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Thirty-ninth Internet Marketing Podcast Nov. 13th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Chris: And if that sounds really weird, you have to listen to one of our podcasts and go back and listen to one of our podcasts. So if that’s happened — if there’s anyone out there, you want we give you all these tools. You should be checking your own back links, you should be checking how many pages have been indexed with the site: tool that we talked about a few podcast ago. If that’s happened to you, you know, send us an email. Let us know. If your links disappeared or your search engine positioning changed drastically, send us an email. Maybe we might be of help to figure out what happened and get you back on the right track.

Chris: Yes, no. send us emails.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Where do they send emails?

Paul: I don’t know. Well, And oh, we need to say something. In case you submitted an email in the last …

Chris: You can request for approval.

Paul: And analysis.

Chris: So there’s something that we wanted to talk about also which is Google goals. We have, just so you know, we have Google as — Google will notify us anytime somebody has hit a particular page. And this case, our goal is to thank you for submitting a request for analysis page. So anytime somebody gets to that page, the only way they can get to that page is to go through our form. Anytime that happens, you can imagine now we know that we’ve achieved the goals, somebody submitted the form.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Well, apparently, in — at least in the last two weeks we’ve got about four or five achieved goals …

Paul: For that …

Chris: … for that forms and that thank you page and we haven’t received the form.

Paul: So if you submitted a request in the last two weeks, please submit it again because we don’t know where — they didn’t come to me. They didn’t come to Chris. We don’t know where they went.

Chris: And if you do submit it also, fire an email off to us and you can send that straight to and just say, “Hey, I submitted one” or submit the information also both.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: In fact, if you did both it would be great ’cause we want to know when somebody’s, you know, this is a whole debugging process.

Paul: Except for Dean. Dean, I know that you’re listening and watching. I did get yours and I’ve already sent you your analysis. So Dean Calhoon, 00:22:45 Colorado. I got yours. You’re good to go.

Chris: What’s his website?

Paul: They are an environmental and health and safety consultant at 00:22:54 California. But he has an excellent …

Chris:He just asked a question.

Paul: Dean, he is — Dean has a question. He says — well, he kind of just brought something up and I thought it was a good topic. He talked about page rank where he said, you know, “I’m dropping in my page rank.”

Chris: I think we did that one last time.

Paul: Oh, we did?

Chris: Yeah. I think we did.

Paul: Well, we still have some more info about it. Dean, I sent you the article about page rank. He says, “My page rank is kind of dropped but my search engine positioning is still good.”

Chris: Is get
ting better.

Paul: Yeah. And I was like, good.

Chris: Yeah, really, I think when he said it he was, “Hey, you got a good podcast. Got to throw that in. Thanks, Dean. And he also said that, you know, I’m — all the information out there says, don’t focus on page rank and I try not to and I happen to notice it dropped and I’m still doing good in this changing results. So he came back and requested an analysis.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Excellent, excellent. Well, enjoy that analysis, Dean. If there’s anything…

Paul: If your search engine placement is good, that’s what I think you should really focus on. If you are on the number one spot in Google, you know.

Chris: Immediately after SEO, search engine optimization, good search results comes SEVO.

Paul: SEV, what’s SEVO? Search engine —

Chris: Visitor …

Paul: … Visitor …

Chris:… Optimization.

Paul: … Optimization.

Chris: And that’s something that we talked about almost in every one of our podcast. It’s easy to get your website to your traffic. It is easy.

Paul: It is easy to get website to your traffic?

Chris: Yes. It’s much easier to get website to your traffic than it is to get traffic to your website.

Paul: To your website.

Chris: It’s easy to get traffic to your website.

Paul: Yes.

Chris:The important thing is not just that process ’cause that is a process.It’s time consuming.It’s not rocket science.If you listen to this podcast, we’re not rocket scientists.We’re good at what we do.We’re not rocket scientists.

Paul: Yet.

Chris:And –yet.Are we going to…

Paul: I’m actually in rocket science school.

Chris:We could make a balloon and …

Paul: Oh, literally.

Chris:We just can’t use the name falcon.We have to come up with some other…

Paul: Rocket scientists. I can say I meet women and say, “I am a rocket scientist.”

Chris:Actually, you are a rocket scientist.Thank you very much.Buy me a martini.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: That’s a

Chris:I want one of those.Get for me once.

Paul: ‘Cause I’m a rocket scientist.

Chris: The appletini. I’m totally lost now.

Paul: Me, too. Where are we now?

Chris: So it’s easy to get website — we traffic to your website. That’s really weird.

Paul: There we go.

Chris: As soon as I get there, you’ve got to be able to close the deal. You got to have calls to action. You got to have things that you’re doing to make sure that those people convert, that they don’t just come and visit your website and go, “Wow!” Well, if they come to our website, “Wow! What a pretty website” and then go away.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris:”Wow!What a pretty logo” and then go away.You don’t want them to do that.You actually want them to stay and click and call and …

Paul: Buy.

Chris:… interact and buy …

Paul: Convert.

Chris:… and all of that good stuff.So that is Search Engine Visitor Optimization.We are the ones who started talking about that.

Paul: And I thought we’re going to get into goals and we are going to go over that next …

Chris: I think we get another five minutes so — and it’s kind of — we’re going to at least touch on it and we already did. We talked a little bit about Google goals. What is a Google goal? Well, Google goal is a particular page. In fact, Google gets specific enough that you can actually start defining a path so if they come into your front page and they go to, let’s just say, your SEO page and then they go to your forms submit page and then they go to your thank you page, that’s one path. And you can actually define that as a goal. You can actually make another path. That’s if they came to your homepage and maybe that’s ’cause you’re handed out a business card or, you know, they just found you somewhere. Let’s say that you’re doing search engine optimization with us. We’ve got you on the first page for something and they found you because they came from a browser and in that case they wouldn’t have gone through the homepage, they would have started

right on your search engine optimization page then gone to your form page and then gone to your thank you page. That’s a different path that can be a different goal.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And Google has done something really exciting. At least you’ve told me they’ve done something really exciting. Yey, Google! He still wants his links back.

Paul: My links back now.

Chris: Is that they’ve increased the number of goals from four to 20.

Paul: To 20.

Chris: So now you got a lot more flexibility, a lot more options on what you can do with your goals and your goal setting and then monitoring. You can actually e-commerce goals. We’ve got one of the websites that we’re partners in and the other goals are not just one individual one off goals like, oh, the guy made it to the thank you page which apparently implies that he still have …

Paul: That he bought something

Chris: … that form

Paul: He still have the form or bought something.

Chris: You can get more specific with e-commerce and you can actually have dollar values go into Google analytics. By the way all this is Google analytics. I don’t think we made that clear. Google goals are in Google analytics so you need to get a Google analytics account. You need to put a little bit of code on you website so that Google analytics can start monitoring it and reporting that traffic to you. And there are some flaws with Google analytics. We love it. It’s an amazing product. It’s literally, infinitely more valuable than its price.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris:Since it’s free.

Paul: ‘Cause it’s free and so and so. It’s infinitely valuable.

Chris: so go ahead and get that set up inside of Google analytics you can set up those goals. And there are some problems with Google analytics. Go back and listen to some of our previous podcast. We do outline the challenges with Google analytics because there are definitely some problems that — actually there are some that you can’t get around.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris:No matter what.

Paul: So goals we’re going to talk about that more next week. Goals I think is an awesome, is an awesome topic. It’s a way, it’s like one of the backbones of you doing your visitor optimization. And I say this all the time in analysis and I’m glad that you said you can take — there’s a path.


Paul: I’ve never used that term ’cause I didn’t know it existed but I tell people you want to calls to action, you want to take someone from one point to the next phase to the next phase, you want to take them down a path that you choose for them and hopefully they buy, pick up the phone and call and that’s Google goals is a perfect way to …

Chris:To monitor that.

Paul: Yeah. To monitor that.

Chris: So we have, you know, we have in this case, we have kind of one of the things that has really brought us up to the forefront pretty quickly is we have a client who is getting lots of traffic. In fact, he got it pretty quickly within a month and a half. Three or four of his terms were on the first page of Google. He’s getting more traffic. He’s actually getting more phone calls, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And he’s like the, “Okay. These are great.” He’s more of a B2B kind of person, business to business kind of business, not a consumer to business. And so he’s getting some consumer calls. He sees the value of being on the first page from the perspective of getting traffic. And he’s now looking at, okay, convince me that getti
ng more traffic is eventually going to pay off.Really you go through an ROI with him and it’s not going to be a hard thing.The other thing that you can do is start talking about paths and one thing you could define is, okay, you come to a particular page and it branches off, are you a business or are you a consumer.And so then we can say, look, ten percent of the people who go through this process to fill out information or request a white paper, those are all different types of call to action or actually businesses.And eventually one of those is going to close the value of one business for your business is so much more than the fees of …

Paul: Your optimization.

Chris:For your optimization

Paul: Optimization.

Chris: So it’s a no-brainer. So you’d do it. I know you said you didn’t want to use no-brainer anymore but I just did.

Paul:I think it’s a no-brainer punk.

Chris: And while you’re at it, call Google and give me my links back. All right. Well, we’ve reached our time. We’re going to have a great podcast next time. This was a great podcast that’s real quickly. That’s wehre you can find us on Twitter., you can get to our Facebook page., that’s the letter “U” and stream as in streaming video and audio. And keep sending us emails. We, you know, if you look at any of our reviews on iTunes, by the way, if you found us from iTunes, please do us a favor. Go to iTunes and submit a review.

Paul: Thank you very much.

Chris: And thanks to you guys who have already done that. But if you read those reviews, you’ll realize that people get good information from you and we actually answer mails.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: And we spend time on your mail and everything that you ask us, if it may not be something that we do on a regular basis, it actually just continues to add to our expertise. So we actually appreciate that.

Paul: That’s really good.

Chris: So that is the end of podcast 39. Until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: I’m Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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