SEO Advice: Focus on Usability, Then CTA’s and Then USP’s

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This is a transcript from our 154th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page). Find a link to listen or subscribe, below.
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Focus on Usability, Then CTA’s and Then USP’s

Chris Burres: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres with E-Webstyle. Charles Lewis: Charles Lewis [Laughter], your internet marketing specialist. I was doing — Chris Burres: I had a lot of extra hands just with the few days. Charles Lewis: Yeah. That’s new? [Laughter] Chris Burres: You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes where we have a mantra and we’ll get to that mantra in just a second. Charles Lewis: Yeah. Chris Burres: This is podcast number 154. You are listening to the — I already said that. Previous podcast — Charles Lewis: Yeah, you host this job [0:00:32] [Phonetic]. Chris Burres: Yeah, yeah. I can’t do two things at once. Here we ago. So the previous podcast, we have a tip and the tip from the previous podcast is your web design is paramount for converting your web traffic. Focus first on usability, then CTA’s and then USP’s. Charles Lewis: Yeah, that was a great tip. And it actually kind of — actually kind of goes to some of the content we’ll talk about today but at the end of the day, you want to make sure that once you apply all these efforts to get traffic to your site, that your site actually turned that traffic in to business. Chris Burres: So one of the things that we say is that sets us apart, one, we do this podcast so we’re recognize internationally and two, we do both components, the website and the actual internet marketing which, you know, if you got a pretty website, hey, I’ve said this about three times this week, if you got a pretty website and you’ve got a company that’s driving lots of traffic to the website and you’re not getting business, who do you complain to? You have a pretty website — Charles Lewis: Yeah — Chris Burres: You’re getting lots of traffic, so what’s to complain? Well, we’re not worried about the customer’s complaining or not, we want the customer to sign that next contract and we know that they’re not going to if they’re not getting a positive ROI. Charles Lewis: Yeah. Chris Burres: So if they’re getting lots of traffic to a pretty website and it’s not closing, we redo the website. I’m not suggesting we make it ugly. [Laughter] I’m just saying that we redo the website. Charles Lewis: Yeah, definitely. Chris Burres: So remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers. Charles Lewis: Yes. Chris Burres: Where our mantra is — Charles Lewis: “Don’t be a douche.” Chris Burres: “Don’t be a douche.” Charles Lewis: It’s not a good look, man. You didn’t look at all. Chris Burres: And if you’re by at some sort of device right now, go ahead and tweet, Facebook, whatever. We tend to tell you to tweet and Charles will — Charles Lewis: Yeah, yeah. Chris Burres: … tell you what to tweet. Charles Lewis: Get on — get on your device and #SEOPodcast154. We’ll breeze in to this thing. Chris Burres: Yeah. Charles Lewis: #SEOPodcast154. Make sure you tag us @ewebstyle that way we can retweet it, check it out to get who you are and starting and working and building a relationship. But yeah, do that right now. Right now. Chris Burres: Right now. Charles Lewis: Right now but right now. Chris Burres: Right now. We’re going to wait. No, we’re not. Next we have our Algorithm Cataclysm. Ooh, that was good. Charles Lewis: Yeah. Chris Burres: That was good. Charles Lewis: We beat like a ground shaking. Chris Burres: Yeah. Rambling. Chris Burres: So the Algorithm Cataclysm today is I was told Penguin 1.1 [Laughter] — Charles Lewis: Yeah, Penguin 1.1, what they did was — everybody know the Penguin Update that happened recently and that update was strictly to focus on web stand. What they did was inside the algorithm, the algorithm has modules. And so the Penguin 1.1 Update was a data update inside one of those modules that, you know, back to Google’s regular terms with other, what to say, other secrets signals [Laughter] that affected how a search — how a search results are displayed. So — Chris Burres: Secret signals that’s the — Charles Lewis: Yeah. Chris Burres: … the KFC of search engine. Yes, so let’s get to a little bit of news. We’ve got, I thought this is cool. Flipboard arrives to Android. I don’t know if you ever mess with the iPad. There’s an app called Flipboard. It’s really cool. It ties in your Facebook turns — really like — Charles Lewis: Okay, I’ve seen somebody using that. Chris Burres: Your Facebook and Twitter and any kind of news feeds that you like. It
turns them in to basically, a publication which is it really a well-done thing and now that’s on Android. If you’re on our Facebook page, by the way, let’s just cover this right now. You can get to our Facebook page, — Charles Lewis: ewebstyle. Chris Burres: Our Twitter page is — Charles Lewis: ewebstyle. Chris Burres: Our YouTube page is — Charles Lewis: [Singing] ewebstyle. Chris Burres: And you can… e-mail us at [Laughter] — Charles Lewis: Chris Burres: That was good. Charles Lewis: Yeah, you like that one? That’s called harmonizing. Chris Burres: Harmonizing, alone. [Laughter] Our Facebook page where we run contest, caption contest. You know, write a caption for this entertaining photo and we post jokes. And there was a joke recently, it’s a programming joke. And — Charles Lewis: [Laughter] I saw that. Chris Burres: Right and I saw the image and the image that you see on our wall isn’t the whole image. There’s actually the image plus a joke under it. So you got to click that image. And the image doesn’t matched the joke, anyway, but that’s — anyway, it’s a good joke. Go check it out. I thought this is interesting. [0:05:00] New language has always really interesting to me. Google has backed an initiative the Endangered Language Project. I read a little bit of this article. There’s — they are projecting that, not Google, I think linguists in general are projecting that 50% of today’s languages will be extinct by 2100, 2100. Why is that just seem weird to say the year 2100? Charles Lewis: Yeah, I say it’s like extremely far. Chris Burres: Yeah. And you know, evolution of language is something that has always fascinated. I thought that was cool. How much do you think it cost to charge your iPad every year? Charles Lewis: How much does it cost to charge your iPad… Chris Burres: Every year. Charles Lewis: Every year. Chris Burres: For a full twelve months — Charles Lewis: Annual iPad — annual iPad charging cost. Chris Burres: Yeah. Charles Lewis: See how — how it works? Chris Burres: Uh huh. Charles Lewis: This is called keyword, you know — Chris Burres: Yeah. [Laughter] Charles Lewis: Let’s see I have my clue — [Laughter] Chris Burres: Are you keyword stuffing our podcast? [Laughter] Charles Lewis: I have no clue how much it would cost. Chris Burres: Above 36. It’s not the number that I would have come up with. Charles Lewis: Yeah, I was going to say — Chris Burres: 50 — 150 per — yeah, no. But — Charles Lewis: But I look 35 — I look 36. Chris Burres: 36, yeah. Charles Lewis: Too high I think that number. Chris Burres: I think you can measure the amount of energy that goes in and out every time you charge it and how long it last and all that stuff. Now, I bet that doesn’t take in to account the fact that you have your charger plugged in over time and that thing is always warm so that thing is always draining electricity. So I’m sure they don’t take that in to account. We have a review. Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding. Now, we had a sound for reviews — Charles Lewis: Yeah, that’s new. Chris Burres: “Great tips, great delivery.” This is from Adriana. “I work as an SEO specialist.” So as soon as I read that, I was like, okay, here it comes. Charles Lewis: I know, right. Chris Burres: “And I listen to three SEO podcasts.” By the way, we’d like to know what the other ones are. We’ll check them out. “All of them give actionable — [Laughter] Charles Lewis: I won’t — I won’t. I’m sorry I don’t have a time. Chris Burres: [Laughter] “All of them give actionable information and tips.” That’s all of ours — oh, wait, wait, wait. Charles Lewis: Yeah. Chris Burres: Oh yeah, okay. “All of the podcasts give actionable information and tips I can use including the E-Webstyle podcast but the E-Webstyle podcast gives this valuable information and a delivery style that is way more engaging than the others. Thank you for making my time on the stare master that much bearable.” Charles Lewis: Stare masters. Chris Burres: Oh yeah. Charles Lewis: What’s the name? Chris Burres: The name is Adriana. Charles Lewis: Adriana. Punch in the face to you, Adriana and I don’t hit chic but punch in the face is a good punch in the face. Chris Burres: Yeah. Charles Lewis: Thank you for listening. Thank you for tuning in. Yeah, [Punching Sound]. Chris Burres: Yeah, thank — Charles Lewis: Somebody — man, I don’t know who I was tweeting with. They recommended we get the sound effect for that. Chris Burres: Oh, okay. [Punching Sound] Yeah, then we have — now, we got a sound board and we’ll get there someday, maybe. Charles Lewis: Maybe tell me that — Chris Burres: On our Facebook page, Robert Mansour he said this, “Hi, Chris and Charles. I love the show. I listen all the time. However, I do agree with a recent critic and so far as Charles is indeed harder to hear than Chris. It seems the balance is isn’t right. His voice is about 30% less volume than Chris so I have to keep raising the volume to hear Charles and then lower it when Chris starts screaming [Laughter] and just — he didn’t s
ay it. “Adjust seems to — be the microphone as farther from Chris and therefore, we hear him better.” I’m going to fix that right now. If you’re watching, I just slid the microphone 30% closer to Charles. Charles Lewis: Yeah, that probably was like extremely loud. Chris Burres: Yeah. [Laughter] That was perfect. [Laughter] We’ll put it a lot closer. Actually, I have noticed that your deep voice and my high — Charles Lewis: Naturally — [Laughter] Chris Burres: … high pitch voice; there’s a little contrast there. Charles Lewis: And the distance. Okay. So maybe I should talk louder. Chris Burres: [Laughter] Charles Lewis: Yeah.

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