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This is a transcript from our 109th Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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SEO Best Practices Podcast
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SEO Best Practices Podcast

Chris:                           You know what? I think the lone leopard would be disappointed by now, but you know what? That’s just how we roll. Here we go. Mike Cohen, “As we plan to roll out our first major website redesign in many years, I have been combining the web, combing the web for SEO best practices. This podcast presents an entertaining and informative way to get the latest tips. We have a lot to learn but this is a great resource. Thanks.”


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Yeah. Two great reviews and a review that will disappear from our memory. You know, that’s about 10 minutes. He’s right. He listened to about 10 minutes of it and then — so… All right. So what do we got?


Paul:                            Social media beginner, four mistakes to avoid — four things that pretty much everybody does at some point when they’re just starting off social media. So things you really want to avoid and — well, actually, those are some things that you want to do. Chuck, you want to come in on this one?


Chuck:                         Sure.


Chris:                           And we pulled this article kind of the key points that we’ll be mentioning right now are from Raenalynn, and that’s R-A-E-N-A-L-Y-N-N-dot-com and network marketing system. So she’s put together this article. Chuck, how’s it going?


Paul:                            We bring in the social media captain over here.


Chris:                           Captain of social media. So what do you think of our 10-minute review here? I mean people are giving us a hard time for Mr. Leo Leopard.


Chuck:                         And you know, that’s what it is. They don’t like it but watch it. If you do like it, you appreciate it.


Paul:                            Yeah. I’ll go with that.


Chris:                           I think he should at least said the other 20 minutes was pretty informative.


Chuck:                         Yeah. Well, he probably didn’t get to that.


Chris:                           That’s what I’m figuring. And I still don’t know how he’s going to listen to people chat on Facebook.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           That’s just not going to work. All right. So let’s see if we get this right. Let’s make this a quiz, right? What are the top four that really is going to be — see if we agree with Ms. Lynn here. What are the top four mistakes? Chuck, social media —


Paul:                            I think Chuck almost nailed it without actually reading the article.


Chris:                           I think he probably did.


Chuck:                         Oh, top four mistakes? One would be spamming, right?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         That would have to go top of the list. The top of the list would have to be spamming. Do not spam with social. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. You will get blocked, removed, and flagged as spam.


Chris:                           We have another word — another phrase for that. What is that?


Paul:                            Douche.


Chris:                           Don’t be a douche, yes.


Paul:                            Twitter is so — like I get spammed on Twitter all — and it’s not even really spam but like I used to follow people that updated every 10 minutes and I was like, “Oh, come on, dude.”


Chuck:                         Well, see, and that’s kind of a — you know, I follow a lot of people like I just cracked 2,000 followers, right? And I follow almost that many. And so —


Chris:                           Right.


Paul:                            Oh, wow!


Chuck:                         But the thing is it keeps good content coming in. I don’t mind you posting every 10 minutes if it’s —


Chris:                           Reasonable, yeah.


Chuck:                         — reasonable.


Paul:                            Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Chuck:                         You know, a link to something. As a matter of fact, I told you all that I saw that 60% of all social media posts contained a link to something else.


Chris:                           Yup.


Paul:                            I’d say that’s about right or because —


Chris:                           Or if you have the link.


Paul:                            I go to my Twitter just — “Oh, link. Let me see what that is.” And that’s exactly how I go through it, “Oh, link. Let me see what that is.”


Chris:                           It might be dangerous.


Paul:                            Yeah. True, yeah. And my Facebook too. I just scroll through all. “Oh, let me see what that link is.” That’s pretty funny.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So I mean, you know —


Chris:                           And I would say the other 40% should have a link  because otherwise it’s like I’m brushing my teeth. You don’t really have a link for that.


Chuck:                         Well, even that or also direct comment to me, a mention or something like that.


Chris:                           That’s true. All right. So we’ve got don’t be a douche.


Paul:                            What else are the things on the list? Things to avoid in social media.


Chuck:                         Update frequently. Well, to avoid, not updating frequently.


Paul:                            Hey, you’re two for two.


Chris:                           That’s good. That’s good.


Chuck:                         Yeah. I mean because everybody knows some person, right, who get on Twitter page and like there’s an update.


Chris:                           How many times have you tweeted? Twenty-five?


Paul:                            Five, six — probably like 10. I don’t know. I read tweets. I don’t update my tweets very often.


Chuck:                         Yeah, he’s watching.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         He’s not participating. He’s sidelining.


Chris:                           That’s good. All right. What do we have next?


Chuck:                         I said don’t spam, tweet often — oh, this was almost going to spam. I would say be related — relative to what you’re posting about.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         Post on my page, everything about company. I don’t care about that. That will get you blocked, removed, and flagged as spam.


Chris:                           I think this one — the one that according to her you’re missing is kind of off topic a little bit and that is actually not promoting your social media accounts, right? So a mistake that social media — new social media, social media novices make is, for instance, not having a Facebook link on your website.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Not linking your Twitter and Facebook account, not having a Twitter link on your website. So I think that’s actually a pretty valid one.


Chuck:                         That’s a great one. I mean in order for them to be effective they need to be accessible, and so I cross link everything.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         As a matter of fact, Twitter updates Facebook.


Chris:                           Yeah, exactly.


Chuck:                         And on my website there’s a link to all of them.


Chris:                           And that’s how E-Webstyle’s Facebook page, when we update on that it automatically updates our Twitter account. So we don’t actually do much directly to Twitter. We just — you know, whatever we do on our Facebook page ends up on Twitter. So that’s good. One that she — so you got both of these. One of them is no one is manning the ship.


Paul:                            Yeah. I would say everybody else is manning my ship because all my tweets are retweets basically.


Chris:                           Well, and that’s — that happens actually as long as these are retweets.


Paul:                            I’m not even like the driver. I’m like the backseat driver.


Chuck:                         Yeah. As long as you’re not that guy on Twitter who’s only retweeting celebs trying to get a retweet.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         You’re retweeting them so they’ll come into you.


Paul:                            Follow me, Oprah.


Chuck:                         Yeah. Oh, yeah, I’m not going to even get on TFB. You know TFB?


Chris:                           Uh-uh.


Chuck:                         Team Follow Back.


Chris:                           Uh-uh.


Paul:                            I haven’t heard of that.


Chuck:                         TFB is a group of people on Twitter. They tag their names, their profiles with TFB meaning if you follow them, they automatically follow you back. It’s kind of a thing that kind of gets your followers up.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Paul:                            I’m completely against that and I think — I’m completely against that personally, but you should never do that for your business account. You want to get followers but think about why do you want to get these followers and what do you want to do with them? I see all the time on my Facebook “Follow me. I’m on Twitter.” And I was like, “Okay, it’s great that you’re on Twitter.”


Chris:                           Why?


Paul:                            Thank you. Why? Why do I care what you have to say?


Chris:                           Sell yourself.


Paul:                            Yeah, and that’s what I’m — that’s what I think people don’t get.


Chris:                           It’s kind of like a business opening their doors and saying “Pay me.”


Paul:                            Yeah, exactly. Why? Why should I like your Facebook page? Why should I follow you on Twitter? Why should I do — why should I go to your website? Why should I stay on your website? To me it’s all about why.


Chuck:                         And I think it’s all social. Why should I check in in Foursquare to a place?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         Why should I do that? Why should I hit +1 on your site?


Chris:                           Well, and you know, and that’s where Foursquare was, in my opinion, brilliant because they made the badges. So when stores weren’t offering and when they’re first starting that network, now stores I think are probably starting to offer stuff if you check in on Foursquare. But until then would Foursquare have of any value to give you? And frankly it was nothing so they gave you the edges, social credibility if you will.


Chuck:                         And even that I mean at the end of the day — I mean you saw me check in early, right?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         So yeah, I should get paid for doing this right here.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         So like what value does being the mayor of Starbucks bring you?


Paul:                            None, absolutely none.


Chris:                           But it’s cool.


Paul:                            They’re offering check in discounts.


Chris:                           I think so.


Paul:                            Now they’re offering check in discounts. So now if I’m looking for somewhere to go — I did this yesterday. I was looking for somewhere to go eat lunch and I was like “Let me see who has check in discounts.”


Chris:                           Oh, wow!


Paul:                            I went to Burger King.


Chuck:                         Well, you know, and I’ve been doing — I manage the social campaign for my church.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         And you know how we do CDs and DVDs and so I’m doing whoever checks in three consecutive times. On their third time I would give them a free DVD of the service.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Cool.


Chuck:                         And so — and nobody’s done it yet.


Paul:                            But you give them — you answered why.


Chris:                           Are you promoting it?


Paul:                            Why should I check in at this particular establishment? Because you will get something. So now you’re trying to bring people into the church repeatedly over and over. I mean that’s like a textbook business strategy that will go for any type of business.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Bring me back multiple times. Now, hey, I might stay and become a repeat customer.


Chris:                           And it really goes back how long has whatever, Subway and so many other restaurants given you frequent eater.


Chuck:                         Same deal, exactly.


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