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This is a transcript from our 136th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO Australia, SEO UK

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Charles: Yes, sir.

Chris: That you are watching — I’m not even sure I did that right.

Charles: Yes, you get it right.

Chris: You are watching the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you, you and you over there.

Charles: And you over there and you who’s looking at us right now, who just logged on.

Chris: Thank you very much for tuning in live. We do broadcast on Friday mornings about 9:15, 9:30 — 45.

Charles: 10 o’ clock.

Chris: 10 o’ clock. Oh, yeah. Exactly at 10 o’clock. So the way you find us so that you can actually tune it and watch the video live is go to My name is Chris Burres, owner of the E-Webstyle.

Charles: I am Charles Lewis, Internet Marketing Specialist.

Chris: We have a great show today as always. We have a tip from our previous podcast and the tip from the previous podcast is, “Always remember, with SEO, step one is keyword research.”

Charles: Yes. Yes. Definitely, do your keyword research because last thing you want to do is optimize for the wrong keywords or frankly target phrases that don’t bring you any value.

Chris: It’s – it’s almost like you need to have a good keyword strategy versus tactics.


Chris: That will be coming up. We are your friendly, local neighborhood, top-positioned snatchers…

Charles: Yes.

Chris: …where our mantra is…

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: …and that’s just a left-over from a podcast from long ago. Actually, I was chatting with a potential new client who’s getting us a website built, who will be making contact with us after his website is done and he’s like, “Oh yeah, I’m going to go back and listen to all your podcast.” And I was like, “Wow, that’s a pretty lofty goal because there’s a 135 of them already. It’s 30 minutes apiece.” Somebody can do the math to figure out how many hours. That’s a lot.

Charles: Yeah. That’s like — yeah, probably three weeks straight.

Chris: Yeah. Just keep going. Remember, if you are sitting now, if you’re listening to the podcast, if you’re watching the podcast, if you’re listening to the podcast, I think I’ve covered them all – go ahead and your next to some sort of electronical device, go ahead and tweet right now. What are they tweet?

Charles: They tweet hashtag SEO podcast 136. Tag us at E-Webstyle, we’ll, you know, punch you on the face, thank you for watching and, you know, we appreciate it.

Chris: Thank you very much. Look, you see, no – no tears anymore.

Charles: Yeah. I actually got the other tattoos removed.

Chris: They are all removed, erased. I’m going to add invisible — I don’t know, the reverse, what’s the reverse of a teared tattoo?

Charles: I don’t know.


Chris: An earring. I’m going to have to get an earring. I don’t know how that’s the reverse of a teared tattoo. It turns out — so, we just got a new client. It’s in Australia and he was telling us that there are 17 reviews on his iTunes. And it turns out that their iTunes is nationalized or regionalized is a better term.

So, at the very bottom of iTunes, way down at the right, there’s a little circle with a map in it. You click that and you can actually change the regionalization of your current iTunes experience.

And by going in to Australia, by going in to U.K., by going into — I went into Spain. That was a mistake. Yeah. Our review in Spain – our one review in – we are the not the most popular SEO podcast in iTunes in Spain. I believe you use the word redneck.

Charles: Wow.

Chris: Yeah. I’ll read that a little bit later.


Charles: You say that in Spanish?

Chris: Yeah. It’s amazing. All the reviews from Spain were actually —well, the one review was in English. I wonder if they — I don’t know if they are translating or, well, obviously you’re listening to our podcast, this is – it’s at least speaking English and we wrote pretty well too. I didn’t like what he wrote. They were just well-written.

So, I was able to find a ton of reviews. I mean we got pages of pages. So, we’re going – we’re going to slowly go through these. We’re not going to, you know, bog this podcast down with one — one whole podcast of review reading.

Here we go. Great stuff. This is from Martin. This is just what you need for an SEO podcast when you’re finding your way around. Good content and a lively style, makes it really listenable, punch on the face.

Get straight to the content please. Too much random chat at the start of each podcast. Please just get to the content within two minutes. Now, we got a timeframe. I didn’t realize it was two exactly…

Charles: Oh, that previous genuine, old time limits.

Chris: That was just principle right? Now, we got an actual two…

Charles: Too late.

[Cross Talk]

Chris: Oh, sorry. Sorry, [0:04:45] [Phonetic] Mr. MGEN200. You should probably be tuning out. I was fast forwarding for over 10 just to get pass the casual chat and self-promotion.

By the way, we’re not [0:04:55] [Inaudible], we don’t self-promote that much as one of the compliments that we get. So, yeah, we — that’s – the people who – people who love our podcast love that part. People who hate our podcast…

Charles: Hates it.

Chris: …that’s the only complain they have. There is real good information in here.


Charles: We’ll try to maybe find out hectic medium.

Chris: Was that – was that at Blank Stare News already? And let’s just do one more. Really enjoyable — this is from Chris Distant Cloud, “Love listening to this and have learned a lot from it. I enjoyed the chat and bent or two but remember content is king.” That’s — that’s I liked that. That’s a good – good comment.

And we also have a little bit of news which I don’t know if that’s going to count as fluff or is it actually a news.

Charles: Let me stick to the script.


Chris: Yes, stick to the script. Facebook IPO, they had their big IPO this week. People talking about it being – or a $20 billion dollar company Mark Zuckerberg’s shares is $16 billion. That sees a $16 billion dollar-man. That’s crazy kid really, right? I mean, wow.

A couple of notes that I got out of it, they – they’re filing, one, Facebook is really big. They didn’t know that. They have no path to profit for mobile. So, right now they don’t show ads.

Charles: [0:06:12] [Inaudible] about it.


Chris: Yeah. They don’t show ads on the mobile. And so, people maybe checking. They’re may be, you know, uploading photos. I do that regularly. In fact, I think mobile is part of the reason Facebook is really growing, right?

And Google is their biggest threat as something that came out in their IPO filings. Firefox, I’m having a meta — I mentioned it last week. I’m having another problem with Firefox, its upgrade. You didn’t – you refuse to upgrade

Charles: Yeah. I’m not going to Firefox 10.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Maybe I shouldn’t say that publicly, maybe it leads me open to some sort of security thing. But yeah.

Chris: We know Chuck is actually on Firefox at 9.

Charles: Yeah. I just have several plug-ins that I use for – for research and work purposes that don’t work with 10 yet, it work with nine, so.

Chris: Aardvark, work, one of them.

Charles: So, being – is one of the key one. So…

Chris: By the way, Firebug actually has the ability to do what you’re doing with Aardvark. I can show you that. That’s interesting. So, what – what we’ll do is when you turn Aardvark on and you hover over to the different parts of a webpage, it will tell you if it’s an H1 tag, it’s a DIV, is it whatever it is you tag, so, it can be really useful to know how well people are optimizing that website.

I saw this AOL sales still sliding but the clients are slowing. What does — what does AOL do?


Chris: So, they’re sliding slower.

Charles: Yeah. They’re sliding slower. They were at – their [0:07:34] [Inaudible]. What did they do? Like I don’t – you know, every now we get clients with an email and I was…

Charles: Yeah and I’ve got like two recently. And like, why do you—what happened to you? Like you would use that?


Chris: Yeah.

Charles: If it works?

Chris: Does is it still say, “You’ve got mail”?

Charles: Probably.

Chris: That would be the only reason to use it. New York Times did an article on the work…

Charles: That was awesome when it first came out.

Chris: Oh, yeah. I was like, “Dude, did you — I got mail!” My mailbox doesn’t do that.

Charles: Man, I get, you know, I seemed like a thousand emails a day, I would hate that.

Chris: Oh, yeah. You got mail, you got mail, you got 10 mails. All right. New York Times did an article on the working conditions at Fox Run which is the company that’s in China making the iPads…

Charles: Okay. Yeah.

Chris: …the iPhones and all that stuff. Paris talk about it – you don’t do an article on how wonderful the working conditions are in China. You don’t ever see that article. So, the article was obviously about how bad the working conditions are.

And – and some of them — the kind of the premise of the article that I saw was – which was a comment on the New York Times article was, should we boycott? I got a working conditions so bad that we should boycott or, you know, is it over there? And I’m like, “Dude, I’m not giving up my iPad.”

Charles: Yeah, yeah. We’re reading from an iPad.

Chris: Yeah. That means I would have to go back to paper. And this was interesting also. This was the last piece of news. Twitter stayed live during on the SOPA protest. And I thought this is a really cool quote. The CEO of Twitter said, “You do not pull the battery on the microphone when you’re giving a speech.” Right?

So, Twitter was one of the microphones to promote the SOPA. So, if you pull that off, then how do people communicate and say they are all pissed off about SOPA. So, yeah, I just thought that was a really cool quote.

All right. That is all that I have for news. Sit perfect right at two minutes.

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