podcast on non-World Cup days at 9:15 Central Standard on Fridays, and you can actually view us on USTREAM. The best way to find our USTREAM page is to go to That will automatically forward you to our USTREAM page.

Do not forget, we have videos on YouTube. These are videos about search engine optimization, and there is one really cool video where we give all of our secrets away so you could find it and give us a comment. Remember, we have coined the phrase search engine visitor optimization. It’s key to what we do and teach here. We are the number one podcast, SEO podcast, in ‑ on iTunes. That is because of you. We really appreciate you guys listening and we really love it when somebody like Richard goes onto iTunes, creates an account, and then you just make a review.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: And we were obviously going to give him link love, Frames Direct. And you know what? We flat out really appreciate it. That’s very nice, you know. We ‑ we’ve been doing this, giving back to the community and then when we get some accolades, it really makes us feel.

Paul: That is cool.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: And Richard, shoot us an email. If you are in Houston, it would be cool to, you know, bring you in for our podcast.

Chris: Or if you ever going to come to Houston, right? We’d love to know…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: I mean you are with the Search Department so you probably have a lot of very interesting things that you guys are doing that you may want to share or may not, you know. Either way, we’ll pry it out of you. We’re good at that. Just talk to Mo Serious.

Paul: There we go (Laughing).

Chris: So we have reached our Gino time. You know, the review is almost good enough to help us recover from that loss. No, not even close. Sorry. Richard, I was trying…

Paul: It was awesome he was from Houston, you know. That’s what’s up.

Chris: By the way, our frequent listener Darren Booy was taunting me at halftime, at halftime.

Paul: You know what, Darren? We were cool until the World Cup started so…

Chris: And then yeah.

Paul: Sorry.

Chris: Then it’s gone.

Paul: And I’m sure he was pretty pissed that we tied him in the World Cup.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: That’s what up, Darren.

Chris: Well really, he was apparently rooting for Wales, which didn’t make it.

Paul: Oh, really?

Chris: Yeah, for Wales.

Paul: Oh, oh. Is he ‑ I know he is somewhere in the UK. I’m not really sure where he is.

Chris: Yeah, apparently he’s in Wales.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Or he is just one of those…

Paul: I don’t know where Wales is.

Chris: Those

Paul: I’m American man.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: They expect me to know where something is outside of this country.

Chris: Wales or something Chinese people hunt (Laughing).

Paul: (Laughing) We just lost our only listener in China.

Chris: In China (Laughing). Do you think they’ll actually allow this through the Chinese wall?

Paul: Oh, yeah, no.

Chris: Now, there’s two great Chinese walls, right? All right, so we got a little bit of news. First news is I love my EVO.

Paul: Chris got the EVO. I’m jealous.

Chris: I’ve got the Sprint EVO and his jealousy kind of warms my heart a little.

Paul: Yeah, I really am, man. I really ‑ I’m waiting for it to come on the ‑ so I can get it. I’m waiting for it to come for the Sprint Advantage Club.

Chris: Oh, okay.

Paul: It hasn’t come there yet.

Chris: Okay. Well, I am not typically an early, early adopter. Like, you know, I usually am like six months a year. Like when it comes into the Advantage Club or whatever, I don’t even know what that is. But whatever that is, you know, that’s ‑ with you, that’s when I normally get it. This is like the first thing I’m on a cutting edge, man.

Paul: Yeah, I’ve never ‑ I’ve never ‑ I was not on the iPhone when I didn’t camp out for that one.

Chris: It’s six years now. I still don’t have one.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: This thing is amazing. I’m just totally thrilled by it. There are some quirks. There are some things that, you know, hopefully thrill you, which is the new version of Android we actually fixed.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: But, oh, I mean, just unbelievable. Great interface. By the way, 4G, I’ve been watching in the car (Laughing).

Paul: (Laughing) I was sure you’re “Oh, shit, the score!”

Chris: I had to pull over to watch it. Like, “Oh, score,” pull over. Watch the score, back on the road. Oh, score and pull over. Oh, watch it, back on the road. So, one of my complaints is that the audio, like when you’re doing 90, you know, the regular road noise, you can barely hear it on video. It would be nice if they actually, you know, it would play through Bluetooth. I’m sure that will come out at some point.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Or there’ll be an app for that soon. Did AT&T…

Paul: There’s an app for that.

Chris: Yeah, did the AT&T ‑ they should have patented that. There’s an ad for that.

Paul: They should have.

Chris: Maybe they did or trademarked it. All right, here is a ‑ here is a little piece of news other than I love my EVO. An AT ‑ the AT&T hacker was arrested. So this is the guy ‑ remember recently the iPod? They said that the iPod was hacked and a bunch of people, like 144,000 email addresses and phone numbers and contact information, a lot of them celebs…

Paul: I didn’t know that.

Chris: …were actually breached.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Well apparently, there was this guy and he was arrested and being held on drug charges. And I saw a picture of the guy. He actually looks like my neighbor, like kind of a chubby, scrappy…

Paul: He might be your neighbor.

Chris: My neighbor could be a hacker too. I don’t know. So yeah, what he did is he disclosed the security hole apparently on the internet abroad or in the hacker community, and then all these hackers went and they started hacking and then they got them there. So I guess AT&T shut that down. Now, interestingly enough, he didn’t get picked up for hacking. I wonder if there’s like, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, AT&T planted drugs on…

Paul: In his (Laughing).

Chris: I mean, what kind of hacker has ‑ like he had ecstasy. That’s like a cool drug, right? I’m not into drugs at all. If I needed strength, stretch your imagination, but the guy had crack. That’s like yeah.

Paul: They found him with a pound a crack.

Chris: And if you know any, that’s whack! (Laughing)

Paul: That is whack.

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