Search Engines Unique Content Vs. Quality Content

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Search Engines Unique Content Vs. Quality Content

Chris: Well, and again it boils down to what we always say, give a good experience to the Google user when I come to a website if it’s a dead end and they aren’t many, but if it was a dead end that’s not a good experience, you should link throughout your text and should be some links, you know, to other pages in your website and some link, you know – you know it’s like having a well sited article. So that people can find you know where these facts come from.

Chuck: The resources. Exactly.

Chris: So that’s a good experience to the Google user, if you’re doing that Google appreciates it.

Chuck: And then you get – most people have some sort of SEO Company or firm or in-house personnel managing site and SEO. And so we’re tracking things like links and stuff. And so when someone links to use or gives us link love then we’ll not only be aware of it, but in the position to link back. And so definitely give us some link love.

Number 26, search engines like unique content that is also a quality content, there can be a difference between unique content and quality content. Make sure your content is…

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah. Unique what is it? I had it in the SEO presentation I did, I had a slide that said, unique content and relevant content.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: And when those two circle bridge in the middle, you have quality.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: So, yeah make sure your content is unique and it’s fresh.


That you know, if it’s, if you’re in emerging field, update it frequently. And but make sure that it’s relevant to the site and that you actually create it. Don’t go out, I call it site jacket, you know, don’t do that ‘cause you’ll get band.

Chris: Yeah, and it’s brutal.

Chuck: Let’s see here search engine, number 27. If you absolutely must have your main page at a Flash page and that is all Flash or one big image place text in navigation links below the fold.

Chris: Don’t do it.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Just don’t do it.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: If it is, if you have to have a Flash page and we tend not to want Flash pages then you know if it’s got motion or something you need to try and accomplish that with CSS or you know HTML5 coming ways to do it that are Flash based.

Chuck: You know I figure – I feel like if you must have don’t go with the page, go with pop up, in that way they can at least close it, you know, and then have all the text and everything goes there. And even though that pop up disappear over a certain time after, you know, 10 seconds, 5 seconds and the pop up go way. We have a, like Goose Creek.

Chris: Maybe a good – and that’s Goose Creek Candle. Maybe, you know, another good example is like, is Groupon. When you Groupon it’s not really a Flash page, you have no choice but to select your location.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And so maybe the reason you think you need to that kind of page ‘cause you want to go English, Spanish or you want to go, you know, US vs. Canada, whatever it may be.

Chuck: Yeah, it needs to determine how you use the site. Then, it’s not really a Flash page it’s a necessary, you know, component section.

Chris: Section, yeah. And even then I would want to have content to, because Google does give a lot more value to the homepage of a website and we’ve seen that time and time again. So, make sure that – that you got content on there so that you can also place well.

Chuck: Number 28, some of your most valuable links might not appear in websites at all, but be in the form of e-mail communications such as newsletter scenes.

Chris: Hadn’t really thought of that, you know newsletter that goes out, gets open in Gmail. I had not – I had not thought of that at all.

Chuck: Yeah. We’ll, I mean I think there’s and you can tell this is outdated and you call it scene. But newsletters scenes, blog post, different method of sharing, guest post. I think the number in that circle of statement is, you know share your content.

Chris: Use your content, sharing. Yeah.

Chuck: And make sure you have links in that content.

Chris: I just had thought about the fact that Google would be aware of a newsletter that went out, unless you put it on your blog, right. So typically you’ll send that on your newsletter, you put it on your blog and that’s got links in it. So that’s relevant because it’s on your blog, but now, you know in that mail because it’s not recent, it’s been out there for quite some time and don’t know which e-mail you may be sending that newsletter to people and Google is aware of it.

Chuck: Yeah, I mean, the index – especially in Gmail.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Because you get ads relevant to your e-mail content.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Which is a little weird and you know it suspect, by the way but, you know, anyway. Let see here, number 29. You get nothing from Pay links except the few clicks unless the links are embedded and body text, they’re obvious sponsored.

Chris: Yeah, in general we say if you’re going to buy a link, you’re buying it for the traffic that you’re going to get from it. You don’t buy it for SEO purposes and there are ways to do that and you can get some value of that, we just don’t recommend you go that path.

Chuck: Yeah, I just think, you just – is this the right way and wrong way to do it. I think some paid links are have great value next for SEO. When there’s more in this pay directly to this, Yahoo and things of that nature, I said, paid link you bought, you pay to get directory and got a link, but that has value.

I think he is referring to, you know, buying links from different sites or whatever…

Chris: And expect it from SEO benefit.

Chuck: Yeah, it’s not going to work. Links from EDU domain name that gives a nice way by search engines with a search for possible non-profit EDU sites that are looking for sponsors. Yeah, another Pay link, I’m going to be honest, they want a sponsor and so we have to, you know, go sponsor them whatever venture they having and then hopefully they’ll give you a link back to their site.

Chris: By the way the audio and the video of this Podcast is going to be a great example of our no edit policy. We don’t do any editing that way too time consuming.

Chuck: Let see give then something to talk about, link embedding is simply a good content.


Chris: Yes.

Chuck: And 32, give each page a focus on a single keyword phrase don’t try to optimize the page for simple key phrases at you want, great tip.

Chris: Depends on the competitive, that’s right, I mean. We’ll we tend describe to about three. Depending on how competitive it is and if it’s more competitive than it’s one, you know target phrase per page…

Chuck: And then even those three usually are related.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Mostly related.

Chris: Highly related.

Chuck: Yeah, you know. It takes this water heaters and water repair.

Chris: There now electric water heater is going to be.

Chuck: They are all water heater related. So, yeah that was a good one. SEO is useless if we have a weak or non-existing cause of action, talked about that earlier. Make sure your cause is clear in and present.

Number 34, SEO is not a one shot process, the searching mass keep changes daily, so expect the work with your optimization daily.

Chris: High risk.

Chuck: Let see number 35, cater to influential bloggers and authority sites will might link to you, your images, videos, podcast, etc. or ex to reprint your content. Let’s telling them by asking for a re-twit.

Chris: Right, yeah.

Chuck: No, I won’t re-twit if that in getting things from the article. I think we just put out good content an you know put that content in front of people who will find it useful and if they find it useful they’ll shared.

Chris: Yeah, we’ll so an example would be to, you know, e-mail Danny Sullivan, say you got to listen to this Podcast really cover the subject well or whatever or read this article ‘cause it’s really powerful article. So if that works and he’s interested in his blog link back to that article and you know, at the end of the day, I think that’s a step up from just good link maybe from the article writing.

It’s like, okay, so you’ve written good articles reach out to those people who are respected in your community and hopefully they’ll link back to you. So, maybe you write a great article on carpet installation and you reach out to a cover manufacturer and say, hey maybe you guys want to link to this and they do that’s your – that’s you back link that has a lot of value. So, excellent.

Little blank stare there?

Chuck: I got blank stare. Yeah, that’s a good blank stare. I was always, I always like white room matrix blank.

Chris: I couldn’t see for a minute.

Chuck: So, check this our blank stare is at Google apps, so they finally, you know, I’ve been [0:32:34][Inaudible] after a while ‘cause I couldn’t use my most serious Google apps account with GPlus. Well, I was using it but I wasn’t supposed to be using it, when I had – on my way to get it, so now they open it up Google apps to Google Plus to Google apps users. Blank stares because it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Chris: It’s not exactly obvious how you turn it on.

Chuck: Yeah, it’s like non-steps you got to take in and it’s a headache to do and but, you know, blank stare you all. Thank you for doing it but I should have been able to log in, see my Google and services next to e-mail.calendar and should be apps.

Chris: Yep.

Chuck: And it takes back.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Turn it on.

Chris: Turn it on.

Chuck: Exactly. And so, but anyway, I’ll figure it out and hopefully I’ll send that.

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