SEO boils down to Text, Links, Popularity and Reputation

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This is a transcript from our 127th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO boils down to Text, Links, Popularity and Repuation

Chuck: Welcome to the SEO podcast show [00:00:04] [Inaudible]. His name is — okay. I’ll — can we do a whole intro?

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. It worked.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: It’s working, good. Thank you, guys, for tuning in. And you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Chuck: And in which there’s a pause of four.

Chris: Yeah, it really worked. We could pause every now and then. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes that is because of you.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: This is Podcast 127. Is that your — are you that guy?

Chuck: I’m that guy, yeah.

Chris: A ringing phone. Yeah, this is Podcast 127. As always, we wanna mention a tip from our previous podcast. Of course, our previous podcast was 126 and our tip is “SEO boils down to four things: text, links, popularity, and reputation.” So go back and listen to Podcast 126. We actually covered page 2 of the long list that we’re gonna cover. We’re gonna actually cover page 3 for today.

Chuck: For today, yup. Yes, sir.

Chris: So excellent. Woohoo, ding, ding, ding.

Chuck: A review.

Chris: Do we have a review noise or something? I’m just — so I don’t have to get another tattoo.

Chuck: Of course, you — yeah, get a gong or something every time we get a review.

Chris: This is from Jeffrey Richley [00:01:27] [Phonetic]. Title is Must Listen, Five Stars. “These guys really know their stuff. They certainly know how to goof around and laugh but at the end of the day, they are hardcore SEO rock stars.” Yeah. “If you’d like to have fun while you learn, this is the podcast for you. Punch in the face to you two.” Hey, Jeffrey. Punch in the face back to you.

Chuck: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Chris: Let us know what your website is so we can give you a little bit of link love. Make sure you’re liking us on Facebook. You can do that at —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: It’s uncomfortable pausing.

Chris: Yeah, isn’t it?

Chuck: Ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Podcast@ —

Chuck: — So, Jeff, if you want to e-mail us at, send us the link to your site and then we can check it out.

Chris: And if — we’d like to remind you if you’re watching or listening right now, you’re at your computer, you can have some multi-tasking phone, tweet right now. You should tweet hashtag —

Chuck: — #SEOPodcast127

Chris: And hit us up at E-webstyle so that we get a notice that you’re listening. We’re — I’m seeing people do it and so —

Chuck: Yes, sir.

Chris: Excellent. Thank you, guys, out there. A little bit of news. Oh, and we also must remind you, we are your friendly, local neighborhood —

Chuck: — top position snatchers.

Chris: Snatchers.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Where our mantra is —

Chuck: — don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche. A little bit of news. There’s, you know, there wasn’t that much going on actually. Yeah, it’s good stuff, Groupon IPO today.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: They were hovering around 20 bucks which puts their valuation about 20 — $12.7 billion.

Chuck: Yeah. They came on higher and they thought — I know they had anticipated 12 and they came out like 18.

Chris: Yeah. I wanna know what the offer was that they turned down recently because they did turn down something. It may be interested to know that.

Chuck: I wonder if they offer deals.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Chuck: It’s [00:03:21] [Inaudible].

Chris: IPO deal brought to you by Groupon —

Chuck: By Groupon.

Chris: Half off. Yeah, it was that — it would be the largest selling Groupon deal ever.

Chuck: Yeah. And 18 bucks that you can get [00:03:34] [Inaudible].

Chris: This is interesting also. Is Linux dead? And I had — remember, I had this perspective, right? For those of you who don’t know Linux is an open source operating system. You know, it’s been long touted as to be the Facebook in — not Facebook that would be wrong — the Microsoft and Apple operating system killer and I hadn’t thought at this perspective — mobile, right? You know, so basically every operating system is going mobile. You know, Apple’s got their iPhone and their iPad, Android.

Chuck: Android, mm-hmm.

Chris: Microsoft certainly has mobile devices of — we never talked about them.

Chuck: We probably won’t ever —

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: — but it’s something like for right now.

Chris: Okay. I can tell I will never have another one because I had one.

Chuck: You had one?

Chris: Oh, yeah. It was — yeah. The only thing that saved it is I was actually able to put a wrapper on it so it totally enveloped the operating system so I didn’t have to deal with it.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Bad. And Linux doesn’t have anything. They don’t have anything that is actually on an operating system for a mobile device — at least not that I know of. I actually — I’m sure there’s one out there.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And, you know, it’s certainly not — there was never really a major competitor to Microsoft and Apple so I think it’s even less of competitor in mobile so it’s interesting as we go mobile as more and more searches happen, mobile is more and more — really computer time goes mobile.

Chuck: Yeah, face time.

Chris: Yeah. Then, you know, the operating systems you’re using are gonna become very relevant, more important and will probably exclude Linux.

Chuck: In a split, when I think Linux I think servers.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I don’t think OS.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: I think servers. I think GoDaddy hosting option, Windows or Linux.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: And then that what makes me kind of contradict what you said because most of these CMS’s that we tend to install — WordPress, you know [00:05:33] [Inaudible] Joomla — all these word print, all of these CMS’s work on Linux —

Chris: Are designed —

Chuck: — because they tend to work better on Linux than the Window.

Chris: Yeah, certainly. They’re designed to work on Linux and then, yeah, they happen to work on a Windows box which we can attest to because are sites are on Windows boxes and they run fine.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, there’s one little tweak with WordPress on the login process. We know the work around. Another thing, hey, I don’t know if you have heard this. There was an algorithm change after Charles —

Chuck: The Google algo update.

Chris: And Charles sent it in my direction to keep me up. We’re gonna call this the ziplock update because it doesn’t really have any sort of name associated with it, you know, usually there’s like Caffeine or Panda.

Chuck: A former or whatever it is.

Chris: Something, right? This one had nothing.

Chuck: It’s Google ziplock.

Chris: Google ziplock.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: It’s all about freshness. Really, what it is is — they’re saying that this new update is gonna impact 35% of searches and that the update is really about freshness, to give more credibility to your freshness. I love some of the examples and you probably have some off the top of your head where this impact is important and useful.

Chuck: Well, I like the excerpt that they gave on their blog site, on the Google blog site. The example that they gave was, you know, if you were to search Olympics, right, then you would technically wanna see stuff about the upcoming 2012 Olympics and not necessarily something about, you know, Dominique Dawes some Olympics ago.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: You know, and so the whole concept of the algo update was to bring you the freshest, most up to date content relevant to your search query.

Chris: Makes sense. Some of the other examples I gave were like NFL, Exxon earnings.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: You really don’t want Exxon earnings from, you know, 1970.

Chuck: Yeah, two weeks ago. Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. And so — and, you know, projections.

Chuck: Yeah. When it feels a good one, yeah. From the 49ers score, I’d like to see, you know, what the score was right now.

Chris: Last night or right now during game time, yeah.

Chuck: And during the game, you know, rather than what last week score was because that doesn’t help me.

Chris: Another example, SLR, you know, kind of modern example, SLR cameras, right, because they’re coming out all the time so you really do wanna know, you know, everything that’s been out probably in the last six months, not everything that’s been out three years ago.

Chuck: Exactly.


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