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Sixty-first Internet Marketing Podcast May 21st 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to the Unknown Secrets of SEO. Special shout-out to everyone that’s watching us. There’s about eight or nine of you all out there watching us. So what’s up, you all?

Chris: Thanks for tuning in exactly at 9:15 Central Standard Time. Okay, I’m a little late.

Paul: Yeah, come on.

Chris: The clock’s a little slack. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And I’m Paul Hanson, sales manager at E-Webstyle.

Chris: As usual, we like to talk about what we spoke about in our last podcast. This is podcast number 61. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Thanks to you, guys, and I’m pointing at you at the camera. Thank you, guys. In our last podcast ‑ do you remember what we talked about in our last podcast?

Paul: No.

Chris: No?

Paul: Don’t make me lie.

Chris: I’m going to have to send out some sort of memo to the staff of the Unknown Secrets of SEO. Wait, I’m part of that. Actually, I’ll say one word and it will ring your bell? No.

Paul: (Laughing)

Chris: Remind you? ‘Cause it’s pretty bad when douche rings your bell (Laughing).

Paul: There you go (Laughing). You just said ring my bell and I was like, “Wow, that’s usually reserved for you know.”

Chris: The ladies (Laughing). And if you can do that with one word, whew!

Paul: Like God, we need to talk, men. Maybe I need to learn that.

Chris: Douche. It’s even bad when the word is douche. So yeah, at our last podcast, we talked about…

Paul: Douchebaggery!

Chris: Douchebaggery. Don’t be a douche. The douchiness of design.

Paul: Yes. And being a douche in your SEO.

Chris: Yeah. So go back and listen to that podcast. Again, that is podcast number 60. Before we get started also, how about a little bit of how you stalk us, find us, pursue us, search us, haunt us? And I was going to say, why ‑ I was going to say mourn us. That would ‑ that’s…

Paul: All right, man. Come on, dude (Laughing). Don’t put me in that category.

Chris: So you’re gone from ringing my bell to killing me.

Paul: That’s what I’m saying. Don’t put me in that category.

Chris: You could follow us on Twitter. You just need to go to Facebook, you just need to go to, and there’s no dash in that ewebstyle. And go there on Facebook. You can like us. On Twitter, you can follow us. We ‑ we announce when these podcasts are going to be broadcast so if you’re following your Twitter account and you had forgotten that “Hey, it’s 9:15. I got to tune into it.”

Paul: “Oh, snap. Stop what I’m doing.”

Chris: “Everything holds ’cause I got to watch the podcast.” Follow us on two ’cause we do announce the podcast prior to that going on air. On YouTube, you can follow us at ‑ the easiest way to get there is and that’s Y-O-U Tube.

Paul: So when they have on,

Chris: Well, you can also go to I made that happen the other day.

Paul: Oh, okay. Sorry.

Chris: You’re not wrong. You’re not wrong.

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: It does work. Actually, if you do go to, it would get you there. You could also go to and you will get there. So, follow us. You know, I honestly hadn’t even checked iTunes this week. I don’t know if we have any new reviews. Here’s one of the things we love. When our listeners who appreciate what we’re doing go to iTunes, create an account, submit a review or a testimonial, a review, and it’s a good review. And then we also like it when they send us an email at, let us know they submitted a review, send us some ‑ their web, their URL so…

Paul: Their URL.

Chris: And their name, you know. It’s always good to…

Paul: We’ll link ‑ we’ll backlink love. We’ll link juice.

Chris: Right back at you. We love it. So, make sure you guys do that if you’re getting anything good out of this podcast, and we know you are. That’s just what it is. How about news? Do you have anything interesting news?

Paul: I read something about Google and Germany are in a fight but I can’t exactly remember what it was, about privacy issues about…

Chris: Bring down that wall!

Paul: (Laughing)

Chris: Bring down that wall, Germany!

Paul: I do not remember that when I was a kid. I was a kid when that happened but I specifically remember that. But something happened in Germany. It’s about what you talked about last time. Google and Wi-Fi, Google basically getting into everybody’s Wi-Fi.

Chris: Oh, yeah, yeah. Apparently while they were driving around in their Street View vehicles, they were collecting private information on open Wi-Fi. Did you read anymore about that?

Paul: Germany is pissed, I know that, like their ‑ the whole country is pissed at Google behind that.

Chris: That sounds more like something the French would be upset about.

Paul: Yeah (Laughing). Yeah.

Chris: Germans are kind of like “Good technology” (Laughing).

Paul: We just lost all of our French ‑ all of our Parisian listeners. Like, oh, click.

Chris: Click (Laughing). No, it’s true. I mean, I’m not…

Paul: That’s true. That’s true.

Chris: I’m just stereotyping. Is there a problem with that?

Paul: Do we (Laughing) ‑ do we have any Parisian listeners?

Chris: I’m sure we do. I’m sure we did (Laughing). A little news. This is going to be a little bit of kind of an iPhone, iPad centric piece of news and for a good reason because of a story with one of our clients this week. But I did find this. Time Warner has decided they will not reformat all of their shit off of Flash so that it will be viewable in the iPhone and iPad. They’re just not going to do it.

Paul: You know what I think is going to happen, I think that eventually, Apple will probably come out with an alternative to Flash or something because…

Chris: Well, they are. So they kind of already do, right?

Paul: Okay.

Chris: ‘Cause YouTube works on iPads and iPhones because either YouTube has reformatted it on behalf for the iPhone or iPhone is doing some ‑ I don’t know what the nuances of the technology are, but you can actually get to YouTube from your iPhone. You can actually get to YouTube from your iPad. That one I know 100% because I actually did it once.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So somebody has done some reformatting. The implication is here that YouTube did which kind of makes sense when the iPhone is the ubiquitous device that it is and you want more. And it’s actually, this is another ‑ this escalates right into this other statistic. I was talking with one of my clients. We’re finishing up their website and the first component of the front page, kind of the main component on the front page is a demo of their product and it’s in Flash. And they, in a meeting this week, they’re like, “Hey, our website doesn’t show up in our iPhone.” Like yeah, ’cause it’s Flash.

Paul: Get another phone (Laughing).

Chris: And I was just asking questions (Laughing).

Paul: Duh.

Chris: Duh. We need to redesign what? That is not what’s up. So ‑ so like, I’m just kind of asking questions. One, they’re the customer, they have iPhones. We will be accommodating the iPhone. But just as kind of an interesting question, I was like, “So, I wonder how many of your clients there in engineering company are on iPhones.” And they said, “Oh, it’s a huge amount. Let me pull out this report and this statistic,” and it says like 62% iPhone.

Paul: Wow!

Chris: Yeah! And I’m like, “You know what?” Immediately I remembered an article that I had read. I said, “Here is the issue with that. That’s not the number of people who have iPhones. That’s not the percentage within the country or whatever. It’s actually the percentage of people who are surfing with iPhones because it’s so much easier to surf with an iPhone. Out of all mobile devices, even on the iPhone, people don’t surf as much as they would if they had their laptop comfortably by them.” That’s kind of what the iPad is, isn’t it?

Paul: Yeah (Laughing).

Chris: So iPad will probably increase the surfing on an Apple device. So it’s just so much easier to surf on the iPhone and that’s why that number is so high. And so with that particular client, yes, we’re going to redesign the front page so that it checks the browser. If it’s a Safari browser, it’s going to display a static non-Flash version until Apple acquires this and just gets into it.

By the way, that client sent me an awesome link, and the link is there’s a guy out there who has made a page that checks if the browser you’re viewing his page on actually is Flash capable, and if it is not, it displays an image of Steve Jobs giving you the finger.

Paul: (Laughing) That’s awesome.

Chris: So if you’re on iPhone, it obviously can’t display Flash. So when you’re on iPhone, pop Steve Jobs giving you the finger.

Paul: That’s pretty funny. I think that’s very creative.

Chris: My customer sent that to me and then I started ‑ I was over at their office again. I was there in the hall and said, “I already put that up.” You should have seen the look on her face (Laughing).

Paul: (Laughing) I just took down your Flash and put the picture up of Steve Jobs.

Chris: “I just put the picture and you don’t even have a website anymore.” I said, “No, I’m just kidding. I didn’t put it. Don’t worry.”

Paul: That’s funny.

Chris: “Don’t freak out.” And then one other statistic. Four out of ten iPhones are sold to businesses.

Paul: Wow!

Chris: So it’s not just, you know.

Paul: I thought really BlackBerry was the ‑ was the really ‑ the choice for businesses.

Chris: Well, now this is four out of ten iPhones.

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: So the other six are going to, you know, retail users and end users. And they’re the company I’m talking about. SmartPipe is an example. They’ve been on ‑ their entire company has been all on iPhones for quite some time.

Paul: Wow!

Chris: And they’re on Mac Outs actually. I mean, they have some PCs around. Their main server is a PC. And they’re all on Mac so it’s pretty interesting stuff. Do we have any shout-outs or anything maybe to Botswana or anything?

Paul: I may have to hit you all up next week. I mean, we do have some but not now. Sorry, you all.

Chris: Next week, okay. Anybody who is expecting a shout-out, you will get it next week.

Paul: Sorry, you all. I do. Let me give a shout-out to a man, John Dalton. I owed him a website analysis. I’m supposed to have it to him last week. Sorry about that John but I will get it to you. I’m taking a look at your website now. It is pretty. It’s a very nice site but it’s going to take a little bit more time because you have some other issues going on a little bit. But it’s really cool.

Chris: Cool!

Paul: It’s really cool.

Chris: And that is ‑ Paul is talking about the free SEO and website analysis that you can get. All you need to do is go to At the top, you can click “SEO.” That will take you to a page and at the bottom of the very first paragraph where you can submit, or just give us a call. You can call us at 713-592-6724. Give us a call.

Paul: Country code 001.

Chris: Country code 001. We have people calling from outside the country so that’s cool.

Paul: That’s pretty cool.

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