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Forty-fourth Internet Marketing Podcast Jan. 22nd 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Welcome back. Happy New Year everybody. Welcome to 2010.

Chris: This is going to be another banner year, 2010. 2009 was pretty awesome. We’re going to kind of cover that here in a bit.

Paul: 2009 was definitely an awesome year.

Chris: How was your New Year celebration?

Paul: It was cool, you know, a kind of low-key, hang out with the family, went to a party, brought my 16-year-old nephew. (laughing)

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: It’s just wrong. We had a great time though.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Paul: It was kind of cool. Nothing crazy. How about yourself?

Chris: Cool. I was up in New Jersey.

Paul: Cali?

Chris: No, I was actually up in New Jersey for two weeks with — this is the first podcast in a long time so your listeners will have noticed a dead spot and then now we’re picking back up again. I was in New Jersey for two weeks for — through Christmas. I actually spent New Year’s here in Houston at a Panamanian party. My wife is Panamanian so those are always a good time.

Paul: That was an awesome time.

Chris: And then I was out in two weeks on a particular project in California so I’m actually back this week ’cause it’s pissing down rain in California.

Paul: Oh, that’s right. My sister — I have a sister — hey, Robin — in Los Angeles and I talked about two days ago. She says, “The power is out.” I’m like, “Why is the power out?” “Well, because it’s raining.” I don’t get it.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: What is in L.A. and when it rains, everybody freaks out so…

Chris: Yeah, it’s kind of like when it snows here.

Paul: Yeah, like when it snows here in Houston.

Chris: All right. Well, remember you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Paul: On iTunes.

Chris: In fact, we now have five — we’ve got four reviews on iTunes.

Paul: And five ratings.

Chris: And five ratings so we actually have an average so we look even more official than we did last year.

Paul: Yes. Thank you to everyone that took time out of the schedule. We appreciate that and thank you. We really do appreciate that.

Chris: We love doing this podcast. We love the feedback, even the negative feedback and I will get into that.

Paul: Haha, we do get some. (laughing)

Chris: Do you know — I’ll get into that here shortly. You can stalk us. Everybody who wants to stalk us, we’re actually, you know …

Paul: A hot commodity.

Chris: … our Facebook page. We’re getting more and more fans of e-webstyle there. Thank you guys for that. Anyone who’s not already stalking us, you can find us at You can stalk us on Facebook. The easiest way to get to that Facebook page is because the Facebook URL is frankly …

Paul: You all remember it.

Chris: … is ridiculous.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I think.

Paul: Yeah. (laughing)

Chris: I haven’t checked in a while. (laughing) They were making some changes a while back. Also, if you do not know, if you are not watching live right now, it’s because you don’t know that we broadcast our podcast usually at 9:15, today’s at 9:45, had a little issue.

Paul: My bad. I was late.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: We’re going to try and stick to that schedule so that you guys can kind on bank on Friday mornings joining us ’cause we really love to have you guys watching. Looks like there’s a couple of people watching right there right now. Hey, thanks for watching.

Paul: What’s up guys?

Chris: And, of course, these podcasts are then put onto iTunes, onto different podcast services just as the audio podcast. I’m thinking now that we’re going to put this up actually on as video podcast. How does that sound? So, we’ll have audio podcast on iTunes and a video podcast …

Paul: That’s very cool.

Chris: … a lot more video stuff.

Paul: That’s cool. We always enter something new and exciting.

Chris: Yeah. So, that’ll probably happen and we’re going to start having these videos on our YouTube page. So, YouTube has a ten-minute limit so this thing will be broken down, etcetera, etcetera, but you’ll be able to just kind of go in there and watch us on YouTube or all of our old stuff, all of our old videos are available on USTREAM.

Paul: Sure is.

Chris: So, go check that out. Do we have any news for today?

Paul: You know, I have a little bit of news. I went around. I was searching for news and it was just the same old, you know, Google China if you haven’t seen this Google in — Google in China are fighting right now ’cause China had Google or blah, blah, blah, whatever. So, it wasn’t that great so I decided to jump on the Haiti bandwagon. And this would be a perfect time — what I did last night, I sent a text message. I don’t know if you’ve seen that or — you can text message 90999. I text message Haiti — the word “Haiti” to 90999 and it will ask you — reply “yes” if you want to donate $10 and I did. So, if you haven’t done something to help out the people in Haiti, this is my plug for the telethon or whatever. There’s going to be a huge telethon tonight so, you know, send a text message, send $1, $5, $10. I did. I felt good about it. I kept saying I was going to do it and I finally did it last night. So, if you haven’t done that, you know, help the people out in Haiti.

Chris: Is that the Wyclef telethon or something?

Paul: Tonight is — I don’t — tonight is the big multi-network

Chris: Including like Larry King and …

Paul: Everywhere — MTV, ABC, NBC, Fox — it’s going to be everywhere. So, take this time …

Chris: Just like my client, Patrick Wanis, they are trying to get him involved ’cause he actually put together — also, if you’re, you know, suffering some loss or trauma from the experience of Haiti, there is a free audio file that are hypnotherapists client made. It’s actually two files so you can just go in there. You know, the biggest part of your contributing we’re finding that a lot of the people who are actually volunteering feel like they’re not volunteering enough and they’re feeling distress and sadness and, you know, all of these things like survival guilt. These audio files — one of the big things is it just allows you to take 20 minutes, you know. You deserve 20 minutes — take 20 minutes for yourself. Listen to these audio files. They’ve got some great visualizations. You can actually find that at, and that is H-A-I-T-I. I think at least everyone will now know how to spell Haiti country.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I think most people …

Paul: It took me a while when I was trying to send that text.

Chris: It’s really confusing when people who speak Spanish say it ’cause it’s Aiti and you’re like what? I work in IT. I don’t really know what you’re talking about so… yeah, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Haiti and hopefully — yeah, do something about it. That’s awesome.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And then so — I really don’t — the whole Google China thing, I really don’t know too much about what’s going on. China hacked them and other people …

Paul: You know, I read a little bit about it and that kind of stuff and I was like “Oh, whatever.” It’s just that well, China — Google got hacked in China somewhere. They don’t know where exactly it came from. The last thing I read this morning was — they don’t say it was the government but they’re saying the government is not doing anything about it. So, Hilary Clinton is really urging China to do something about Google getting hacked. And China was like “Shut up,” you know. Like she called over there and they refused the phone call or something. So, they’re like “Hey, whatever. Leave us alone. We’re going to do our own thing.” So, right now Google is kind of going head to head with China — the government about not cracking down and finding out who hacked them, why they got hacked and punishing those people. So, it’s a possibility they’re saying, “Okay, should we even stay in this market.” I’ve heard that they’re saying they are going to pull out but right now it’s kind of like should — “What should we do? Should we, you know, investigate this further? Should we stay here? What’s it going to cost? Or should we just pull out of it?” Because the last time I read they have a serious competitor there called “Baidu.”

Chris: Yeah, Baidu.

Paul: B-A-I-D-U is the Yahoo of China. It’s the second largest search engine in the world actually or …

Chris: There’s a lot of people in China, like Google is just pulling out of that market is — doesn’t make a …

Paul: Yeah. Yes. I don’t think they’re like “Well, let’s really think about this before we pull out.”

Chris: We’re thinking about pulling out every day.

Chris and

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: All right. So, a little viewer and listener mail, Gino Svaghi, and I’m sorry maybe butchering that name. It is S-V-A-G-H-I. He’s from Australia and he says, “Come on, guys. The first ten minutes of your show is just — well, he’s Australian so I know what he’s really saying — “The first ten minutes of your show is just crap.”

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Right. Let’s just get all the BS out of the way. Because Australians — one of the things I really appreciate Patrick Juana is also a friend of mine. He is from Australia — they just tell like it is, like if they don’t like you …

Paul: Patrick definitely tells it like …

Chris: They’re just like, “I don’t like you.”

Paul: Yeah. “I don’t like you.”

Chris: “I really — you know, I’m having my beer here. You’re sitting in a chair next to me. I don’t like you. You really should move or I’m going to.”

Paul: “Or I’m going to.”

Chris: You know, in America, we don’t do that so much. We just maybe turn our back and sneak or whatever.

Paul: We talk behind your back.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: A stranger is right up there. So, Gino, we really appreciate your input. We’re going to absolutely weigh it with all the other good input that we’re getting and …

Paul: Lacuba, thanks. Thanks — thanks for being honest.

Chris: And we’re going to have maybe a Gino time limit.

Paul: Okay. We are …

Chris: Right? So, I think we met the Gino time now.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: All right. So, back — here we go. This is the real podcast.

Paul: Let’s go. What are we covering today?

Chris: Today is the yearend review. We’re going to do 2009, the yearend review. Just to recap what we did last time. Remember John Reynolds of Southwest of Western Australia which is actually not in the Pacific Ocean. It is actually a province called Western Australia — go back and listen to the last podcast if that even sounded even remotely confusing which I’m sure it did. He said, “Google admits there’s 200 signals or factors that they weigh in when they’re determining the rank of a particular website.” And he said, “I know content, keywords, and links. What are the other 197?” And this was such a great question. The last time we found out a 25-page article. It’s really good article published by SEAmoz — SEOmoz, not SEAmoz and …

Paul: Just tons and tons of other SEO techniques that you probably did not or had not heard about.

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