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Third SEO Podcast Dec. 15th 2008.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, my name is Chris Burres. I’m the owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: Paul Hanson, Sales Manager at E-Webstyle.

Chris: And this is a great day. We’ve actually got a little special surprise for you. We’re going to do a little—

Paul: A little surprise. [laughs]

Chris: You ready and warmed up? All right.

Paul: Let’s do it.

Chris: We’re going–this is our last podcast actually before Christmas and New Year’s. I’m going to be on vacation so we decided we would sing you a little Christmas carol.

Paul: We’re going to get a lot of e-mails. [laughs]

Chris: Yes, yes, I think so. Whatever you do, don’t ever sing again so forgive us in advance.

Paul: What do we sing?

Chris and Paul: [sings] Tis the season to be jolly. Falalalalalalalala.

Chris: That’s it.

Paul: And that’s–because that’s all I know.

Chris: That’s–yes.

Paul: [laughs] So…

Chris: We thought about looking at the lyrics online and we decided again so we thought we wouldn’t torture all you guys.

Paul: To spare you guys.

Chris: Thank you for joining our podcast. This is–I’ve been corrected. This is podcast number three.

Paul: Podcast number three going strong.

Chris: Excellent. I did say this is our last podcast of the year.

Paul: Of 2008.

Chris: That is because I will be taking a vacation. I’m heading up to New Jersey. Apparently the weather is a little rough up there.

Paul: Oh man. Good luck with that.

Chris: Yes.

Paul: [laughs] So I may not see you.

Chris: Yes.

Paul: (They’ll send you away). You might not be back. You might be stuck.

Chris: I may be stuck at the airport here in Houston before I head out.

Paul: Oh, yes. That’s right.

Chris: So we’ll see how that goes. How about you? You heading anywhere?

Paul: Yes, I’m headed to Beaumont, Texas that all of you have heard of the bustling metropolis of…

Chris: You did–I’m sorry.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: Did you say Beaumont?

Paul: Yes. [laughs] I’m sure that like everybody else is like who?

Chris: That’s on the way to something, right?

Paul: Yes, it’s on the way to Louisiana. (laughter)

Chris: Louisiana.

Paul: And I’m sure as–no not Beaumont from Footloose because I know half of you people are thinking, “Oh, Beaumont California. That’s where they filmed Footloose.” No, Beaumont Texas, heading home to go see the good old family and get some good Southern eating in.

Chris: Sounds good, sounds really good.

Paul: Oh yes.

Chris: Well–

Paul: What are we talking about today? How are we…

Chris: Well, we want to–we want to recap like we usually do and I know we covered a whole lot of things. One of the things that we covered in depth potentially ad nauseam was keywords and really–I think you could summarize what we said about keywords.

Paul: Yes, keywords, keywords. It’s probably one of the most important things to your website and to your search engine optimization campaign. Keywords help people that are going to find you. They’re going to type in a keyword like dentist or plumber Houston and then up comes the list of available dentist or plumbers. You need–it’s very important to choose the right keywords, make sure they’re relevant to your business, to your industry and that’s keywords. What else? Did I miss anything?

Chris: You know, I think you got it. We also just kind of mentioned that sometimes the keywords aren’t that obvious.

Paul: Oh yes.

Chris: Depends on your particular business model so you certainly want to work with an SEO company that can understand your business model and how to best utilize search engine optimization for your website and your business.

Paul: And to help you pick the right keywords.

Chris: Exactly, which is a very, you know as we mentioned, iterative process with the customer, at least in our case. What else did we talk about last time to cover–?

Paul: Well, I think we–oh, [inaudible] in an ad marketing last time, the keywords and did we finish? Did we finish on keywords? I think we started on link building.

Chris: Okay. So–

Paul: Yes.

Chris: So we talked about a little bit about link building. I think we mentioned the on site and off site SEO, right?

Paul: We did. Yes, we did.

Chris: And that’s not at our office and not at our office SEO. That’s actually on your website and not on your website SEO and what we’re referring to there is anything of course that’s off site would be something along the lines of link building or article submission, anything that’s on your website is going to–wow, that’s a long list.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: That’s right. Oh, we do that, right?

Paul: Yes. [laughs]

Chris: So we do all of that, wow. Okay. Yes, that’s a long list. On site is the longer list. A lot of SEO companies that you work with will have an upfront fee or what is that called? The start-up fee, the…

Paul: Set-up fee?

Chris: Set-up fee, thank you. My brain was just not working.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: Set-up fee and some people often ask–I think Paul was dealing with somebody today, a customer who is working with–you want to share that experience–

Paul: Yes, yes.

Chris: A little bit.

Paul: He had a question. He says, “Paul why is there a set-up fee?” and I said, “Well, Mr. Customer, there’s a set-up fee because your site–I’d say–

Chris: And by the way, I got to interject here.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: I love your confidence. Mr. Customer.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: I like that.

Paul: He–because he is going to become my–

Chris: Excellent.

Paul: He would–I should have said, Mr. Prospect but no, he is going to become a customer.

Chris: Excellent.

Paul: He was worried about the set-up fee. “Paul, why do you guys charge a set-up fee?” And I said, “Well, Mr. Customer, 99 percent of the sites that we see are not ready to begin a search engine optimization campaign. They need some kind of work, maybe we need to suggest new keywords, maybe you don’t have enough content on your site, your Meta Tags are all wrong, maybe your robot.txt file is wrong or something. So the set-up fee is where we’re going to go in and set your website up for optimization, get it ready to run your search engine optimization campaign and 99 percent of the sites that we see have to do some sort of set-up.”

Chris: Yes, there’s a big set-up involved. In fact the upfront work is where a majority of the work actually goes and keywords as we’ve belabored being one of the features of upfront work. The other thing that kind of reminds me if–you know, a lot of customers come to us and they’re you know, they’re all gung-ho. They’re ready to do search engine optimization and they can already picture all the traffic that we’re going to bring to them. So, we look at their website and frankly, the website looks horrible.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: Or it’s one page only.

Paul: [laughs]

Chris: Or you know–

Paul: It’s got two paragraphs and the whole–the whole website has got two paragraphs of content.

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