SEO 2010 Year in Review

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Eighty-Ninth Internet Marketing Podcast December 17th 2010. First page of Show Notes

SEO 2010 Year in Review

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the Internet Marketing SEO Unknown Marketing Secrets of Podcasting.

Paul:                            Of Podcast. And yes. What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to the 2010 year — welcome to the 2010 Year in Review. Welcome back to the Unknown Secrets of whatever podcast.

Chris:                           I believe it is SEO Podcast Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets. You are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes and there is at least one of you who is actually watching. Hello, whoever you are out there and —

Paul:                            Hi, Chuck.

Chris:                           — and you too and Chuck, so two. You can follow us on Twitter, You can find us on Facebook, You can send us an e-mail, You guys have made us the most popular SEO podcast in iTunes and today we are going to give back. There’s a lot of meat in this podcast. If you’re watching the video, you would see lots of —

Paul:                            Meat.

Chris:                           — meat in the podcast. Paul and I actually wearing meat outfits.

Paul:                            Meat dresses.

Chris:                           Meat dresses, ala Gaga. Hey, we’ve got a listener I wanted to spot like this every now and we call out somebody. This is in Ecuador.

Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.

Chris:                           And usually when I kind of zoom in on somebody who is listening to us, we end up — it’s on the coast, right? So it was like some gorgeous place.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           In fact, I saw a picture just a second ago. We’re going to go through our podcast but —

Paul:                            I remember the dude in Costa Rica. Oh, wow! That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           All right. Look at that.

Paul:                            I remember the dude in Costa Rica like ran a — I think it was Mark or Mike at Red Palm Villas. He ran a seaside villas. “I listen to your podcast and I’m doing this on my laptop on the beach.” I’m like, “Shut up.”

Chris:                           Where can we podcast there and you sit in office and listen?

Paul:                            Yeah, for real. And he was telling me like, “I need more.” I’m not listening to you complain because you’re on a beach — period.

Chris:                           So this is actually in Ecuador. It’s outside of a city called Otavalo. Right there is the Lake San Pablo and look how remote that is. I mean it’s in the middle — number 6 there. It’s in the middle of the mountains.

Paul:                            Oh, that’s where this listener is?

Chris:                           That’s where the listener is.

Paul:                            Wow!

Chris:                           That’s the description. I’m going to pull this up to the screen.

Paul:                            I suppose the only spot he can get internet access with all the mountains everywhere.

Chris:                           Literally, in the middle of nowhere that sits down here somewhere. So whoever is over there, give us a shout out. Let us know who you are. So we can give you a shout out and then —

Paul:                            Everybody will know who you are.

Chris:                           Yeah, exactly.

Paul:                            And we have another listener in — my man, Dukelow. Chuck, what’s his first name?

Chris:                           In Ireland. He’s in Ireland.

Paul:                            Yeah, I can’t even do Ireland accent, yeah.

Chris:                           It’s kind of Jamaicanish.

Paul:                            Yeah. I know his last name is Dukelow because that’s pretty — that’s his last name. He was like, “Hey, man, what’s up everybody?” And his URL was like, was it FlyFishing — I’m going to get it from Chuck here in a sec.

Chuck:                         Stephen Dukelow.

Chris:                           Stephen Dukelow.


Paul:                            There you go. Wow! ie.

Chris:                  Go check him out. And Stephen, thanks for listening.

Paul:                            I guess — is that the domain extension for Ireland?

Chris:                           Yeah, yeah.

Paul:                            That’s cool. I didn’t know that. What’s up, Stephen?

Chris:                           It’s not just Internet Explorer.

Paul:                            Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

Chris:                           It’s actually Ireland.

Paul:                            Explorer has its own —

Chris:                           Or maybe Internet Explorer division of Microsoft has purchased an island recently.

Paul:                            A purchase, yeah, purchased Ireland, all of Ireland.


Chris:                           This podcast, we’re doing the 2010 SEO Year in Review. You could also call it the 2010 Internet Marketing Year in Review. You could probably —

Paul:                            We also do websites.

Chris:                           We could also call it “We do also websites.”

Paul:                            It’s going to be a long podcast, guy. We’ll probably split this into two for you just to make it easier. But we’re going to go over — gosh! The 40, 50 podcasts.

Chris:                           Everything of value — yeah, we started —

Paul:                            We’re not looking at two hours so stick with us but there’s going to be a lot. We’re going to cover a lot. I have a tool that I introduced, a lot of tips and tricks. So get out your pens and pads and start writing. In case you missed anything this year, you’ll be able to find it and I’m going to — we’ll try to shout out the actual podcast so you can go back and listen to that podcast. We’re not going to cover the whole cast, just a quick tip, what we liked about it, and then we’ll give the podcast number — we’ll try to so you can go back and listen to it.

Chris:                           So this should be really good and it’s going to 40 podcasts. Don’t ask me how you get 40 podcasts out of a —

Paul:                            52-week year?

Chris:                           — out of a 52-week year. I think we need to get back to work.


Chris:                           That’s why we’re doing two today, damn it! We’re getting caught up. All right. So podcast number 45, keywords and Twitter, what to do with both?

Paul:                            Hang on. Let me say this before we start this. I’d like to personally thank all of our podcast listeners, our Facebook fans, our likes, our Twitter followers, our YouTube friends, our PodOmatic friends. We’ve been doing these podcasts for about two years now and we started with zero listeners. I say this all the time. It was just Chris and I telling these stupid jokes to each other, laughing at them, and we have grown to accept —

Chris:                           Oh, with a little bit of SEO sprinkled in it. [Laughter]

Paul:                            Yeah, yeah, with a little bit, yeah. We’ve grown to over 75,000 downloads worldwide in six continents, 20 something countries.

Chris:                           Yeah, we’ve got —

Paul:                            Twenty something countries. I remember we got our very first request from a gentleman we talk about all the time named Darren Booy in London in April of 2009. I was like “Yes!”

Chris:                           There is a listener out there.

Paul:                            Somebody cares about this so…

Chris:                           And it’s human.

Paul:                            Yes.


Paul:                            So thank you from us to you guys. We do this for you. You guys helped us bring us to this point. So thanks, everybody, for listening, liking us, give us a shout out, you know. Send us a note, give us your URL, whatever. Just thanks for the last two years of bringing us to this point.

Chris:                           And we’re seeing more and more people interacting with us, more and more interactions on the Facebook. Did I just say “the Facebook”?

Paul:                            “On the Facebook.”

Chris:                           On Facebook. I spiel like a 90-year-old dude. “On the Facebook.” We’re seeing more and more interaction. We’re getting more and more reviews on iTunes. It’s a simple process. Just go out there, create a simple account, and submit a review. Then let us know so that we can give you a shout out and kind of a spot like that review. Yeah, I’m with you. Thank — I mean you guys are the people who make this worth doing now actually.

Paul:                            Yes, especially all the people that comment and we would always joke and laugh and go back and forth and give tips on the Facebook page. That’s been awesome. We do have a — if you all followed Facebook page, we have a TV in the conference room and I’m pointing to it and you can’t see it but we’re going to try to do some —

Chris:                           Something in the new year we’ll do some remote interviewing and —

Paul:                            Where we get some of you guys, some of the SEOs, just some of the people out there.

Chris:                           Oh, yeah, maybe — it’s a great idea. Put together and we know that James has a great microphone. Well, we can test out his camera.

Paul:                            Dean, Dean.

Chris:                           Yeah. Put together like a little testimonial or just a question and we can actually incorporate the question into the podcast. That would be cool.

Paul:                            Yes. And we are going to get to — we have a discussion page on what to do. We are going to get to that stuff at some point. We haven’t gone to all of it but we are going to get to everything that you put on our discussion page, what you’d like to hear about.

Chris:                           Oh, my Lord, we have exceeded the Gino time limit.

Paul:                            Yes, we have.


Paul:                            Gino, this isn’t a podcast.

Chris:                           Yeah, and either does the guys who thinks it’s just two guys laughing. If he only knew we’re three guys laughing then he would be back.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Keywords and Twitter. This is podcast number 45, what to do with both? We covered keywords. We covered long and short tail keywords. Important factor — in fact, the most — we always say in real estate it is location, location, location. In SEO, Pay Per Click, anything internet marketing it is keywords, keywords, keywords. So long tail and short tail keywords. You want to get after that. We also talked about ways to improve SEVO, Search Engine Visitor Optimization. We talked about that often and the effect that SEVO, good SEVO, can have on your ROI.

Paul:                            There you go. I’d say for Twitter, I don’t know if we talked about this but I’m always thinking everybody should be on Twitter for no reason other than the link juice back to your website. It brings traffic too so get on Twitter.

Chris:                           And if you do get out there and do Twitter, make sure that you got some sort of plan. At least in six months I’m going to start tweeting on a regular basis. Actually, I was watching Stephen Colbert the other night. He won a “golden tweet” because he had the most retweeted comment. Don’t ask me what it was.

Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           That would be a useful part. We’re just podcasters. We’re not actually reporters.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           And it was funny because Stephen was like, “All right. I got to ask this is the white elephant in the room. Is this golden tweet going to help me get laid?”

Paul:                            Yeah.


Paul:                            No.

Chris:                           Probably not, not by anything that you actually want to attract. All right. So podcast number 46, submitting your website. Do useful comments on blog’s help. And this was — we talked about submitting it using pinging techniques, submitting it to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We discussed inbound links, creating those inbound links and blogs. And this is really kind of — this is probably the podcast that was just — we were just developing our concrete and very important policy and mantra of “don’t be a douche.”

Paul:                            Don’t be a douche?

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           And it wasn’t — this wasn’t the “don’t be a douche” podcast. It was just —

Paul:                            Kind of where we got into it?

Chris:   Exactly. Where we — we touched on it and we realized that the idea was formulating at that time. That’s podcast number 46. Again, on 47 — you want to take one of these or…?

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