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This is a transcript from our 118th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO and Web Design
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SEO and Web Design

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, with SEO.

Chuck: Yeah. You screwed that one. I don’t believe it, it’s like totally.

Chris: Oh, man.

Chuck: Yeah, this – this…

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Well, try that again.

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: There you go.

Chris: There we go. My name is Chris Burres, owner of the E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis of Internet Marketing Specialist. Hey we want you to remember are your friendly local neighborhood.

Chris. Neighborhood. I forgot – I’m screwing everything up. Should I just stop? We are you’re friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers, where our mantra is “Do not be a gauche”

Chuck: Don’t be a gauche. Don’t be a gauche. It’s not a good thing.

Chris: You are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you, you guys can follow us, —

Chuck: ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: /ewebstyle. Yeah.

Chris: And, you can also send us an e-mail at Podcast at

Chuck: Yes, sir.

Chris: You know what, I don’t have the tape from our last podcast. Here’s a tip, from this Podcast relevant to the last podcast, don’t forget to tip for less and go listen to the last podcast.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: This Podcast 118. Go, back and listen to… Yeah, we wrote it down. I just don’t remember where it is.

Chuck: It’s like three times in like three minutes.

Chris: If this keeps going, it’s going to get ugly. Let’s see, we so, yeah, we should have a tip. Go listen to the last part. Do you remember what we’re talking about last time?

Chuck: I posted it on Facebook.

Chris: Yeah. We’ll post the tip on Facebook. We got news — news today, this is pretty cool, Motorola is upgrading the Zoom. So, you know, the Zoom, they’re advertising the hell out of it. It’s the Android device that’s probably right now one of the closest to the iPod.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And they’re upgrading it to 4G LTE, which I didn’t know that was like an option with that they could do, but you going to send your tablet back to get upgraded to 4G LTE.

Chuck: Oh, also it’s…

Chris: That sucks.

Chuck: Yeah. That – that’s sucks bad.

Chris: I mean it’s nice that they’re – they allow you to upgrade it, but…

Chuck: I want to know if there’s anything to do with the merger, I mean, with the buyout ribbon. You know, Google bought Motorola, and so it would make sense that would improve the Android devices. But, that fact that you’re going to send it back, yeah, that — that’s sucks.

Chris: Yeah. That’s weak.

Chuck: Boo.

Chris: Oh, this is, you know we – we have to talk about Google Monsters, well we have in the past. One of the Google Monsters has been retired. Google is retiring, GoogleButt news.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And the picture was so cute. Oh, why are you letting GoogleButt news go, he was so nice to us. Facebook it’s one trillion pages, that’s impressive.

Chuck: Yeah, that’s – that’s highly impressive.

Chris: And, Steve Jobs is retiring.

Chuck: You know. You know, it would be a great job, Steve.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I mean, you know, I am a mad user of so yeah, shout-out Steve, that…

Chris: What kind of – what kind of phone you have.

Chuck: Android.

Chris: And tablet?

Chuck: Android.

Chris: Not much love for Steve Jobs here, just – just – just an iPod.

Chuck: Yeah, the Windows TC.

Chris: All right, we’ve covered like all the basic there. A word like, “blue through Geno time limit” and nothing.

Chuck: Yeah. Somebody should be happy. Who is hating on that list? Somebody, was you know, I forgot, well punching the face to you. Well, you should be happy.

Chris: You know, I didn’t even check reviews, although I did last night. Yeah, I’m a bit of, there’s another. I messed up before we even started, that’s how good I am at messing up today. I did check last night, we didn’t have any new reviews of iTunes. So, I need another tear tattoo, you know.

Chuck: Send out at Metlor, remember the National Arborists?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So, he called the other day, out of the blue just to ask some questions about his website and caught me totally off-guard. And, you know, usually, you know, he’s not a client. I’m not going to dedicate some time, right.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: [4:14:00] [Inaudible]. And, so then, I said, “what was your website”? After visit 10 minutes into the…

Chris: Right.

Chuck: I put on and say, “Oh, yes. I saw this website before.” And he say, “Yeah. You got it viewed”.

Chris: This looks familiar. Yeah, you did a review of it.

Chuck: Yeah. And, you said it out to me so punch in the face when that log. He said, he still love the forecast. He’s trying to catch up, but he watches like [4:33:00] [Inaudible] so.

Chris: Cool.

Chuck: So, dosses to you, man. Punch in the face and thanks for the support.

Chris: Excellent. Also, Dean Cajun, he’s always interacting with us on Facebook. He’s providing some good information, I can’t remember.

Chuck: Yeah, he posted the link about the Google site. What you call this – site listings.

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: The site listing is change and I just post it in another link, we’re looking at which is pretty good. They want Google to release the four minute video we’re talking about algorithm changes…

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: How they work, how they do and so I’ll be [5:08:3][Inaudible].

Chris: All the process of doing the algorithm changes. So, not anything recent, but the actual, like we run it through this department and then we survey it through these people then the testers come in.

Chuck: I mean, so I’ll watch it and probably blog post about it.

Chris: Very cool.

Chuck: Yeah. [5:22:9][Inaudible].

Chris: Cool. Well, because you guys have requested that we interview someone like from the moment you suggested that we’ve been working diligently to try and find somebody and then somebody accidently showed up at our office today. So…

Chuck: So we interview…

Chris: It’s like the – the Charlie Brown and you know friends you’re going to be our interview victim – I mean, person today. So, no, we’re very lucky to have Christina Hawkins, she owns a Web Designing Development Company in another part of Houston, the company is actually a Top 30 Web Design Company, according to the Houston Business Journal…

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Interesting story. The reason we got kind of reacquainted, and I say “reacquainted” ‘cause we don’t really remember each other at all. We went to high school together, same grade, even ride in a school – 25, my brother graduate at 25. So, graduating class of 25.

Chuck: 25.

Chris: So, it’s a timing school.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: We had to like tripped on each other at least once.

Chuck: Wow.

Chris: Did you know I had a cast?

Christina: I do.

Chris: Okay. So, she say, at least, I stood out.

Christina: I do.

Chuck: Did you?

Christina: Yeah.

Chris: I don’t…. So, in that small and we made that little of an impressive with each other is bizarre.

Chuck: Wow, 20 years, all over again.

Chris: Anyway, so – so that’s kind of a unique story on how we got reconnected. Reconnected. She is a Top 50 Women Business Owner in Houston. She’s got a BA, MSA, you know those acronyms.

Chuck: Yeah, whatever.

Chris: You’ll not piled hire and I don’t know if you refer to that joke. Masters in System Administration, that’s – that’s actually awesome. And the Director of Communications for two organizations, that’s the, both of them women’s organization. If you haven’t figure it out, she’s actually a woman, which is a first one podcast so we’re really excited.

Christina, come on out here and join us. Yehey.

Christina: I don’t know how to stand between you two.

Chris: Yes.

Chuck: You can be in the middle.

Christina: Yehey.

Chris: Okay, right in here we’re about to do all of our watchers which at this point is two.

Christina: Two.

Chris: Accounting check.

Christine: One of this is great. Yeah. That’s right.

Chris: So, we’re excited to have you.

Christina: Are they here?

Chris: We talked a little bit before we started the podcast, you know, I didn’t mention this. For 13, maybe I did. For, 13 years you’ve been doing web designing development.

Christina: Yup. Yup.

Chris: That’s like three lifetimes in internet lands. So –

Christina: Right.

Chris: The change is, I want to kind of that first focused about the changes from day one when you start doing web design. First, how did you get in to web design, like what – what bring you in that direction.

Christina: I got it in to it, I was I.T. the whole time and I taught people how to use Windows, you know, taught people this whole thing call Windows and have a click on the button.

Chris: What that 3- 3.1.

Christina: The whole clicking. 2.1 man when it’s still blue screen. It was no, you know whizzing idea.

Chuck: Wow.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: This is all, I remember the days, I’m sure you guys use the floppies. You taken a floppy take out a floppy, spellcheck [8:34:04] [Inaudible], press F7. So, those were the days.

Chris: Right.

Christina: But, I started out, my very first day or my very first big I.T. job was built us a website.

Chris: Wow.

Christina: That’s how I started. Very, first hour…

Chris: That’s not like, I’m studying for this…

Christina: First day. No. No…

Chris: Or I was drawn to it.

Christina: No. No.

Chris: You…

Christina: You build the website….

Chris: You, know the web technical person.

Christina: Yes.

Chris: Do that.

Christina: Yes…

Chris: Make us a website.

Christina: Well, that’s – you talk about the difference 13 years, that’s the way it was…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: If you were I.T. you built it the website…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: Remember, when they came out you had notepad. That’s it…

Chuck: What do you mean notepad? They had the [9:05:1][Inaudible] whizzing wizard users and people…

Christina: Yes.

Chuck: Building pre-made things and stuff, you know…

Christina: You have no idea.

Chucks: Oh, these stuff right here, Notepad…

Christina: Yeah.

Chuck: You know, Notepad back then won’t even color coordinated.

Christina: No…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: You had to look for the tables, and the tables cells, and the rows.

Chuck: Yeah. Oh, tables.

Christina: God forbid if you would left out a TD, you know…

Chuck: Oh, yeah and everything is right and justify.

Christina: Open it up on IE. Right, right.

Chris: And, it was Netscaping…

Christina: Netscape, that’s right.

Chris Netscape, that was the big one at that time. [Cross-talk] Like when we s started, we can design for anything else using Netscape only.

Christina: AOL – AOL, have their own brand…

Chris: And they were a little bit different. Yeah.

Christina: And they use, they still at the time I think they use the IE engine…

Chris: Right.

Christina: Internet Explorer at that time. So…

Chris: This is why too dysfunctional.

Christina: Yeah. Yeah. God forbid.

Chris: Still dysfunctional.

Christina: The first time in – in as many years I finally took client and they had

AOL open looking at their website. I’m like, “Oh, no. Please tell me God, no”. So I had to get it out to show what it really looked like.

Chris: With – with the – the real community.

Christina: Yes, so…

Chris: So, you…

Christina: That’s how it started.

Chris: So, you were thrown in to do a website…

Christina: A four letter domain,

Chris: Wow.

Christina: Make it those…

Chris: Those have been available for like eight years or something.

Christina: Yeah – yeah, that was it.

Chris: That’s pretty.

Christina: Got – to, but from then it was – I had to move on, get my own company started, ‘cause we were move – I married a Marine, move everywhere. I had to have my own deal…

Chris: Mobile business.

Christina: Mobile business, didn’t want to find a job every two years.

Chris: Yeah, ‘cause that sucks.

Christina: Yeah, it sucks. I think it is not too bad, you could pretty much find a job. But, you were always at the bottom.

Chris: Right, you start, you have them work on – make us a website again. So, you know, this is an SEO podcast and there are two things that we kind of tend to focus on is of course search engine optimization and then what we call SEVO, Search Engine Visitor Optimization.

What you do with the client after they show up to your website from, you know, usually from the search engine. What’s change from like when you first made a website, it was – we all know it was – if you build it they will come…

Christina: Yeah.

Chris: And what’s change for and then they’ll probably close ‘cause you have a website…

Christina: Right.

Chuck: That’s one in a…

Christina: Right. Right. Exactly.

Chris: What’s change for you first from like the on-page perspective that – that – that you would start off with.

Christina: What’s change? Well, like what 13 years ago…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: Oh, God. It’s like…

Chris: And you – and you have…

Christina: It’s like a totally different world…

Chris: 30 seconds.

Christina: Yeah. Well, you know it had – it was your banner and a welcome, remember the welcome – “welcome to our website”…

Chris: Right.

Christina: That was the typical.

Chris: Yeah, that was…

Christina: You know, and it was just text…

Chuck: Wow, they put a…

Christina: You’d always put like…

Chuck: Welcome.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: Yeah. And, you didn’t worry about title tags…

Chris: Right.

Christina: And keep, you know mediatizing content – content you just draw whatever was in there, they didn’t care…

Chris: Whatever is not at the brochure…

Christina: Coding and… keep loading code.

Chuck: It was all, first person, I started this company and blah, blah, blah…

Christina: Yeah. No, I have to say though at the time they ways are very careful of, because we know – nobody was on broadband, remember so, you had to be careful about your code just as you do now…

Chris: Right.

Christina: As how quickly it loads, I don’t care if you get a broadband or he dial-up, you know…

Chris: Still needs to be…

Christina: Same – that has not change.

Chris: Supervised.

Christina: Right. But, you know, what you see when – first three seconds of a web page, will determined whether they make the phone call or go to the next page. That’s change.

Chris: Right.

Christina: People were so in trawl with website at that time. So, would hangout and go on click…

Chris: To look in. Yeah…

Christina: Class chat, anything with animation and blinking… Blinking e-mail, you know me know…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: Remember those.

Chris: The shiny things.

Christina: Shiny, moving, you know your mouse would…

Chuck: More keys.

Christina: More keys.

Chris: Oh, yeah I remember you do like…

Christina: With the mouse, you would – with the — following stars, you know, that’s gone. So, it’s always — now it’s clean.

Chuck: Oh, yes it is [12:47:5][Inaudible].

Chris: A long time ago.

Christina: You’d be surprise though, there are some…

Chuck: I know.

Christina: That do add that on them.

Chris: Then they would have their — the nostalgia, I remember the first website I went to, it has this flashy thing – it’s a, you know with the cursor. I want that.

Christina: No, I don’t

Chuck: No, you don’t.

Christina: And if you do, bye-bye.

Chris: Yeah. You don’t have to work with other web design in their company.

Christina: But, so yeah. That’s – but I don’t that’s some of the few changes.

Chris: So, it’s always really about the focus on what happen. Should we get rid of the welcome…

Christina: Yeah.

Chris: And, you get to, kind of the meat and potato a lot.

Christina: For a second, I need to know who you are — the three seconds, Oh, my God, that long.

Chris: Yeah. Is that like a stat that we should know

Christina: Three set you, 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000.

Chuck: Well, you know 3 set is good, most people have that the top they scan, and they looked in navigation already, they leave their a bullet points. They are being rebills.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: There’s too much content, as I have and they see the proceed or…

Christina: Right.

Chris: Right.

Christina: So, for example you got a website and we’ve done some ortho sites, you know….

Chuck: Right.

Christina: So, you know, that when patients come to a site the first thing they want to do is find a doctor and make an appointment.

Chuck: Right.

Christina: Don’t make me look for it. Don’t let me hunt.

Chuck: Right.

Christina: You know, where’s the phone number?

Chuck: An easy.

Chris: Well, another great example, you’re dealing with the client and the client is like, I want…

Christina: Yeah.

Chris: Orthopedic, arthroscopic, surgery…

Christina: Yes.

Chris: I was like, no, you want a wrist doctor.

Chuck: Yeah.

Christina: Yeah.

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