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Twenty-Third SEO Podcast July 17th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast.


Paul: Hi, thanks for joining us for another fun-filled edition of our SEO podcast.


Chris: My name is Chris Burres. I am owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, Sales Manager of E-Webstyle.


Chris: Make sure all our ringing devices are off here. We don’t want to get interrupted in this.


First things first again, I still don’t remember, do we talk news or do we talk … let’s talk the old podcast.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: So the old podcast we talked about the possibility of using PPC for branding. That’s where you might actually do both search engine optimization and pay-per-click just so that your name’s on the page more than once on the first page. And when I say your name’s on the first page that assumes that you’re using our service.


Paul: Yes, and don’t forget also using other search engines for PPC. People get in a habit of using Google for a lot for their search. I know I do, but don’t forget there are other viable search engines that you could do a pay-per-click campaign on, not just Google.


Chris: In fact, some of those might even be more valuable.


Paul: I believe so.


Chris: If that intrigues you, you should go back and listen to our previous podcast.


Paul: Yes.


Chris: Which you can find our podcast … well; you’re listening to it so you found it somehow. We are available on iTunes and we are available on our website on our blog. If you just go to and then click the blog link I’m sure you can find it because we put it in a pretty easy spot to find.


Paul: Yes.


Chris: So that’s that; anything else from last time?


Paul: I don’t remember … no, just the podcast.


Chris: We talked a little bit about renaming the podcast and issues associated with renaming the podcast so, that’s great.


On to news!


Paul: What’s in the news today?


Chris: News. Well, you know, it’s been an exciting day. We actually had to dig a little bit and you know if somebody’s been thrown in to the forefront of the news, we’ve got to give them props. His name is Mark Mueller.


Paul: Who is Mark Mueller? I don’t know who Mark Mueller is.


Chris: He’s a guy who is giving away…


Paul: Oh, yeah!


Chris: …AK-47s…


Paul: I was going to say I just read that!


Chris: …if you buy a truck.


Paul: Ok so if I buy a truck I get a semi-automatic weapon that I thought was illegal?


Chris: Well, I think if their semi-automatic then their actually legal.


Paul: Ok.


Chris: As long as you don’t buy that kit that’s readily available on the internet to turn it in to a fully-automatic.


Paul: There we go!


Chris: In fact, I think in this country you can actually own the kit and the gun as long as you don’t apply the kit to the gun, you’re in good shape. Yeah, it’s very specific, very liberal. We love it. That’s you know, like it’s legal to have bombs and drug paraphernalia as long as you have no drugs. That’s actually, even though there’s no other reason to use them.


Paul: Exactly.


Chris: So it’s pretty fascinating. I mean, there’s a pretty hard-core interview on CNN.


Paul: Where’d you find it? Oh, CNN.


Chris: Yeah, it was CNN. The CNN correspondent’s really going after him about you know, giving away an AK-47. He said, well last year they gave out ham guns and they were hoping to sell 100 more trucks this year, so they thought the AK-47 would do that.


Paul: Well maybe next year they should hand out bazookas.


Chris: Yeah! They really might meet their sales goal!

Paul: Or tanks! Here, come get your tank!


Chris: He did make the point that they you know, they don’t sell to felons you know, they don’t just give the guns away. You’ve got to go through the whole process and everything. It’s just a great. In fact, their marketing slogan is: “Gun, God, Guts, and American Pickup Trucks.”


Paul: I mean does it get any more American then that right there? Just put in baseball just for image.


Chris: Yeah, baseball!


Paul: Add in, “baseball”.


Chris: That’s good! So, we’re thinking we’d like to get your feedback. Anybody who wants to write to us, you can write to us at We’re thinking we might do a similar promotion. We don’t have a crafty slogan yet … gun, God’s, God, guns…


Paul: And websites!


Chris: And websites!


Paul: All right!


Chris: And first page Google.


Paul: Because God loves guns and websites.


Chris: And guns and Google! There we go!


Paul: Guns and Google!


Chris: Guns and Google! There’s our slogan. AK-47s … give us some feedback. You know, if there’s something that everybody’s really interested in we’ll do it!


Paul: Maybe we’ll give a gun.


Chris: An AK-47!


Paul: What kind of gun? What kind of gun that you just [inaudible].


Chris: Yeah, yeah, true! Maybe, maybe our listeners are you know, a little more sophisticated and the AK-47 isn’t what their interested in. They want something else. Let us know. I think we’ve covered guns and Google long enough.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Guns, Gods, and Google long enough.


The other thing, I read a really interesting article and I think the title of the article was along the lines of “Twitter Killed ‘Bruno.’”


Paul: Actually, killed Bruno?


Chris: I think we should have it banned today! I’m going to promote legislation to get rid of Twitter! It’s killing people!


Paul: It’s killing people! I haven’t saw the movie, so what happened with Twitter and “Bruno”?


Chris: I haven’t seen the movie yet either.


For those of you who don’t know, Bruno is the next character in Sasha Baron Cohen’s line of characters following Borat. You may have seen Borat. You may have watched the show, “Borat.” If you don’t know who Borat is, come out from that rock you are under and you know, Google it. I thought that movie was pretty hilarious. We enjoyed it, but Bruno is his next character so there was a lot of hype.


The article I read, it looked like the Friday sales for the “Bruno” movie were going to put him in a whole other category. You know, like huge … over 30-million dollars of sales for the weekend. By the end of the weekend, it turned out that he had only had like 20-million dollars of sales. The theory is, is that Twitter, the availability of Twitter – you know, you may walk out of a movie, “Bruno”, that you expected to be hot and not like it and tell people on Monday at the office that you didn’t like it very much or you may you know, go home and send an email or whatever – but the premise is with Twitter, people were able to actually say that it was so bad so quickly, in their opinion. Again, I haven’t seen it and I will see it. I do like his characters. I like what he puts together, but Twitter gave just easier access to people to say the movie was bad and then forward that information. And so, instead of having a 30-million dollar weekend, he ended up with a 20-million dollar weekend.


Paul: Like they say, good news travels fast but bad news travels faster. I mean, wow! So that’s a testament to social networking. If you’re wondering what social networking works? That’s proof in the pudding right there.


Another great example, go back to two or three podcasts ago…?


Chris: Two podcasts ago.


Paul: Two podcasts ago there’s an example of how social networking helped a company. So that’s proof in the pudding! Social networking works, if you do it properly.


Chris: In that example, it’s a great example! Go back and listen to it. We talked about how one Twit…


Paul: Yeah, one Twit!


Chris: One Twit actually brought like thousands of people to a store.


Paul: 2,500!


Chris: 2,500 and they only had like 80 followers.


Paul: They sent out 80 Twits to 80 followers and returned 2,500 new customers.


Chris: Awesome!


Paul: That is awesome!


Chris: Twitter is absolutely awesome!


We’ve got a couple of interesting things to talk about today. One of them is you know, we are always kind of talking about your last job as a stripper?


Paul: No, not that one!


Chris: Was it before that?


Paul: A Yellow Pages publisher; a salesman at a Yellow Pages publisher.


Chris: Ok, as a Yellow Page salesman.


We kind of bring that up from time to time because Paul brings a lot of relevant information. It actually really helps us here at E-Webstyle to really kind of understand the ins and outs of Yellow Pages and Yellow Pages sales and everything. So we’re really appreciative to him for that.


We noticed one time – even without his help, because we think he could have helped on this – one of our advertising organizers got the same Yellow Page ad that we had last year at a reduced price.


Paul: Now when you say ‘reduced’, explain reduced.


Chris: 50% less than we paid last year and we got the same ad.


Paul: What did you have to do to get that?


Chris: I think he just said he was going to cancel it or something like that and boom – 50% off.

Author: eweb-admin