SEO Challenges for Ecommerce

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This is a transcript from our 146th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO Challenges for Ecommerce

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Internet Marketing Podcast from SEO where we do unknown secrets.

Charles: Yeah. So like what he said.

Chris: Sometimes we need to , when you start run, it’s just like swoooosh.

Charles: Oh, men.

Chris: Let’s try that again. Hi, welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown secrets of the internet marketing where we teach you how to do internet marketing for your websites. You are watching the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. We happen also to be the most popular internet marketing podcast on ITunes. My name is Chris Burres and we have a camera adjustment.

Charles: [Laughter] Oh yeah.

Chris: Twist, angle if you need to. There you go.

Charles: Right. Cool. And I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: When you don’t see a camera adjustment on the specs thrown us all off. Clearly, it wasn’t my poor intro.

Charles: Nothing to do with it, the fact is that we started all wrong. [Laughter]

Chris: All right, as always, a tip from our previous podcast.

Charles: [0:01:05] [crosstalk] on a roof.

Chris: Eddie’s ah—I’m fired. I can’t do anymore behind the scene. Get another. The tip from the last podcast, remember that e-commerce websites presents a specific set of SEO challenges. The nice part is many of the solutions automatically propagate to the rest of the sites. Right? So go back and listen to the podcast that’s podcast number 145, we talked almost exclusively about e-commerce, e-commerce sites, the SEO challenges that the e-commerce have and yes, there are some advantages because you do–

Charles: Plenty advantages, plenty advantages and disadvantages. Well the disadvantages being, you know are Google based and we didn’t dig too much into that. I mean, the fact that you can do easily submit your part of some to Google sapping network which is a form of SEO. Then there is the quickest way to get your part out there. Some of the disadvantages were duplicate content issues and things like that that you tend to run into because of not only you do out of your description because of things to be similar, all of your competitors who sell the same products also have the same product as your manufacturers. And so those are some of the issues you were into with e-commerce site. Go back, listen to SEO Podcast number 145.

Chris: Do remember do not forget that we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatcher and our mantra is do not be a douche. Don’t be a douche.

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: If you’re sitting in front of some sort of electric device which is by the way we know that these sound signal are getting to you from some sort of electric device. If that’s not just an iPod, it’s actually got a more sophisticated iPod, excuse me, if it’s got a little more sophisticated CPU behind it, go ahead and twit right now.

Charles: I always forget, what do they twit?

Chris: Hashtag SEO Podcast 146.

Charles: That’s for twit or facebook and gplus it and what we want to do and makes sure that you tag us at e-webstyle and in that way we can reach for you, response to it and interact with you and get to know you some more.

Chris: I got a review.

Charles: Is that a review?

Chris: I got a review, just like a hollow tear. Yeah, tear with a tear coming out of it. [Laughter]

Charles: Tear, tears

Chris: [Laughter] Because it’s a bad review. Let me—and first off, how did this happen? They—in this particular case, it was a guy by the name of Houston went on to iTunes. He created an iTunes account. He submitted a review and then we actually reached out back to him of course because of the content of this review. So here we go—Couldn’t Deliver On Free Website Announces, that’s the title. It’s a one star. Ouch! That’s like kick my shin.

Charles: Shin. Kick and be — that’s kicks.

Chris: Yeah, kicks. These guys are great on the podcast but when I filled out their free websites announces they couldn’t deliver, they sent emails saying they would call tomorrow, two weeks ago. And I’ll tell you, we like truly bad reviews. We don’t like them of course which is critical and you know we, we don’t want to be in a position where people are giving us bad reviews. We like them because it allows us to improve. In this particular case, I was a little upset because he says, ‘these guys are great on the podcasts’ and we kind of felt that this wasn’t the right forum for this particular complaint.


Frankly, we as a company did drop the ball, we actually had some staff, moving if you will and so a couple of emails got lost, a couple kind of trails, customer trails or potential customers trails in this particular case, a website announces trail got lost. I reached out to him, I actually spoke with him this morning. His websites is and even after a one star we’re going to share that information— Had a good conversation with him basically we got the mean potatoes announces out of the way, he says he was in the process of going back and changing the review and at the same point, you know, we’re not perfect. It’s what we do when mistakes are made that makes us a good company. If we make those mistakes then we move forward and move, keep on moving on.

All right, let’s do a little bit of news, it was kind of a slow news day, I mean, I was having a hard time finding stuff. I thought from really I thought it was pretty cool, Rigo, the movie company. Rigo Movie, they do through the big theatres. Okay. and I actually have another cards in my, in my wallet here. Rigo and Sony are put together like a Rigo Crown Club. I’m a Crown Club member at Rigo.

Charles: Wow! You really did have a card. [Laughter] Yeah, sure. You, you’re Rigo card. [Laughter]

Chris: I don’t have a Sony card, unfortunately. Sony, you’re welcome to sent me any sort of Sony credit card with a $5,000 limit that I don’t have to pay [laughter] It was going so good. They’re bringing subtitle glasses to movie theatres, subtitle glasses. So I thought there was kind of caucus last week. We mentioned the Google glasses, the Google glasses not the Google goggles but Google glasses.

Chris: But Google glasses and so it’s kind of cool ‘coz you know, if you don’t need to see subtitles and sometimes they’re distracting, I don’t know.

Charles: [0:06:58] inaudible] It’s not impossible to read it. And what? Either you get [0:0:03] [crosstalk]

Chris: It pisses me off. If it’s from [0:07:06][inaudible] or second language and sometimes especially if there is a thick accent, sometimes she wants subtitles and I find myself reading like I don’t need to read this. Keep focusing on the image. I keep repeating to myself. I can understand.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: I mean you start critique thinking and you’re looking for– well I don’t look for self check because…

Charles: The worst spell checker. You missed something.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Like the flash, oh low, what was that?

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