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Seventy-Eighth Internet Marketing Podcast October 1st 2010. Second page of Show Notes

Show others Wall posts on your FaceBook Business page

Chris: Invest in social media monitoring tools so that you can watch your brand image. Here is a couple of great examples. A caveat to this is know how to use those tools just like our last podcast we talked about, Facebook and the ability to see other people’s posts as opposed to just ours ’cause then we found out that a lot of people had actually been posting and we didn’t know about it.

Paul: And I’ll admit, you know, I am not the social media king. Someone else in the office for that so I’m still…

Chris: That’s a good point.

Paul: You know. Yeah. I am not the social media king. So I’m like wow, Facebook. This is awesome.

Chris: Woo-hoo!

Paul: You can talk to people to all over the world.

Chris: Who would have known that?

Paul: You know. I’m like this is cool. And so I’ll admit to that. But as I am, you know, because I have my own social media but I’m still learning business social media and the Facebook tracking thing, I’m like wow, X number of people commented on this. That is cool. I’m just still amazed by it. But don’t worry about next week. I’ll be a social media king. I have my own rap. Chuck, how about that? I’ll be the social media king. How about that?

Chris: Now is the time when you look at your children and you say, “Run away! Run away!”

Paul: I know, I know. I’m lying. I will not be the social media king and I will not rap or dance or sing.

Chris: Social media monitoring tools, so yeah. One, know how to use them, but a great example is ‑ TweetDeck is a great example of that. And that actually made me aware of people who had tweeted some of our stuff and really, it was kind of disappointing ’cause they were kind of bitching at me. But it was good to know ’cause what they were saying is, you know, our videos are a little ahead of our audio and so we should get caught up and stop being a douche. And that was just rude and it made me cry for a moment.

Paul: ‘Cause the video would matter. Somebody out…

Chris: It was another guy. We can look that up. In fact, if you want to know who it was, go to our Facebook page and you can find that. And we’ve changed the setting so that you can actually see every post, not just ours, ’cause it’s not just about us, mostly about us but not talking about us.

Here we go. This is our last positive. Be familiar with the social culture of the communities you should be frequenting or you’re about to frequent, and this is a great point. You know, there’s often a language in a particular kind of nuance in a particular kind of industry. So you know, if you’re going to hop on to an SEO page and your first post is like, “Hey, guys. I’m here. What’s SEO?”

Paul: Yeah, yeah. You want to…

Chris: That would be yeah.

Paul: Watch out for stuff for like that. You don’t want to be a douche.

Chris: Educate yourself a little bit. Read some of the posts. And it’s funny ’cause I read forums all the time, and sometimes people were just brutal. If you ask a beginner question, they’re just brutal. It was like, “Dude, did you read the guidelines of the forum while you were signing up which say that you read this? And the answer to your question happens to be the first post?”

Paul: Yeah, newbie.

Chris: And then I think if they had the ability to kill you…

Paul: They would.

Chris: …at the moment, you would actually be dead. Yeah. So you know what, I think we’re about to cover don’ts and often don’ts are actually more important than do’s, and there’s no better person to inform us and keep up abreast of what not to do on social and really it’s…

Paul: Than the former social media king ’cause I’m going to take the crown here?

Chris: The dethroned, soon to be dethroned king.

Paul: I’m going to ‑ that’s right, man. I’m not going to do it, but I’m going to write a social media haiku.

Chris: [Laughter] Dude, I played bongos. This is going to work. I can do the bongos while you’re like SEO.

Paul: Talk about epic fail.

Chris: SEO.

Paul: If you want to watch me fail, yeah, well, tune in to that. [Laughter]

Chris: It will be the first haiku with the word “douche” in it. [Laughter]

Paul: Yeah, there you go.

Chris: That’s good that you brought up haiku.

Paul: Yeah, there you go. My 7th grade English teacher, I did learn something.

Chris: That’s sweet.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: That’s sweet. That’s sweet.

Paul: 575.

Chris: I meant to bring out the social media master.

Paul: Prince, prince.

Chris: Prince.

Paul: I’m the king. Sorry.


Paul: Come on, Chuck.

Chris: I don’t know if you noticed, he is bigger than you.

Paul: Oh, yeah, yeah. You’re right. I got mind control. I got the eye thing. You know, I’m like yeah.

Chris: Here he is, Chuck, Charles Lewis. You guys also know him as The SEO Rapper, and yes, he does rap. You guys can find his raps. Actually, he had his website, Lots of ways to follow him. I did mention the Twitter,

Paul: The social media king was just getting social media on right there, weren’t you? I know you were.

Chuck: This is, you know, twin man.

Paul: They’re about to go live.

Chuck: Yeah, exactly.

Chris: And then he’s like, “Now I’m live.” It’s going to be imprinted in your brain like, “Now I’m live.” You’re going, “How is he doing that?” So I thought it would be great to bring you in because, you know, sometimes the don’ts are so much more important than the do’s. First off, you should just be doing…

Paul: You should be doing social media.

Chris: And while you’re doing, make sure you don’t do the following, right?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So the first one here is it says, “Don’t spam on social sites.”

Paul: Wow.

Chris: And it even says that spam is evil.

Paul: Equals evil.

Chris: Equals evil.

Paul: So if you spam, you are Satan.


Paul: I mean it pointblank. I mean, there’s just no way around that.

Chris: Or a douche, whichever you choose.

Paul: Or a douche.

Chuck: A satanic douche.


Paul: I like that one.

Chris: Don’t be a satanic douche. You just upped our T-shirt. It just got a lot better.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. No spam. No spam at all. You hate it, right? So why would you do it?

Paul: What would be a spam?

Chuck: Spam is like this.

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Chuck: Why would I like that? I haven’t tried. I don’t know what it is. And if I tried, I might not like it, right?

Paul: There you go.

Chuck: You know. So tell me I should like it or go try this. Give me a reason to like it. Don’t just hit me with 30,000 likes. I could give you 30,000 nos.

Paul: There you go. And here’s a good one. Like I’d say spam, if you’re hitting someone, let’s say you do SEO and you’re ‑ that’s a bad example.

Chris: We do it too.

Paul: You’re a plumber and you’re spamming like a dog-lover site. Try to keep in the same ‑ if you want to post on a dog-lover site, make sure it’s about loving dogs and not plumbing ’cause I see that kind of stuff where people like they jump on different kind of forums and stuff and they’re pushing…

Chuck: Other stuff.

Paul: Yeah, that’s completely unrelated. I’m like, don’t do that. And I think it kind of goes with I guess the next one. Avoid ‑ sorry.

Chris: Yeah. We got avoid blatant marketing tactics. This is kind people who are just posting and saying, “Hey, like me.” Right, you know, ’cause I want more traffic or…

Chuck: Or you follow them on Twitter and then you get an auto DMSs. Thank you for the follow. Go buy this.

Paul: For $19.95, you can have XYZ. You know, I have a great example of this. We got this last ‑ did you read this email from YouTube?

Chris: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Paul: Okay. I read this last night and I’m thinking tasia6587, I just put you on Blast ’cause you sent me this message. Could your videos be any better? So instantly, that sends this out and I’m like, “I’m just shit! Yes, I am!”

Chris: Maybe that’s our next post, how to build people up.

Paul: Yeah, your upload is kickass. I wish more people put stuff up like this. And I’m like I love you already. Like let’s get married. You’re awesome. You know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, would you like to know how to get more? And I’m like oh, here comes the pitch. Here comes the pitch.

Chuck: Good one.

Paul: Click on this link. Way to get 45,000 video visits for a penny. And I’m like come on, man. Could you be any more blatant? Like ugh.

Chuck: Now, I’m offended.

Chris: Did you feel that?

Chuck: Yeah, ’cause all that was a lie. You really don’t like our videos.

Paul: Yeah, I clicked it.

Chris: I clicked it too.


Chuck: You clicked it too. Oh, you all suck.

Chris: We didn’t buy yet. It is only a penny.


Chuck: All right.

Paul: You know what she is going to do? She is going to go get hurt in her spamming.

Chris: She doesn’t even exist, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, that’s true.

Chuck: She is a robot.

Chris: She is a robot.

Paul: But she sucks. She and all of her robot friends are going to get a whole bunch of other robot spammers to come and spam the mess off our YouTube page. She sucks.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Man, I was feeling good about myself for a second here, and I was like, “Oh, you suck. You’re trying to blatantly market tactic. You’re using a blatant marketing tactic.”

Chris: Yup. So social is about being social, not specifically about marketing, which is why I was a partial douche the other day ’cause I was just ‑ I probably won’t do that again, probably.

Chuck: You were a partial douche.

Chris: Well, and let’s be honest.

Chuck: You weren’t a satanic douche.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, it was an angelic douche.


Paul: With the right intention.

Chris: I think there was value in that because we actually do know that we are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. That is because of you guys. We actually do give a lot of valuable information. So yes, I was trying to draw traffic to us because that has value to us, but it was really about us giving back. So that’s what I’m saying. I’ll go with angelic douche, a douche with great intentions.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: Number 11, don’t forget to keep your social profiles live and updated.

Chuck: Absolutely. Actually, this is a problem of mine, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You know, you updated one social, you can’t suddenly forget it. So then if you updated in, you got to be social and you got to promote it, then it must be updated. You can’t go to the profile and see something that was posted last year, six months ago, three months ago. This travels faster than the news, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Thank you. Thank you.

Chuck: So it needs to be live, it needs to be current, it needs to be updated.

Chris: And if it’s not, you may get followers, but what are they following? I mean, if you’re not active, then okay, I think it goes back to the, you know, in order to actively participate in social media marketing, you have to be social. So just be social. Get out there and be social damn it, however you do that.

Don’t forget about online reputation management. Now, this is a good one. We actually coined the phrase perception protection.

Paul: Perception protection.

Chris: Right? And we…

Paul: We did a podcast about that.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: We debuted it to Rich.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Well, Rich actually does have a product that’s along those lines and we’ll be rebranding it and we’re going to convince them that they should call it perception protection or P-squared for short for all you nerds out there.

Paul: Very cool. And I like the tool that ‑ what is the tool that we use to track what people are talking about, the Google tool?

Chuck: Google Alerts.

Chris: Google Alerts. Yeah.

Paul: Google Alerts.

Chris: You turned us on to that. We were like…

Paul: There you go.

Chris: You said, “You got to do Google Alerts,” and I think we were both like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Are we doing that?

Chris: After the podcast, we’re like, “Google Alerts? What the hell is Google Alerts?”

Paul: I’ve been on Google Alerts.

Chris: Since we’re talking about it, Google Alerts is something that you can set up with Google and you can say anytime this phrase, so if you want to follow your own name or you want to follow a competitor or your own company, Google will let you know anytime there’s a post or anytime that it indexes new information that has that phrase.

Chuck: And then they send you a link to it, which is just awesome, rather than give you a notification. Here is the link where you can go check it out.

Chris: Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

Paul: Wait, isn’t that how we…

Chuck: Yes.

Paul: I think we said something. That’s how we kind of connected with Chuck actually.

Chuck: Really?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: We do some shout-out to Chuck and he hit us up.

Chuck: I was alerted.

Paul: He was alerted.

Chuck: I was like, well, I hadn’t talked to them in a while. What’s up?

Chris: And I sent you a shout-out.


Chris: Holler!


Paul: And we were like “Haahhh!” We yelled at him.

Chris: And there he is.

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