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This is a transcript from our 96th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO and Viral Videos
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SEO and Viral Videos

Chris:                           Hi! Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, SEO. I think it was right.


Chuck:                         I think you got it right that time.


Chris:                           Man, that’s good. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Chuck:                         I am Charles Lewis, internet marketing specialist here. Shout out to Paul Hanson couldn’t be here right now. He has some family issues to take care of. Be safe. We’ll see you Monday.


Chris:                           Thoughts and prayers are with Paul to be sure.


Chuck:                         Yeah, sure.


Chris:                           Sorry, we’re getting a little late start. Part of that is ’cause Paul is not here, and we’re kind of jumbling things together. The other reason is — let’s just blame it on Darren Booy because he hasn’t been providing us with production anymore so…

Chuck:                         Yeah. What’s up, dude?


Chris:                           We love you and give us some more stuff to work with.


Chuck:                         Yeah. Some mobile related stuff. The next podcasts we’ll be doing will be going over mobile marketing, mobile SEO. Shout out to you guys. I’ll be in contact later. Oh, man, so if you got questions about mobile, you got information about mobile, feel free to send it to us,, and we would definitely check it out.


Chris:                           Yeah, we’ll be frank, open, and honest, and really we don’t do — we haven’t focused much on mobiles yet. I think, you know, specifically for our business, it’s not too applicable. It’s more for retail businesses, et cetera. And so as we kind of start focusing on mobile for those customers that we have down in the retail business, we’ll have a little bit more experience. But what we can talk about is kind of our professional opinion about some of the articles that we’ve pulled up, and so we’ll jump into that.


Before we get into that, let’s make sure we talk a little bit about our last podcast. That was podcast #95. We had a tip from the last podcast, and that tip is Google Local Places needs to be a part of your focused internet marketing plan.


Chuck:                         Absolutely.


Chris:                           I think that’s —


Chuck:                         Absolutely.


Chris:                           I think that’s really good. We also want to cover some news. Oh, and we got a lot of reviews. So let’s try and blow through these. We don’t want to mess up our Gino time limit here and —


Chuck:                         Especially since we’re a little tardy.


Chris:                           Hey, Gino, if you’re still listening, hit us up. See if you’re still happy with our time limit. Are we exceeding it, your expectations? And in fact, one of the reviews that we have, addresses the Gino time limit I think.


Chuck:                         Okay.


Chris:                           So a little bit of news. Actually, I don’t have much news. The new Facebook layout.


Chuck:                         I like it.


Chris:                           I like it too. We haven’t switched over all the way, and I’m kind of hesitant. By the way, we have a Facebook places page, and we have a Facebook business page. And I think I mentioned this before. Before I merged them, I did a little research and everything. I read. It said don’t do it ’cause you can’t undo it. Well, it turns out the places page has the format of the new business page, right? So they were kind of heading in that direction anyway. So we’ll probably be — I don’t know if we should merge them.


Chuck:                         Well, I think we should merge them. But more importantly, I think Facebook needs to fix — Facebook fix — Mark and all you guys over there, fix, right, the issue we’re having with merged accounts.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         I got my personal Facebook.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah.


Chuck:                         And I’m an Admin on our Facebook, and so this is causing all kinds of problem.


Chris:                           Yeah. So — well, one of the nice things that I like — in the last podcast I spoke about how do you post on another business’ page as your business? And the way you used to do it was you would put on your own wall @ and then any business tag that you personally have liked — so only businesses you’ve personally liked. So if you haven’t liked this business, go like it, and then go to your wall, your business wall and type @ and then that business. It will actually autopopulate, and then that will actually be posted on their wall. Now, you can actually use Facebook as E-Webstyle. There’s a button — I don’t know if you noticed that.


Chuck:                         Okay. I saw that. I did see that.


Chris:                           So you can actually click that button, and then start using Facebook as that business so then you can actually post on other people’s walls. I’m assuming personal and business walls; although, I haven’t messed very much with that. So Facebook, I think we’d give it a thumbs up.


Chuck:                         Yeah. I like it.


Chris:                           Two thumbs up.


Chuck:                         Well, hold on.


Chris:                           Uh-oh.


Chuck:                         Thumbs down on the pictures.


Chris:                           Thumbs down on —


Chuck:                         On the photos.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         I don’t — I don’t like kind of doing —


Chris:                           Across the top there?


Chuck:                         Well, across the top is fine, but after you click on it, right, and then you want to see the image and then this whole new —


Chris:                           Oh, yeah. You know, I do kind of like it ’cause if you’re kind of looking through profiles and stuff — ’cause this — that’s a change across the board, right? If you’re looking at a profile, and you’re looking at some images and you want to go back, you just close it and you’re on that — still on that page.


Chuck:                         I’m going to tell you why I think they did that. Because you can’t right-click and copy those pictures.


Chris:                           Ah, and the other one is you could?


Chuck:                         You used to be able to —


Chris:                           Ah.


Chuck:                         So I think — yeah, I think it’s a security issue. You can’t just go copying pictures over there.


Chris:                           I thought the terms of use said that you can still — like you still own the rights with Facebook. Anyway, I had a — we had a social media — our social media guy was telling me about that. So even though you’re posting pictures, you still rights to them. You don’t give up all rights to images you put out there. So thumbs down on the image.


Chuck:                         Thumbs down on the photos section. Thumbs up on the layout.


Chris:                           On the overall layout. A little bit of other news, I got to be honest. I want a tablet. I’m not ready for one yet, and I want a tablet. You know, of course, we can’t do the iPad because it doesn’t do Flash. Some of our websites have Flash so —


Chuck:                         Android. We use Android.


Chris:                           Android, that’s all there is to it. The Xoom looks pretty good. That’s by Motorola. I was showing you guys out the other day, and there’s a whole slew of them like — by the end of this year there’ll be like four 10-inch or greater. There’s actually one that’s even bigger.


Chuck:                         I think 10 inches is good. Ten inches is bigger than iPad, and, you know, and it works on Android. I like the Xoom.


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll do with it.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Right? You know, but other than play games or watch movies, other than that, I — you know, I don’t see myself —


Chris:                           Using it on a regular basis.


Chuck:                         Yeah, you know.


Chris:                           Well, I think if we get it so that we can project that onto our screen in the conference room, then we’ll probably use that instead of a laptop maybe.


Chuck:                         I would probably get it just to look cool.


Chris:                           Yeah. I also want — they make pens that you can write with, and I really — I just want to stop using paper. Maybe our podcast would actually be, you know, all that with our —


Chuck:                         You know, we could sit here and look cool.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         And we’d skate.


Chris:                           Really cool. And then we could actually have it — maybe we need another TV here.


Chuck:                         Monitor here.


Chris:                           All right. Enough about us. News. Watson — I don’t know if you heard this — Watson won in Jeopardy. It’s a super computer —


Chuck:                         I heard about that, yeah.


Chris:                           Yeah, yeah, outperformed some people on Jeopardy and apparently this is the first time it’s happened and it’s, you know. And of course, every time this happens, like when they beat Kasparov in chess, we’re like, “Oh, are the computers going to dominate the world?” Well, we know the answer to that.


Chuck:                         Yeah. We already knew.


Chris:                           But I thought that was interesting.


Chuck:                         You’re watching us now because of a computer.


Chris:                           Exactly. Exactly. They dominate the world. All right. Let’s get into some of these reviews. You know, first I want to — you know, the first kudos today absolutely have to go to you. Yes, and I don’t have my note. Where did my note go?


Chuck:                         Probably ’cause of Page Rank.


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         Oh, it’s funny how viral stuff works, right? I’ve recorded the Page Rank video two years ago. Two years ago.


Chris:                           Two years ago?


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           All right.


Chuck:                         I did that video two years ago, and shout out to the New York Times for posting it. Shout out to every —


Chris:                           You were in the the New York Times I got to get my printout. Keep going.


Chuck:                         Shout out to New York Times. They posted article about it. Shout out to Advertising Age. They did it. Oh, I’m drawing a blank. It was about several sites that actually posted it, and it went — and in four days, right —


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         — in four days, it went from 21,000 views to 31,000 views.


Chris:                           This is the video of your rap. It went from 21,000 to 41,000 — 20,000. Wow! So wait, two years to get to 20, and two days to get to 40. That’s how viral works.


Chuck:                         Yeah. It was phenomenal, dude. Everybody who has been blogging about it, posted and retweeted it, facebooking it, man, I salute you. I appreciate it, and tell somebody to cut the check.


Chris:                           On our Facebook wall, Paul went out there, and said, “Hey, everybody, Sam Grobart of the New York Times found Charles’ rap and did a — wrote a little something about it.” And then the thing I like that was a follow-up, the JC Penney has been in the news. Actually, I probably should have covered that. JC —


Chuck:                         That was my blank stare.


Chris:                           Oh, okay. We’ll save that. We can save that. So kudos, cheers, that’s awesome, great publicity, and I know that you may be going to a conference or two —


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           — as the SEO Rapper. If you didn’t know, he is available for conferences —


Chuck:                         Conferences. I can compose something custom for you. Just reach out to us. Hit me on Twitter@chuck, and we can work the details out.


Chris:                           Yeah. Remember, he beat out Charles Schwab. So he’s got Twitter/chuck.


Chuck:                         Oh, I beat out Charles Schwab. I beat out the TV show, Chuck.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         I beat out Chuck Norris. I know this ’cause I get all their tweets. I get a thousand Chuck Norris tweets.


Chris:                           Oh, really? Wow!


Chuck:                         Every day.


Chris:                           All right. Here’s another review. This is by Colin Flannery. “Hey, gang. Really enjoy your podcast though at first I was put off by the banter.” This is the Gino time limit, “especially at the beginning of the show. Now it really helps animate stuff I’ve only read about. Congratulations.” I wrote back and said, “Hey, it’s kind of an acquired taste,” he says, “Like a Single Malt Scotch.”


Chuck:                         Single Malt Scotch.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Interesting.


Chris:                           And then he did have a question. Let’s just into this. He said — he asked on one of our forums,  obviously, we didn’t enter it. It says, “He noticed in his Google organic search results that the description appeared kind of random.” And then he figured it out, they’re pulling it out of one his alt tags and using that for the description. Have we ever heard of —


Chuck:                         For the description —


Chris:                           On the SERP.


Chuck:                         Okay. Search engine result page description. He said they’re pulling it from his alt tags?


Chris:                           Yeah.

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