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SEO for Business Owners

Chris: I know. Was his comment relative to like asking him to do other things like, can you make me copies also? [Laughter].

Charles: Well, do— do you not have unrealistic expectations, you know, doing stuff that’s not agreed upon. We’re not your employee. We work for ourselves, blah, blah, blah.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so we don’t have to reply to a phone call and email immediately.

Chris: Right, right.

Charles: Right, so that sort of thing. You should get a response. You know, we try to respond to everything, you know, pretty quickly—

Chris: right.

Charles: We know but yeah, if you email me at 9:59, I might not email you back at 10:00.

Chris: Right. [Laughter].

Charles: You know, maybe 11:00. [Laughter]. I mean but you will get it.

Chris: And that’s PM, he’s really dedicated.

Charles: Yeah. You’re always dancing— because I’ll be up. I’ll— you know, I’ll be up before you’re up. I get your email, I will respond so it’s true, take the time to say, excuse all typos and things like that.

Chris: Yeah. [Laughter]. Short messages—

Charles: But I will respond. Keep in mind, you are the only client.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Yeah. And listen, open your mind. I think this is a good one because some clients come in, business owners come in with this kind of preconceived notion of how it’s going to work, what they should do, this is what you need to do and I’m just paying you how to do it.

Chris: Right.

Charles: When actually I’m an expert. This is an expert. Like, we know what to do and when and what is going to work.

Chris: And what not to do.

Charles: [Laughter]. And what not to do.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Yeah and so if— what would you say— we’ll give our recommendation and they will do what you asked.

Chris: Yeah and we will vehemently support our, what we recommend and then we’ll do what the client wants, yeah.

Charles: Yeah, so won’t say no to you, you shouldn’t put your picture of you and your dog in there but if you demand it, then there will be a picture of you and your dog on there. And you will change it after a month or two when you realized you should never have [0:22:45 inaudible]. [Laughter].

Chris: That’s the hand holding part where we can brainwash them slowly. No dog, no picture of you and your dog.

Charles: Number 10, don’t expect advice for free. I disagree with that.

Chris: They’re— they’re going to Podcast.

Charles: I know. We—

Chris: And that’s fundamentally different than what we think, how we think.

Charles: I think given that— especially to a business owner. I mean, but I think it’s worth giving that advice. I think it’s worth sharing tips and information that could help them. I mean frankly, that’s how we get referrals. You know, if you help people then they’ll, they’ll respect that. They’ll honor that and you know, complement you with meeting my friend who runs this business and he needs help with his— with his Google stuff.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Without internet listing. [Laughter]. And so—

Chris: And with the working group, I’m the Google guy so I get the Google stuff. [Laughter].

Charles: So yeah, we give advice for free, man, you know, this Podcast is advice frankly, if you like it to the body. This one is kind of interesting. Don’t ask your friends what they think about what we are doing. And so but he will not think, this is more web design related. We know our web design is aimed at meeting the needs of your target markets, not to please you or you’re friends. And so, my guts kind of concur but I do feel like the client should be happy with what the final product is.

Chris: And frankly, the client’s significant other should also be happy. [Laughter]. Yeah, I kind of— I kind of, you know what, you can say it. Like you can put that in your list and every client will show it to their friends.

Charles: [0:24:25] [crosstalk].

Chris: Yeah, it’s not even worth including in the list because what are they going to do, hey, look at my new website. Friend, you look at my new website and what’s the friend going to do. I mean, we tend to look for flaws and thing when we see them or like, oh, they can fix this and this and this so that’s just going to happen. I mean, don’t put her, and take it off, scratch that off the list.

Charles: Scratch it off the list. Pzzzz, there’s my virtual finger stylus, scratch. [Laughter]. Oh, so that was that list. So it’s pretty cool. I think, you know, I wanted to go through that because we are firm and we deal with clients, lots of clients and I was impressed by the list, well, reading the list kind of impressed me about us. That makes sense here.


Chris: Yeah.

Charles: The list kind of impressed about us because we don’t follow them all.

Chris: Right.

Charles: We give advice for free. We hold hand clients. We’ll, you know, I mean, based on salary alone, you know hold handing a client and walking to dual a process, we’ll probably lose money frankly.

Chris: Right.

Charles: You know, but if it’s worth doing it for the business owner who don’t understand, then it’s worth doing it.

Chris: Well, and our business model is the long term—

Charles: Exactly.

Chris: Relationship with our clients and so, you know, that hand holding is what fosters that value that, you know , convinces the client to sign the next contract and, you know, and in four years’ time, we may lose money in the first 6 months because we don’t order on so much hand holding and in 4 years, we’re, you know, it’s makes a really profitable company and with a really solid customer base.

Charles: Yeah. Exactly. Okay so I got a blank stare.

Chris: Alright.

Charles: This is a pose like [laughter].

Chris: I think with my eye, my eyeball. [Laughter].

Charles: Well, okay. Oh, this makes them interesting because a few podcast possibilities blank stare was about Black Bear and how you’re guiding in and he said that he didn’t [0:26:27 inaudible].

Chris: We’re good. We don’t need to change it. What are you talking about. We’re good. [Laughter]. If you’ll look at the chart, is the chart you’re looking at turned 90 degrees. [Laughter].

Charles: The reverse. [Laughter]. This thing is going down, it’s not going up. [Laughter]. But so, anyway—and so their new CMO, a new CEO and everybody came in and so they released their last quarter numbers.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Wow. Not good. We have a new drop to 4.2 billion.

Chris: Wow. Like what percentage— does it have a percentage on that?

Charles: Eighteen percent.

Chris: Wow.

Charles: That’s huge. Sales drop, 21%. But the article I read made decent comment. It said that, hopefully, they are at the bottom. [Laughter]. Meaning, I mean, once you’re at the bottom it means it would go up, you know. [Laughter].

Chris: Isn’t that what you should say after any massive loss?

Charles: Well, well—

Chris: Well, hopefully, we are at the bottom now. [Laughter].

Charles: The positive thing was BlackBerry playbook sales went up, basically, up to five hundred thousand levels.

Chris: Wow.

Charles: And so the comment, the 1st comment was hilarious. In a comment, the dude say yes, yes, I had the—I was a strong BlackBerry user. I held onto it as long as I could. My job required me to get an iPhone so at first, I was a guy walking around with 2 pistols, one the six-shooter BlackBerry and two, the Ultra High Speed Black iPhone. [Laughter]. He said—

Chris: Immaculator. [Laughter].

Charles: Yeah and then over time, he really began realizing that the iPhone had all the features plus some—

Chris: He realized he was reaching for the immaculator and not the six shooter.

Charles: He says so now, his six shooter sits on his night stand and they just have awkward stares at each other. [Laughter].

Chris: Oh God. Remember when I used to go with you? [Laughter].

Charles: He’s coming but I’m going to say, yeah, mine moved from the night stand into the inside the drawer and I just burst out laughing because mine is inside the drawer.

Chris: Drawer, right by the night stand.

Charles: Right in the night stand.

Chris: Great, it’s ready to go. It’s—

Charles: [0:28:31 inaudible].

Chris: Waiting, yeah, it’s—yeah.

Charles: Pow, pow yeah, pow BlackBerry.

Chris: Oh, well, and you like to play boat, right? Like you’re— you’re [0:28:41 crosstalk]

Charles: I’m okay. I test drove one. I’m bit blaster, you know. [Laughter]. I tell you I was a BlackBerry fan, you know—

Chris: Right.

Charles: You know and so, yeah, I’m android tablet now and android phone and probably soon to be—

Chris: iPadding?

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. They’re all— that’s a— admired your phone, the Galaxy S II android— I love it, such an awesome phone. It’s faster, thinner, yeah, it’s an awesome phone.

Charles: Yes, it is.

Chris: And the pictures are just phenomenal. It’s crazy. Yes, so we no longer need a point to shoot. Did we cover all? Like all over, we did our Facebook, we did our Twitter, we— alright, so—

Charles: Yeah, that’s it.

Chris: You’ve been listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. This was Podcast #143 and— and we appreciate you guys tuning in, make sure there’s 2 places that you can put a review. We’d covered iTunes, also go to Podcast, just under the videos, you’ll see [0:29:42 inaudible] go ahead and go there and submit a review. Only do that if you think you’re getting value out if this Podcast or if we make you angry and—

Charles: Your name is not Moe. [Laughter].

Chris: I will get you. [Laughter]. Crank call and Bart. Actually, our whole network years ago, Bart is a Simpson’s character. We don’t have a Moe. We need a Moe.


Charles: Do we?

Chris: No. All right. Thank you guys for tuning in, until the next Podcast. My name is Chris Burres—

Charles: And I’m Charles Lewis—

Chris: And bye-bye for now.

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