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SEO for E-Commerce Sites

Chris: Thank you. And then, this was actually recent on iTunes in the US.

“Extremely enjoyable and informative. I’ve been listening for a few months now and this podcast has improved along the way. Usually the focus is not one key point of SEO, it covers the fundamentals, as well as more settle points such as Google penalizing certain changes.”

“The chemistry and humor between Chris and Charles make it entertaining. The fact that their mission statement is as irreverent as ‘Don’t be a douche’ is just perfect.”

I highly recommend you tune in for a show or two…

Charles: Or three or four or 145. [laughter] And speaking of 145, if you’re watching right now and you have a mobile device, or you’re in front of some sort of social media platform, do me this favor. Tweet us, #seopodcast145, tag us @ewebstyle, and let us know you’re watching. If you really wanna be cool, include a link, and we appreciate you doing it for us.

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Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Actually, I think you need to go to and Plus one that page.

I got one more thing, this is from Facebook. This is [00:13:30] [inaudible].

“Hi, guys. I read a review on iTunes back in on 17th of August, 2010. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to all 165 shows,” which is amazing.

Charles: Yeah, that’s odd like, what are we talking about next week?

Chris: Could you let us know, we can actually broadcast a little earlier.

“And not heard it mentioned, I also sent an e-mail at that time to let you know but I didn’t hear back the reviews. Still on iTunes in Australia.”

He tried to copy and paste. He’s got a couple of websites. First off, punch in the face for reaching out to us again.

Charles: Candle bag lantern?

Chris: Right. You know those – so you put a candle in those bags and then they float up?

Charles: Oh, okay. Awesome. [cross talk] anything else it would possibly be.

Chris: That’s what I’m thinking it is. [cross talk] The other option, because I did this once for Halloween with my brother is that you put a little bit of sand in a white kind of lunch bag and put a candle in it, and then you light them on the streets on Halloween. I did that at my brother’s once. So, it was cool. It was actually really cool.

I don’t know if that’s – I didn’t visit the website, so we could just – it’s probably a porn site. [laughter]

Charles: Yeah, [laughter] the sound of the candle bag…

Chris: Candle bag lantern.

Charles: Okay, that kind of makes you think of the things in the sky now.

Chris: And then

“I love the show. And like I say I’ve listened to every single one.” And then he did go back and correct and say he’s listened to only 139 shows which make us feel less out of the future, less Bermuda Triangle-ish.


Remember you can follow us on Facebook. That’s On Twitter, it’s On Youtube, it’s And you can e-mail us at Excellent. I’m done. Peace. Out. [laughter]

Charles: Hey, I saw, I’ve got some content. I actually got two different articles here and we’ll cover the first one. And borrowing our time, we’ll soon get to the second one which probably not.

But what I want to talk about today was e-commerce because I was thinking about our past three clients.

Chris: That’s true.

Charles: Our past three clients have been e-commerce sites.

Chris: And we really haven’t focused much on e-commerce on our podcast’s.

Charles: Exactly. Podcast’s is usually kind of small business or our plumbers as I would to go example. And so, I want to spend some time talking about e-commerce more importantly how to get ranking for e-commerce.

Before I get in to this, I want to first acknowledge some of the issues that people tend to run unto e-commerce sites. And it’s usually dup content that is by far the most…

Chris: Prevalent.

Charles: …issue that people have because they either getting products from manufacturers or competitors frankly, who also sell the same exact products. And therefore they copy the image so that image URL is a dup URL. The title is dup, the product description is dup. You know, I mean everything, from the price. I mean, this whole page is dup content. And if their product has the exact same name, and your CMS changes the URL in the page title, to the product title then you have duplicate URL’s. So, it’s dup content all the way around with e-com sites. So, that’s the first problem.

Chris: Yup. In fact, we had an e-mail, or Facebook question I think, or Twitter question or something recently, same thing. I don’t know if that’s why you researched this particular topic. But somebody hit us up and said, I think it was on Twitter. And said, “Is it a challenge when you’re using the manufacturer’s description?”

Charles: Oh, I do remember that vaguely. Yes, it is. I think my answer was it you know, rewrite it if possible which is kind of one of the solutions I have in this article here.

So, let’s get into it. Well, and the article really focuses on video. Google did the algorithm update called Fresh. And the Fresh update was all about new content, fresh content, updated content. And so what I want to do is talk about that particular update.

Chris: That’s the one we call Ziplock.

Charles: Yes, sir. Google Ziplock. Keep it fresh.

Chris: Inappropriately titled, in our humble opinion. [laughter]

Charles: Yes, [00:18:06] [inaudible]. It just would have been cooler.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And so I wanted to talk about Ziplock – Fresh in regards to an e-com site and how you can improve your rankings using video. And so few other things to say was – be unique. And I think that kind of goes with out saying. Don’t rely on the product videos and manufacture videos.

So, for example, if you’re selling Samsung Nexus by Google on your site. Don’t just use the video that Samsung put out or that Google released about the Nexus demo. Instead, create your own. Give your own viewpoint. Do your own video, give it your own title, put it on your own Youtube page and put that on your site. Google will see that and have a lot more appreciation for you generating some unique, original content rather than the same demo video that’s on everybody else’s who’s selling the same exact phone.

Also, be fresh. You know, like for example, my phone just got updated to Android 4.04. And so that would be a good time if I was selling this phone to redo another video about the Android update and it works with the phone and how I’m enjoying it and how some of the features it has. For two reasons, one is new and fresh updated content and two, somebody else probably had the similar experience and may have questions, and if they search for it, then I put content that can help them.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And the next one out here was listen. And I would really like, listen. He says, “Pay attention to what people are saying in the news and all our conversations on social media channels, listen there.”


So, I always go back to Google Alerts. I think Alerts is one of the best part of Google created and so use those alerts. If you’re selling devices, then set up an alert for Nexus, set up an alert for the New iPad, set up an alert for the Samsung Galaxy II. In that way, you can be aware of all the conversations that happening on the internet and then you can respond accordingly. If you find a conversation on Twitter, follow that person, re-tweet that person, jump in the conversation. If you find something on G Plus, add a comment, link to your video you just did. You know, things like that, that are relevant to the conversation. It’s not spammy because it’s contextual and it is on the subject and on the topic. In that way you can be aware of what your potential clients are saying.

Another thing was monitor. I like this one, I will be doing this on these new sites we’re working on.

Chris: By the way, if you guys haven’t heard of Google Alerts, Google it. And basically what it is, is you can put in a search phrase and anytime new content comes on to the web or anytime Google indexes a new content that would be relevant to that search phrase, they send you and e-mail, you know, you can schedule it to happen instantaneously so that you can kind of see how, what new information is out there about that particular search term.

Great example is, we did an interview with Chuck a long time ago. This is like two years ago. And so then, we would mention Chuck every now and then in our podcast, and because our podcast is transcribed and put on line, and because Chuck has …

Charles: A [cross talk] alert for it.

Chris: In this case, the SEO Rapper. We say the SEO Rapper a couple of times and reaches back out to us. We have another interview and he we are moving forward. That’s a great example of how Google Alerts works.

Charles: I mean, they were not for juts for that but for branding. I have alert set up for SEO Rapper, for Charles Lewis, for [00:22:10] [inaudible] Profit, for E-webstyle. And I have mine set based on importance, for like, my name, Charles Lewis. Once a week, everything Google has indexed that week, I found out that there was somebody in somewhere in the U.K., a dude named Charles Lewis who was on the run for murder of four people.

Chris: Not me. [laughter]

Charles: Yeah, I didn’t do it. [laughter] But you know same example, matter of fact, Charles Lewis Jr.

Chris: It’s like I don’t even know what he looks like, but he doesn’t look like me. [laughter]

Charles: So, then I have the SEO Rapper, those come daily. Anything about SEO comes to me as soon as it happens which I would probably be changing because I get repeat stuff of us.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Charles: But yes, so set up some Google Alerts that way you can monitor what’s going on in your industry.

Chris: And that’s how you found somebody who had linked to your SEO Rapper video recently, gonna be that link this week.

Charles: And it’s great for branding and PR more importantly because if someone says something negative, you will get that as well.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And that gives you the opportunity to respond to it, to address it, rather than just let it be out there and you don’t know about it. So, set up some alerts. That’s across the board and I just let video marketing.

After that, respond. Which kind of go through what we were just saying. When you come across this thing, respond to them. Oh no, on monitor, keep an eye on what consumers are searching for on your website. So, if you have an e-com site, then you should probably have a search bar on your site. Run queries, see what people have searched for on your site because they may not search for this phone, they maybe looking for this phone but they call it something different. Or they just use a totally different search phrase. And he goes on to say, hear that not only should you create a page if you seen a lot of similar searches for the same thing, create a page for that, so that way their search results would actually give them something they can use and not say – not found. But do that.

And more importantly, if it’s worth it, create a video for that. Explaining what it is and kind of…

Chris: Why did you call it the wrong name?

Charles: [laughter] Direct them to what they should have been looking. And by the way, here it is. It’s nice and shiny. And click down there because we have it on sale – sort of deal. So, definitely monitor what people are searching for on your site.

It goes on to say, encourage. Encourage text conversations and reviews around your videos. And I got this video information from a blog post I read a couple of months ago. And the article was about how to write blog post that generates results and go viral, something like that.


And one of the things he keyed in on was always close the post with a question. And when you close the post with a question then people answer the question in the comments.

Chris: Right.

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